A summary of school life from April to 24 May 2019

– she has successfully borrow books from the library on almost weekly basis or two times in a week (depending on teacher’s availability or how fast she wallops her food during recess or if the prefect allows her to go to the library)

– we attend Zumba session together on most Saturday mornings (I got hooked on it more than her🤣; her ‘spirit’ is dying 🙄)

– occasionally she is emotionally stressed by her friend(s). I have to remind her to ‘think’ and figure out if what her friend(s) says is correct – then decide whether is it worth to feel sad for it

– she receives her first gift from her Moral teacher for good behaviour

– we attended her first sports day in Primary school life. Her team won the gold medal. 🏅

– we officially lodge a report to the school office for the money bullying after the bully snatched her money away and the mother of the bully’s ‘tidak apa’ attitude.

– her teacher moves her to back seating of the class. She sits near the back board with the birthday calendar and has been telling me who’s birthday on which date (on daily basis). 🙄🤣

– on a daily basis, she has been coming out of her class the soonest; so we have been getting home as soon as possible.

– she is getting more reliable and independent in passing teachers’ message to us.

– her colour pencils started to go missing towards the end of the term and I made her be responsible of her colour pencils – by showing me the number of pencils she has on a daily basis 🙄

– – –

To our dear Noelle,

Everyday we are proud of your kindness, your effort and your heart. Our love for you isn’t based on your academic performance and/or achievement. We hope you would enjoy ‘learning’ on a daily basis in school. 😘

A girl with big heart

Me: Do you forgive her?

Noelle: YES!

Noelle has a really BIG heart – even myself find it difficult to forgive. Forgive ok, forget hard…..🙄🙄especially after many chances given.

Summary of what has happened:

After the class teacher spoke to Noelle, both Noelle and W were summoned by the disciplinary teacher. While Noelle was explaining, W started crying (again). 🙄Finally W admitted her wrongdoings. She was asked to apologise to Noelle by the disciplinary teacher. W was told that this will be her ‘last chance’.

^^Actually I am curious what this ‘last chance’ means – but to Noelle, she says if W does it again, the ‘last chance’ means she has to inform her class teacher immediately. 🙄

W’s mum was also informed. Last evening, they gave hubby a call and W apologised to hubby. However, W’s mum still sound like in denial (making excuses for the daughter); but whatever it is – I hope they will sort it out with her daughter.

Really hope this will end here.

Winning points from the bully case:

– Noelle has gain confidence in speaking up for herself. She’s kinda steady and unaffected by the unfortunate incident.

– Although Noelle was ‘bullied’, we were glad that she ain’t the one bullying.

– Noelle knows the consequences of taking people’s things, bullying…etc

– The case also helped us keep in mind what sort of parenting we should give to our girls (not just Noelle).

– Hopefully this ‘easily cry’ (which Noelle picks after starting p1) will reduce at home as I told her and sisters – ‘only people who do wrong will cry’ 🙄😂

We took this final step of informing the school because we have given many chances to W and the most important point – the ignorance of W’s mum for not answering us after the latest issue.

Moral of the story: don’t step on our girls’ tail. And don’t think we are fooling around just because we gave chances.

But I think when she grows up, we have a story to share with her offspring! 🤭🤣


Noelle came home telling me that she did something for Nikki and Norrah when she was free in class (after she completed her work). So that’s it (in the photo) – some ABC for Nikki and Norrah to learn. I really appreciate her thoughtfulness for her sisters. 😁😁😁

– – –

On the ‘bully’ case –

She told me that her class teacher Pn Noraini spoke to her. Pn Noraini narrated that her parents (us) went to office to ‘report’ about the bully case. So, the teacher needed Noelle to explain what happened. Noelle says that she told teacher – W took her 50 sen to buy something from the book shop. After her explanation, Pn Noraini told Noelle that if W ever ask or snatch her money again, please inform her.

I did asked whether Pn Noraini spoke to W. She says no but W cried! 🙄 Noelle was saying that W cried because W didn’t admit that she used the money to buy something from the bookshop. (But indirectly admitted that she TOOK!) It was Noelle who spoke and asked W in front of Pn Noraini.

Anyway, I praised Noelle for her bravery to speak the truth with her teacher (she has been consistent with her story, so definitely telling the truth). Then I told her – if someone is NOT wrong, s/he doesn’t need to cry (in this case, we know whose wrong!)

The case is not closed because the school administrator/ principal has not come back to us. But I am much more relief that the teacher actually took action.

