Just life @ Ikano Power Centre

Just life has been in existent for some time in Ikano. However, since I am not the kind of “organic” person, I did not pay much attention to it. Just recently when I found that Cold Storage went on renovation, which caused it to have limited choices of vegetables on sale, I stepped into Just Life. I was amazed by the variety of vegetables that they have available, including those “rare” kind of vegetables that are not easily available in hypermarkets and even wet markets.

Given that these vegetables are organic, they are a bit pricier. I find that they usually offer it in bigger packaging, which is sufficiently enough for two to three persons. This comes out to be the similar portion of buying two packages of the same vegetable from the hypermarkets. I would also prefer Just Life because everything is price-tagged compared to the wet markets, where the latter (for dishonest stall owners) often “cheat” on pricing by not displaying the prices. The setback that I find is the vegetables easily turn yellowish when it comes to the third day of purchase, while if purchased from hypermarkets, it can last up till five days.

Most of the staff serving the customers is polite. They usually speak in Mandarin, and do give a feel/ impression of “vegetarianism”.  Also, they are “environmentalist” in the sense that they do not provide plastic bags (every day). So, you will need to carry a recycle bag along if you plan to make purchases from them. However, they can also loan you a bag for a price. For me, since I am not so environmentalist (because I believe this is more of a “bull shit”/ free advertisement that one can ride on while cutting cost on plastic bags), I find this a little troublesome that I need to remind myself to bring a bag along when I shop with them.

Yes, I will be back there (in fact every week) to stock up my fridge with vegetables, unless Cold Storage can provide better variety of vegetables.

PC Home @Kiosk K-F02, 1st Floor, Digital Mall, Section 14

My mother-in-law asked us to help her get a voice recorder for the purpose of recording songs (while people/ she sing). She showed us a sample of the voice recorder that she borrowed from her friend. So, this morning we went to Digital Mall at Section 14, PJ. First, we checked with All IT Hypermarket, whose sales assistant explained three choices (models) of recorders where they are priced RM 199, RM 299 and RM 349 respectively. He wasn’t really in the mode to “entertain” us.

Then, we went to first floor to check out. There were two stalls facing each other directly. One of them is PC Home. Why we choose to talk to the lady at the stall? – Because she approached us. She asked if we were looking for recorders. And, we started asking some questions – where two models were explained, one is RM 299 and the other is RM 399. She told us the difference is that RM 399 comes with mono and stereo, while RM 299 comes only with stereo. Being new to such things, we asked further about the difference, which was further explained. We also asked her about the colours available for both the models. Basically, the RM 299 model comes only in black colour while the RM 399 come in few different colours. She said that she can give some discount if we plan to take the higher priced model and free a 4gb memory card for the recorder. We thanked her for the explanation and would like to look around.

Puzzled with the difference in price, we went up to look again at All IT Hypermarket. From the glass door, we noticed that the one showed by the sales assistant and the lady are different, except for the RM 299 one. So, we double confirmed with mother-in-law on which she prefers to have and even mms her the photos. At last, she chooses the RM 399 recorder.

Given the earlier offer, we went back to PC Home. The business seems to be a family business. We further asked the colours available, and mother-in-law wanted a blue one. The lady showed us the blue recorder and allowed me to take a picture of the blue recorder, which then make it possible for me to send the picture to mother-in-law. So, we confirmed taking the recorder that is priced at RM 399 but going out for RM 360 plus a 4gb memory card. The lady and her son (I think) were tickling to hear us say that it is not for us, but for our mum. The son then taught hubby how to use the recorder and inserted the memory card. After paying RM 360 for the recorder, he gave us the receipt and asked us to keep it, and said that “in case of any problem, do look for us with the receipt”.

Overall, PC Home gave us a pleasant customer service experience and has patience to explain to us.

Mon Liza Wedding Castle, SS2

We first came to know about Mon Liza in their road show in Midvalley in September 2010. We were kind of please with the sample photos. The package was explained by Wendy of Mon Liza.

We also looked at other bridal house packages. We did not immediately sign up for any package, as we were surveying. Seriously, in bridal fairs, you feel like a “market” in the sense, the bridal homes will market to you like nobody’s business (trying to pursue you to sit down at their booth to convince you). The competition is really high.

