Gui ling gao

My eldest is into eating gui ling gao as she enjoys the jelly texture. She first ate it at Koong Woh Tong outlet! So I thought of making gui ling gao at home – where I can control the sugar content!

After experimenting few times, the best way seems to be – boil one litre water with 100g molasses sugar. Meanwhile stir 50g gui Ling gao powder into 250ml luke warm water. When sugar water comes to a boil, add in gui ling gao powder water into the water. Continue to stir for 10 minutes under low heat. With low heat and continue stirring, sieve the gui ling gao into ceramic bowls. Let it cool down before placing into fridge (or serve).

The amount makes 6 bowls (when I skipped stirring when sieving into the bowls, I had only 4.5 bowls

We have tried two brands:

Both are quite close but my hubby says Eu Yang Sang’s is smoother!

Cornflakes cookies

Ingredients used:

100g all purpose flour

1 cup cornflakes (crushed)

75-80g unsalted butter

1-2 tbsp fresh milk

1 tbsp raw sugar cane

Mix all the ingredients to form a dough (add more butter/milk if it is difficult to form a dough). Shape it and bake under preheated oven of 180 degree celcius for 15-20 minutes.

Cool down before serving. They are crunchy cookies!

Homemade pop corns

Number 1 wanted to make pop corns! And so we did! Just three ingredients: unsalted butter, dried corns and honey!

Measure about one cup dried corns and one slap of unsalted butter.

Heat up butter and add in dried corns. (She was kind of timid with handling fire)

Wait for them to pop!


Add honey!

Mix them up before serving!

Tested on her memory after it was done – ingredients and steps! She got it right! I also told her why homemade pop corns are healthier as we used honey instead of sugar!

Toddler friendly chicken cheesy meatballs

Since the last adventure of making luncheon meat, I wanted to try making sausage. But due to lack of time, I made chicken cheesy meatballs instead! Actually I used the same method as luncheon meat.

We need (no exact ingredients amount): Minced chicken


Egg, tapioca starch, pepper, oil (I used sesame oil) and five spiced powder

Mix them up and roll!

I actually left them overnight before I steam them under high heat for 20 minutes! Oil (I used sunflower oil) the steel plate to avoid it sticking on the plate!

How it looks like after steaming: <here>

Remove and drain it. You can serve it as it is, deep fry or air fry. Certainly, you can pop them into the fridge for future consumption!

I shallow pan fried them!

24m13d certainly likes it!

I believe this is a ‘superb’ choice to a kid’s snack/lunch box! They can be prepared in advance and heated/fried early in the morning before the kid goes to school/nanny’s home! It can be a finger food, yet filling for the tummy! I am definitely keeping this as an option when my kid goes to P1 next year!

3d2n Cherating trip – 2017 year end and Norrah’s first road trip

We planned this trip about 1-2 months ago. We didn’t really check on the weather and then we saw news about heavy rain and flooding. Fortunately, the weather was great when we were there 3d2n!

We stayed in Residence Inn. It is newly refurbished and we happened to stayed in their new building. Everything was pretty clean and new! So, we had a pleasant stay! We all slept in a king sized bed (everyone fits in one!)

Our stay comes with breakfast and the breakfast came with authentic Malay cuisine like nasi kerabu (on first breakfast) and nasi lemak (on second breakfast). The fried chicken and rendang chicken on the different days were so good! They serve the other food like porridge, bread, cereals and fruits!

Other than that, nothing really special – no kid play room or whatsoever! And it is not any near to any food outlet. It is 5 minutes walk from the beach!

Day 1

Our first stop – Hai Peng Kopitiam at Kuantan for lunch – not much choice on the menu but food is served efficiently!

We couldn’t check in yet; so we dropped by at the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary – just a small exhibition maintained by the government! Entry is free.

After checking in, they didn’t want to nap; so we rested a while before swimming at the hotel’s swimming pool!

Dinner was at Restoran Ah Low (guess the only Chinese restaurant in Cherating). Food was poor and service was slow (price average) -but no choice.

Since it is located by the beach, so we enjoyed the cool breeze before heading back to hotel to call it a day!

Day 2

We spent the whole morning at the beach, which was 5 minutes walk from our hotel. Despite playing for more than an hour, Noelle threw a big tantrum 🙄 when we left! Because of that, we decided not to return to the beach!

We drove to Kemamam for lunch only to realise almost all shops/ restaurants/ supermarkets and even a mall were close because it was a Friday -plus their weekend is Friday and Saturday! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Fortunately, we spotted a Chinese Western cafe – so we had our lunch there! No pork served!

Our evening was spent in the hotel pool before driving out to eat. We decided to get back to the only Chinese restaurant there – but decided to leave as no one entertain us despite Noelle finished her pasta there! We went to a Malay restaurant called D’Cherating located in front of Legend Resort. We called it a day after that!

Day 3 also makes the end of our ‘holiday’

We spent our last half day in the hotel before checking out. We stopped by at Hai Peng kopitiam in Kuantan again for lunch. We actually wanted to try the other noodle shop next to the kopitiam but Noelle wanted to eat the kaya bread! 🙄

The journey back was ‘tough’ – Norrah was crying a lot and we had to make a pit stop to calm her down! Thereafter, I have to nurse her most of our journey back – thanks to my ‘big’ boobs and ‘flexible’ body 🙄 she was nursed while strapped in her baby car seat! (But the other boob became engorged🤦🏻‍♀️) Then the other two kids took turn to cry! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wished I was driving instead! 😫

More drama when we arrived home…but all in all, everything has settled. Quickly cooked soup for them (eat with plain rice – as requested) and maggi for hubby and I; finally Norrah slept at 7pm!

Once again, we travel with our faithful Inayou Cooker!😊

Luckily we did; cos really nothing (much) suitable for them to eat!

Healthy and yummy snack – Petit Miam Yoplait and Dairy Farmers

I received a text last week from Lions Drink & Dairy that they will be sending us some samples. And today they arrived!

They are a dozen each of Dairy Farmers and Petit Miam Yoplait squeezed pouch – different flavours! They are my kids’ favourite! My eldest girl prefers this compared to its competitor brand – more natural fruit flavoured taste (compared to ‘tooth paste’ taste on the competitor brand😂)!

And of course, my middle child loves them too! Her remark was ‘good’ <video> for the Petit Miam Yoplait banana flavoured ! She even ate the Dairy Farmers thick and creamy caramelized fig – which she can’t stop eating. She was beyond words to describe it, I guess ! <video>.

Thanks Lion Drinks & Dairy for the samples!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a paid advertisement but the samples are free, of course! And we are not required to write a review on the products!

Independent and happier mealtimes

One is 23mo and the other is 4y11m yesterday! Yes, one more month to their big DAY! It is really just like a blink of eye – especially Nikki!

I am pretty happy that generally they behave quite well during mealtimes when I am alone with them! Usually, like today, I will just cook and leave it on the dining table – and they will settle themselves – while I handle Norrah, if she is awake and clingy (like today)! Most of the times (like today) I will be away on the sofa and get some rest while they eat. Sometimes they want me to sit with them.

There might be ‘food wastage’ but I still allow them to make their call to say ‘enough’ – usually they will eat a reasonable among. There might be mess (especially Nikki) but I often just close one eye! I don’t want to stress over mealtimes – my duty is just to ensure healthy home cooked meals are prepared! I even told my hubby to count whole week calories instead of per meal basis! Life much happier now during mealtimes!