Guide to feeding your baby/toddler

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First of all, I admit that this blog is not organised…at all. Mainly because its missions have evolved from time to time. However, I think this “new page” will serve most parents well – especially if they are looking to raise healthy kids! Also, it could also be my easy reference. This will be updated from time to time.

Why I persist to offer home cooked food for my girl at least until 3 years old? Read more: Here

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Beef porridge

Parsnips beef porridge

Stew beef with carrot and tomato


Banana blueberries bun

Cocoa milk bun (using condensed milk)

Cream cheese filling spinach bun

Mango bun

Milo banana soft bun

Soft milk bun

Spiral cocoa cream cheese bun

Spiral cream cheese peanut butter bun

Sweet potato soft bun


Apple & chocolate chips cupcakes

Apple raisin cupcakes

Baked cheese cake

Banana cake with chocolate butter frosting and plain biscuits

Banana cream cheese cupcake

Bear shaped orange chiffon cake

Bear shaped dragon fruit chiffon cake

Butternut squash cake

Chocolate cupcake

Cocoa banana raisin cupcakes

Egg less banana raisin cupcake

Milo banana walnut cake

Moist banana cake

No bake peanut butter cream cheese cake

Sugar less and butter-less banana chocolate chip cupcake


Alpha Bits multigrain cereal

Cheerios (UPDATED with places (that I know) which sell Cheerios – this brand)

Commercial cereal

Homemade millet cereal

Orgran Gluten Free Rice O’s wild berry flavour


Cheddar cheese (Bega)

Coon Extra Tasty cheese

Cream cheese (Philadephia cream cheese)

Mozzarella cheese

Tasty grated cheese (Bega)

Tatura cream cheese

Chinese delicacies:

Bitter gourd soup

Cantonese style fried kuay teow

Char siu

Chinese dumpling

Creamy mushroom chicken

Healthy chicken rice

Homemade yong tau fu

Hong Kong styled baked cheesy pork chop rice

Leek & mushroom pork

Lemon chicken

Minced pork with English gourd

Persimmon and kiwi chicken

Pork yong tau fu

Soy bean chicken

Steam corn, carrot & tomato chicken

Steam chicken wing rice

Steam chicken with button mushrooms and carrot

Steam chicken with enoki mushrooms, baby corns and carrot

Steam chicken with oyster mushrooms, carrot & celery

Steam chicken drumstick (marinated in Kiwi)

Steam egg tofu with mixed vegetables

Steam shiitake mushroom chicken

Steam yong tau fu

Stew ABC chicken

Stew apple chicken

Stew beetroot ABC chicken

Stew chicken with soya beans

Stew chicken with yam and potatoes

Stew leek and onion chicken

Stew potato chicken

Stew radish and apple chicken

Stewed turmeric and apple chicken

Stir fry chicken with mixed vegetables

Stir fried pumpkin & minced pork

Stir fry mixed vegetables with chicken, v2

Sweet and sour chicken

Toddler friendly pork rendang

Cookies/ biscuit

Apple granola bars

Apricot biscuit

Bear shaped butter cookies with chocolate chips and cranberries

Butter cookies

Butter scoth chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chips and walnut cookies

Choco nut and blueberry cookies

Commercial wholemeal crackers

Cream cheese cookies

Eggless and sugarless sweet potato stick

Lady fingers

Oaty almond chocolate cookies

Oaty chocolate walnut cookies

Peanut cookies

Sugarless apple cookies

Two tone short bread (cocoa flavour)

Two tone short bread (molasses sugar)


Egg noodles in crabmeat sauce


Yam & sweet potato tong sui


Vegetarian dhall



Spinach pan mee

Pumpkin noodle

Roti pisang


High fibre drink

Homemade vitagen

Green drink

Soya bean milk


Cheesy chicken omelet

Egg salad

Egg salad (with yogurt)

Hash brown

Japanese cucumber omelette

Scramble egg pasta

Steam cheddar cheese egg

Steamed cheesy egg tofu

Steamed egg with minced pork

Steam egg with minced pork v2

Steam minced pork egg (without stir frying pork)

Sunny top toast bread

White button mushroom egg (How to cook omelette?)