I even made some searches over the internet to see comments about the bridal houses. Overtime, we found that although it can be “cheaper” (it can go as low as RM 2,000) to sign up pre-wedding packages in bridal fairs – and some even entitled you to go places like Bali or Taiwan to take photos, in the end, one likely to fork out more. Logically, this is the case since there is no free lunch in the world.

In December 2010, we scouted around among the bridal houses in SS2. Due to their high competition, they do not allow their potential customers (most bridal houses) to take back the paper where they scribal the contents of the packages. So, our advice is always bring your note book and pen along.

Finally, we picked Mon Liza Wedding Castle, SS2 (after going home to think). We signed up the package RM 3,688 where our sales assistant is Elaine. [I won’t be jotting down the package here, as this is to respect their privacy. We got her writing the package details in black and white on the invoice. Also, it is always better to check it out yourself – kick your own ass from the desk and move on!] We also requested for family photos to be taken and was told that we have to buy the extra softcopies at their stated price – which is RM 20 per piece. We presume that the family photo’s softcopy is at RM 20 per piece as well. That’s why we have choose the RM 3,688 package rather than RM 3,988 package, as we already budgeted that we will buy extra copies. The difference with the two packages, if I am not mistaken, is the size of one of the albums and an extra photo frame. Payments are split into 30:30:30:10 – deposit: gown fitting: photo shooting: collect albums. To reflect our story account is genuine, our invoice number is 3399.

We also made the gown fitting appointment. The day before the gown fitting (somewhere in March 2011), Elaine called to remind us about it. It does reflect good customer service. Before we started out to choose the gowns, we choose our “themes”. At that time, choosing themes was not easy as we were given the actual albums, which were difficult to make comparison. (Recently, I noticed that they have come out with a brochure.) Elaine choose many gowns for me and she helped me put on each gown. Truthfully, I have never worn so many dresses before in a day. It is good to have many choices, but of course, the setback is it will be difficult to choose if you like more than the ones you are supposed to take. We also bought my Nu Bra (RM 50), which will be used on the shooting day from Mon Liza, as Elaine assisted it to put on it. [Yes, one will be truly naked in front of the sales assistant for the whole fitting session] Then, we set our shooting date and with faith, we left it to Elaine to choose our makeup artist and photographer.

Come the day before the shooting date, again, someone from Mon Liza called to remind us about the appointment. When we arrived at their studio (which is located in SS3), the makeup artist and assistant are already there; in fact, helping another couple to put on makeup. We came to know that our makeup artist is Mr One, who has a lot of sense of humour; while the assistant is Grace (also a makeup artist) who helped me put on the gown. Our photographer is Rain. We choose Taman Tun to take the photos as we wanted the nature feel and also do not want to travel too far. This really depends on your preferences.  So, it was outdoor and indoor photo shooting, the whole day. Our families came in the evening for the family shoots, which I think they truly enjoyed as well.

The next day, Elaine called us up to set appointment for viewing the photos, which was one to two months later. The time length of waiting, according to her, depends on how soon your actual wedding day is. If you want to view it as soon as possible, you need to stress it to her. Generally, it is quite pack on weekends.

On the selection day, which takes about half a day, we were told that they were having a promotion where if we select extra 50 softcopies, it will be RM900 (which is RM 18 per piece, instead of RM 20 per piece). However, these softcopies pricing does not include the family photo pricing. The rationale, according to them, is because there are more headcounts in a family photo (which we think is pure nonsense). So, they will be charging us RM 50 per piece of family photo. Not only that, to have the family photo softcopies, we are required to have one of the family photos framed up, which will incur us an additional charge. This was the only “trap” that we fell into? We have no choice since our families have made the time to come for the shoot and happily plus excitedly waiting for the photos. At the end, we choose 8 family photos, and forked out an additional RM 480 (we did not argue about this because we know that we have no say about this). So, the total extra softcopies cost us RM 1,380. So, if you are offered to take family photos and told about soft copies prices, do not assume that they all go on the same price. Always ask, don’t assume and get them state “black and white”, so that you have a preparation mindset and money.

As we were happy with the photos taken by Rain, we then decided to hire him as our actual day photographer. Together with another photographer, it cost us about RM 1,800, where we paid a 50% deposit on it.

