ABC minced pork porridge

Soak grains overnight – the grains I used include basmati rice grains, quinoa, millet, brown rice grains and barley

Minced pork marinated in sesame oil, pepper and liquid aminos (or soy sauce)

First boil carrot, tomato, onion, potato and mushroom in water until it becomes vegetables stock! (About 30 minutes)

Then add in the soaked grains and minced pork. Stir and let it boil for another 30-45 minutes depending on the consistency you want.

Scoop up the kids/babies portion. Ready to serve.

For adult, you can add in more sesame oil and soy sauce. Based on your liking, you can add in boiled and mashed salted egg plus century egg. 

Sunday outing to Rabbit Fun Land, Lenggeng

Known this place since a year ago (previously located at Broga, now Lenggeng – google for location) but Noelle wasn’t interested last year.

 Her interest with farm grew as she turned Funstatic Four (though still scady for certain animals). 

It is a small farm that charges RM8 per person. You can buy feeds there but we did google that they were charging exorbitant feeds price so we brought our own carrots πŸ˜‚ which was allowed. We only bought the fish feeds there for RM3. 

Besides rabbits, there were also πŸ‘ sheep, horse, pony, cow, monkeys, iguana, deers and goose. 

While rabbits were free to roam, the others were in cage and we think those animals were poorly fed by the owners because they were so hungry. 

The fish pond was ‘shocking’ πŸ˜‚ we couldn’t see the fish until we threw in the feeds – whereby the fishes would then jump up for the feeds. 

We didn’t really mind the other animals (just felt pitiful) because Noelle is much interested with the rabbits more than any other animals. Both of them have a great time there- a small farm probably suitable for those below 6 years old. 

Unbelievably we spent close to 1.5 hours there. It is definitely not comparable to Farm in The City (plus the price is so much cheaper); but it does give a village living feel. 

We also stopped at Kajang for satay on our way there!

No.2 at 13.5 month old

I just turned a full time stay at home mum when Noelle was 13.5m. With Nikki staying with me 24/7 since birth, I actually know her better – but seriously I have so little time to jot down everything I notice about her! 
Not a comparison but I just have to say Nikki is so much a happier baby (as some would say she had immediate and only access to mama and papa)! Mama’s look can immediately bring smiles and laughter on her face. Having said that, she is also papa’s little girl – who clings to papa on certain days/timing. At certain days, she cries when papa goes to work or put!
Nikki catches up quite fast – probably she had the chance to observe the everyday of her big sister! She understands simple instructions like putting the toys back. She is pretty cheeky and intelligently runs away from her sister when she knows something not right. She loves playing ‘catching’ and the ‘I am going to catch you’ could immediate tickles her. She has a lot more patience (for now). 
She loves dancing by swinging her hands and arms plus butt! Besides ‘choy sun to’, her favourite songs include oppa Gangnam style and my little pony equestrian theme song. Her current favourite books are the tiny books that teaches the sounds of animals. She tried imitating the sounds and when we try to make those sounds, she will immediately bring along those books for us to read to her!
She has been a good baby since birth. Never a night she wakes in the middle of wee hours (cross fingers 🀐) wanting us to play with her. She just wakes to nurse and that is also by mama shifting her sides on the bed! I actually miss those early days when she swaddles and naps for 3-4 hours! πŸ˜‚
Again – I would say days are long but years are short. In a glimpse of an eye, she turns 13.5 months old! She is certainly an angel of our eyes! She is our happy fruit! And she is in the ‘cutest’ and ‘funniest’ phase now – that we should cherish each moment before she turns a terrible two in six months (more or less) time! πŸ™„πŸ˜…

Happy Chap Goh Mei 2017

We don’t really celebrate Chap Goh Mei but thought of bringing them out to watch lion 🦁 dance. The bonus was throwing of oranges into the pool. Thanks to Oasis Ara Damansara for organizing this event! 😘

We had dinner at home before we went out.

This year’s CNY actually has not big difference JUST that I didn’t have to sit and eat with some group of people at all. So it has become somehow peaceful in mind – as ‘not much’ thoughts running in mind of what people do and say in front of me. This actually breaks a decade of ‘tradition’. I just would like to keep in mind that it is not the tradition that matters BUT teaching the kids self respect is utmost important.

This wraps up CNY 2017! Hope everyone has a great year ahead!

Day trip to Colmar Tropicale and Animal Park, Bukit Tinggi

Hubby took time off today and we decided to drive up to Bukit Tinggi. Being a weekday, it was a breeze drive up the hill. Fortunately we avoided the road passing Baru Caves our way there – as we watched in ‘horror’ the traffic along Baru Caves on our way back home!
It is Noelle’s second visit but she showed more interest this time – as we told her we will be visiting a ‘castle’! πŸ˜… We actually showed her the past photos – walked down the memory lane before going there; to set her expectations.
Nikki gets her first full freedom today as she didn’t have to be in the carrier the whole trip. In fact, she turned her body away from me when I offer to carry her! πŸ˜‚

Short sweet trip without being too tiring for all of us!

CNY 2017 play date with Ethan

Today wasn’t the totally ‘right’ day for Noelle – as she caught flu bug two days ago and having difficult falling asleep at night and nap time (that also mean she was somehow cranky because wasn’t well rested) – but all well ends well!
I did pre-empt Mama Nicole that Noelle wasn’t too well and asked if she mind about it – her response was ‘there are more sick kids in his school’πŸ˜‚ 😝☺️ So we went on with the playdate as planned about two weeks ago! (Actually mama Nicole desperate want to meet her fmz aka Nikki πŸ™„).
It was a free play day with Ethan bringing a bag of toys and Noelle sharing her toys with him. We also went down to the condo’s playground for fresh air (on a very hot afternoon – but they did had fun there).