I am AAA battery 🔋 now! 🤣

I was checking MySejahtera at 5pm and caught by surprise that I have booster jab appointment today at Paradigm Mall (we just put ourselves in the waiting list yesterday). And the PPV is closing down for the day at 6pm (according to the site). Informed hubby who was at office and he had the same appointment too. He tried calling the PPV (to check if we can come a day later) but no one was picking. So, I just rushed to the PPV with the three girls.

The girls were not allowed into the PPV. I told them to wait outside for me and informed the volunteers that I will leave them there for a while. They said they will help me keep an eye on them. I told Noelle to look after her sisters and ‘don’t go anywhere’. So, I just went in and all done in 15 minutes or less. When I came out, they were seated down – the uncle gave them chairs to sit. I couldn’t thank them more!

Hubby also rushed from office and got his done. So we are both boosted. We told Noelle that in case both of us knock off tomorrow, she needs to look after her sisters. 😛🤣

Anyway, the volunteer said that even if we missed today’s appointment, it can be done the next day. So, if you have put yourself in the waiting list for any of the PPV, do keep track of your MySejahtera.

our body, our choice, and we decided on AAA and could accept AAP if there’s no choice. <<

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