Kids being drama is so normal!


Having fun at the paed’ while waiting for Nikki’s turn!

After coming out from the clinic, we waited for few minutes as papa was packing the bag. Noelle went into the play house where two other kids were playing. The younger boy didn’t want Noelle to play (actually I was already telling Noelle we were leaving soon) while the elder girl (the sister) persuaded the brother to ‘share’. Eventually they went out of the play house. Noelle opened the house window and the boy was standing there. Noelle being Noelle; touched the boy and the boy screamed like he was being slapped/ punched. So the attention was all there with papa even asking what happened.

Me: Nothing, just touch only. Let’s go.

And off we went!

Sorry, I won’t make my girl apologise for nothing! πŸ™„

Anyway, thanks for the drama if not , I won’t be sure how we gonna escape from the clinic if she decides to play on!πŸ˜…

Note: Important to keep an eye on your kids while they are playing out there even in a safe zone!

Short getaway to Malacca 27/28 March 2016


This is Nikki’s first family road trip and also to celebrate papa’s birthday plus our 5th ROM anniversary! It is also a chance for “us” to get away from home 24/7 – get a breather from daily routines since Nikki’s arrival!

We actually asked Noelle if she prefers water play or visiting the animals – and her choice is water play! So, it is our first visit to Gold Coast Resort Malacca (previously Melaka water city resort). Nothing much to shout about, but it is certainly a place for family with small kids to enjoy water play. It is quite away from the Jonker Street, about 30 minutes drive (plus the many traffic lights to beat). Despite the ‘difficulties’, we did manage to taste some of their local foods – of course, not the most famous ones (too long queue, can’t wait with a 3yo and a baby)! We ended our trip with Nadeje Mille crepe cakes, with Noelle having the whole piece of cake herself (as if her birthday).

Overall, it is relaxing but also tiring! Noelle has the most fun and Nikki is too young to know what’s happening – as long as mama’s with her, she’s fine everywhere and anywhere! Both of them behaved quite well during the road trip – being fully on the child seat & baby carrier to and from journey. Noelle played with her toys, occasionally snacking & disturbing around while Nikki was asleep most of the journey. Nikki only got cranky a little because of the long waits at the traffic lights in Malacca.

Old habit dies hard!

We are on a holiday, locally! Still cook for my 3y+ but the simplest meal.

At least I have done my duty! πŸ˜‰

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And I have a nice kitchen this time!

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I didn’t stop her for trying chicken rice balls!

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The three of us

I cooked fried rice for lunch

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Getting better with water colouring @3y2m23d

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Β Video on little 17chipmunks completing her artwork>>here<<
Consistently repeating the same activity – water colouring, with proper guidance, my 3y2m23d has learnt:
– to be less messy
– listen to verbal instructions
– colouring within the boundaries
– the effect of mixing colours
Video on things she learns >>here<<

First time getting unwell with two kids alone!


She thinks mama is gonna D.I.E when she saw me mummified myself on the bed! (Because I was feeling chilled) – crying and pulling my blanket; asking me to hug her

First time getting unwell with two kids alone!
– the day when she broke her plate πŸ˜ͺ
– the day when she demanded many things and I rejected most of itπŸ™„
– the day when she didn’t allow me to lie on bed and as a result she woke her baby sister up😰 (I told her to watch YouTube and she refused)
– the day I couldn’t read the baby’s cues on what was she fussy on😲
– the day she wanted me to feed her
– the day the baby wasn’t sleeping soundly 😫

I just need to S.L.E.E.P!πŸ˜²πŸ™ˆ

“It is okay to ask for help especially from the hubby”πŸ™„πŸ™„

Hubby’s coming home to rescue….hopefully it is a real rescue!πŸ˜ͺπŸ™„


Pressure cooker Kai choy rice with home cooked char siu for lunch and dinner

Guess my mind reads my body. I actually prepared the ingredients and planned this for lunch and dinner. It turned out to be a fantastic plan as I was a little unwell almost whole day. So, I cooked this before I went KO in the afternoon! πŸ˜‚

Hubby came home to rescue, to entertain the big girl who cried when I mummified myself on the bed, as though I am death! πŸ™„ and fortunately baby slept along with me in the noon!

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Breastfeeding and attachment parenting


We started with Nikki sleeping and nursing on my chest since the day she was delivered. As she grew, she started sleeping on my arms to nurse (alternate to sleeping on my chest). And two weeks ago, she started to enjoy side nursing (without my arms to lift her head up). She even resisted when I tried putting her on my chest again. This week she no longer sleeps on my arm – since hubby and I switched place. She can sleep alone on the bed without me hugging her at night on the single bed, which has a ‘softer’ mattress. Of course, I am still by her side so that I need not have to really get up to nurse her (just switching sides). And I am still squeeze in between the two girls if Noelle decides that she wants me to hug her.