Homemade pop corns

Number 1 wanted to make pop corns! And so we did! Just three ingredients: unsalted butter, dried corns and honey!

Measure about one cup dried corns and one slap of unsalted butter.

Heat up butter and add in dried corns. (She was kind of timid with handling fire)

Wait for them to pop!


Add honey!

Mix them up before serving!

Tested on her memory after it was done – ingredients and steps! She got it right! I also told her why homemade pop corns are healthier as we used honey instead of sugar!

Our selective giveaways this week

1. Cookie Monster – this was a ‘hand me down’ toy which unfortunately our girls don’t enjoy Sesame Street; so we decided to pass it on! And to my surprise, there are really many Cookie Monster’s fans – this was reserved and taken away within 2 hours of my posting (on a weekday)!

2. We also gave away two porcelain dolls to a lady collector! These dolls hailed from France – I think; really unfortunate that we don’t know how to appreciate them! The lady collected from us this morning. We actually went down our condo to pass it to her – and Noelle passed it to the lady saying ‘these are for you!’

3. Panasonic wireless phone – I think we got this years back from subscription to unifi! We don’t use a landline at home. The lady who collected it from us (She says that she is replacing her malfunctioned phone with this) actually gave us oranges in return! 😊😊 We certainly didn’t expect this!

4. I gave away one good quality maternity panty to an expecting friend. We had it posted via snail mail yesterday!

Love grows by giving. Our girls are really learning to give without expecting! I remember those days when Noelle was so ‘protective’ of our things that she will say ‘no’ to our ‘giving away’ to anyone. Today Noelle and Nikki are cool about giving away! At times, they will ask ‘who’s this for?’; ‘where’s the people?’ (When I tell them the person that collected the giveaways left); ‘are you giving away this to Aunty?’ and even ‘what’s her name?’ (Referring to the person who came).

And we don’t really bother about how these ‘strangers’ will make use of our giveaways. Even if they cash out, it is their choice – making use of the resources available to them. Again, we have a choice to preloved them – but it might be too tedious for me to handle at this moment. I love being stress free from handling other things (I have enough stress from my three girls! 🙄)

Our first visit to Muzium Negara

We initially thought of taking the MRT to the museum but aborted the ‘plan’ – Papa malas🙄🙄! So we drove there!

We just went into the main museum which has four sections. The exhibitions may look small but it is good enough for the kids! Noelle was pretty excited about it while Nikki was timid (because it was dark and unfamiliar to her).

We only paid RM4 for two adults (Malaysian). Kids are free!

Declutter ing continues….

Noelle alone has ALOT of soft toys – first child ma! 😂 But since she was being diagnosed with allergy to dust mites and the skin specialist recommended that we only give her selected few soft toys – we actually packed most of her soft toys to the store room! There were a total of at least 4 big bags of soft toys! These minus the ones she has in the living room and bedroom – she has indeed ALOT! 🙄🙄

So, this week I told her that we are giving away some of her soft toys to/for charity! I told her to select those that she really wants to keep and those that she is willing to part with! She didn’t really make a big fuss about it! In fact, I felt that I had harder time to part away with my soft toys – the mini tweety birds!😝 (at the end, they were still in the store room!🙄🙄😂😂)

Together with a box of random books and clothes, we sent the soft toys to the recycle bin for charity in Tesco Ara Damansara! We actually did this before and she knew what to expect. She wanted to carry one of the bags to the bin herself; and she even waved goodbye to her toys! We did explain to her that these will be given to or cash out for the unfortunate kids/people!

Learn to see GOOD in everything!

Noelle has her first ejaan test yesterday. She showed me the book where the teacher already marked it. She had one right out of five. And she said proudly ‘mama, I have ONE CORRECT!’ 😆😆😆

I am happy that she is looking at the positive side of things – instead of fretting over four wrongs!

I am not worried – this is her first test and her first time exposing to Malay language; she did came home with papers showing me that she has ejaan test. She did read out the words. I didn’t really bother to test her – I wanted her to learn in her own way through observation and her teacher’s way – how does an ejaan test works!

Plus kindy is the year to chill. Most importantly, not to forget our objective – this is the year of transition for her to adjust to school life (and she has been doing well so far)!

Butter chocolate chips and almond flakes cupcakes

What’s more motivated than your kids gobbled down every single cupcakes baked for them!

I made 10 cupcakes on Wednesday; and I just got one bite from one of them! Both the sisters finished all of them (that was banana chocolate chip cupcakes) in two days!

No banana this morning; so quickly whipped up these plain butter chocolate chips and almond flakes cupcakes! They are brown as I used molasses sugar.

Ingredients and step:

1. Cream 30g unsalted butter, 30g molasses sugar and one egg with (hand) electrical mixer.

2. Sift in 50g cake flour, pinch of baking soda and 1/2 tsp baking powder. Fold in.

3. Add 30ml fresh milk, handful of chocolate chips and almond flakes. Mix lightly.

4. Pour into cupcake sheets.

5. Bake under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius for 20 minutes!

Pressure cooker tomyam chicken

I have to attest that this is one of my yummiest tomyam ever! Guess I have put enough ingredients! Plus the easiest to cook as I utilizes the pressure cooker!

Steps and ingredients:

1. Heat up oil under (any) bake mode.

2. Stir fry oil with onions (about 3), tomatoes (about 3), carrot (one), one bunga kantan, handful daun limau purut, one knob ginger and one knob galangal.

3. Add in chicken pieces, some cabbage and mix.

4. Add in about 2 tbsp tomyam paste and stir.

5. Add sufficient water to cover.

6. Close the lid and move to ‘seal’.

7. Change to steam +kpt11.

8. Once done, release pressure.

9. Add in about one tbsp fish sauce and some beancurb skin. Close and off the PPC switch.

10. Heat up when you want to serve it!