Pre-natal massage at Soul Nibbana Wellness; Beauty Studio aka Daveleen @ Jalan SS2/3 PJ

We got to know about Daveleen located at Jalan SS2/3 PJ from my mother in law who spotted their advertisement on confinement items. We checked out the shop last week. Well, it is in a bungalow house itself. The place is a one stop centre for confinement. We were entertained by a lady name Jessie, who speaks Chinese and a little English. She introduced us to the packages and gave us a very rough idea on what are needed during confinement period. In summary, we find the items sold there are at premium price. In addition, I don’t find it too nice talking to her, as she seems not interested in sharing the knowledge and experience until we were confirmed her customer. In fact, she promised to send us an email on the items but for more than a week, she has failed to do so. Only something caught my attention – which was their pre-natal and post-natal massages. The pre-natal massage of one and half hour costs RM120 while for first trial it is RM95. I did not immediately placed an appointment until yesterday.

15 minutes before my appointment, Jessie called to find out if I were on my way. Upon arrival, I was asked to walk over to the next door bungalow. Once entered, I was greeted by their masseur, who was shocked to see my swelling foot – which had water retention. My first impression of the place was – it was rather similar to The Vie Spa & Relaxation (Legian Kuta, Bali). I went to the loo first and then sat on their sofa. I was given a form to fill up my details and was then served a drink (I think it was red dates tea). Then, I was guided to the floor above. My foot was washed with salt and then I was led to the room. I was told to remove my clothes and put on the disposal panty. She also told me to lie down on the bed facing sideway (on my right). She came in about 10 minutes later and the massage began with her massaging my back (left), left arm and then left leg. It was really relaxing and I fell asleep until she asked me to turn to my left side. Similarly, I fell asleep again until she asked me to face up. She told me that she would be applying some oil to my tummy to keep my baby warm. Next, it was a short head massage – where we concluded the session in one and half hours.

Overall, I love the pre-natal massage experience. It was really relaxing. I think so far, this is the best massage that I have gotten for all the massages that I went – including the Inner Glow @ Kuta Beach Street.

After I am done, I went down to their reception and find hubby sitting down waiting for me. At the reception, there was packages available. For example, I was encouraged to take up the six times pre-natal massage for RM528 (where it is RM 88 per session), which is cheaper than their trial session of RM95. However, given that I think it is better to see the condition of my body for at least one day, I declined the offer first. Well, the masseur did not pursued any further (i.e. no force selling). If everything is fine with me tomorrow, I would most likely return for the package. I was told that it is beneficial to get massage at least once a week after the 7th month. But, of course, even if I decided on the package, I would go there 2-3 weeks once instead of once a week.

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Dining at Restoran Fong Yuan, Jalan Sultan Kuala Lumpur

The delicious pork rib @ Restoran Fong Yuan

Located next to the busy Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, Restoran Fong Yuan is one of the air-conditioned café liked restaurant in the town surrounded by hotels (next to Swiss Inn Hotel) and backpackers inn (below Backpacker’s Traveller Inn). It is strategically located for the tourists and also office workers in the KL city. The restaurant is located near to the Pasar Seni’s light rail transit (LRT) and thus easily accessible.

It is open daily from 11 am to 11pm with intermittent break around 3 pm to 5pm. The place is usually packed during weekday lunch time.

The restaurant serves mainly Chinese food and some Westernised dishes (such as fries) to accommodate the need of the tourists. The food is mainly handed by locals or foreigners that have been working with the shop owner for years. Food and beverages prices are transparently displayed, which shows that tourists will not be price discriminated. The restaurant is well maintained with the owners ensuring that the place is clean.

Food wise- depending on what food you order, the quality of food is usually above average. Price wise, they charge a fair price; in fact they are cheap since they are located in the city.

Some seafood dishes:


Disclaimer: 17chipmunks is related to the shop owner by marriage.

Rectifying the Treatpoints with Maybank

One of the fastest ways for me to accumulate Treatpoints via the credit card is using my Maybankard Manchester United Visa Card. Given that I was planning to do facial at Clarins on Sunday, I knew that I had chance to fast tracked my treatpoints when Manchester United wins over Liverpool on that night. It was delightful that they won the match.

