Kids friendly pressure cooked dhall

I am making this to try with my 20m+ who is currently in food strike phase! 

First, sauté garlic, onion, curry leaves, turmeric and ginger in oil (under bake mode). Then add in (soaked overnight) dhall/yellow lentils. Sauté for a while before adding chopped carrot, tomato and celery. Stir and add some soup stock/water. Put in one tbsp curry powder and one tbsp liquid aminos (or soy sauce). Stir and close with cover. Then pressure cook under ‘beans/tendon’ mode! Done!

I personally had it with rice, fried egg and fried fish!

Pressure cooker pig stomach with ground nuts

Here we have a postnatal nourishing soup: the pig stomach with ground nuts soup

The ingredients prepared: cleaned pig stomach, some pork bone for soup, soaked ground nuts, carrot, ginger, garlic,roasted white pepper and water

Using Phillips pressure cooker, under default mode for ‘beans/tendon, kpt30, cook the ingredients!

I left it in the pressure cooker for about 2 hours before taking the cooked pig stomach out to cut! It was really tender! 

PPC radish soup and PPC minced beef kurma

Ingredients for the soup: radish, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, one piece lean pork and one chicken thigh

Mode: Soup

Then I took out the kids’ portion with the chicken thigh which was then tender enough for them!

The remaining soup and ingredients left in PPC is used as base for the next dish for the adults. 

I then added marinated minced beef with sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, kurma powder and turmeric powder plus cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamom pods, black pepper and oats (to thicken sauce) to make the PPC minced beef kurma (using mode: stew)! 

Minced beef kurma was served with spaghetti 

Radish soup served with animal pasta

Pressure cooker banana chia seed cake 

Modified from Alice Chin’s recipe, ingredients used:

200g cake flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon powder

Pinch of salt

3 eggs

100g unsalted butter

60g caster sugar

60ml fresh milk

250g mashed banana

2 tbsp chia seeds

You can hand mix but I used electrical mixer this time! 

Mode: Cake, kpt:55

Mash the banana and set aside!

Cream butter and sugar.

Add in the eggs and mix.

Sift in flour. <video>

Sift in cinnamon powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Then mix them.

Add in milk and mix.

Add in banana.

Add in chia seeds and mix.

Batter ready!

Pour batter into inner pot and shake.

Set Phillips pressure cooker to cake mode (valve: bake); kpt=55

Remove inner pot once done and leave it aside for 20 minutes before removing!

Let it cool down before cutting.

Not the spongy kind of banana cake, though.

But both kids enjoyed eating it! 

Butter cake with Phillips pressure cooker

Recipe modified from:

Ingredients used:

250g unsalted butter

100g caster sugar

4 egg yolks

200g cake flour

3/4 tsp baking powder

3/4 tsp baking soda

3/4 tsp seasalt

60ml fresh milk

4 egg whites

50g caster sugar

Mode: Cake, KPT: 55

Mix butter and 100g caster sugar with electrical mixer until turns creamy.

Add one eye yolk at a time and mix.

Sieve in half of the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt. 

Then mix.

Add in the milk and continue mixing.

Add in remaining flour and mix. Set it aside.

In another mixing bowl, add in 50g caster sugar into egg whites.

Mix it until stiff peak.

Meaning it turns into meringue and when you turn it upside down, it doesn’t fall off.

Fold in the meringue into the initial batter.

Done and pour into the inner pot of the PPC.

Shake it to release some air.

Then send it to PPC.

Valve at bake; mode: cake and kpt: 55

Remove the inner pot immediately after done. 

Let it cool down about 20 minutes where we will see it shrink.

Put it on a rack and let it cool down further before cutting it. 

It’s kinda spongy though some part seems wet.

The kids enjoy eating the cake! 

Guess I won’t be baking cakes with my oven for some time now! 

Pressure cooker braised pork trotter with nam yue

Ingredients (no exact measurement):

Blanched pork trotter (I used half trotter)



Nam yue 

Soup stock (can be replaced by water)

Cinnamon stick

Star anise 

Dash of black pepper

Dark soy sauce

Light soy sauce

Cooking wine 

Mix everything and cover with valve sealed. Mode: beans/ tendon (default time)

It is extremely tender and even my toddler loves it!

Recipe to save for ‘confinement’! Will need the whole trotter for both lunch and dinner! 

Double boiled herbal chicken thigh in PPC

I’m experimenting simple meals for our coming confinement period! 

This is pretty simple and we just need to throw in stuff into it!

Ingredients used:

Carrot, diced

Shiitake mushroom, sliced

Dang guai 

Angelica root

Red dates


One chicken thigh


I fill everything into a little clay pot which I then put into the pressure cooker with water!

Mode: soup