We went for photo viewing (after it was designed in soft copies). It is good to be observant when viewing the pre-viewing. Things to note include – whether the sleeves are dirty, shoes are torn (you will just need to zoom into the photos one by one). Also, if you are not satisfied with the design, always voice up. This is what hubby did. He told our designer, Gino about some areas that he felt weird (some initial designs). We got Gino to change it on the spot and we were truly amazed by how she did it.

The next visit was the quality control. We were supposed to get our soft copies as well, but Gino was on leave. Hence, we couldn’t. They could have prepared in advance (by burning it into a CD) to avoid disappointment to their customers. All the photos are ok except for the biggest frame photo, where we noticed that the sharpness in the face area is not clear. Since Gino was not at the spot, Elaine called her another designer (guy) who gave us “rubbish” explanation. Also, (I think) since he wasn’t our graphic designer, he was “lazy” to entertain us and kept saying “don’t know” or we have to ask Gino. There wasn’t a remedy given, but keep denying the sharpness. Elaine resorted to “holding” the big photo before they frame it out. She said she will ask Gino to call us.

Thinking that we have spent an additional RM 3,180 (which is RM 1,380 + RM 1,800), we asked if we could get an additional 10 softcopies for free. All this while, we have been flexible to them – we are not choosy.  Also, we told Elaine that we did not “calculate” with her on how they have (over)charged us for the family photos, which was out of expectation. Coincidently, the boss (Irene) was there, and when Elaine denied us, I asked to speak to her boss, which she said “if everyone wants to speak to our boss, then our boss will have a hard time entertaining customers.” Then, I stressed it out that we are serious by looking at her. Next, she resorted to asking her manager’s help, who I am not mistaken, is Emily. Without knowing the actual details of our package and spending made, Emily immediately rejected our request. And, the most annoying thing that I heard was “we hope you can refer us your friends” when they did not have the spirit of goodwill (not even bother about a win-win situation, but more like they win-we lose). They made me lose my cool. Anger was running high and I did something obscene by showing her my middle finger.  And, we and they continue to sit there like nothing happen; nobody is doing anything. I only stared at them angrily (sorry, I was in bad mood that day). After some emotions running in the scene, Emily asked Elaine to write down what we have taken, and then, they went into their boss’s room to talk about it. About five to 10 minutes later, they came out from the room and Emily (with a smiling face) sat in front of hubby (and without looking at me) said that “knowing that you have supported us by buying photos and also booking Rain as photographer, we just called Rain (who will earn the commission from the additional photos you take) that he agreed to give you the 10 free softcopies.” So, at the end, we manage to get the 10 free softcopies but only can choose the photos another day.

What I don’t like is: why can’t they have the spirit of goodwill and create a win-win situation at the first place; instead would want to make us (or me) run high on emotions before they agree on it? It is not that we did not top up our package.  From this point of view, you can see how they are on the winning side (if they did not agree with the 10 free softcopies). And, I still do not believe that the total cost of additional photos taken will be given to Rain – but will be shared with the management, and the management will decide on this, and not the photographer. Maybe the sales assistant should be given some flexibility/ power to decide to give out something extra for the supportive customers, which make customers happy.

Good point: They did not curse back to me for showing them my anger, at least in front of me (but, not sure, at the back scene)

The process has not ended. Besides choosing the 10 free copies, we have to collect our album, do fitting for our actual day, car decoration and collect actual day gown – before I can make a total conclusion about their package and how satisfied we are. But, seriously, the last week’s incident has given us some bad impression.

Disclaimer: I have also cooled myself down (after few days) before writing on this so that I can give an unbiased view.

Tina Florist & Gifts at USJ SS15

Previously, I mentioned that we were looking for flowers for our ROM around SS2 and USJ SS15 . [White Rose Florist]

One of the florists that we went into was Tina Florist & Gift. We ended up not picking this florist because the lady, supposedly the owner, was kind of snobbish. She doubted our sincerity when we were enquiring for her flowers. In addition, the samples that she gave us were kind of “old styles”. And, the most unsatisfactorily thing that she said to us (her potential customer) when we informed her that our ROM is on a Monday was “I don’t open my shop on Sunday. If you want, you need to come on Saturday. To keep your flowers fresh, just put in the fridge.” To me, this is real bad customer service and I personally did not like the manner she speaks to us (in a manner similar to – looking down at us). Or, was she having a bad day or hormonal disorder? We left immediately after she handed us the name card and have no intention to revisit.