Before the match, I have tracked my points. This is on 23 September 2012:

Then, two days later, I saw the transaction recorded into the system. However, the points were not fast tracked at all.

Transactions made:

Statement on 25 September 2012:

I decided to inform Maybank and I did it via their facebook. I told them about my situation. Within one or two hours, they replied me and asked me to private message them my name, phone number and email, which I did so. In addition, I also copied them the transaction that I have saved for them to verify.

Two days later, which is today, I checked and found that it has been rectified.

Well, I am satisfied with the prompt action taken by Maybank.

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Discounted mooncakes at Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food Sdn Bhd, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

We were at Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food to replenish the Enfa Mama milk last Friday night. Besides the baby diaper fair that they were having at that point, they were having discounted mooncakes. Some of the mooncakes were going for up till 30% discount. The offer seems to be a better deal than what we got in Jaya Jusco. The discount overwhelms the benefits of the collections of Jaya Jusco points. There are few days left before the mooncake festival approaches; so don’t miss the bargain!

Clarins Skin Spa @ Clarins, Parkson, Subang Parade

Hubby has a need to work on a Sunday. Thinking of how to spend my alone time, I thought of doing a skin spa at Clarins. My first choice was of course The Curve’s outlet since they are more familiar with me (and so am I). However, they were fully booked up till 7.30pm. So, I thought of trying out at the Subang Parade outlet.

I was initially hesitating a little because I once did my eye brow shaving there but the service was just at par. I searched for the contact number from their website, which failed but managed to get it from another website. I managed to get an appointment for the Sunday at 3pm.

On the Saturday, they tried contacting me to remind me about the appointment. But, I was taking my nap and missed three of their calls. I took the courtesy to call them back and told them that I will be coming. Next, on the Sunday morning, they called me again to confirm. I was initially annoyed when she asked me about what kind of treatment am I doing, as I thought those questions can be asked when I am there.

Upon arrival at the Clarins (I was about 10 minutes early),I waited for the beauty therapist who was assigned to serve me, called Margaret Chin. Then, I was led to the therapy room without having to fill up the form, which I did during my first visit at One Utama’s outlet. Margaret brought me through the process of where the gown is and so forth.

What I like about her is that she actually examine my skin, like what Mandy (from The Curve’s) does. This is unlike Tan Li Ling in One Utama’s – who asked me what I would like to do without examining my face. I guess there’s some improvement on my face – less oily and more hydrated. Margaret recommended the skin detox to me given that there are pimples around my forehead and area near to my ear. She also took note that I am expecting. And, so I went through the whole process. I also requested for my eye brow to be trimmed.

Overall, I enjoyed the skin spa much more than the previous one I did in One Utama. Her hands wasn’t hot nor cold – it was just nice when touched on my skin. Just one set back – she suddenly asked me some questions when I was about to doze off. Well, it supposed to be a relaxing spa – I do wish the beauty therapist remains silent during the skin spa. However, she actually care a lot about me being pregnant – being more careful when I get up from the bed.

At the end of the therapy, I was brought to the counter. I handed over my Clarins membership card. She recommended me Blemish Control to apply of my pimples (The handy Clarins Blemish Control roll-on treatment helps to reduce localised blemishes, calming, soothing and purifying the area whilst tightening pores and regulating the area.) The price for 2 x 5ml cost RM79. Well, it was affordable to me, so I tried it out (I came home and checked the price on StrawberryNet – it was going at RM 96). She did recommend Stretch Mark Control, which was going out at RM180. I declined the offer (I came home and found that it cost RM159.50 at Strawberry Net).

So, I made the payment for my services and product. Given that they come under Parkson, the official receipt is from Parkson – therefore, I could not see the points that I have accumulated for the day. I was given a VIP card too, to accumulate chops for items purchase. Nevertheless, I don’t think I will be able to fulfil the chops to get the free Gentle Refiner because I am required to buy some products that I don’t use.

There’s high chance that I will return for another skin spa.

