Our first immunization experience in Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya

Today we went to the Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya for Norrah’s immunization – hepatitis b. Documenting this for future mummies who are unsure! 
We arrived there before 730 am (their official hour is 730am). I was abit clueless when I was there (while hubby went to park the car with the two girls). So, I asked the lady who was queuing behind me. It was actually self ‘check in’ as in we got to take our number and it is based on areas. Then I saw them clipping the numbers on their pink book and placing them into a basket (while I just have my immunization book from sunmed which the visiting nurses clipped on our appointment date). So, I follow suit. I was actually carrying Norrah and holding a bag – so a lady actually offered help by helping me clip the paper! ☺️

Then we waited. It was until 730am that the nurses started working on segregating the piles of pink book. It was also then the crowd started coming in. The seats are fast gone (meaning if you get up from your seat, you will be there standing). 
I was then called upon (some time after 8am) and the nurse required Norrah’s mykid and my mykad for the first time registration. I was told that for first visit I supposed to take two numbers as they need to check on me too. They gave me another number.
We waited again (I didn’t time what was happening because I was hand carrying sleeping Norrah while helping hubby keep an eye on the two girls – the place was really crowded)! Then our number appeared and we were told to remove Norrah’s cloth and diaper for weighing. Norrah was 3.8kg (on 1m1d compared to 2.79kg birth weight). The nurse also meaured her height and length of her head. Hubby was away handling the two kids (but it was also impossible for him to come along as the place was not feasible for more people standing in). But the nurse asked if I came alone as she needs to check my weight and I was required to do blood prick and urine test. So I called hubby and he came to carry Norrah. The nurse weighed me and then gave me some papers – told me to get to ‘room 32’ for blood prick and then proceed to ‘counter 21’ for urine test.
Upon arriving at room 32, I saw a queue there. Again I was not too sure what was the sequence of actions. So I decided to ask another mama there. I was told to put in my book/paper in the tray. After I put my papers there, Norrah was crying. So, I went to the nursing room (which consists of sofa and air conditioned) to nurse her! Both the kids started to be impatient and hubby had a ‘hard’ time managing them. I told him to bring them out while i waited with Norrah outside of room 32 again. Finally they called my name and I did the blood prick. 
I was then sent to counter 21 to do urine test. I placed my paper into the tray provided before the nurse handed me a cup for the urine test. Again I need to call hubby back in to carry Norrah. I went to the general public toilet and carried my urine back – sent to the lab next to counter 21. Then we waited another 10 minutes before they gave me the ‘result’ (in which Nikki already started her crankiness as she was tired and looked for me. So I carried her to sleep). After getting the ‘result’, I went back to the nurses where Norrah was weighed. I was told to wait for our number again. 
Our number came and we went into room 31 where the nurse asked some questions on Norrah’s birth. I was holding Norrah at that point. So she asked me to place Norrah on the bed and I lied next to Norrah for the simple check up. She merely check Norrah if she shows any sign of jaundice (which there wasn’t any) and looked into my c-sec area. She says everything was ok and I don’t need to see the dr. At that point Norrah was fussing again, the nurse told me to feed Norrah right beside her! So I just unbuckled to breastfeed Norrah. She also questioned if Norrah was fully breastfed. 
She then told me to choose a date for next appointment – hubby was waiting outside – so I have to get him in to check with him. I was told that Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya is busy and change of appointment can only be done physically – once appointment date missed, it will be considered non attendance. She said that Norrah will only get to see the dr on next visit. 
She asked me to continue breastfeed Norrah while she prepare for the Hepatitis B jab. She then called me to get into the next room for immunization. She told me to sit down and taught me how to hold Norrah while she jabbed. Just a minor point, maybe, they don’t sterilize the baby’s skin before and after the jab – but think again, maybe the antiseptic isn’t good for baby’s skin? After the jab, she handed me the pink book and told me that everything is done. We could go home! It was close to 10am when we leave the Klinik Kesihatan. 

