Limited edition tokidoki Hong Bao

Thanks Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks for the exclusive limited edition tokidoki Hong Bao!

Actually I didn’t really know that the giveaway is Hong Bao! 🤭😂 When I won this, my hubby asked ‘are you getting one year supply of fried chicken?’ 🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking of a tokidoki instead. And it requires collection from their office. Since I am not an avid fan of (empty) Hong Bao, I passed it to my collector friend. I am happy that it wasn’t wasted in anyway! What matter most is that she actually wanted it very much!

#4 win in 2020

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It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful!

My final wins for 2019

31st Miezuu diaper

Thanks Miezuu Diapers for the one pack giveaway in December 2019! Can’t wait to try this on her bum bum! 🤣

#31win 2019

32nd Vochelle: Christmas is a time to love! 💓

Finally got a GIFT for my hubby! 🤭 A Casio watch….and Vochelle chocolates for us to indulge! Merry Christmas gift came two days later!

Thanks Vochelle Chocolate for selecting me as one of the weekly winners (for week 3)! And thanks Nikki Chou for giving me the perfect pose ( – photography with her is slightly more difficult🤭🤣 but she made it! And thanks kns for the santarina dress that help us make it through!


33th Hero points

34th Chilli’s

Thanks Chili’s Malaysia for the Be Our Guest (BOG) voucher worth RM20 each! Time to make a visit to one of their outlets soon! 😁😁😁

#34thwin in 2019

35th Ukids

Thanks UKIDS Malaysia for organising Dream Vending Town in Quill City Mall during last year end school holiday. Subsequent to the girls joining the event, I participated in UKIDS’ giveaway contest; and won the girls a LOL Surprise Little Sister.

>> They haven’t really asked for this toy but has been watching the reviews of it on YouTube (Cookie SwirlC 🙄) for months/years. They are indeed very surprised and happy to receive this giveaway! 😁😁>> their first LOL toy!

Thanks UKIDS Malaysia for selecting me as one of the giveaway winners!

This was my last win in 2019!

#35 win

“It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful!”

My girls are on cloud nine today with this giveaway! 😁😁😊😊🥰🥰

I was told that the ‘doll’ can change colour. I was like ‘are you sure?’ Then Noelle requested that she will bathe with the toy – because warm water can change its colour. I suggested that she try it with ice. And so they did! 😂😂😂 I was excited to see the colour change too!

Finally, it’s easy to think that luck, rather than own actions, is responsible for the good things that happen. It is possible to make our own luck; there are elements such as effort and practice that will help increase the chance of luck finding us. Luck, to some extent, is within our control. And, everyone does experience positive things in life.

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On top of THESE

My second month supply of Love Earth Organic from ‘Love Earth Organic’s one minute healthy meal contest’ (16th win) worth RM200! Initially I thought the first RM200 worth products were for TWO months supply, but it is just one month! 😁😁 In addition to that, they have replaced the broken bottle of honey for me. They have also improved on their packaging (bubble wrap for the glass bottles).

Thanks again Love Earth Organic. This is definitely one of the best win in 2019 for the family – value for money and good for the family health!

Scholastic Reading Lounge at Sunway Pyramid

It is quite ‘hidden’ – at level 1, next to the toilet (near Tealive and Asian Avenue), took us some time to look for it! 🙄 It’s new and with Scholastic brand books and some board games which weren’t even opened yet! There are two sections too – for under 6 years old and above 7.

I think I rather stay in here (lounge) rather than walk out ‘there’ (so crowded with people)🤭.

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My first time winning GRAND Prize! 😂😂😂

Thanks to Watsons, Nunature Malaysia and DoubleU for selecting me for the giveaway.

Actually I was very excited when I first saw this contest back in October 2019. Noelle uses this brand of shampoo (which suits her eczema skin as we transition her away from baby shampoo) and it isn’t cheap! I actually asked if she wants to do this contest with me – of course she agreed and tied Nikki in too! 🤣 Their cooperation is so much appreciated!

The winner announcement was yesterday afternoon. And we won SIX months supply of NuNature range of products plus a t-shirt. We are also entitled to a Pour Art Workshop for 2 (as per the list of prizes) – which I am checking with them. Now we can try the other range of Nunature Products besides Daily Shine Shampoo.😁😁😁

This is actually my third win in year 2020! 😁

#3 in 2020

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Promoted in P2

Promoted! 🤭🙄😆

She has been telling us about it yesterday. But she’s kinda ‘blur’ with her role! 🙄🤣 I told her to be more ‘seng mok’ from now onwards! 🙄🙄🙄

Anyway, congratulations my dear girl🥰 for being selected by your teachers! Hope the new role will give you more life skills! 😘😘

Life of a P2….

