The metamorphosis of caterpillar 🐛 to butterfly 🦋

Since MCO, we were ‘gifted’ by nature four caterpillars. Only three managed to metaphor to butterflies. This (in the video) is the third one, which we picked from our balcony garden – to be specific from our lime tree – two weeks back.

My kids really enjoy the experience of watching the transformation from caterpillar (larva) to pupa and to butterfly. It taught them patience and how to enjoy ‘nature’ – despite just staying at home (especially during MCO). This also coincides with my Year 2 kid’s Science work in school – lifecycle; which mean she really had a first hand experience (in fact, when she got back to school, she even told her Science teacher about it😁😁).

I, myself, also learn quite a bit from these metamorphosis (I don’t remember myself experiencing this before). I learn that:

  • butterflies actually like laying eggs on lime trees
  • caterpillars only eat leaves from the original plant 🌱
  • we can’t pick and keep a ‘too’ young caterpillar (dirty green), but leave it to a little bigger (bright green) – that’s the reason the third caterpillar die
  • don’t touch the caterpillar’s body, but pick it using leaves or branches
  • keep the caterpillar’s ‘home’ damp by wet tissue and need to clean up its poops (for the first three days especially) – this actually taught my kids a little responsibility
  • the caterpillar’s home needs a little branch so that it can weave its cocoon
  • when the larva turns into a pupa, it just requires us to change the wet tissue to maintain the dampness (no more poop, thereafter)
  • after the butterfly emerges (from our experience, it takes approximately a week for a pupa to turn into butterfly), it needs some time to learn to fly before we release it

Enjoy the video!

just sharing our experience <<


Norrah turns 3 years old

We have our usual small celebration at home. We celebrated a day earlier as Noelle’s going school tomorrow. Cake specially baked by Noelle and papa; and decorated by Noelle (Noelle’s idea!).

Collage photos of her 3rd birthday:

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

While I was thinking what to bake for Norrah’s birthday (about three-four weeks ago), Noelle came with the idea of she baking for Norrah. I actually asked her many times if she is sure – as I need to figure out what to bake for Norrah if Noelle wasn’t serious.

Though Noelle knows how to bake ogura, she came with the idea of having strawberries in the cake since it was Norrah’s favourite fruit. With only papa’s help, I figured out they need something easier. 🙄🙄 So I suggested Basque Burnt Cheesecake, which myself haven’t try before (both eating and baking) as she can easily decorate with strawberries and I heard it is no fail kind of cake. I searched for some old recipes (which used by my mummy friends – which is proven passed) and I gave the links to them.

On Tuesday, when I fetch Noelle from school, I brought her to the bakery shop to buy ingredients. And yesterday evening, they baked it. I just sat and watch (of course, criticising. Hubby says they had a very fierce instructor🙄😂). This morning, they decorated it. Mission completed!

I have never tasted burnt cheesecake before; so I am not sure if this is perfect but it is surely edible. Plus the little birthday girl 👧 gave thumbs up!


Our priceless gift 💝 from Noelle….and her papa!

Besides the cake, Noelle suggested (last week) that she will cook fried rice with her sous chef papa for us. They did everything (cutting, cooking and washing) – with some guidance from me (of course, in between kena shoot 🤭😂). For dinner, she made us coleslaw. Her sous chef grilled the lamb (which I marinated yesterday) and cooked spaghetti (with can cream soup🙄🤣 – better than nothing).

Noelle also ‘surprised’ us with a card (actually she bocor her own secret on Wednesday🙄🙄, telling me she did something during English class – when she completed her work; but will only show me on birthday wor….I also acted 🙄🙄🤣🤣). She also made an Elsa puppet from wet tissue and highlighter for Norrah. Though it looks kinda ‘hantu’ 🤣, I love her creativity 🥰.

Thank you very much for giving me a little off day today from the kitchen! 🥰🥰

I hope they will grow up remembering that it is not the big parties or cakes that matter on birthdays; but appreciating the little things in life (note: this is my way of teaching my kids and I am in no way criticising people who celebrate birthdays in different ways. ✌🏻)


On the actual day:

Our first time dine-in after more than 5 months

….before going, I was still deciding between take away or dine-in 🙄🤭 my hubby says it was ultimate DINE-IN. 🙄🙄🙄 Three of the girls were over joyed when we told them about the decision to dine-in today.

We have not seen the three girls eat so much for a long time. Both Noelle and Nikki ate at least/close to 10 pieces of sushi. So did Norrah eating more than 5 pieces. Everyone had a very happy meal!

Superkids Box from Pantai Hospital KL

Thanks Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur and UKIDS Malaysia for sending us this Superkids Box! Glad that we received it on time before Noelle goes back to school next week. It is very informative plus it tests the kids’ understanding and memory about covid19 with its puzzle game. Besides that, it also comes with a ‘care pack’ – perfect for ‘back to school’!

I simply just participated in their survey to get this goodie!