White Perfect Dental Surgery at Taman Connaught, Cheras

We came to know about this dentist more than five years ago, and it can be regarded as our “family dentist”. Most of our yearly scaling and tooth checking are done by Dr Chee, the primary dentist at the dental clinic. Dr Chee (lady dentist) is a very gentle and patience dentist, among some of those we have seen in years. Recently, she even helped me remove both my upper wisdom tooth (normal extraction).  If I am not mistaken, Dr Chee accepts quite a lot of trainee dentist/ nurse; therefore, you are likely to be served by few dentist/nurse during your treatment. This also makes the service/ treatment kind of efficient. It is better to book in advance for Dr Chee, especially on weekends –which are normally full. At times, you need to book two to three weeks in advance. And, the nurse would usually call you to confirm on the day before your appointment. I would say that they have good customer service. In addition, the prices charged are at affordable rates.


However, if you were to visit this dental clinic, it is advisable to go under Dr Chee, rather than the other dentist, which is Dr Ang (young lad). This is based on our bad experience where my hubby was referred/diagnosed “wrongly” and was sent to another clinic for a tooth ache; where at the end, the case was handled back by Dr Chee (after going the rounds of dental clinics). In short, we still trust and stick to Dr Chee as our family dentist after all these years.

K Care Shop at Damansara Utama

Recently I was at Damansara Utama for an appointment (Aug 22, 2011) and bumped into K Care Shop, which sells a variety of shampoos. And, it was having discounts up to 60%-70% (and so forth). Near the entrance, I spotted the brand of shampoos and conditioners, which I am currently using – which is Schwarzkopf Professional Malaysia. Coincidently, I needed to replenish my conditioner. So, I went into the shop to make a quick grab. I confirmed with the sales assistant if it was going on a discount, which was 60%. She told me that it is more worthy if I were to get the bigger sized conditioner. However, looking at the “jumbo” size of the shampoo, I declined (as I am not sure if it is wise to do so). She did not pursue me but allow me to look at the items in the shop by myself. I bought a hair clip as well.

Having not much time left, I went to the counter to make my payment. While I was waiting for the cashier to key in my items, I noticed that there were two other customers served by another sales assistant. The customers had a lot of queries about shampoos, conditioners and even high colors, which the assistant carefully explained. It was nice to see that the assistant was kind of patient with the customers, who first wanted one product and then switched to another.

I left before the two customers. From my observation, they do offer some advice to customers (but I can’t judge how effective/ sound the advice is, since I am not too familiar with these stuffs). Overall experience, I think they have good customer service. Will I get my products there again? Yes, if I am around there and I run out of shampoos and conditioners – and they are offering at discounts.

Follow up read: Here

One box of Yook Tho Yin Mooncakes (4 pieces) for RM 38

Generally, mooncakes have been getting expensive, year-by-year. And, it is rather shocking that this year’s (2011) mooncakes are as high as RM 16.50 (normal kind of mooncake), not to mention those that go on snow skins.


There were few mooncakes promotions over the discount sites. Finally, we spotted one from “Yook Tho Yin” from Groupon, which is also one of my mum’s favourite restaurants in Damansara Uptown. They were offering one box of mooncakes (4 pieces) for RM 38, which comes to about RM 9.50 per piece. So, hubby went into the site to “purchase” it (this is his first purchase from Groupon =P).


Few days later, the voucher was ready (Groupon voucher #3967271741). I wanted to check on their quality of service, so I made the call for booking instead. A lady answered the phone.  I told her I bought a voucher from Groupon and want to make booking for my mooncakes, which will be collected on the coming Saturday. She told me that there is no need for booking, as there are mooncakes ready, and thus, I can come anytime (their opening hours) to collect it. I repeat after her just for confirmation and asked if I needed to print out the groupon voucher, which she said “yes”.


So, this morning (August 27) we went over to Yook Tho Yin to collect the mooncakes. After entering the restaurant, immediately, the staff called his boss, informing her that we bought groupon vouchers. The lady then showed us the mooncakes, which are readily stacked near the entrance. After making our choices, she immediately put it into a box, knife was given and packed into their paper bag. We gave her the printed voucher. When we wanted to leave, she immediately called back us back. She gave us the RM 13 cash voucher (which we have forgotten about it), which can be redeemed for mooncakes or restaurant delicacies. However, I noted that the voucher can only be redeemed for the next visit for food above RM 30 or 1 box of mooncake.


