Bali coffee from Abian Sari Agro Wisata @ Tampaksiring Gianyar – Bali

We were told by our driver that we will be going to the coffee farm to enjoy some coffee. We had no idea where he would be bringing us. So, on our way to Kintamani, we stopped by at a road side. Then, we were brought into the farm. As we were walking into the farm, we were introduced to the coffee trees by the driver.

Upon arrival at the farm, we were greeted with a warm welcome. We were shown first the process of creating coffee beans and its powder. Then, we were invited to have a sit at their little hut where coffee testing will be served. There were seven kinds of coffee to be tested for free. However, there is a charge for testing of the most talked about coffee (over the internet)– the luwak coffee, which cost Rp50,000. We did not hesitate to try since we came all the way from Malaysia. We were also given free bali fruit to taste.

The coffees were then served in a row. With great disappointment, we felt awful tasting the luwak coffee. There was so much coffee extract remaining on the bottom of the coffee glass, and it was bitter and tasteless (despite adding some sugar). The other coffees were far better, and that we ended up buying some coffee for our close family members who enjoyed coffee. The coffees sold weren’t cheap and they are small in size. We ended up spending Rp585,000 after the 10% discount given (I guess it is a standard discount given, so the price would have been marked up); plus Rp50,000 for luwak coffee, which we regretted ordering. We love the coconut coffee most; and when we were choosing our coffees, the lady actually allowed us to taste their vanilla coffee, which was not too bad!

I am not sure if this is considered cheap/ affordable/ expensive. But, since in Bali, there is a need to visit a coffee farm to taste their native’s coffee. In Krisna, we actually saw many other types of coffees sold at much cheaper range – but not sure of the quality though.

After we came home from Bali, we opened the packaging to find that it is so small. The lady said that we can make up to 20 glasses of coffee, which I think it is impossible. For the price paid and the amount of coffee, it is definitely way too expensive.

Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk @ Jl Raja Tuban, Bali

We never really understand the local food of Bali except for its babi guling. It was until Bagus introduced us to “Ayam Betutu”. Bagus has asked Putu to bring us to a warung that serves ayam betutu on our fourth day. The stall that we went to was called Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk located at Jl Raja Tuban, Bali, which is not too far from Krisna.


Once arrived, we can see that there are many locals that frequent the place. We were given the menu with prices stated. We choose two different kinds of dishes and the food is being served not too long after the order has been placed. It was a set meal, but without drinks.

Overall, the food is good. The taste is suited more for the locals or Malays. It is spicy but the chicken is really skinny that we can hardly taste its flesh. We need to queue up at the cashier to make payment and an official receipt is being given. This shows how transparent they are and the price is at affordable range.



Famous Yong Tau Foo @ Restoran O&S, Taman Paramount Petaling Jaya

One of the most famous yong tau foo in Petaling Jaya can be found in Restoran O&S, Taman Paramount in Petaling Jaya. They are only available in the day time from breakfast till lunch. The yong tau foo are freshly made and cooked at the spot.


It is self-service and customers have to queue up to pick their choices. It is usually very packed especially during the weekends. Majority of the customers that frequent the restaurant will actually taste the yong tau foo. Though busy, I would say that the owner is not snobbish. As for now, it costs RM1 per piece (from around RM0.70 or RM0.80).


Despite the price hike, the size of the yong tau foo especially the wantan is getting smaller. Overall, it still tastes as good as before.

The Vie Spa & Relaxation @ Jl Nakuta No. 168 x Legian Kuta, Bali

We arrived at Bali around 3pm. While on our way to our resort in Seminyak, we told our driver that we would like to have a massage – just to spend the last few hours of the day. The driver took some time to figure out and then dropped us at The Vie Spa to enquire before checking into our resort. The set up of the spa was perfect.

We were quoted a price for hot stone massage and Balinese massage – 2 hours. There wasn’t any actual price list and we needed to negotiate the price. We choose the hot stone massage, as we never tried that before. After some bargaining, we were charged Rb750,000 (which we later – after the session – found out, we have been fooled the price).

We checked into our resort before returning to the spa. The ambience of the spa was good and the service was friendly. Both of us were given a private room, which comes with a nice bathroom. For me, the hot stone massage was too hot – while I was told that a good masseur would not have me suffer this condition of “hotness”.

Overall, the experience is ok. But, we are totally fooled for the price. When we were in Inner Glow @ Kuta Beach Street and looking through some other price lists from other spas, we found that we can actually enjoy hot stone massage for less than half of the price paid (but not sure if we can get the same ambience). We were really disappointed with their dishonesty. But, lesson learnt – never rush into getting a spa without proper survey, especially in Bali and even if you have bargained, you can be fooled!

Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali, Jalan Raja Tuban @ Bali

We wanted to get some souvenirs from Bali and told our driver that we are interested to go to Discovery Mall (Denpasar). However, he insisted that the things at Discovery Mall are expensive. He brought us to Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali. This place is located not too far from Discovery Mall.


Once entered, there are varieties of goods. And, indeed, the prices are cheap (we actually went to Discovery Mall’s Keris Batik later and found out that prices at Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali are bout 30-50% cheaper).


No regret dropping by at Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali, where one can buy the local Balinese stuff.

