Double boiled aloe vera and red dates

I have no idea what’s this drink for but I perceived that a recipe that goes with aloe vera could be beneficial for health in some way.

Ingredients used:

Aloe Vera, red dates, wolfberries, honey dates, barley, water, molasses sugar

Double boiled for 2 hours

Adapted from:

Can view the link on how to remove aloe vera flesh ! 

Double boiled Chinese yam (wai san) soup


Egg noodles in double boiled Chinese yam (wai san) soup with quail eggs and nai pak

Heard so much about ‘wai san’ or naigomi, but never tried. Then I saw one relatively small piece at Jaya Grocer, so bought it. Added carrots, yuk chuk and red dates, together with a piece of chicken keel, to double boil for 2 hours.

Much confidence of trying it as I do see Joanne Teh gives her fei mui this soup. My daughter and hers is a month difference… So, ok la, give my girl! Lol!

I also air fried fu chok for myself.

Double boiled dried fig and scallops chicken soup


Thanks Veny MK for the recipe. I modified it with chicken keel and replaced empty corn cobs with carrot.

My ingredients:
One chicken keel
2 empty corn cobs
3 dried scallops
2 dried figs
3 honey dates
5 red dates

Double boiled for 2 hours.

The soup is really so yummy.

I cooked pressure cooked kai choy rice, added a chicken thigh for hubby. I did put some dark caramel sauce into the rice. And so the blackish rice actually puts my girl off. She refused to eat it and cried. =.=’ Then hubby let her taste some of the soup, which she likes it. So, I asked if she wants noodles with the soup. She nodded. So that’s her dinner.

One wok fried noodles for 3 with RM5

Yellow noodles: RM1.50
Taugeh: RM1
Bok choy: RM1
Garlic, onion and sauce: RM0.50
Pork: RM1

I can cook means I am feeling better, though feel a little weak. I can take in more food and drink now. *touch wood* haven’t puke since yesterday’s supper – which was an apple.

Celine Tan's photo.

Double boiled mushrooms chicken soup


Noodles in double boiled mushrooms chicken soup

Mushrooms have many medicinal benefits. And since we are under the weather (actually, 3 of us at home have flu – but the one with the strongest immunity being the little girl), I made this double boiled mushrooms chicken soup. This is also a suggestion given by my miss lesbo.

Chicken keel
Chicken feet
Enoki mushrooms
Brown buna shimeji mushrooms
Shitake mushrooms
Half carrot
One bulb roasted garlic
Water to cover ingredients

Double boiled for 1 and half hours.

We have one portion of egg noodles and one portion of mee suah left. I asked her to choose one of them, and the girl wanted egg noodles. So, that’s her lunch. Mine is in mee suah.


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Pressure cooker chicken rice and char siu


> Char Siu
Marinated the pork overnight – sesame oil, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, molasses sugar, honey, garlic & five spiced powder

Under bake “chop” mode under Phillips pressure cooker, few rounds of baking

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>Chicken rice
Stir fry garlic and ginger in olive oil under ‘bake vege’ mode, add in soaked grains and stir for a moment. Pour in sufficient water. Then topped with chicken marinated in sesame oil and ginger paste. Cook under ‘rice’ – ready in 14 minutes!
The rice process

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> Stir fry siu bok choy with garlic

>Double boiled water cress chicken soup
– water cress
– chicken keel
-chicken carcass
-wolf berries
-red dates

Under ‘soup’ for 1.5 hours

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Love the rice the most – water ratio was good enough, I used 1 cup white rice and 1 cup brown rice with 1.5 cup water

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
 She had second serving when papa returns for dinner!<Video>

Double boiled radish bone broth


Yam bean
Sup tulang (cow bone)
Chicken feet
Few drops liquid amino
Pepper seeds

Double boiled for 2 1/2 hours

My girl had her spinach wantan mee in this soup. And she requested a little of the stew chicken in vegetables.

Stew chicken in vegetables

Chickens marinated in sesame oil, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and black pepper
Green pepper
Additional dark soy sauce
Rice bran oil

Stew until cooked.

Hubby and I had this with the spinach wantan mee. Soup is the side and served with sweet & sour chilli prepared yesterday.

My hubby is on leave today. Super big portion for his lunch! Two wantan mee.

I can attest that everything cooked here cost less than RM20 and additional soup for dinner.

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

Double boiled mushrooms porridge


My clean eat today, and porridge has become my comfort food!

Mixed grains, soaked
Shitake mushrooms, diced
Tomato, diced
Carrot, diced
Ikan bilis, washed
Ginger, stripe
Sesame oil
Kikkoman soy sauce

Double boiled for 2 hours.

I made pumpkin chicken soup for the day, so my girl had it with mee suah. Her side is pork cutlets.

Pork cutlets:
Mixed pork marinated in sesame oil, liquid amino and pepper
Yam bean
Mashed potato

Mix, roll and pan fried.

Girl is back to normal after going on food strike yesterday..

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