Easter activities in Paradigm Mall

Rabbit petting

Easter egg arts and craft workshop

While the other mummies were helping/doing the egg craft with their respective kids, Noelle did it herself! 😬 I wanted to help but was babywearing sleeping Norrah and there was not much space for me to move in (while papa was ‘chasing’ Nikki). All I could do is to help her remove the plasticine from the plastic and pass to her to stick based on her own imaginary decoration. I know she was looking at how the other girls had ‘more beautiful’ decorated eggs but she didn’t make a big fuss that hers wasn’t any nicer – in fact, she was just proud of her product; and me too!

Our first movie since Norrah: Peter Rabbit

Quite an entertaining movie!

Things that I can vividly remember them saying

Nikki (sitting next to me) when Old McGregor passed out after heart attack: Uncle die oredi!


Noelle when seeing subtitles (shouting from her seat which was the other end to me): Mama, is that Bahasa?


Both were ok throughout the movie except for the noise they make, Noelle was at some points standing up and dancing 🙄🙄 (fortunately it was a rather empty cinema as the show almost coming down from the shelf and we went in the early slot)!

Norrah was very curious and I struggled with her curiosity in the first one hour before baby wearing her to sleep!

Noelle still remembers that our last movie in the cinema was Minions, last year! 😁

Reward charts

To encourage GOOD behavior, both of them were given the reward charts! ‘Kiasuness’ to get the most stickers and stars, hopefully can reduce their lousy behaviors! Remember to share, no fighting, eat ‘faster’, don’t throw tantrum…etc🙄🙄🙄

Happy birthday to my hubby

Baked a chocolate extra virgin coconut oil cake for my hubby!

Ingredients all mix together:

Wet – 3 eggs, 190ml milk, 60ml extra virgin coconut oil, 100g icing sugar

Dry – 230g self raising flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda, 55g cocoa powder

Bake under 180 degree celcius for 30-45 minutes.

Raisin, chocolate chips, cornflakes, oats cookies

I do ‘spoil’ my kids with some healthified snacks! They are basically less guilt as I added on some ‘good’ stuff with the ‘not so good’ ones!

Ingredients used:

About 100g unsalted butter

3 tbsp brown sugar (or sugar of your choice )

1 egg

1 cup raw oats

1 cup self raising flour

Raisins, as much as you like

Chocolate chips, as much as you like

Cornflakes, as much as you like

Steps: mixed all together and drop them one tbsp onto the baking tray (greased). Baked under 180 degree celcius for 25-30 minutes!

Mini breastfed Michelins

Nights/days are long l, years are short…

Sometimes I couldn’t believe that I have exclusively breastfeed 3 girls! 😅😅 Now tandem nursing 2!

But I hope this will give sweet encouragement to all mummies (at this hour) especially new mummies who often being questioned ‘got enough milk ah?’ Or ‘still got milk ah?’ Turn a deaf ear and believe in yourself that you have enough to feed them!

My girls weren’t born Michelin but they turned (rather) Michelin despite being exclusively breastfed Anyway every baby is different – as long as healthy and active!

Hubby away for 4 days 4 nights

We passed our four mornings better than expected!

I actually planned to wake Noelle up 30 minutes later than usual (since I am sending her and this week is public school holiday – less jam)! But for four days continuously, she woke herself up! So, she watched me shower Norrah before I attend to her!

Nikki showered with Noelle twice in the four days. The first two days she showered after we come home from sending Noelle to school!

As for me, I took my ‘private’ morning bath before they woke. The first morning was a failure when I started to hear Norrah voice after I got naked. Quickly put on my cloth to nurse and then left her in the living room on the mat and with her toys before quickly taking a ‘Buffalo bath’ (mandi kerbau😝). In fact today Norrah woke me up! 😂 So I have to repeat the same as Monday!

We had longer breakfast on the table except today because Noelle wanted to ‘roll ball’ before going school (continue the sampat-ness from yesterday play date, I guess)! We managed to video call before off to school for three days (yesterday papa woke up ‘too late’)! This morning we did it right in front of Noelle’s school – just in time! 🤣

I reminded Noelle that papa will be sending her to school from tomorrow onwards. She says ‘yeahhhh! I missed papa!’ Ok, listen to this first – before she says ‘I want mama send!’ 🙄😂

It isn’t always that hubby travels outstation. And it isn’t the first time he travels. But this time round it gets into Noelle more – especially after several explanation and “lecture” to be good by hubby.

Anyway all three behaved “well”. Actually not much difference to our normal days – just that I have to send Noelle to school and put them to bed myself (which isn’t out of norm – especially in the month of March).

Strawberry banana jam

The latest craze in my home is strawberry jam!

So, I tried making it myself! And it has so far accepted by my girls! It is improvised to ‘strawberry banana jam’ and with no added preservatives plus reduced sugar, of course

We just need a breadmaker!

And because I didn’t want chunks of strawberries in it, I actually blend the strawberries before putting into the breadmaker!

One tub strawberries (about 250g) + 3-4 bananas + 2 tbsp molasses sugar (or as per liking)

Mode: Jam

Done in 1.5 hours! 😁😁😁