Overall experience is pleasant. We have no idea about the mooncakes taste, as it was bought as a gift to my parents.

Watsons Membership Card

I was always asked if I have a Watsons member’s card each time when I make payments at its counter. The cashier will try explaining to me, but most of the time, I just ignored them. However, yesterday (August 26), when I was making payment at the counter (at e-Curve’s Watson), I took the “initiative” to listen to the cashier.


I learnt that I need to pay RM 12 lifetime membership fee and members will get to enjoy some discounts (for selected products) plus gift vouchers from time to time.


In addition to that, it entitles you to receive Watsons points, where you receive 1 point for every RM 1 spent (or 2 times the point for every RM 1 spent on Watsons’ products).  After you accumulate 200 points, you are entitled to RM 1, which can be used to redeem products at Watsons. However, it says that you can only redeem it at block of RM 10. This means that you would need to spend approximately RM 1,000 to RM 2,000 before you can enjoy RM 10. Also, there could be expiry to the points (read further below).


When I signed up for the membership card, I just need to pay RM 12 on the spot. I was given a brochure that teaches me how to register myself online. I read through the brochure and found that by doing so, I would be entitled to 200 points. So, I logged on to their website and follow their instructions. It was really a simple procedure (the membership id and initial password were stated at the back of the card). However, after filling in the necessary information, I tried clicking submit but couldn’t do so because I unchecked the box saying “You agree Watsons to use the information provided by you and the chosen channels to contact with you”. So, does it mean that Watsons can give out members’ information as they like to their suppliers?


After submitting the membership registration, a sms was sent to my phone, which was needed in order to continue with the registration process and to change my password. After the password was amended, I immediately saw the points accumulated from the recent transaction (that was fast!). Then, I was prompt that I will receive the extra 200 points on the next day. However, it states that the (total accumulated) points will expire by end 2012, meaning there is another year to go. I checked on their website and found “Beginning Jan 2011, points expire every two 31 Decembers. For example, points earned in October 2011 will expire on 31 December 2012, while points earned on February 2012 will expire on 31 December 2013.”


It seems to mean that in one year’s time, I have to spend another RM 900 to RM 1,800 in order to enjoy the RM 10, or else it will be forfeited. Assuming that I get mostly non-Watsons products, then it would mean I need to spend RM 1,800 in the next 16 months, which work out to be RM 112.50 per months. Well, in this case (from the perspective of getting points turning into cash redemption), I feel that Watsons membership is worthwhile for those who are rather heavy spender in Watsons, for instance, those who purchase multivitamins or monthly drugs for hypertension or diabetes.


From the perspective of discounts and vouchers, I observed that the participating suppliers are more beauty products like cosmetics and face cleanser, and thus more worthy for frequent spender on these products.


The rate you spend in Watsons and the kind of products that come with discounts/ vouchers will determine the speed of you getting back your one-off RM 12. For now, I think I have regretted signing up for it!



3 classes (2-3 hours per session) at Malswisse Derma Care Training Center for RM50

I bought a groupon voucher (my voucher #211825624) worth RM 50 earlier this year (2011) for these 3 classes (2-3 hours per session)at Malswisse Derma Care Training Center. Initially, their center was only in Empire Shopping Gallery (now they have one in SS2).

Once the deal can be unlocked, I called to check the class availability. I was given some available dates by Jovin (who was friendly over the phone) and confirmed via sms (the next day). Upon arrival for the scheduled class on the first day, I was welcomed with a big smile. I was given the choice to choose, which teacher I wanted to go along with (there were two batches of class where each batch has not more than 15 students). I have no idea about the teachers there, and thus choose by random. So, my teacher was Janice, and from first look, I think she could be a student from the center, who probably was undergoing a training program to couch other students (and thus why Malswisse can have such deals at low prices? –just my guess).

While the voucher states “Learn day and night makeup”, on the first day, we were taught skin care course, which also promotes Malswisse products at the same time. I was a little disappointed that they taught about skin care while I was expecting a make up class on the first day. They could have stated that clearly in the deal (which I noticed that their later deals did state it). At the end of the class, we were asked to choose the date for our second class. On the second class, we were finally taught day make up. Everything went on as expected. Although I did choose the date for my third class, when the day came, I decided to forgore my third class for personal reason.

