Our sixth year of marriage

As we entered our sixth year of marriage and taking today’s occasion of our sixth year ROM anniversary, I wish to ‘announce’ that we will be welcoming our baby number 3 – sometime in the third quarter of the year.
Similar to the other two pregnancies – I have been ‘suffering’ morning sickness (since early January)- not any better (if not worse)! Fortunately the ‘dying’ moments happen usually at night when hubby’s around. In addition, I have been coping with sore nipples as I continue my breastfeeding journey with Nikki – who also coincidentally arrived at her clingy phase. I have been trying to get through those days with no difference in our family and daily routine.
I have also been ‘digesting’ the fact and constantly thinking of my breastfeeding journey with Nikki – but I am seriously grateful that she has been doing so well in her solids since one year old that she doesn’t have to be supplemented with any milk (we did try fresh milk – but she ain’t liking it!) 
We have been trying our luck in looking for a Gynae that support breastfeeding throughout pregnancy (but I guess in vain – though we have a ‘good’ Gynae at the moment)!
Thank you to few ladies that have been constantly ‘talking’ to me and ensuring that ‘I am alright’! 😘
As for Noelle, she is really excited to be a big sister again – she is constantly touching my belly, saying – ‘another baby’! When she asked us where we were going yesterday, we told her that we were going to the hospital to see ‘baby’. Her response was ‘baby coming out already?’ 🀣
If you know me, I am not the superstitious kind who will hide the ‘news’ but the fact is I can’t hide my belly anymore. Not letting anyone know did give me ‘phobia’ on bumping into people we know with my convincing belly. 
Too fast too soon? Up to you to ‘gossip’….but we are surely happy awaiting for our baby’s arrival and thank God for the additional blessing to our little family.

Picnic and waterfall play at Kanching waterfall

It has been some time since our outdoor activity. We decided to give Nikki her first picnic and waterfall experience at Kanching waterfall – not too far; with the new highway it takes about 30-40 minutes from PJ. We told Noelle about the plan the night before and she relates it with Peppa pig’s experience in the forest.

Most things went as planned. I prepared some food for the picnic. 

They (especially Noelle) had fun at the waterfall. Nikki is still a little timid especially with the cold water stream. Video <here>

We ate our lunch there before a monkey snatched our wet tissue away – just right in front of Noelle (we thought the monkey wanted our food- hubby and I were like just ‘shoo shoo’)!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It shocked Noelle (she jumped up and cried) and then she said she was done with the waterfall (we asked if she wanted to go there again – she said no πŸ˜…). She requested for ice cream before going home.

We only paid RM4.20 for two adults’ entrance. The place is serene but one has to really look after own things especially if packed in plastic (there are many monkeys around). Fortunately I stored our food in a big container which we brought along for the picnic! Clean public toilets is available for 50 sen per entry. There are some shops selling food and drink if you didn’t bring any along. Ice cream trucks are available too.

Out of home play date with a new friend

This is our first playdate and in fact first meet up with Charmaine (of mama Nicole Ong whom I got to know from healthy food for my babies fb group two to three years back)! Mama Nicole actually initiated this playdate and in fact took leave for this day.

It seems like these two girls – Noelle and Charmaine have known each other for long! πŸ˜‚ They bonded so well upon meeting, holding hands while walking and even threw tantrum when we asked them to let go – as we needed to cross the street. It was a rainy morning but Noelle was ‘excited’ as it means that she gets to use the umbrella. We took the train to SS15 Courtyard, in particular Funtopia (maze play for school holiday is RM13 per hour) for a short indoor playground play and had our lunch at Village Grocer – with mama Nicole preparing lunch for the girls. 

We went for a short grocery shopping (as per our standard routine) before taking the train ride home. The girls played for a while at our home before we called it a day!

The ability of a kid to social with others does not depend on whether s/he goes to school or not at a young age. Noelle is a great example especially this week! 😊
Yes, I am a proud mama!🀣😘

Bestie reunited v1 2017

We had this reunion for the two since Kiven was on school holiday! Fortunately I only told Noelle about it two days ahead – she has been repeating her ‘plot’ since then. She even cried when I pretended to call Vennzi to cancel the play date when she misbehaved yesterday! πŸ˜‚ This was how much she missed playing with Kiven, I guess! And I woke her up this morning by telling her that Kiven ain’t going to wait for her! 😝

The day went with more or less like what was ‘plotted’ except Kiven didn’t want to ride her bike (in fact, she was telling me how Kiven will be fetching her on the passenger seat at the bikeπŸ˜‚ – only did I realise that my girl has such ‘fantasy’!πŸ™„). She planned for a bubble plan in the playground. Then we had lunch before heading to the pool. Noelle’s plot was having to ride her boat with Kiven; but then again Kiven refuse to go onto the boat! πŸ˜‚ Nevertheless they had a fun time chasing one another in the pool and surrounding the pool – because of a water bottle! They had a short play (definitely improved a lot in terms of playing together – at least they can fix the Peppa playground together) before we called it a day! 
Hopefully we can have another playdate before the arrival of Kiven’s little sibling! 😊

Fun meet up with two mummies and their kids

This meet up was initiated by Kate (a mummy that I know from healthy food for my babies and also stay at home mum fb groups) who also happen to be in the same playgroup as Karen (by ex school mate🀣) and stay nearby each other. So both came along together with their kids – total 4; three girls and one boy! 
Noelle was pretty excited when I told her that she will have two new girlfriends coming and Mei Mei will have two friends too. She was rehearsing how she and Mei Mei will be sharing toys with their respective friends! In fact, I did find Noelle kind of friendly when all of them arrived! All well ends well – no fighting at all except among siblings! 🀣 Noelle was particularly compatible with Harper (Kate’s daughter). Initially Nikki was stunt when she saw so ‘many’ people in the house; but soon she got along especially with Kate mama entertaining her! 
It was a nice meetup; with Noelle requesting to go to their houses in return! πŸ˜‚