>> she also told me that her class teacher has arranged the class seating today; so no longer ‘stuck’ with same gender friends

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Happy New Year!

Usually I speak about my kids; but I would love to list down some of my personal ‘achievements’ in 2019:

> On a daily basis – I have prepared recess box for Noelle and picked her up from school with the two girls tagging along. This is definitely a different ‘ball game’ compared to preschool.

> I have managed my anxiety (since Noelle started P1) and learn to let go by September. And I have given up drinking kefir by then.

> I have taken up Zumba as daily exercise (at home) after few sessions in Noelle’s school. My aim is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of myself.

> I have learn how to make noodles (and still doing so on daily/weekly basis)! Not that I enjoy it, but my hubby bought the machine without my knowledge! 🙄

> I have been giving my kids (especially Noelle) more ‘philosophical’ talks in life. We share a lot with one another – more like friends than parent-kid. While I love them a lot, I do punish them when they misbehaved. But I have toned down a lot with Nikki.

> I have removed many toxic people from my facebook (and life) entirely. I think my social circle has also narrowed because I have become more selective on who becomes part of it. In fact, on a daily basis, I think the people who I talk to are only my kids! 🤭

> I continued to be self-reliant and manage most things myself during absence of my hubby (at work or during his social activities).

> In a span of 7 months of joining facebook online contests, I won about 35 giveaways!

I am more or less just like myself in the beginning of 2019; but I think I have become more ignorant (one eye and one ear close most of the time) but not ‘stupid 🙄. Moving forward in 2020, I hope I can be more courageous to do things that I really want to do!

Happy New Year 🥳 to all! 😘

7th and 4th birthdays

Our 7th year as parents…

….we may not be the best parents; but we are trying our best every day….


Happy 7th birthday to our dearest Noelle!

2019 has been a wonderful year of growth! 🌞 We saw you bloom into a more courageous, resilient, caring and mindful girl. 🌈 You amazed us for being an independent streak – i.e requesting for a room for yourself and sleeping on your own! You are forgiving as ever and we managed to get through your friends’ issues together. You are self-disciplined, self-motivated and self-determined that I want you to forever keep. You are always so important to me, and the whole family. You will always be my baby, my go to girl, my superhero and my heart!

Once again, happy birthday and hope you will enjoy the day that we have planned!


Happy 4th birthday to our little chatty and humorous Nikki!

You have been awesome for the year 2019! You have been friendly to most people; showed your enthusiasm and braved yourself through new ‘adventures’; practice kindness and increasingly playing the role as a big sister to Norrah! You are so dedicated to following mama to pick Noelle jeh jeh up on a daily basis – walking up and down hill without complain.

Being the middle child, sometimes we may have overlooked and wonder where you fit in. Despite our bickering (because you are as firm as mummy), we have also learn about each other more in the year! 😘 We have another year to enjoy both ourselves to the fullest before you enter pre-school! And I trust we will make the best of 2020 together!

>> I bought her Anna’s dress but she wants Belle’s dress which she worn on her 3rd birthday! She is indeed unique with her choice! 🙄🤣


Their annual birthday treat has been visiting indoor playground; usually jungle gym and last year was parenthood. But I told them last week they went Kidzania already (which is part of their birthday treat); so today we went to sing K instead in this rather new Karaoke place – Manekineko 🐱.

  • We went during their happy hour which is RM15 per adult. Kids above 90cm is 50% off. Then I was just checking with them ‘if birthday, got anything special?’ The crew asked ‘whose birthday?’ So we told them it was Noelle and Nikki’s birthday today. And they said ‘free for them!’ 🤭😂 So, we just paid for two adults and sang for 3 hours (we got a small room with no standing mic but it was ‘ok’ for the price we paid!). It also comes with free flow of drinks and titbits. Since we had brunch already, we didn’t order any food.
  • >>>

    We went to Unicorn25 cafe for their birthday celebration because they love unicorns! 🦄 But sadly and disappointingly (we were there by 10am, meaning they didn’t ‘refill’ their cakes yet), they only left 3 chocolate mini unicorn cakes (previously they had the strawberry one which was so yummy). Being ‘kiasu’ 🤭🙄🤣, I quickly told the lady we are taking three of the remainder cakes. Actually quite regrettable since it was rather choking to eat the chocolate cakes (Noelle had half, Nikki had less than half and Norrah didn’t even want to eat it except for the frosting).

    We ordered kids’ meals for them which come with unicorn keychain each. And also a big breakfast and coffee for ourselves.

    So that’s their simple birthday celebration! 😁😁

    >> Papa asked them what they want to have for dinner and both said ‘mama cook!’ 🙄🙄 So our dinner is at home tonight!