– –

After I praised her for her bravery, she asked me ‘so you gonna put this message in my recess box tomorrow? 😬😬’


Thank you to the Good Samaritan

On a weekly basis, I do grocery shopping with two toddlers – 1+ and 3+ yo. Whenever I pack my stuff, it would be at a super fast mode – fearing that I would slow down the queue. Usually, the cashier or staff (even if they have nothing to do) will not help. I actually don’t mind they not helping – because it is not their duty.

Today, as usual we went grocery shopping. As I was packing the groceries (while I baby wear the younger one) and the elder one was in the trolley, the lady at the back of the queue was pushing my trolley towards the front. That made me panic- I fasten my packing up. 😓😓

As she pushed the trolley further in front, she started carrying my groceries bags into the trolley (until the last bag)! 🤭 I was totally in shocked but couldn’t thank her enough! At the same time, I feel embarrassed 😳 actually!

This really made my day and hope this will mark a good start to my long weekend! 😁😁😁

Happy weekend to everyone!

And Happy Wesak to those celebrating!

I’m not a perfect mum

Finding Jordan Picasso competition – spaghetti 🍝 being her favourite food

One of those competitions she brought home from school; but this requires us to purchase some Jordan products

#throwback pic

– – –

Yesterday was one of my high emotions day as a mum! I cursed, used harsh and rude words, and even whipped Noelle’s butt (I have never whipped her THAT hard for more than a year or two, actually) – but I have wrongly ‘listen and assume’, rather than ‘listen to understand’. 😢😢😢

I am disappointed with myself for I didn’t control my emotions upon her confiding me about the issue. I felt I have betrayed her trust to me, somehow.😔😔😔

Upon picking her up, she told me ahead that when she was buying a school badge (which I told her to do so), the school keeper told her that the badge is RM3 and so she had to take out her RM2 to pay for it (some mathematics confusion here). I thought the badge was 50sen – and hence I gave her RM2.50 yesterday (RM2 being her allowance). And the shopkeeper returned her 50sen (I heard RM1.50) which her friend, W (the one who has been bullying her) took it to buy ruler. I assumed W took RM1.50 to buy ruler. (Actually W took Noelle’s 50sen and came out with her own RM1 for the ruler).

Immediately, I was pissed – from walking back to car, driving and back home! I told hubby to inform W’s mum about W taking Noelle’s money AGAIN immediately (Noelle has persistently pushed W’s request for her money in the last 1-2 months). They heard me calling hubby in the car.

I called Noelle ‘stupid’ (for giving in to W again) – but later I found out, she actually has no choice because W SNATCHED away from her. I was mad that Noelle didn’t stand up for herself despite numerous reminders from us. I questioned her on why she often screams at Nikki when Nikki takes her things and not to W – but later I found out that W has been a real bully that Noelle is afraid of her (actually I should have remembered how this girl actually pushed Noelle into things that Noelle didn’t like – especially on the gotong-royong day). I whipped her butt because I assumed that Noelle was ‘playing’ with her coin again (because Noelle lost the coin last Friday when I gave her to buy badge) – but the coin was about to enter her purse before it was snatched away. I was pissed that she took out the RM2 to pay instead of the 50sen, only to find out that actually the badge cost RM1.50.

I asked her on why she still wants to get close to W despite knowing her friend’s character and attitude. I told her that at times Noelle has been taking back home W’s attitude (I know this is accusation😢). I even threatened her that if she still gets close to this W, she doesn’t have to come home and call me ‘mama’! 😔😔😔😔 I was THAT harsh! (Because this is the same person who has been emotionally bullying Noelle occasionally)

I only found out the FACTS correctly after naptime. In fact, she came home from school without having lunch and went to nap (I asked if she is going to eat or nap immediately – she chose to nap after bath time).

I feel like a failed mum! 😔😔😔I am madder at myself then! In fact, Noelle was so forgiving and went on like usual – playing with her sisters. I did apologise to her yesterday and this morning. And she says she forgives me.

Anyway, we have given this bully enough chances. Noelle has enough enduring it alone. She has stood up for herself sufficiently. We have written to the discipline teacher and headmistress of the school – submitted this morning and headmistress called hubby to acknowledge receive. They will investigate the matter. Let law takes its hand. Apparently, it is not only Noelle who has been ‘bullied’ this way – there has been on going case reported by the class teacher to the discipline teacher last week. W’s mum who supposed to check and come back to us (as promised) – has not return our call! (In fact, her promise that she will make sure W will not repeat her actions on Noelle wasn’t fulfilled).

