Our try on Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt + Coon Light n Tasty


When National Foods send me the free products, they told me that they just wanted feedback about their products. They don’t expect me to blog it. But, hey, I love to do product reviews and I miss writing reviews a lot (if you can’t remember, I was once a writer – who did so many analysis). In addition, writing is a way for me to relax my mind from “motherhood”.


So, I did try Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt and Coon Light n Tasty. Well, these are lower fat content products that may not be ideal for toddlers. Well, being NOT IDEAL; does not mean that it is NOT SUITABLE. Toddlers still CAN consume these products but if there are choices of FULL fat and LOW fat; of course the FULL fat would be better for them. So, if I decide to go on lower fat meals that I could for the whole family – keeping in mind that the toddler is also consuming – I would be likely use the low fat products.


Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt 98% fat free can be comparable to Farm Fresh Natural Yogurt as both are natural yogurt; just that Farm Fresh’s is full fat. I read that “a higher fat content will definitely give you a thicker, creamier yogurt” but this isn’t the case. My first try tells me that Yoplait yoplus natural yogurt is smoother and creamier for sure. As for the sourish level, they are almost similar. In fact, I did let my girl try out – the plain yogurt (without fruits) – she ran away after the first spoon and shaking her head indicating that she doesn’t want it – her normal reaction if it is plain yogurt.


For Coon Light n Tasty, I was about to compare it to Mother’s Choice Extra Light cheese when I was told that it is not an apple-to-apple comparison since the latter is a processed cheese. To read more about the differences between natural and processed cheese, visit: http://www.tillamook.com/community/promotions/yes-to-natural-cheese.html But basically I am happy that it has lower sodium and the sodium level is near to the maximum level of 680mg per 100g of cheese (suitability to babies/toddler) – whereby I have less worries of adding this low fat cheese to our low fat meal preparation. In fact, I did give a mini piece to my girl and she happily had it!


Well, good products to have at home – but it all bogs down to your family budget. At the moment, Yoplus Yogurt 1kg is RM 19.90 while COON Light & Tasty 250g is RM 19.90.

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