Whole day so excited with the Superkids Box; of course when papa came home from work, catch him to play….or else no need sleep tonight! 🤣🤣


Ambition: Chef

Title: My ambition

Last week, she mentioned that she wanted to be a ‘guru’ in her BM work! Then this morning I gave her this title but reminded her that we can change our ambition over time. Unexpectedly, she changed her mind TODAY! 🙄🙄 And she told me she wanted to be a ‘chef’ instead! 🤭🙄🤣 So, this is what she wrote (with my assistance, of course). >> I really didn’t know she loves cooking THAT much! 🤣

I told her to paste this in her booklet about herself and her sisters which she did few months back; will be funny to read this back when she grows up! 🤣

I am getting her into this habit of writing at least once a week because this not only improve her writing and spelling; but I wish to understand her more and help her express herself.

We did a lot of cooking and baking since MCO; and here are some videos:

Making lava cake:

Making burger:

Making oat cookies:

Stir fry macaroni:

Another day of stir fry macaroni:

I told Noelle that she probably can only cook today because the rest of the weekdays I have already prepared food in the freezer (even if water supply continues – stay positive 🙄🤣).

So today she decides with stir fry macaroni!

Black pepper udon:

Petola goreng telur:

Minced pork with potato and sweet peas:

Chef 👩‍🍳 Noelle with her minced pork 🐖 with potato 🥔 and apple 🍎

I am actually counting down the days before she returns to school 😕. And I bet from that time onwards, there would be less cooking activity with her. 🙁 (I didn’t do much cooking with her during the first two months; more on arts and craft 😂 – how we evolved!) Trying to make the best of the time left before school starts!

Fried rice: and

Papa is working from home today. So, Noelle wanted to cook the fried rice again for him ‘to try’. We doubled up the ingredients – and with that, she also learnt multiplication and fraction from this cooking activity.

I told hubby that next time when I go ‘me time’; I could just leave them with him without actually cooking lunch. Noelle can settle it! 🤣🤣 He just has to be her sous chef and monitor the cooking session. She knows the kitchen better than him now! 😂😂

Happy Father’s Day 2020

To the father of my three girls,

Happy Father’s Day…..even though today passed like a usual day! 😂😂

On behalf of the girls, thanks for being the most sporting, playful, loving and hands-on (except can’t cook 🤭🙄) father to the girls! Thanks for putting the kids first – one who will not spend much for ownself but would not think twice when getting something for the girls. Thanks for making us feel secure – and not taking out on us despite the work and/or financial stresses. Thanks for ‘going down’ the floor and be the ‘clown’ 🤡 – so that the girls can have a memorable childhood! 🥰Thanks for being a trustable hubby for the girls – I can leave home with a peace of mind each time I go out for grocery shopping. 😁In fact, the three girls can go to bed independently without me – because they three want to sleep with you. 🙄🤣 The girls surely thank you for being the shield 🛡 to them when they misbehave – as you often are the first one got walloped by mummy! 🙄 They are more grateful that they can often treat you like a ‘buddy’ because of your playful nature. Lastly, thank you for being the dad I always wanted!

Spending three months together-gether 24/7; we are out of surprises! 🤭🤣 Noelle only wished him in the afternoon🙄 (out of sudden); though I did remind her yesterday night before going to bed! I did asked what he wanted to eat – but this is my everyday question 🙄and I cooked everyday! If I ‘take away’, it also means spending HIS money! 😂 Biarlah…eat like ‘normal’! 😂 Everyday is Father’s Day!

Funny dad with kids video:


I have been sticking to Mammimo bread recipe ( for a year plus. I have modified it slightly to make it a whole meal bread. The only thing about this recipe is it requires the sponge dough method, which takes a longer time for proofing and also double kneading.

Recently, my friend gave me a new bread loaf recipe. I am happy to try it because she is a successful baker herself. I have slightly modified from hers. I like this recipe because it gives us soft loaf and doesn’t use the sponge dough method. Preparing and proofing time reduced! However, the only difference is I have to get full cream milk for this recipe.

The recipe – for this loaf that I would name ‘Mardenia’ 🤣 (bread loaf without sponge dough)

  • 300g bread flour
  • 10g milk powder
  • 2 tsp instant yeast
  • 25g sugar
  • 200 ml full cream
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 25g unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp salt

Knead in breadmaker. Let it rest for 30 minutes. Remove it and insert into baking mould. Proof for another 60 minutes. Bake for an hour under 160-170 degrees celcius for 60 minutes.

** you can bake it in the breadmaker itself but I prefer my loaf without a ‘kneading hole’

** I will slowly modify it to whole meal loaf as previously. Today I have it with added chia seeds :

Thanks Siew Li for the original recipe!

Potty trained no3

We have been potty training Norrah since before the MCO days but ‘aggressively’ did so during the MCO days – as we are at home. She has been diaperless during daytime. After a month, she still showed no progress! 🙄 She has been peeing on the floor most of the time. She did pee in the potty twice – but that was it!

