3 position carrier by Mothercare



Our first full usage of our new carrier – 3 position carrier by mothercare

The boss seems to be ok! We used it up to 3 hours today in the mall plus swimming area.

Compared to our Hanaroo wrap, it is easier to breastfeed her in this carrier – as in I could just walk around easily as I continue to breastfeed her by just covering her head with a napkin. Also, it is more airy compared to the wrap. I don’t think she sweat much (if any) in the carrier (which she occasionally does in the wrap).

Nevertheless, wrap definitely does skin to skin contact better. So, it is easier to get her sleep in the wrap.

For mama, the carrier is definitely easier to put on and cause less sweat.

So far we are satisfied with it but will use it interchangeably with the wrap.

* the carrier is with an ergonomic design

Celine Tan's photo.
Slept on the carrier

Celine Tan's photo.