Reduce plastic consumption

My new OCD level 😂😂😂😂 – sorting out plastic bags

I have been doing this for six months or so. We haven’t been buying any garbage bags, try to reduce acceptance of ‘new’ plastic bags as much as possible, reuse plastic packaging from things like flour, biscuits, food packaging and etc.

I am reusing the plastic packaging when I go to supermarkets – as in I bring those plastic bags to pack the loose groceries which is easier than using recycled bags (so far Tesco and Giant have been accepting my practice – or the staff just behtahan me🤣) and also to throw rubbish. (My hubby is kinda ‘stress’ to determine which plastic bag to use especially when it comes to throwing Norrah’s poop 💩 diaper! ) Sometimes I reuse the plastic packaging to wrap fresh veggies. I also try to use/bring my own containers for fresh pork and chicken as much as possible (but this is difficult especially if the two younger ones are tagging along).

After all these, we still have a lot of plastic bags in the house! 😓 Anyway, I am still not into making ecobricks (because I have no time for it). But seriously I am eager to learn how to make recycled bags from plastic – I have watched videos; they are quite time consuming too, to be honest! 😓


Sunway Lagoon 02.02.2020

On Tuesday evening, I received a text from Angel that she is giving me her winning tickets to Sunway Lagoon! Without hesitation, we zoomed to her house to pick it up! 🤭😂

<While luck may have dwindle a little, lucky star Angel Febrini Leonardo II shares her winning tickets to Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia from Lacey Bunny Malaysia with us! Thank you very much babe! Hope you get more winnings, coming forward! 😘😘>

The tickets are expiring next Thursday; so do or expire. Honestly, I was still hesitant to go Sunway Lagoon; not because of the ‘wuhan’ thingy – but the three just recovered from flu! So, I told them we are going to do the Dry Park and Animal safari (since we already did water park at Morib) 🙄🙄🙄 – depending on condition, I might allow them into the water park! 🙄🙄 (I just packed like we are going water park)

We arrived there about 1030am after ‘brunch’. No queue and not many people. We started with the ‘scream park’ – the first ride I went with Nikki (both have to be accompanied by adult; so Noelle has to wait for the second round – because hubby has to look after Norrah). Certain rides like roller coaster and ship rides that Noelle wanted to try, she couldn’t because not enough tall! 🙄🤣 I guess she has my young ‘gene’ on going these kind of thrilling rides. Norrah likes the Merry-go-round that she refuses to come down initially. The rides were waiting for us instead of us queuing up! 🤣 The staff also bored and hence busy wiping every where.

Next, we went to the wildlife park. Nothing really interesting.

Then it got hotter! And we arrived at water park. Their body also started to ‘itch’ and giving me 🥺🥺 kinda look – so, they changed and played in the water park – not much that they can play – only the man made beach, surf beach and the children playground!

And that wraps up our day at Sunway Lagoon. We didn’t spend our entire day there – because tomorrow is schooling day; and they need their nap to recharge. But it was a pleasant trip – for the first time Sunway Lagoon is so empty! 🤭😂


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