No borax ‘slime’

I didn’t expect it to turn out ‘slime’ like but yeah, Noelle finally gets to play ‘slime’ – very much alike – which she has been always wanting to play with!

Just need one tablespoon jelly powder (jele) and 150 ml hot water. Stir and then bring it to boil for a minute. Put into a mould or bowl, add colouring if you want (we added star candy into it too) and then put in fridge for 3 hours.
We did it before they went to nap and after the 3 hours nap, bingo – it turn out ‘slime’!

Tamarind pomfret 

I modified this recipe from mama Carole Choe’s sharing of her termomix recipe! This was originally a prawn recipe but I give it a try on my mini pomfret given by my mum!

First, fry the fishes:

Set it aside:

For the sauce, stir fry garlic and ginger. Then add in the sauce mixture – tamarind juice, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, brown sugar and water. Let it come to a simmer before placing the fried fishes. Dish out.

Tahini (sesame) sauce

I used my short me time to make this! Credit recipe to Miss Vicky Tan! 

We need to lightly dry pan fry the sesame seeds. Then let it cool down. Put them into a blender and blend. Then add in pinch of salt and olive oil (amount depending on the texture you want). Store and done!
*not sure how long this can be stored! 

Perfectly imperfect

Finishing off cutting out our plant puzzles
This is also a cutting coordination practice for her! 

I am also taking off my OCD mode – since puzzles don’t have to be perfect! In return, it also taught her that things don’t have to be perfect – as some didn’t cut in the way expected (because she wasn’t focusing when cutting) – plus it could be mend by cellophane tape (But I reminded her that not all things can be mend)!

She was telling me that her cutting went wrong <here>

So, mama fixed it for her!

From the above message, it also taught her to be ‘focus’ when doing things – I reminded her to look at the lines and not to be swayed off by distraction (obviously it was Nikki that distracted her😂)! So, the last two were pretty well done compared to the first two!

Cornstarch slime

Three ingredients with a ratio of 1:1:1 for cornstarch slime, which are liquid starch, white glue and water!

**Liquid starch is from cornstarch or cornflour. Boil water (3 cups) and add in mixture of cornstarch with warm water (1/3 cup). 

The 3y7m was initially hesitant to soak her hands in but eventually enjoyed playing it very much; close to an hour play! <video>