Healthy and yummy snack – Petit Miam Yoplait and Dairy Farmers

I received a text last week from Lions Drink & Dairy that they will be sending us some samples. And today they arrived!

They are a dozen each of Dairy Farmers and Petit Miam Yoplait squeezed pouch – different flavours! They are my kids’ favourite! My eldest girl prefers this compared to its competitor brand – more natural fruit flavoured taste (compared to ‘tooth paste’ taste on the competitor brand😂)!

And of course, my middle child loves them too! Her remark was ‘good’ <video> for the Petit Miam Yoplait banana flavoured ! She even ate the Dairy Farmers thick and creamy caramelized fig – which she can’t stop eating. She was beyond words to describe it, I guess ! <video>.

Thanks Lion Drinks & Dairy for the samples!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid advertisement but the samples are free, of course! And we are not required to write a review on the products!

Independent and happier mealtimes

One is 23mo and the other is 4y11m yesterday! Yes, one more month to their big DAY! It is really just like a blink of eye – especially Nikki!

I am pretty happy that generally they behave quite well during mealtimes when I am alone with them! Usually, like today, I will just cook and leave it on the dining table – and they will settle themselves – while I handle Norrah, if she is awake and clingy (like today)! Most of the times (like today) I will be away on the sofa and get some rest while they eat. Sometimes they want me to sit with them.

There might be ‘food wastage’ but I still allow them to make their call to say ‘enough’ – usually they will eat a reasonable among. There might be mess (especially Nikki) but I often just close one eye! I don’t want to stress over mealtimes – my duty is just to ensure healthy home cooked meals are prepared! I even told my hubby to count whole week calories instead of per meal basis! Life much happier now during mealtimes!

Review: Slim.mee Noodle Fettucine

We recently receive free samples from Slim.mee noodle! Today we are trying their Fettucine!

Seriously, just need 3 minutes for it to be springy and chewy!

Great for rushing mummies like me! I tasted it – somehow like egg noodles to me. Both my girls enjoy eating it, though. Early lunch without fuss!

I just added some mushroom in soup and cheese for them!

Review <video>

Empty bowls:

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement. We just receive free samples!