Yogurt scramble egg


Baked cream cheese salmon

Baked cheesy Spanish Mackerel fish

Baked tuna cutlet

Baked tuna fish cake (Answers why tuna-in-can could be offered)

Creamy fish sauce


Fish sauce 1

Honey garlic salmon

Minty threadfin porridge

Pan fried Atlantic mackerel with sweet sauce

Steam Spanish Mackerel

Steam threadfin (mah yau yui) with egg tofu and mixed vegetables

Sweet potato and salmon patty

Food jar menu

Apple barley sweet drink

Cooking pasta in food jar

Kidney beans

Soft vegetable rice in food jar

Sweet peanut soup

Water chestnut drink

Fried rice

Colourful fried rice (with dried shrimp)

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3 (with egg)

Rice cooker fried rice

Butternut & minced pork fried rice

Dried shrimp fried rice

Egg coated fried rice

French beans & minced pork fried rice

Green fried rice

Japanese cucumber and button mushroom fried rice

Leek & pumpkin fried rice

Leek & zucchini fried rice

Sweet corn fried rice

Yam fried rice

Indian delicacies

Chickpeas masala

Curry chicken

Non spicy milk and yogurt curry chicken

Non spicy yogurt chicken from scratch

Tomato curry chicken

Wholemeal chapati


Japanese-styled beef curry



Apple, cinnamon & raisins muffin

Banana, cinnamon and cranberries muffins

Cream cheese muffins

Eggless and sugarless honeydew and apple muffins

Eggless seaweed cream cheese cupcakes


Celery pan mee

Commercial egg noodles

Commercial udon

Commercial wantan noodle

Egg mee hoon kueh

Homemade & handmade beetroot noodle in stew tofu

Homemade broccoli noodle

Homemade spinach noodle

Homemade wholemeal noodle

Green pepper pan mee

Red cabbage pan mee

Stir fry mee suah

Stir fry udon with fuzzy melon

Sweet basil based pan mee

Yam bean mee hoon kueh

Zucchini oaty mee hoon kueh (aka pinched pan mee)


Baked crispy chicken nuggets

Baked pork cutlet

Baked tofu nuggets

Chicken patties

Chicken tofu nuggets

Homemade vegetable nuggets


Overnight oats


Baby frittata

Rice frittata

Bitter melon/gourd

Cheap Snoopy thermos

Chia seeds for babies/toddlers

Cutlery set

Double boiled pear for coughing and phelgm

Food rejection?

French toast

Frozen Edamame

Frozen Peas

Grilled lamb

Hand mixer (Kenwood)

Homemade bread crumbs

How to choose ripe avocado?

How to make fried shallots/onions using microwave?

How to make oyster sauce kind-of feel dishes?

Inayou cooker

Nasi lemak

Noodle maker

Steam onion juice (for cough and phelgm)

Vegetable corn fritters

Zojirushi thermos

0.75l Zojirushi thermos sponsored by Kids and Baby Malaysia


Banana pancake

Butternut squash pancake

Butternut squash cheesy pancake

Cheese pancake

Cheesy oatmeal pancake

Cream cheese banana pancake

Corn fritters

Cranberry pancake

Eggless cream cheese pancake

Eggless & sugarless mango pancake

Eggless mango cream cheese pancake

Eggless cheese pancake with homegrown sprouted garlic

Flour less banana pancake

Grape and blueberries pancake

Method to fluffy pancake

Parsley cheese pancake

Sugarless grape pancake

Sugarless and flourless sweet potato pancake

Sugar less banana oaty pancake

Sweet corn oaty pancake

Sweet potato pancake

Tuna rice pancake


Coconut filling pau

Cream cheese peanut butter pau

Steam red bean milk bun

Steam red bean & sweet potato pau

Pandan spiral mantou

Pumpkin pau

Purple sweet potato pau (with egg yolk)

Spiral purple carrot mantou


Wheat and oat pasta animals

Ning’s pasta

Pasta Zara le Fantasie

Stir fry pasta

Teddy bear pumpkin pasta


Spaghetti bolognese (homemade sauce)


Mushrooms sauce pizza

Thin crust pizza

Vegan packed pizza roll

Spinach based bread pizza

Wholemeal crust hawaii pizza


Beetroot porridge


Baked cheesy prawn

Baked cream cheese and butter prawn

Baked egg, cream cheese prawn

Baked fresh button mushroom prawn

Steam prawns

Stir fried prawns

Stir fried prawns with mixed vegetables

Rice cooker rice:

