22m14d going without table salt


Video: My 22m14d drinks her soup tastefully despite mummy finds it bland (because it is just chicken feet peanuts soup)

We are living in days where not adding salt into food can be seen as “crime” – we would be interrogated “thoroughly” and told how pitiful it is that our girl goes without salt. I also know that there is a saying ‘a little salt won’t hurt’. Well, it is really depending on your choice and decision as parents. (disclaimer: as usual, I am not asking anyone to follow. This is just my way). We or I actually plan to feed her salt less food at least until 3 years old; thereafter I would probably let her decide.

As much as I want to answer when I am interrogated, I couldn’t as there’s always this language barrier. I hope there could be more useful kind of articles such as this to explain how salt can affect children: http://www.actiononsalt.org.uk/saltheal…/children/index.html in Chinese (but as days go by and seeing my healthy & active little girl, we have been less interrogated – hope we have set a precedent).

Also note that salt doesn’t equal to “sodium” –
“While the words “salt” and “sodium” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Sodium is a substance that affects blood pressure and is the main ingredient in salt. Ordinary table salt is only 40 percent sodium. The other 60 percent is another mineral, chloride. It is the sodium part of salt that is necessary to maintain water balance in body tissues. However, too much sodium can increase fluid retention and elevate blood pressure in people who are sodium sensitive.” – Source: sharecare.com

Anyway, my girl does get her natural sodium from fresh veggies, yogurt, cheese and etc. So, she did had the feel of “saltiness” in some sense.

Tonight’s dinner is stir fry beef with leek, stir fry mustard leaves with Enoki mushrooms and chicken feet peanuts soup (which was rather bland than usual as it is just the few ingredients).

The beef was rather too hard for her to chew, so she didn’t really take it.

Recipes for beef and vegetable: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/…/…/stir-fry-beef-and-leek/

As for the chicken feet peanuts soup, some may wary about its benefits. You may want to read – http://hubpages.com/…/Is-There-Any-Benefits-in-Eating-Chick…

Recipe for soup: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/…/soup-of-the-day-chicken…/

At the end, she had all the rice and rather bland soup.

A child won’t know the real taste of real salt until you introduce to him/her. I have done my research and study; and agree that what I have been doing since my girl started solid at 6 mo is the correct way so far.

Note: But I won’t know how a different child would react – will it be the same or not? Haha..I am not a professional to do this form of experiment.

You may want to share your story too!

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