Free yourself from negativity


Time reviews why certain people were critical about the choices i made.

I have learn to be so busy improving myself that I have no time to bother those who were critical of me or even for me to criticise others. Do not take my silence as defeat. I am thankful that I don’t have to hurt others for me to feel better about myself.

Yes, I could have made different choices in life but I did what I did. The key is I refuse to please others at the expense of my emotional well being!

I am not who I was. I have moved on. And that’s part of growing up/old!

One thing for sure is that I would continue to be self reliant to avoid being told that I am “indebted” to those people who gave out “that” little help!


Sewing activity for 4y6m20d

Thank you Aunty Rachel Ong for this gift! She has been pestering me to do this with her since yesterday but I was rather ‘busy!! 😝 So today finally sat down with her to do it! She was initially very excited to start with it. 

At the beginning, she even asked me to sit back and ‘mama play with your phone’ (as she wanted to ‘surprise’ me with the outcome) and she was singing/talking all by herself…..until she started to feel bored! 🤣🙄 Towards the end, she actually told me she ‘cannot’ complete it – but I insisted that she finished it up (lecture her – finish up something that she started 😒). 
She did made some mistakes because she wasn’t too focus (or rather playful) and also she cut off the thread when I walked away to get more thread! 😒 Perseverance was there – as we sat there one hour to do – fully focus on this one activity! She has another bag of this craft – not too sure if she wants to do it again! 😂 Anyway, she was happy with the outcome!

Video <here>

Play date with Heidi

Last week mama Rachel told me that she wanted to send me some ‘gifts’ on Monday. Since Heidi is off from school today, I invited them for an impromptu play date cum (simple) lunch too! I told Noelle about Heidi – new ‘girl’ friend and she was excited about it (the night before). She even reminded me to wake her up early the next day!

We ended up a fairly gentle play without (I don’t think there was any) fight – just gentle reminders to take turn and share. It was just Nikki who was messing around them! 🤣 
After their lunch, Noelle wanted ice cream and so they queued up for it while I scoop it out. Noelle wanted to be the second recipient (after Nikki) but then I reminded her to give way to her ‘guest’ (Heidi) – and to much surprise, she actually gave it! 😊

This is our first meet up though we have been facebook friends for 3 years or so. Not that we speak to each other often, but we do follow each other’s facebook closely – so we are no strangers between us (the mummies). The meet up also allowed us to know each other more!

Determine your LEGACY!

We get to decide the ‘legacy’ we want to leave. We don’t have to stand by a ‘legacy’ that doesn’t fit into our own character and faith. 

Some want to live in the past, some want to show their material world, some only know ‘eat, play, travel and sleep (making no contribution), some want to live in the game of ‘luck’, some want to remain as ‘shoe polisher’, some just want to be followers and so forth. We don’t have to be similar to them! We can be the changer – for our future. 

Our life is the message to the world (especially to our own kids). Make sure its inspiring! – Create a legacy of impact! 
You have got a story to write today! 

Bouncy bubbles

We just need water, sugar and dish wash with the ratio 4:2:1!

Pour in 4 tbsp of water!

Add 2 tbsp sugar.

Add in 1 tbsp dish wash.

Stir to dilute sugar!

Get your gloves on before blowing the bubbles. The bubbles would burst if it has skin contact!


There you go!

Be gentle to the bubbles! 

We had almost an hour fun with it! <video>


Banana oatmeal pizza 

Today we tried something different for breakfast as we had some riped bananas! And to much anticipation, it was so welcomed by the 18m13d! This is simple to do too!

Ingredients mashed and mixed together:

1 cup (uncooked) rolled oats 

1 cup fresh milk

1 egg

1 tsp baking powder

Bananas (I used about two medium sized bananas)

Grease the pan before pouring in the mixture. Top more cut bananas onto them! Under preheated oven of 220 degree celcius, bake for 20-30 minutes (guess if you bake it longer, it will be firmer. I baked it for 20 minutes and it was a lot more like bread pudding). 

Let it cool before cutting!

This is how much the 18m13d enjoy eating it <video>