We don’t need the money back BUT we want W to give Noelle an apology! And of course, do not repeat her actions!

Noelle is just Primary 1 – there’s a long, long school journey ahead. Primary 1-3 is very much about character building – while we hope she carries the good/correct character such as kindness and friendliness, this has been abused by the bully.

>> I definitely feel some kids today are more daring, entitled and attempt to defy their parents. Back in my school days, when I was name called by a school mate, I told my mum and my mum phoned the boy’s mum. From then on, the classmate NEVER EVER name call me anymore.


Chronological of events that I wrote down before hubby drafted a formal letter to school:

We are writing in to inform you about our daughter, Noelle’s money has been snatched away from her classmate W several times.

This actually started since month of January. Initially, Noelle gave in to her friend’s request (who wanted to buy candy). Noelle gave W 50 sen for three days (first day without us knowing until we found out; second and third days because of the statement ‘I don’t want to friend you’)! After the first day, we actually taught Noelle to say ‘no’ to W and walk away. Noelle managed to do so eventually but the incident actually resulted to Noelle feeling moody going to school. After Noelle stopped giving in to W, W asked Noelle to show her purse to W. At one point, W cleverly asked Noelle to exchange Noelle’s gold 50 sen coin with W’s gold 20 sen coin.

Eventually, we have gotten into WhatsApp parent group. We have informed W’s mum about the incident via phone call and phone messaging. W’s mum did checked with her daughter and promised that it won’t happen again.

We thought all would be good. After the Chinese New Year school break, W did occasionally asked Noelle for 50 sen again, which Noelle rejected the request. Although no money was involved this time, we informed W’s mum (8 March) about the incident (hoping that W will be aware that Noelle informs us about her friend’s dwellings). W’s mum initiated a video call. While we tried to initiate the face to face conversation between the two girls, W eventually cried out. Her mum hanged up before calling us to inform her that W admitted that she did ask Noelle for money but she was just joking with Noelle. We told her off that such joke should not be played on anymore.

Occasionally, Noelle still comes home telling that W did ask for money but it was a joke. We brushed it off as Noelle was able to say ‘no’ and unaffected by the ‘jokes’. And W knows that Noelle doesn’t bring money during sports wear days. W usually only asks when she sees Noelle in pinafore.

However, the real taking of money happened again on Monday, 13 May. We actually gave Noelle RM2.50 on this day as we asked Noelle to buy a school badge from the book shop. Noelle gave the lady handling the shop RM2 and returned a change of 50sen. W ‘wanted’ to buy a ruler, took the change of 50sen and topping up with her own money.

We feel that we have done our best to handle the situation on our side. However, the incident repeats. We would be grateful if you could take note of this happening in school. And, we do not know if other students are affected by this too.

Serendah waterfall

We came here two years ago before Norrah! So we make a trip here for Norrah! 😆

And guess what, after we arrived, we forgot to bring the clothing bag! 🙄🙄 but we have the diaper bag in the car – which consists of one set of their clothes each. Fortunately, there was also another towel in it. Both Noelle and Nikki were already in swim wear with their dresses on. Just that hubby and I don’t have the extra clothes to change! Norrah was without swim suit but she was ok to play water without it.

They enjoyed playing sand a lot. Then they brave themselves to get near to the waterfall (not very deep actually). Noelle was more excited of getting near and make numerous attempts to get as near as possible. Ok, looking at her attempts -I asked hubby ‘can I just get wet and sit inside the car wet?’ 🤭🤣😛 So, I went down and took Noelle to the waterfall-ing spot, very painful ‘drops’ of water 💦 That makes her satisfied too; and then easier to make her go home (Nikki and Norrah volunteered to get out already, and changed).

I went home in wet clothes and undies 🤭🤣 – had one raincoat in the diaper bag, so I laid on the car seat; covered myself with the one and only wet towel! That makes today memorable for me (and hopefully my kids)!

Video <here>

And that’s how we celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day…weekend as usual!

Bentos 🍱 for 5 are easier than for one ☝️ 😂😂

>> Mediterranean rice + air fried chicken chop + fried chicken poppers + cucumber + rambutan (for the kids)

– – –

Compared to the past years, Noelle is more aware of the ‘meaning’ of Mother’s Day! One of the reasons is because she reads the calendar and the calendar marks it! 🤭😂 Last year, she had her pre-school teacher helped her with a card. This year – primary school – (I think) she was given ‘hint’/reminder by the papa 🙄🙄 – to make a card (‘I think’ – because the papa showed her thumbs up🙄🙄 when she gave me the card this morning 🤣).

