First ice skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice Rink

After our Rollerwa trip, the girls wanted to try ice skating. And of course, this round we included Norrah and papa. We also found out two weeks back that Sunway Pyramid Ice was having Ramadhan pre-sale tickets, buy one free one ticket. So instead of RM150 for 5 persons, we paid RM90 for 6 tickets. We have an extra ticket now. The catch was we have to come during pre-sale period, which we did and bought last week (and that was the reason we were in Sunway Pyramid last Friday!) and enjoy the tickets during Ramadhan period.

Norrah was the most excited as she watches the Peppa Pig series – Peppa’s go skiing. She was looking forward to today BUT sadly, she was the one who gave up first! 🤣🤣 I don’t think it is the slipperiness that got her fearful but the pain on wearing the skate shoe (when we put on, it is pretty painful). Actually ice skating is easier than roller skating (only the shoe that makes the difference). Both girls enjoyed until Noelle tripped and a boy rolled over her palm. 😓😓 We asked for ice from the staff and then went off (about 20 minutes skating time left).

Overall, it was a good experience for these girls and us (after more than a decade not ice skating).


KL Park Festival via public transportation

Bargain public transportation ride for five of us today!

My kids love to go on public transportation especially when we get to switch mode of transport/ train tracks. And I recently found about this bargain ride for five of us (but not too sure if this bargain has limited period). We only paid RM15 for the family one day pass – which allows us to go on LRT, BRT, MRT and its bus ride unlimited for the whole one day. This family one day pass needs 4 (existing/get from the station) touch n go cards (my 5yo still can go one free ride with us) to enjoy this family pass. Or else, one day ride for one person is RM5.

So, today we only spent RM15 to travel from PJ to KL Park Festival, happening now in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (ending tomorrow if they don’t extend it). We walked from home to the KJ Line LRT station in PJ. We took a ride down to KL Sentral and switched to KL Monorail Line, headed to Titiwangsa Station (this one way ride itself if pay by single token comes close to RM4.50). From Titiwangsa Station, we took free van shuttle (readily waiting for passengers) provided by DBKL to the KL Park Festival. It was free entrance. You probably need to spend only if you want to eat, drink (they have food trucks there) and go toilet. Also, if you want to buy plants. Or else, you can bring your own food/drink. We went home the same way/route after spending 3-4 hours under the sun. It is similar to the annual Putrajaya Floria Festival.

I am glad that my kids are walk-acholic. Today, we walked close to 8.5km. 🥲


School’s out, Kids’ in PSN

A visit to the Pusat Sains Negara Kuala Lumpur with the two girls

Coincidentally, we came on the day where it was free entrance (School’s out, Kids’ in). Tomorrow (Thursday) is free entrance also. We only paid RM20 for an adult and two kids – Obskura VR.

We spent 2-hours plus there (half hour spent queuing for tickets). It was pretty crowded today.

Here are some interesting things they did today!


Our time at Rollerwa Malaysia

We made it to Rollerwa Malaysia at OneU this morning. Only the two big sisters and the mummy. We had a lot of fun – overcoming the fear of falling down while skating, laughing at one another and finally ‘mastering’ how to skate without much falling!

At its branch in OneU, the fees for two hours (which includes entrance fee, skate shoes and safety gears rental; and using of their skating facilities) are RM50 per adult and RM40 per kids under 13 years old. (I have checked that the rates differ from different branches).

Our first time there – but we have to be very independent. After payment, we proceed to collect our skate shoes (and that’s the only point of contact with the staff). Thereafter, we self-serviced on the safety gears (where they have videos playing over and over on how to wear it). They don’t really impose the need to wear safety gears as some just went without any. We skate below 2 hours as we were rushing off to pick our littlest sister back from school.

Surely, we will be back one day with our littlest sister and their papa.

Not very often these two jeh jehs get my full attention at ‘play’! And so this morning, we made it to Rollerwa! Though we paid for two hours, we can’t fully maximise it – because we need to have quick lunch and then pick Norrah! 🥹🥹🥹 But the less than two hours was really fun!

It was initially ‘scary’ but it is all about overcoming the fear of falling (meaning you have to really fall down, I hit my butt ok??🙄🙄 The two fell more than me – and they enjoyed falling while I enjoyed laughing at them). Eventually, we turn into better skater. 🤣🤣

Quick lunch, quick runs to buy things we need and there we were to pick Norrah ON TIME. We kept the roller skating part as secret before she went school. Then the two jehjehs started telling her in the car. I think Norrah was abit ‘sad’ after that – so I told them to shut up, and told Norrah, one day we will go again.


Cutting ties with family members

There are so many articles and videos and people out there who so blatantly invalidate the experience of the one choosing to cut contact with parents and/or family. So few people who understand that it’s not a snap decision, it’s not because of ONE isolated incident, it’s not about attacking or punishing or blaming, it’s not about being ungrateful or immature, or any of the other accusations that get thrown about.