Inner glow @ Kuta Beach Street

On our last visit to Kuta, Bali, we walked along Kuta Beach Street. And, we bumped into Inner Glow. What attracted us was the displayed price list. It shows transparency and it is cheap – for massage, manicure and pedicure. We actually went into the spa on the first day when we were in Kuta. However, due to overwhelming response, we could not get a spot since it was occupied.


We returned to the shop the next day. When we asked about the pricing, we noted that there will be an additional 10-15% service charge. On that day, I did manicure and pedicure plus hamstring massage, while hubby opted for two hour massage. The total bill came out to be Rb182,000. Well, on manicure and pedicure, it was basic and I would say not up to the standard we find in Malaysia. But, for the price of about RM30 for both manicure and pedicure, we can’t expect much. On the other hand, hubby enjoyed the Balinese massage.


On our final day after we checked out from the hotel, we went back to Inner Glow. This time around, both me and hubby opted one hour Balinese massage. It was really an enjoyable one. I have forgotten the price for both of us – as I have forgotten to jot down.


Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The staff was friendly. The place is clean and the ambience is good. The only thing we caught by surprise is the service charge.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Netzcom (M) Sdn Bhd @ Ground Floor, Digital Mall

I got a reward from hubby, which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – after being lured by my mother-in-law’s ipad! We dropped by at Netzcom (M) Sdn Bhd, located at ground floor of Digital Mall on May 13 It is an authorized dealer for Samsung gadgets. We did not ask from other outlets this round, as we want to be sure that the tab is a genuine stock. Moreover, hubby actually bought his phone from the same stall late last year.

Basic explanation was provided. And, the tab was going out at RM1,599 with one year warranty, a screen protector and a pouch. The tab comes in two colours, which are black and white. On the other hand, its free pouch is either black or pink. I choose the white tab and pink pouch. It has to be paid in cash to avoid the extra 2% charge. So, we went to withdraw money while the sales assistant prepared the tab. We were taught some of the basic functions after the screen protector and pouch were put on.

I gave my mobile number for warranty purpose. On the next day, I received a sms from Samsung with details of the warranty.

Overall, a pleasant experience with them. And, finally, I owned a tab! 😀

Dr Fatima Najla @ Kelana Jaya Medical Centre

After the unsatisfactorily visit to the gynae at PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic, SS2, PJ during my last visit, I searched for another gynae within PJ area. I found out that the gynae, Dr Fatima Najla at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre is highly recommended from some blogs. So, I decided to try her out. So far, I paid her two visits. And, she turned out to be fine for me. Her explanations are clear and good. My first consultation was RM60 while the second consultation was RM50. The machine used is quite new. I hope her professional service will last and I would stay with her long.

In addition to that, the nurses in Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, especially the Indian nurse for Dr Fatima’s clinic are extremely friendly. They truly provide a good service. During my second visit, which was a rather long wait, some kids were playing around. Dr Fatima’s clinic’s nurse patiently said it was alright and even gave them toys/tools and sweets. Even when there are patients from the next clinics, the nurse is so gentle and serviced with a smile. It was so comfortable being around nurses who have such good service attitude.

Overall, two visits were pleasant visits. Looking forward to my third visit there sometime next month.

Anyway, for both visits, there is a RM2 registration fee, which I am not sure why they are imposing even on returning patients.

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Moving towards reducing the Watsons’ lifetime membership fee

After about six to seven months, I have collected an additional 720 points from Watsons. This also implies that I have bought about RM720 from Watsons in the last half year – thanks to supplements.

So, today I went into Watson to get a packet of Ribena Pastilles, which cost RM3.30. I handed over my membership card to the cashier. He then told me that I can redeem as much as RM3.60. This implies that I can offset the amount RM3.30, which I immediately agreed to do so. So, the sweet was free for me.

As of today, I have redeemed RM2.50 + RM 3.30 = RM 5.80. I am half way through reducing my Watsons’ lifetime membership fee of RM12. Wow, now I certainly feel that worthiness of become Watsons’ member.

Nevertheless, I have no idea when I could redeem the points next, unless asked by the cashier. I think I would have to keep in mind that every 200 points is worth RM1.
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4 Course Thai Bento Set (2pax) @ Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant from

I bought this voucher for RM19 back in April 13 given that it is in SS2 and can be utilised during public holidays and weekends. The voucher comes with one appetiser, one main course, two rice, two drinks and dessert. After making few rounds of calls, finally we went there yesterday (May 5 for lunch).

Upon arrival, we handed the voucher to the waitress, who then gave up a little form to tick on the items that we can choose. We did not order extra food (until all the food is served). The Thai food is really authentically Thai food. We enjoyed very much the tomyam seafood that we choose as our main course. However, the servings are rather small. At the end, we ordered another small tomyam chicken, which is RM18.


The extra tomyam chicken we took

Overall, the food is satisfactory and the shop is clean. Also, the waitress was quite good in recommending food when we wanted to make extra order. One set back about this voucher is I had to call few times to find out if there’s anymore table available for the voucher. Those earlier calls I made were for dinners, which the man on the phone said that the days were fully booked. On the other hand, when I made reservation for lunch; he immediately said ok without even bothering to take down the voucher numbers. So, is it true that the restaurant is full for the nights I called or if they did not want to accept it on public holidays’ dinners?


On the other hand, I feel that the voucher worth RM19 is their original price; instead of what they mentioned in the discount sites that it is worth RM 66. This is due the fact that their portions are small.