Overall, I think the lessons provided are “ok” (anyway, I learnt that make-up is an art, not a science, thus no one right way to do your make-up). I find that the disruptions in the class are often caused by fussy and demanding students (who bought the groupon vouchers), rather than the trainers. So, whether your class is a pleasant one or not, really depends on your “luck”. Also, Jovin has also professionally handled the students, though they were really annoying. I like her cheerful attitude towards the students.

Malswisse did promote their products during the class, but they weren’t aggressive hard sell. I think it is worth paying RM 50 for three classes, though I missed a class and did not want to bring hassle to them to rearrange another class for me. Anyway, lately, I notice that they have increased the same course price to RM88.

Basic yoga class at Manasa Yoga, SS2

I used to think body flexibility is something cool. I first read about yoga from The Star in the last quarter of 2007, and I visited one of the yoga center featured in the article. I have forgotten the yoga center name, but I remembered it was located in Bangsar. After getting the first taste of yoga, I looked for a yoga center located nearer to the place I stayed, which previously was in SS2.

I dropped by at Manasa Yoga after work one day, and was “entertained” by a senior student, who described to me the packages. So, I started my first class on Feb 1, 2008. When I first joined, I took the once a week basic class package, which cost me about RM 60 for 4 classes (if I don’t remember wrongly) at that time. As a new student, I was sent to the middle of the class so that I can follow the steps of the regular students. My first teacher was Annie. She was real patient in explaining to me the steps and poses. I vividly remember how she asked me to “open up my heart” when doing the poses (because it resulted to real chest pain the next day). I actually felt quite enlighten in my first class.

On my subsequent second class, it was when I got “hooked” to doing yoga. My second teacher was Sook Yee, who also explained patiently to me as a new student. She cares a lot for her student, in the sense that she will always advice her students not to “overdo” the poses, as it would hurt our bodies. At one point, when she accidentally touched my cold feet (which is normal to my body), she thought I wanted to faint. And, I had to comfort her that I was fine.

It was after I completed the 4th class (or 8th class); I started to take on the unlimited classes, which previously was priced at RM 100 per month.

Also, at that time, since my ex-boyfriend (now husband) was busy at work and has a lot of overtime to do, I had nothing meaningful to do (and wanted to find something more meaningful to do), wanted to do something that also does not cost much (as we were still saving for bigger life goals), needed some motivation and it wasn’t that “exciting” to stay long night hours at a renting place, I thought daily yoga would be the best thing to do. During some days, I even went for 3 hours continuous classes. It was also through the hours of practice that I came to understand more about my own body, finding focus and cultivate a positive way of thinking (open up my mind). I gained a lot of body flexibility during those days when I do daily practice. It also helped me build my self-confidence, as I managed to do poses that I used to think it was impossible. The daily practices went almost for two years.  [So, my period of review is between 2008 to 2010]

I have went through most (if not all) of the Manasa Yoga’s teachers’ classes – Penny, Mei Leng, Julie, Lily, Jean, Senli, Rouxin, Kwan, Sandhya and Manoj. Each teacher, though follows a “schedule” or steps of teaching (if I am not mistaken), has their own personal styles and this makes each of them unique. For instance, Lily teaches in a very enthusiastic way on a Saturday morning while Jean teaches in a very subtle way – carefully thinking, observing and adjusting her students’ pose.

The fees charged are at affordable level (which you may want to check with them, as it was revised since I last left the basic level since last year, 2010 after we moved into our new place, which is located slightly further away from the center).  It is value for money especially for unlimited package – and if you are a regular who goes there almost everyday. Currently, I am still with Manasa Yoga and moved on to intermediate level two (not that I am that good, but because I have less time for yoga now – and why not a “higher” level?).  Honestly speaking, I still think daily (basic) practice is better than once a week intermediate level 2 practice, given that I feel I lost some body flexibility.

I have not been to any other yoga center after I started there, and thus I may not be able to make a good comparison. But, I do think Manasa Yoga is a good place to start yoga practice because the teachers provide an authentic yoga experience for students, give personal touch/ coaching (even after yoga hours – i.e. after class) and bring (non-offensive) humour into class. Sometimes during classes, the teachers could “preach” or provide insightful tips about body & life. One can find morale values out of the stories given (if you truly listen to it). However, it may not be the kind of lifestyle fitness centre that yuppies may be looking for (for instance, those who aim for luxurious shower and Jacuzzi).