Flavourful rice cooker chicken rice

Rice cooker chicken and tomato rice

Rice cooker tomato rice with homemade dried pork stock

Rice cooker rice with garlic, zucchini & dried chicken stock

Roast chicken:

Baked mushrooms sauce chicken

Baked lemon grass & onion chicken

Roast honey orange chicken

Roast papaya yogurt chicken

Salt & Sugar

Salt and sugar intake for babies & toddlers


Black pepper & mushroom sauce

Brown mushrooms sauce

Cabonara sauce

Chicken bolognese sauce

Creamy fish sauce

Creamy mushroom, apple & oat sauce

Creamy mushroom potato sauce

Creamy vege sauce

Fresh button mushroom sauce

Richer colour bolognese sauce

Starchy corn sauce

Stewed minced pork with potato and carrot

Sweet and sour sauce

Sweet sauce pasta

Sweet sauce macaroni

Sweet sauce with shiitake mushroom


Korean dried seaweed flakes


Boiled black eyed beans

Carrot snack stick

Heinz teething rusk (biscuit)


ABC soup based

ABC soup with pork bones

ABC pumpkin soup

ABC chicken soup

Angled gourd soup

Apple beetroot soup

Apple cucumber chicken soup

Apple cucumber and scallops chicken soup

Apple & old cucumber soup

Arrowroot chicken soup

Arrow root and carrot chicken soup

Arrowroot, lotus root and pearl beans soup

Beetroot soup

Beetroot chicken soup

Bottle guord chicken soup

Bottle gourd soup

Chinese styled pumpkin soup

Creamy pumpkin & cauliflower soup

Double radish soup

Double radish chicken soup (with picture of ingredients)

Flavourful radish soup

Lotus root and pearl beans soup

Lotus root and pearl beans chicken soup (with carrot)

Lotus root red beans chicken soup

Mushroom and cauliflower soup (Western style)

Mushroom radish soup

Old cucumber & carrot chicken soup

Old cucumber & green radish soup

Papaya fungus chicken soup

Papaya and apple soup

Papaya soya bean chicken soup

Radish and apple soup

Radish and beetroot soup

Radish and beetroot chicken soup (picture with raw ingredients)

Radish and cabbage soup

Radish and celery chicken soup

Radish, pumpkin and mushroom chicken soup

Radish and old cucumber soup

Watercress soup

Watercress chicken soup (with picture illustration)

Sorbet/Ice cream/:

Banacado ice cream

Banana avocado ice cream (with milk)

Mango Sorbet

Watermelon + strawberry + grape sorbet


Peanut butter (roasted peanuts way)

Peanut butter (pan fried peanuts way)

Steam rice:

Healthy chicken rice – with steam rice version

Steam kai choy rice


Chicken stock 1

Chicken stock 2

Apple cucumber chicken stock


Shrimp & apple sushi

Tips in making “pretty” sushi


Packed food for 2 days 1 night trip (15 mo)

5 days 4 nights at Taipei (16mo)

4 days 3 nights meal plans for a beach vacation @ Bali (23mo)

4 days 3 nights actual meals at Bali (23mo)

4 days and 3 nights at Bali (23mo)

2 days 1 night local holiday with Inayou Cooker

5 days 4 nights in Krabi (26mo)

Meals for 26mo on 5 days 4 nights trip in Krabi


Baked eggless cream cheese chicken nuggets

Chicken Maryland with gravy

Vegetable quiche


Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt

Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt

Would high heat destroy nutrients in yogurt?

2 thoughts on “Guide to feeding your baby/toddler

  1. Hi Celine, thank you for sharing your treasure trove of cooking experiences so generously. I came across your recipes and updates on Healthy Food for My Baby. Your blog is packed with so much valuable information from starting solids to feeding a toddler with an extensive repertoire of cuisine!

    Is there a way I can navigate your blog by date rather then by topics? I would like to refer to your earlier experiences as my son is currently 6m2w.

    Thanks for your kind help!

  2. hello Celine, just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for all your recipes! I started out with baby-led weaning for my LO when he turned 6 months, but I must confess that I still struggle with providing healthy and nutritious alternatives for my little boy, since I rarely cooked until he arrived! Your blog is a fantastic resource for me, and I just wanted to say thank you for all your effort, time and willingness to share so much goodness!

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