Actually, she made it on Wednesday after her nap – because she was busy with something and then complaining Norrah made her re-draw (Norrah scribbled her work). Then I peeped what she did 🤭😂. I sort of saw ‘Happy Mo…’🤭 and acted dunno. She didn’t even asked me any spelling (which she did when she made me CNY card earlier in the year) 😂😂 After drawing, I thought she was going to give me but she kept inside her drawer.🙄🙄 I didn’t bother and we went swimming.

Then, on Friday when I received the flower delivery – she finally bocor her own ‘secret’ – “Mama, I actually draw a Mother’s Day card for you already. But I am giving you on Sunday!” 😮😮😮😮😆😆😆😆 Nevertheless, her ability to keep ‘secret’ slightly improved! 😂😂😂😂

Thank you Noelle!😘😘I don’t ask for more – but for you to be a better and happy person.


#throwback Friday

I was rushing the whole morning – from grocery shopping, cutting and deboning raw chicken, laundry, nursing (running around with the two), unpacking groceries – just in time to fetch Noelle back.

On the way to pick Noelle, in a rush mode, received a call! 🙄🙄 Normal hours, usually I will just ignore the call – but it is school hour – always afraid that the school or teacher will call me – so picked up the call while driving. Then the guy was speaking ‘one word, one word’ 😒😒🙄🙄 – I nearly wanted to hang up until he said ‘send flowers’ 😮😮😮🤭🤭🤭 So, I asked him to leave it at the guard house!

Guess who??


Ok lor, thank you hubby for the flowers – Happy early Mother’s Day to myself!

Goodbye to the second milk tooth

‘It came out!! It came out!!’ Noelle was shouting excitedly while I was feeding Norrah onion juice.

Me: What??? 🙄🙄 (she was trying to eat her bun, so I was thinking issit the sunflower seed. Next, I thought sunflower seed only ma, need so Gan cheong meh) Sunflower seed issit??🙄🙄🙄

Noelle (running towards me holding the tooth on her palm): My tooth! My tooth!!! 🦷


Finally! After 3-4 weeks of wobbly tooth….

This time she has real patience to let it wobble out without pulling it out forcefully! In fact,I could see her adult teeth growing from behind this afternoon and offer to pull the wobbly baby tooth out for her (but she rejected me🙄🙄🤣🤣).

But I did read

< Should You Pull Out Your Child’s Loose Baby Tooth?

If your child’s permanent teeth are coming in before the baby teeth fall out, even if the baby tooth is loose, you should not yank the child’s tooth. Yanking out your child’s loose baby tooth can damage the tooth’s roots and make it more difficult for the permanent tooth to properly move into place.>

So today she finally says goodbye to her second baby tooth! 6y4m9d

– I told her to rinse her mouth before continue eating her bun and she washed her tooth – brought out the first baby tooth and told me ‘I have two teeth now as my collection!’ 😆

Date: 8 May 2019

My life revolves around the girls.

I was much more ambitious before becoming a mum. But ever since, I have very minimal time for other goals or even people. Or, shall I just say that my goal now is to ensuring the girls be healthy and grow up to be a happy and fully functioning people? Even if I had time, I rather laze around or find something meaningful to do (within the home compound) or indirectly doing ‘something for them’ (which makes me happy).

Then what do I want to do when they grow up? While there may be many things that I want to do for myself, the utmost important thing is to making sure I am healthy and not becoming a burden to my girls – physically, monetary and emotionally too. (The Aunty that swims at our condo pool – has kinda inspired me or should I say we have the same kind of thoughts, as tells me what her daily goals are now).

Many see that I am a good mum and probably a good wife too. Because that’s my only daily achievement – to be a better mum and wife on a daily basis.

Sadly, I would admit that I will never be a good daughter or even a daughter in law. But I told myself everyone has flaws and do not have to be perfect. I don’t want to stress myself to be any better than a good mum and wife. And that it is OK! (People are open to judge me, but this is a good read if you have the time: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/what-my-parents-did-to-me-and-why-i-cut-them-out-of-my-life/)

>> sorry for the emo post, but it is the ‘season’ again I feel down….😔😔😔