Homeschooling the year 3 again

I have been busy….

….seriously BUSY….😓😓😓 but they have been good most of the time.

We have been putting Noelle at home since last Tuesday and also planned to do so this week (and till mid June, at least). While we trust Noelle with following SOPs, I don’t know about others…🙄🙄 (and she has been complaining about the person sitting in front of her – always removing mask when teacher is not around)

Then, came the news that a year 3 pupil in her school got positive Covid on late Sunday evening (the pupil was in school last Tuesday). 😢Fortunately, it wasn’t her class. (I never hope this will happen but thank god we made the decision to put her at home!) It was really a close call – the closest because year 3 students do sometimes move around classes for Moral and Chinese classes. In addition, they share teachers too. (Even when there were cases in our condo, it never beat this close – because we just hi-and-bye to neighbours from far). And, before the pupils enter their respective classes every morning, they line up in the same hall. But I did confirm with Noelle that her class isn’t the same class with THAT class for Moral and Chinese classes.

It is no longer fear mongering or about the ‘new’ norm 🙄 – as today we received news that another pupil from THAT class is also tested positive (this pupil was last in class on Friday) 😢😓 while 18 others negative. The rest will be tested tomorrow. Now we can just pray that everyone in the class/school including teachers are safe.

I honestly fear testing, but what worse is getting Covid19 itself – not everyone is immune to it (even if you are vaccinated) plus the long term effects. And for the kids, the trauma that they have to go through. 😢😢😢

The school only closed on Monday and Tuesday- we yet to receive any news about school opening tomorrow (but most likely open, as recess menu has been taken by class rep. Only the affected class will be quarantine). Anyway, we have decided to continue to stop school for the moment – regardless whether there’s online classes or homework uploaded (we will decide again after mid June when the half year semester break ends, since the MoE announced that home based learning after Raya holidays).

I don’t really bother message around to ask homework – because I know it is troublesome for parents to share and not the duty of teachers to double their work for those in school and at home. So, we have to rely on ourselves. I have been planning Noelle’s studies based on her current school timetable and textbooks. (besides the existing Nikki’s work) We search for existing learning videos from YouTube and google for answers, if I find it difficult to understand. Sometimes I do doubt my own ability, ok? But, I will just try my best so that Noelle is not left out in her studies. I am thankful that since last year’s MCO experience, they do know when it is time to get serious with studies and when it is time to play.

all these have been keeping me very busy. I have fewer FB posts, right? 🤣<<

I know some may not be happy with me saying this BUT pleaseeeeee practice SOP and stay in your own cluster (I.e. stop gatherings) for the time being. <<

I have also opened a fb page to load art activities of the girls. The fb page is Relaxed Homeschool Journey -