Chicken and zucchini macaroniΒ 

The beauty of having a kid that enjoys ‘bland’ (as in with the least seasoning) is that you get to prepare meals for both kids of different age – one 4 year old and another 1 year old- the same kind of food! This certainly saves of time for mummies – be it stay at home mums or full time working mums.
By the way, ‘bland’ doesn’t mean it is less of nutritional values. As mentioned, it uses the least ‘processed’ seasonings but most taste comes from natural ingredients, i.e real food! 
Usually my elder girl will give me the ‘call’ as in if she prefers noodles, pasta or rice. Sometimes she will call for chicken, fish or pork. I would then figure out the actual ‘flavour’ of the meal. Just like today – she just mentioned ‘macaroni with cheese and egg’. So I topped up with chicken and zucchini into it. 
Meals are served in one big bowl for them/me to scoop in front of them -because the toddler has the tendency of wanting the same meal! πŸ™„ This, I got to thank Vanessa Lau for the idea! 😁😁


– chopped garlic

– diced zucchini

– shredded cheese

– chicken meat marinated in sesame oil and pepper for 5 minutes

– blanched macaroni

– oil for cooking 

Steps: Stir fry garlic in heated oil. Add in marinated chicken and stir until almost cooked. Add in zucchini and stir. Add in cooked macaroni and cheese. Stir and ready to serve.

I added some quail eggs for my elder girl!

Both enjoyed the meal!

Video of both enjoying the macaroni: here

Sorry, not here to debate on quail eggs but just sharing my recipe. I did do my own research and there are many contradictory ones.
For example:

It would be a good habit of eating 3-5 quail eggs each morning to create a strong immunity and improved metabolism. You will experience a lasting amount of energy and vigor. After 3-4 months of regular consumption of quail eggs, you will see an improvement in our overall health. What is important, there is no “too much quail eggs”, you can eat even 20 per day, the only limit is not to have a vitamin A intake too high, so watch eating carrots, fish oil or other high A vitamin containing food, when you want to enjoy more than 10 quail eggs at once.
For the matter of fact, I am not shy to say that my 4 year old ate all 6 quail eggs. My one year old doesn’t like eggs. By thinking that my one year old ate all by the pic, is somehow ‘judging’. 
And this has been ‘debate’ since my elder girl’s early days! πŸ™„
Anyway, just do our best and follow our own maternal instinct! Cheers!

Toddler friendly prawns 🍀 fritters

No exact amount of ingredients but they are:

Cleaned up mini prawns with shell (of course, you have the choice to remove it)





Milk kefir yogurt (you can use normal yogurt)

Rice flour and all purpose flour (ratio 1:1)

Tiny bit of corn flour 

Dash of pepper

Dash of baking powder (if you want it to be crispy)

Water as needed 

Mix and shallow pan fried

I served them with udon in mushroom chicken soup! So this was a side dish for their lunch!

Pureen warehouse sale

This is our first time attending Pureen Warehouse Sale at Glenmarie, Shah Alam (22-23 April 2017). The products are cheaper and of course cost and time effective if we buy more. The babies and toddlers’ clothes are particularly sold at a bargain! They were really as low as RM3. 

Besides the cheaper goods, I would particularly reckon that they were very well organised (at least on the day we went – Saturday lunchtime). They have anggota rela controlling the traffic flow, arranged purchases of light food and drinks outside the warehouse, standby ambulances, availability of shopping bags, a lot of cashier counters, efficient restock of goods and even trolleys to send bought goods to the car. Due to the crowd, vehicles have to be parked further away from the factory (this could also avoid the jam towards the warehouse)! 

Mini castle for the Princesses

Few weeks back, papa bought her Princess Anna (imitation, of course)! Last week, when Harper brought her Princesses set, she was thrilled playing with it. So today when mama went out alone, I got her Princess Cinderella and Nikki Princess Ariel (kononnya for Nikki but Noelle is playing with it most of the time). So tonight mama made her a mini castle for the three Princesses! 😁😁😁😁

Cheesy buns

I made two trays of cheesy buns two days ago. And today I have to make two trays again as both of my girls finished them up. It was also an easy-to-bring-out snack for them. In the two days, the buns did remain soft as initially. The last few pieces which they had this morning – I did toast it slightly with my air fryer.
There are many cheese buns recipe out there; but I am sticking to this – kneading made easier with my Tesco breadmaker. 

Ingredients used:

1 egg + fresh milk = 200ml 

1 tsp instant yeast 

30g raw cane sugar

40g unsalted butter

220g bread flour

50g cake flour

50g all purpose flour 

Pinch of seasalt

Using Tesco breadmaker, I used the (8)dough mode. 

After it stops for the first time, I click ‘Start/Stop’ mode again and repress the (8)dough mode again.

Then after it stops, I remove it and place it into a bowl and cover it for 45 minutes.

It will rise after the 45 minutes. 

I then remove the dough and knead on the mat. I simmer some bread flour onto the mat to avoid it being sticky.

The dough are divided into two trays.

The dough are top with some shredded cheese.

I find this Mozarella shredded cheese from Bake with Yen has low sodium (350g sodium per 100g) and it is cheaper than Bega cheese.

They are sent to bake after resting for another 20 minutes. They are baked for 30-40 minutes under 170 degree celcius (I find my Khind oven is slightly lower temperature than its actual temperature – so I baked longer).

With Mozzarella cheese, we have the pull effect! 

With great approval from the toddler:

Toddler friendly briyani rice

I modified this from my previous recipe with less ingredients! I still used my Phillips  pressure cooker (PPC) to cook this. If you don’t have one, a rice cooker will do too! 


2 cups of basmati rice, soaked at least 4 hours

2 small onions, diced

2 cloves of garlic, diced

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 cinnamon stick (kulit kayu manis)

2 star anise

1 tbsp unsalted butter

Handful of sultanas (or as much as you like)

PPC: rice mode 

Note: I basically removed cumin seeds and the sea salt. I didn’t put in nuts (because I don’t have them at home).