Lo shi fun @ Restoran Yi Poh at PJ Old Town

Found a hidden food gem at PJ old town. You can search for its location with waze. What makes it different is the long springy loh shi fun plus the extra tasty sauce that goes with it! Service was fast too! 

 Anyway, it is not really child friendly restaurant as the whole restaurant has only two baby chairs. So, we had to take turn to eat! 

Restoran Thai Nyonya, Ara Damansara

It has been some time since I blogged about food out of home! This is highly recommended as it tastes very well (Authentic Thai food) plus priced reasonably. The portions were generous too! Not many people at the hour on Sunday, so it was sort of kids friendly! It has a little garden which children can walkabout but fortunately both were quite alright today! 

Size of the beef noodle soup which was bigger than an adult’s face!

The green curry set with rice and salad

At the budget of below RM30 for 2 adults (we brought home cooked for the elder girl)!

Not a child friendly restaurant – Chilli Pan Mee Bandar Manjalara, 27 Jalan 11/62A


This is the first time we encounter such a very untoward incident in a restaurant that just serves different ranges of pan mee. This place is located at Bandar Manjalara and its location to be exact is 27 Jalan 11/62A.


We ordered our noodles and drinks. We even ordered an extra plain ice water for little 17chipmunks as usual. As we fed our girl, she was drinking and playing with the ice cubes (if you were a parent, you would understand how it is difficult to control an active toddler). While she was drinking and playing with the ice cubes, few cubes slipped off her hand (just as usual). The stern looking lady owner of the restaurant (most likely) gave us a really black face and said “please don’t throw ice. We have to mop it, you know?”


First, if she would have told us nicely and without her stern black face, I could accept it. Secondly, our girl did not do it on purpose as the cubes just slipped off her tiny fingers – she was trying to coordinate it. Thirdly, the lady continued to stare at us and the floor – up till the end when we leave the restaurant. And, I would add that my girl made the least mess, just few tiny bits of rice flying off and also the few ice cubes. Seriously, what kind of service is this?


Given that the food is just mediocre (loaded with tonnes of MSG) though at affordable pricing, we would definitely NOT return to a restaurant that has such BAD service. I am truly disappointed with the lady and I gave her back a stern look in return. Yes, I am mad at her – because she did not respect a toddler’s needs!

This is the restaurant: <Here>

Note: I did cool down before I wrote this because I ranted with my friend first.

Healthy Happiest Hour at RM5 @ Juice Works 2 Go, Tropicana City Mall


On Tuesday, little 17chipmunks finally had a playdate with my former primary schoolmate’s son at JKids Tropicana City Mall. After their play time, I was feeling thirsty and wanted to get something cold. Of course, I would prefer a Chatime. However, thinking that I am alone handling little 17chipmunks at that point of time – I don’t want to be wrestling a toddler for the drink in the mall. So, I opted a healthier drink which I can share with her.

It was on our way to parking that we bumped into the banner: Healthy Happiest Hour at RM5 @ Juice Works 2 Go. Not pondering further, I looked at my watch, it was just slightly after 12pm, while the offer is from 12pm to 5pm; I went straight to their counter and asked if the promotion is on. The staff immediately took out the offer sheet, which states the kind of drinks that are on the promotion. I opted for Strawberry blend – which is a mixed of apple and strawberry. I paid the drink, inclusive of 6% government tax for RM5.30.

The juice was made immediately after the order. It was slightly blended – and not just juice. In addition, I noticed that instead of using real apples, they used the bottled apple juice. Actually, this is kind of disappointing to me – as bottled apple juice is not necessary pure apple juice, I think.

But it was a rather refreshing drink, which both little 17chipmunks and I enjoyed.

Here is a picture of little 17chipmunks having fun with her playdate, ZB @ Jkids Tropicana City Mall; entry on weekday is RM20, full day.


50% off McCafe® Beverages 14-16 February 2014 (8am to 11am & 2pm to 6pm)


We saw this offer at McDonald’s Malaysia facebook. On Saturday, we went to its SS2 Mcdonald but we did not print out the vouchers. So, we paid the normal price. They really honour the fact that customers need to bring the print out copies or come with the newspaper cuttings.