We did not have to pay anything, not even registration. 
Overall, I would say the service is good as in the nurses were friendly and the patients were also helpful – as in they helped me out when I needed help or feel unsure. The wait is quite long but it was fast moving. And I could imagine waiting at the private clinic too – might be that long too! Just that the waiting environment at private clinic will be better. While I don’t quite understand how their system work, they were progressing quite well. I would say Kudus to them. 
While it could be dread to come here again, I remind myself to be patient – as the government still currently offer free jabs for the babies. Plus ‘waiting’ still happens when we get to the private clinic on the ‘wrong’ day! 
I thought of going alone with Norrah at first. But luckily hubby came along – as baby needs to be carried when I do certain examination/test. 

Norrah turns one month old (tomorrow)

It a ‘split second’ Norrah turns one month old! I would love to ‘document’ this as Norrah ‘should be’ our last kid! 😝
When we found that I was pregnant, we did went back to our previous gynae (who took care of Nikki’s delivery and I was ‘happy’ in the sense there wasn’t any hiccup in breastfeeding Nikki from birth). However, as Nikki’s birth was c-sec (which was my second c-sec and it has some complication – something called skin adhension), the gynae was totally convinced that I will need a c-sec. But I found his reason – quite unacceptable- in fear of uterine rupture! πŸ€”And that got my hubby panic – macam I will die anytime soon! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈThe Gynae even recommended us to go for a ‘full fledge’ hospital (that is equipped with all specialists – just in case anything happen – I could be saved)! Until the explanation here, my hubby face pucat like wanna ‘faint’ already! πŸ™„πŸ™„ Plus, there was a tremendous increase in the fee for c-sec in ‘that’ hospital! 
So, we went for a second opinion. And choose a ‘full fledge’ hospital. I asked my ‘peng-yu’ nurse who previously worked at Sunway Medical to recommend me a breastfeeding friendly gynae. I was recommended Dr Jason Lim (then we went online to do some research- to convince ourselves). Well, Dr Jason ‘took’ my heart by his professionalism at first met (πŸ˜‚sounds like first love) but of course, his consultation fees are not cheap! He did give us choice that we ‘can’ try natural and c-sec BUT the reason he gave for the choice of c-sec – if there’s unsuccessful natural birth (which no one could guarantee), there will be a risk on both baby and mummy’s life – because nobody knows if the skin adhension in there has healed until it is open up; so if there’s a need for emergency c-sec, the dr may need to release the old skin adhension – which will require additional time to do so (during that ‘time’ anything could happen)! My hubby actually ‘plead’ that I took c-sec after that explanation by Dr Jason. And so, decision was made – though it is a matter of fact, I would never get to try natural birth! I don’t know if this is comfort words or what – but many have told me – it doesn’t matter how baby is delivered, what matter is everyone is ‘safe’!πŸ™„ so, I accepted the ‘fact’! 
But anyway, time flies in that 9-10 months despite all the suffering morning sickness! We were more ‘slack’ this time round – so many things running – handling the kids plus hubby was in the midst of changing job too! In fact, he missed visiting the gynae with me twice this time – because of Noelle’s musical performance and also ‘traffic’. And we actually skipped the last week gynae visit because there wasn’t a Saturday slot! I missed my last period and so Norrah’s due date was sort of estimated – which was 1 Sept! And to do a c-sec, it has to be like two weeks earlier! So, the ‘date’ was chosen – I have no issue with what date to choose but the hubby ‘desperately’ want the same birthday! It was that date then! (Not sure if Norrah’s going to enjoy that she shares a same birthday as mama when she grows upπŸ™„) 
The day came – and I went to the delivery room and operation theatre by myself, as per Nikki’s as hubby has to look after the two. I could say that I was brave but ‘scared’ at the same time – but I have to brace the feeling thoroughly, especially a longer waiting time when Dr Jason has to perform a emergency c-sec right before me! 
During c-sec, I think I dose off few times (πŸ˜‚too tired of waiting – and it actually really took sometime for the Gynae to release the skin adhension)! The moment Norrah was out, Dr Jason actually lifted her to the air to show me and shouted out ‘congratulations! Your baby girl’.
Bla bla bla…I was sent back to the room; starting to feel the ‘chill’ (which I totally didn’t so during Nikki’s) and the gradual incoming pain (which didn’t so during both Noelle and Nikki) – to realise that I wasn’t put on pain killer drip! I didn’t request to and thought I could hold the ‘pain’ until 3 hours later; I then asked for it and it only came one hour laterπŸ™„(and ‘that’ nurse mistakenly pressed on my stomach when poking my butt – which increased the intensity of pain)! So the four hours was the most dreadfully pain (it was in between pain and chill) hours in the past years/decade – I ‘told’ myself that I will not going through ‘that’ kind of pain anymore and Norrah will definitely be our last kid! 🀣
The ‘pain’ has taken away my determination to move around (my determination to get up was better during Nikki’s as the Dr actually gradually reduced the pain killer drips rather than not giving the drip at all) until my friend who came to visit the next day – reminded me that I previously told her that the more frequent I move, the quicker I could heal! That gave me the morning slap – and so ‘almighty’ power in me – die or do, just do it! So, I manage to move around (plus the crucial ‘fart’ which happened at 1.10am πŸ˜‚ for a remembrance) and convinced Dr Jason that I can go home a day earlier! So, balik rumah……etc!

