No cook play dough

It has been a while since we made no cook play dough. Let Nikki get an experience of making it – also non toxic for Norrah (but she wasn’t really interested).

Seeing the play doughs on the mat after returning from school, Noelle says she wants to play with it ‘for a while’ (while I put Norrah to nap) before their nap time. 😁

Recipe adapted from, ingredients used:

2 cups plain flour

1/2 cup salt

2 tbsp cream of tar tar

Food colouring

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 cup hot boiling water

Our visit to 99 Wonderland, Selayang

Heard of this place months ago when they were giving free entry. And I actually read many bad reviews about it. They were initially opened only in the evening till night. With the new opening hours plus just an entrance fee of RM10 per adult (kids above 4 is RM5), we gave it a try.

Overall, a nice experience – a lot of chickens roaming around (that it scared the two elder ones 🤭🤣), different types of birds and animals; mostly caged. We are allowed to feed some animals (deers, ostrich) and fishes too – but we didn’t today. The animals there are already well fed by the care taker (can see a lot of food in their cages).

We walked the whole lake (nice landscape) and wanted to sit the free ‘unlimited’ buggy rides( but only to find out that it is unlimited for one stop – not the whole round, that was the only ‘dissatisfaction’ we had). The kids get free 10 minutes car ride. There are other rides too like cruise and boat ride – they charge about RM10 per person (if not mistaken).

With RM10 per entry (we paid a total of RM25), it was worth while for us (I can’t say for others). We spent about 2 hours there (longer if it wasn’t lunch time) – no food stall opened in the morning (though food carts sighted there).

Video <here>

Increasingly, we find Norrah enjoying our outings! Today she had a lot of fun chasing chickens 🐓 🤣 maybe because she is born in the year of chicken! 🤭😛

I tried putting her in the car ride which was controlled remotely by papa; I thought she would be afraid, unexpectedly, when everyone agrees to leave – Norrah was wailing when I carried her out! 🙄🙄🤣🤣

New wading pool in One Utama

The water fountain located out of McDonald’s in One Utama has been upgraded to include a wading pool. It is located right in front of Air Rider.

By right, kids have to be in swimwear to be in the wading pool. Since we didn’t put on the swim wear, the girls had fun around the water fountain.

Video of the girls having fun <here>

The newly upgraded area has a dryer for the little or big people to dry up after the wet play.