Today we printed the vouchers and went to the same McDonald – one voucher for one beverage – therefore, printed 2 copies. We went to the same outlet. The staff there could not really cope with the demand today. Sloppy service provided – the queue was getting longer. When I made my order, instead of iced mocha, the staff ordered for me iced latte. She did not even bother to repeat my order – thus, I realized that when I saw my receipt, which she placed on the tray for her colleague to refer to – this is so unlike café like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Nevertheless, we indeed got the offer at 50% today. One iced latte and frapuccino mocha cost less than RM8. This was our first time trying frapiccino, it was below average while their latte was ok.


In addition to that, there was a cleaner at this particular SS2 Mcdonald being so rude – a Chinese spectacle guy – who barge the queue – like nobody’s business. I was so annoyed by his action. While SS2 Mcdonald is now “beautiful” since they were renovated, it is less spacious now. We were also saddened that they decided to take down the play area for kids – which used to be there.


Famous Hong Kee noodle at Jalan Batai


Finally, I had the complete taste of all stalls at Jalan Batai (bear in mind, I did not blog all of them). This is the particular one that I wanted to taste. I always thought the queue is long (and the family mending the stall was slow – it consists of a very old parents and son, and the father had Parkinson disease – but I am very impressed that he did not give up job and determined to work).


I made my order of wantan mee with chicken and duck. I waited for less than 10 minutes today (not too many people on Fridays, I guess) before the order came. Initially, they brought me the wrong order of char siew and wantan mee, which I declined.


Taste wise: Yes, it is nice (although it came very messy-ly). The noodle is special, not sure if it is made by them or is it because of the way it was boiled in the hot water. The chicken was soft. Sadly, the duck meat was slim – not much meat, but skin-ful. My order was RM7.


Sad to say, they will be gone soon. According to the son who cooks, the last day of the stall is 28 December 2013. They will soon retire, as the developer takes on the place.

Dining in Hong Kong Station at SS15, Subang Jaya


In looking for a new place to dine, we stopped by at Hong Kong Station at SS15, Subang Jaya. It is located right in front of the famous Asia Café, and also in the same row as Starbucks. It is a new concept café – the design of the café is really well down. We were impressed by its design that brings in the Hong Kong memories.


There weren’t many customers. The menu was given to us. We asked for a baby chair and sadly they do not have any. They have set meals and we made our order. The drinks were served soon after the order was made. As we waited for our food, another pair of customer came in and they made their order too. After hubby’s food order, instead of serving my order (after waiting for more than 15 minutes), it went to the customers that came later than us. Of course, that furious me and instantly wanted to de-grade them. I looked at them furiously while the chef (the lady in the kitchen which we can see through the cooking area) apologized with sign language. My food only came in after 25 minutes. The lady came out from the kitchen and apologized, saying that the computer system was corrupted and thus made the orders went wrongly. She also tried to find out if the food tasted good. Our first thought then was “but there were only three tables of customers.” I quickly ate the food – I ordered black pepper pork rice, which I felt was high in seasoning and tasted normal. Nevertheless, the pork was thick enough. On the other hand, hubby thought his nissin noodle was more like instant noodle.


As I was completing my meal, I observed that the chef or probably the café owner was concern about the food quality. She spoke to the other customers and trying to find feedback so that she can improve.


We made our meal payment, which cost slightly under RM25 for two set meals (as the computer system went down, we couldn’t have a copy of the receipt). The price was at par with other cafes. As we were walking off again, the lady kept apologizing and then thanked us. Initially, as I was furious about the late order, I did made a pledge with hubby for not going to come – especially when the food tasted just average. However, the sincerity shown by the lady on the error has sort of touched me. In addition, after going home, I did not felt “thirsty” at all, which meant there wasn’t much seasonings used anyway. Well, I have “forgiven” them – but they need improvement on providing baby chairs.