Wantan mee stall at Kedai Wah Cheong, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Apparently, the wantan mee stall at Kedai Wah Cheong, Section 17, Petaling Jaya is famous. The stall is located right beside the chicken rice stall at Kedai Wah Cheong. However, hubby and I actually rate it as “normal”. I really have no idea why people are willing to queue for the noodle. The price is market price. The biggest setback is the poor customer service given by the lady owner of the stall – who screams at the customers who remind her about their orders and also she bangs her cooking utensils like nobody business. We would only order her noodles when the business is slow – maybe weekdays or off peak hours. We do not want to be subjected her bad service on her busy days.

Magazines for mummies and mummies to be

I have started buying and reading magazines for mummies and mummies to be since end July. Well, my first purchases were “Motherhood” magazine and “BabyTalk” magazine. Subsequently, I got a stack of older issues of “BabyTalk” magazine at the International Baby Expo 10-12 August 2012, KLCC. I then bought September’s “Parenthood” magazine in the beginning of the month.

After reading three of the magazines, I will first eliminate “Motherhood” magazine because it is written in Singapore and for the Singaporeans. I find it difficult to relate it to the local market especially when it comes to introduction of baby products. I might have felt excited to buy the products described but it would be difficult to source from the Malaysians point of view. So, I decided not to continue buying this magazine. However, for a “foreign” publisher, the magazine is sold at an affordable pricing of RM6.50 (most probably because their printer is in Malaysia).

Both “BabyTalk” magazine and “Parenthood” magazine are good read for Malaysian mummies and mummies to be. “BabyTalk” magazine is thinner because it has fewer advertisements, compared to “Parenthood” magazine. But as a mummy to be, I don’t mind advertisements as it build awareness on the baby products available in the market and help me make comparisons. On content wise, given that “Parenthood” magazine has more advertisements, they can afford to have more pages of articles but this does not imply that the articles are in-house written as I can’t really see the by lines. As a consumer, I would prefer our local writers to write for the magazine rather than the editor plugging in foreign articles into the magazine.

Despite the number of advertisements, “Parenthood” magazine is priced more expensive – which is RM8.50 compared to “BabyTalk” magazine, which is RM6. If ringgit to content basis, of course, “Parenthood” magazine seems more worthy.

As for now, being a “newbie”, I think I will still purchase these two magazines.

Lam Mee at Restoran Cosy Corner, Taman Cheras (Yulek)

One of the places to get authentic Lam Mee (soup based noodle) in KL is Restoran Cosy Corner, located at Taman Cheras (Yulek). This is a branch from its original shop in Pudu. The Lam Mee cost about RM6 to RM7.50. Besides Lam Mee, they have Yong Tau Foo and I even seen customers ordering the prawn mee.

The shop is quite cramped. For weekends, it is best to be there early. Also, the food and beverage prices are not transparent. There isn’t a menu saying how much they cost until we asked the waiter.

Parking is also quite difficult and I don’t think it is easily accessible via public transport.

Penang Assam Laksa at Paramount Garden’s pasar malam

Besides the cheap and larger portion rojak at Paramount Garden’s pasar malam (night market), another good try is its Penang Assam Laksa. There are few stalls that sell Penang Assam Laksa. However, the one that tasted more authentic is located at the corner and far end of the pasar malam – next to the main road and right in front of Restoran O&S. The stall is mended by an elderly couple and thus the Penang Assam Laksa really tasted authentic. Also, I don’t find myself feeling too thirsty after the meal – meaning less seasonings is being used. A small bowl cost RM4.50 while the bigger bowl cost RM5.00, which is reasonable pricing. You can have your meal there as they provide tables and seats at the stall.

Definitely worthy to be Jaya Jusco member

Paying RM12 per year to become a Jaya Jusco member is definitely worthy. Besides the members’ day and “gifts” for members during the members’ birthday, the most worthy thing to be received by the members are the rebate vouchers for up to certain spending. It is definitely worth having the membership if you are going to spend on groceries, attire or household goods anyway elsewhere – where Jaya Jusco could usually give you at good quality level – though it might come a little pricier.

For the period Jan to June 2012, hubby and I have accumulated points to redeem RM30, which outweighs the cost of RM12. Hubby and I only applied one membership, whereby we pay one member’s fee but we have two separate cards, since we want to total up our points in the same account.