There are very valid reasons for choosing to estrange from one’s parents/families, and I feel this article did a good job of presenting an objective view of the situation.

People who understand, will understand…
People who don’t, will not….


Hiking at Bukit Kembara, Ampang

Today we tried Bukit Kembara. Not sure if this isn’t a too famous hill, as we didn’t see many hikers. It has a very clear path with guided ropes.

It was a rather steep hike up and down. We first arrived at its peak 244m in 10 minutes. Then we hiked down to the mirror lake (about 15 minutes) before heading to the mini waterfall (another 10 minutes). We spent most of the time at the mini waterfall, as they wanted to play with the chilling water. Then we made a u-turn back to the trail head. All in, we spent 3 hours in the nature today! (Connection is still good in the woods! 🫢🤣)

I personally feel this is ‘easier’ than Bukit Sri Bintang (last week’s); at least I wasn’t panting too heavily. 🫢🤣 There are monkeys beginning of the trail (so, be careful!) Parking is difficult but we were lucky today to get one spot right in front of the trail.


Kuan Wellness Ecopark

We came here in 2017 before Norrah was born. And we thought this place is already closed down until few months/weeks back I saw one of my friends was here with her family.

Still crazy about bunnies, we made the long drive here (about 1.5 hours one way). The operator was surprised we arrived from PJ to the park at 9sth! 🤣 He thought we stayed nearby. With a minimal entry fee of RM5 per person, we got to feed the birds, fishes, rabbits, deers and porcupines. They sell carrots and fish food at the entrance. Having to pet the rabbits freely, we spent 2 hours there. We get to see live baby rabbits too!

We then made a visit to the bird nest exhibition before proceeding for lunch at Tanjung Sepat. It was pretty quiet in the eco park and also Tanjung Sepat.


A visit to Muzium Negara, Malaysia

A visit to Muzium Negara, Malaysia

We took a ’Grab’ to the nearest MRT station! (Actually the Grab driver is papa who was going to office 🤣🤣 He just dropped us somewhere near the MRT station.😝)

Then we took the MRT directly to the museum. We paid only RM2 for adult entrance to the main museum (Malaysian kids – free entrance) and another RM2 for the orang asli and ethnology museums. It was a good visit especially for Noelle who is now taking Sejarah lessons. It was a revisit of her p4 history lessons and I told her what to expect in p5/p6. 🤣🤣 We had a mini recess outside of the museums and they had a great time playing the traditional games there.

After that, we took the MRT to pasar seni for lunch. And then they wanted to go to the maze Book Xcess, which is located next street. We took the Putra LRT, which brings us home directly.

A nice adventure with the kids today! They never get bored with train rides, and say that’s the best part of it! 🙄🙄


Petting zoo in Wangsa Walk Mall

Kids who love petting animals are not necessarily capable of looking after those animals. So, we can only ‘follow’ petting zoos to get closer to these animals (and insects). We are a close follower of Bros ZOO. This round they are in Wangsa Walk Mall every weekend during this school holiday.

Best part – you get one free entry (RM7 per person, unlimited petting) for a minimum spending of RM30 in any of the tenants in the mall. Redeem at the entrance of petting zoo. In addition, since we joined Bros Zoo facebook/instagram, we paid RM5 per entry (per person). So our entrance fees this round for 5 persons were RM20.


A trip to KLCC Park

They have never been to KLCC park before despite it is renown for its ‘water park’ – because I am scared of the crowd.

Since ‘we are so free’ (no exams🥹🥹 and school holiday), I decided to bring them there today. I checked many times – making sure the water park is open (it is closed on Mondays). We went there via LRT, actually quite fast to arrive. Just 40minutes plus (excluding walking to LRT station). Almost same time if I were to drive there (and find parking). And we just paid RM22.60 in total for two ways ride.

As planned, they played at the playground (which I feel the playground equipments are rather run down) before proceeding to the water park. There is public toilet near the park and an open air changing room (for under 12 years old). We spent almost two hours just in playground and water park.

We then picnic; brought our picnic mat and packed lunch. After we finished eating, policemen actually came to talk to us 🥹🥹 and told us that we weren’t suppose to open our mat 🫢😲😝 but to eat at the benches available. I think they thought we were foreigners cos we have a luggage bag, they spoke to us in English and very politely 😝 So, we apologised and they said never mind, and we can finish off (we almost done actually).

The girls wanted to watch the water fountain and so we relaxed at one of the benches. It is actually very serene to do that.

The mall wasn’t crowded when we arrived at 10am but it was crowded as we leave at about 1pm (lunch time). There were also school tours happening.

We went with a big luggage bag 🤣🤣 and I have no regret bringing it as I chucked in everything we needed – including our lunches and their clothes.