No2 turns 2.5 yo

Happy 2.5 yo to our Nikki Jeh Jeh aka Nikki Mei Mei or we fondly call ‘Mei Mei’ up till today! 😘😘

Sometimes I feel you are 4 yo! Speaking so fluently, nagging me day and night. You repeat after us – words, phrases and actions- so often. Though you outbeats your Jeh Jeh in your tantrum, you are much more independent! Your are cheekier, of course! You mimic and annoy your Jeh Jeh (on our behalf)! No one beats your ‘determination’ (aka stubbornness) – sometimes we walk off from you because of your tantrum (even in the mall) – you will NOT move until we pick you up! You are THE one who test our limits (and we officially bought a rotan because of you🙄😝)!

Proudest achievement, still – Unexpextedly, you weaned off your diaper without much accident (so far no wet beds but there are slight incidents on the floor – due mainly of lack of hands from papa/mama and because you stubbornly want to be on the toilet bowl rather than potty)!

Half more year to 3 year old! I know sometimes I ‘unfairly’ treated you like a big kid! I have to remind myself that – You are still a toddler!

This also marks my 5.5 years of breastfeeding! 😁😁

She still tandem nurse on a daily basis, but the frequency reduced a lot especially since she sleep through the night!

Soft pandan loaf

Seeing too many soft pandan loaf (by Miki Mak) on dhm. Check the ingredients – ok la, passed for my 10m+ consumption. Plus don’t require much kungfu since I will throw ingredients into breadmaker. I just had to make sure the time gaps after resting the dough – I am available, fortunately I was! ✌🏻

Really soft outcome. My kids meng-squishy-squishy them before placing into their mouth !!

Video of 10m11d trying out <here>

Recipe copied from Miki Mak’s blog for safe keeping

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, albeit late….

Her first baju kurung! 😁😁😁

For Hari Raya party in school today!

We were only informed that she CAN dress in baju kurung for the party yesterday! 🙄 With two cranky babies just recovering from flu, I am not going to search for one and out of frustration, I just ranted to a buddy who happened to inform me something – ‘why la the school so last minute!!?’ I even said that Noelle can just be in uniform since it is green, matching Hari Raya!

Ding dong! In less than two hours, special delivery arrived! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️😁😅😘 beyond shock, beyond words…who else la? Besides their Aunty Quinnie Tan! Thank you very much!

I actually doubted Noelle will put this on; but she happily did! 😁😁😁 and proud to tell us that she has a baju kurung now.

There she went to school excitedly to celebrate Hari Raya in school – which doesn’t have any Malay or Muslim students – but in the spirit of being a Malaysian!!😘

She says today they took photos in school before having lunch. Not all her friends came in baju kurung. Her best friend was in cny clothes (meaning Cheong sam). In fact, only three teachers wore baju kurung and she named the teachers. Then I asked why teacher Jasmine didn’t wear; she answered on behalf ‘cos very hot’! But she herself love the outfit (probably because of the light material). She told me that ‘can wear for kai kai also ma!’ Then even suggested that she doesn’t need to change into her home dress 🙄🙄 Aiyo, girl please change and you will wear it another day ok??!! 😁😁

Thanks again Quinnie Tan for taking the extra mile to making Noelle’s day. I told her to thank Aunty Qui next time. And she said ‘Aunty Qui AGAIN!!🙄🙄’ 😂😂😂 her eyes memang terbeliak like thatwhen saying ‘again’ 🤣🤣🤣

We made the best of our past 11 days together!

This week’s read has been Dr Seuss’ series

To wrap up Noelle’s Semester 1 break –

Actually….I only found out that Noelle will be on a 11 day off school days one week before it started! 😅 I was under the assumption that she does not have a school holiday break as public schools. This was partly true. She just had one day extended Hari Raya break. Her semester one break was just one week. Fortunately, I did check the schedule that the principal gave us earlier in the year – or else we end up sending her to school as usual! 😂 (actually won’t happen because as the week approaching Raya, the teachers were starting to remind parents and plant the idea of school closure for a week on their students🙄)

I, personally, was over thrilled! I was figuring out how to make use of the best of our 11 days together! (Actually the 24/7 days alone with three kiddos were merely 5 days minusing the public holidays, weekends and one papa’s off day!)

There are many things that I planned and we did. Some of them include

1. A car wash

2. A drive thru to Mcdonald

3. Baking a father’s day cake

4. Picnic at FRIM (with papa)

5. Picnic at TTDI (with papa)

6. Movie day: Incredible 2 (with papa)

7. Painting ceramic arts

8. Play date with EZ

9. Baking peanut butter, honey and chocolate chips tarts

10. Making pizza

11. Swimming

12. Housekeeping

13. Home playground

14. Trap and un-trap eggs (with basket and sticks)

15. Cook own lunch – rice cooker rice

16. Vegetables stamping

17. Watercolour painting

18. Chill out day- mcd, Mr DIY and Village Grocer

19. Completed our parent-child school project

20. Painting key chains

21. Baking chocolate chips oats cookies

22. Making DIY fireworks rings

23. Making DIY art explosion book

24. A visit to fisherman village (Crab Island with papa)

25. Plant roselle

26. Bake cheese bread sticks

27. Bake donuts

While most of our activities are within Klang Valley and confined at home – we had the best time together! Spending quality time and doing meaningful activities on a daily basis – is far better off than any particular special day in the year! For example, we don’t have to wait for our birthdays to enjoy it! We don’t have to wait for an overseas trip. (This is something which we need to keep reminding ourselves)!

I am or probably we are looking forward to Noelle’s year-end school off days again to spend ‘full time’ together! (At this point of time, I still don’t understand why certain mummies dread school holidays! 🤔🙄)

In the meanwhile, back to rush hours on Monday plus….the blues! 😫

Today our big Jeh Jeh is in ‘depresso’ mode!! 🙄🙄

Initially, she was eating her lunch happily until she spotted the calendar in the eatery place. Then she started mumbling how many school days to how many off days. Her appetite then dwindle off! Next she wanted me to feed and ate less than usual (though it could be her losing appetite as she had slight fever two days ago).

She doesn’t really look happy throughout our outing today! And after her nap, she was crying and looking for me (which hasn’t happen for long). She wanted me to hug her and her eyes were aiming at the calendar which she marked all the off days with colours. I know…I know…I told her that off days are over, the next off days will come again. I even promised her that I would send her to school tomorrow morning. She nodded!

We did baking before she had her dinner. She is fine after that. Hopefully no drama tomorrow! 🙄

Day 5 of N1’s Semester 1 break – Cruising to the fisherman village

I don’t actually remember myself going to Crab Island (Pulau Ketam) despite staying in Klang for half of my life! 🤔😝

Told them we will be going on a boat/ferry ride to visit a fisherman village. So, we drove to the South port terminal and ‘cruised’ on the Alibaba ferry! (We were on time for their ferry schedules and didn’t have to wait at all)! They only charged the adults; two ways for RM36 in total (weekday price)! Cheaper than watching movie in cinema! 😅

We ate our lunch there and walked around the little village (actually two or three lanes to walk only 🤣)

It was actually a good and unique experience. Pulau Ketam is like a miniature town – with police station, clinics, fire station, shops, hotels and houses in an island that only have bikes all over! We did ask Noelle if she wanted to stay overnight there – she gave us an immediate ‘no’ (probably cos there’s nothing much to ‘play’)! 🤣