BUT this week as we step into Phase 4 of MCO, she starts to show some progress. She started to show us signs; and we managed to bring her to the potty to pee. She even pooped once in the potty. I think she finally managed her fear of pee and poop in the potty. Today, instead of just me asking her to go to the potty, she told me she wanted to pee. She did it not once or twice but four times! 😁😁 We put her on diaper during nap; but when she woke up and wanted to pee, she told me to bring her to the potty! So proud of her – everyone at home cheer so loud for her! Noelle even helped throw the pee into the toilet bowl and washed the potty! 🤣

As per promised, we rewarded her with the Mickey Mouse ice cream! 😁😁 When she pooped in the potty the other day, her sisters also get it. But this ice cream came in a box of four. Today only Norrah gets this ice cream as we only had one left in the freezer. And she deserves it!

Hopefully she will retire from diaper by the time she turns 3 years old! And this will be her MCO days milestone/achievement! 😘😘

amongst the three, it was the most challenging to potty train Norrah! 🙄🤭 At 31+mo, both Noelle and Nikki have already been day time potty trained with Nikki graduated from diaper completely!


Work from home dad!

Probably because I am in the mummies’ fb groups and most of my fb friends are mummies (instead of daddies), I feel a lot of mummies have been taking the credit of working from home cum taking care of the household/kids (this also includes the classroom chat group)! Probably these mummies really get worked out during these MCO days (I am not in a position to judge), but I know some who over credit themselves on fb (I am not blind🤭🙄).

Anyway, back to ‘work at home daddies’ especially our papa!

While our papa doesn’t have to cook and he does occasionally takes nap after lunch, he dutifully ensures that the girls especially Norrah take shower before he starts his job. Whenever he hasn’t got any video/phone call or nothing urgent in hand, he does clean up Norrah’s pee and/or poop 💩!

While our papa doesn’t do groceries (because I prefer to do it myself – quicker and don’t have to make myself ‘frustrated’ 🙄), it also means that when I do grocery shopping especially on weekdays – he actually has to REALLY work from home – juggling work and the three girls.

While our papa does less in helping Noelle in school work, he diligently helps us settle any work that needs to be uploaded into the google classroom or fixes bug/system issues. He helps with Noelle’s Mandarin homework/ revision.

While in the past I do feel that I need to prepare an extra dish for him, he has come to adjust to eating the same kind of dishes as us. Though he eats a larger portion, he has accustomed to eating less meat with us! 😁😁

While our papa is very focus in work and can treat us as invincible when he works, working from home also means he really stops working by 6pm (or slightly more). We don’t have to wait for him to return home late like usual. In fact, he starts playing with the girls right after switching his work laptop. We also get to eat dinner with him every night.

While I plan and do a lot of activities with the girls to keep them distracted from our papa working, he takes shifts watching the girls in the evening or whenever he is free from work.

Fatherhood has become more visible during these MCO days. Though I still carry more of the responsibilities at home, I am happy that our papa is making an effort to help and that both of us are getting more time with the girls. Moments like this also tell us that it’s possible for our papa to be productive while working from home and helping take care of the kids.

End of school term 1 2020

The end of first term of 2020 and Noelle is officially a prefect in school for the year!

She is done with being a trainee prefect for this 2-3 months period. She’s pretty excited about receiving her official prefect badge (and cert), which has been postponed for a week plus! And finally she did today – on stage – with this year’s batch of prefects.

In this three months, I could see her growing independence and also self responsibility. Despite having to juggle duties and school/class work, there’s never a day she comes home to me claiming that she couldn’t complete her school work because of her duties. She always tell me that she completed it while there is still free time in class. This implies that Noelle has been able to time managed.

She has less time to mingle with her classmates but at the same time widen her network of friends – especially the ones from class duties and also the prefects. She no longer stress so much on who is her ‘best friend’; she is opened that her previous bffs have now gotten other bff. In short, she isn’t a possessive friend. Having said that, she has fewer stories about her friends.

I am a proud mum of Noelle Chou in this term. Most importantly, I am happy that she is happy in school! I am definitely less stressful compared to her first term last year! 🤭🤣


Reduce plastic consumption

My new OCD level 😂😂😂😂 – sorting out plastic bags

I have been doing this for six months or so. We haven’t been buying any garbage bags, try to reduce acceptance of ‘new’ plastic bags as much as possible, reuse plastic packaging from things like flour, biscuits, food packaging and etc.

I am reusing the plastic packaging when I go to supermarkets – as in I bring those plastic bags to pack the loose groceries which is easier than using recycled bags (so far Tesco and Giant have been accepting my practice – or the staff just behtahan me🤣) and also to throw rubbish. (My hubby is kinda ‘stress’ to determine which plastic bag to use especially when it comes to throwing Norrah’s poop 💩 diaper! ) Sometimes I reuse the plastic packaging to wrap fresh veggies. I also try to use/bring my own containers for fresh pork and chicken as much as possible (but this is difficult especially if the two younger ones are tagging along).

After all these, we still have a lot of plastic bags in the house! 😓 Anyway, I am still not into making ecobricks (because I have no time for it). But seriously I am eager to learn how to make recycled bags from plastic – I have watched videos; they are quite time consuming too, to be honest! 😓