Anyway, finally back to Norrah 🀣 she has been thriving on breastmilk (we didn’t weigh her but we know she has put on weight – by her size), sleep well and a ‘good’ baby so far! She laughs quite often during her dreams after day 20. We are still with our attachment parenting – she sleeps well in the cot by herself with the swaddle during day and mama hugs her to sleep at night (I am again handful during bedtime as Nikki and Norrah are at both of my sides)! Norrah does have her fussy time – when she needs cuddling most (so far I identified it as between 5-8pm)! 
Days weren’t long in this one month; in fact I find time running too fast when handling three at one time! I just find myself running around in between living room and kitchen; eating, marathon nursing, changing diapers, bathing and entertaining the kids! It become so handful that sometimes I don’t bother looking at my phone when I have a short eating break by myself! I usually chat with some friends during my breaks – but increasingly find myself too tired to do so! 
The little ‘cheat’ breaks we took by getting out of the house – really gave some peace of mind (we just don’t expose our ‘activities’ to those who will have a lot of negative comments 😝)! No say, no hear -> peaceful mind! Even if ‘hear’, ignore! 

Multi tasking to another level

Today I had a rather rough patch day just after lunch! And I remembered my first rough patch day during Nikki’s was when both cried for mama. Today three ‘cried’ for mama (though Noelle’s cry was not ‘cry’ per say)! 
Right after eating their lunch (no issue with lunch), Noelle wanted to poo and so she went to the toilet. I just continued eating my lunch until Nikki cried that she wanted to poo today! Nikki has this most troublesome moments each time she poos- but I decided to leave her on the potty by herself while I continue to walloped up my lunch (thinking of wiping their butts later actually made me lose appetite especially when I had meatball spaghetti)! 
So as I was eating, Nikki was wailing as usual as she tried to poo – usually she has me by herself to comfort her! Then it followed by Norrah crying! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ And Noelle screaming ‘I am done mama!’πŸ™„πŸ™„
Three cries at one go! To be ‘fair’ and compose myself first, I let them ‘cry’ themselves when I at least clean the dining table – especially the mess left by Nikki! I just left the dishes in the sink before I get to them!
So, I picked Norrah up and went to Nikki to find if she has pooed- which was still on the way! Put down Norrah on the bed before washing Noelle’s butt up! Asked Noelle to dress herself up, picked crying Norrah up and asked Nikki to continue to pop. Changed Norrah who has just pooped too! πŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Then asked Nikki if she’s done, but not yet! So I nursed Norrah while watching Nikki (Noelle was done dressing and was comforting Nikki by giving her the bear bear). Once Nikki’s done, I put down Norrah – and let her cry (no choice) and washed Nikki plus dress her up! (Told Nikki to go play with Jeh Jeh)! Continue to let crying Norrah latch, who then finally slept! So, finally put her down to cot to nap before finishing off the dishes!
As I wrote this, I think I brought my multi task level to ‘another’ level! 🀣 Whatever…
Anyway I didn’t have a ‘good’ day – annoyed by many things and so as usual nap when the kids nap! Woke up by a door bell, with a blur face, picked up a bunch of flower and that changed my mood! 😝 I don’t usually like people ringing bells (especially uninformed/uninvited) during naptime but today is exceptional)! 

Thank you for making my day! 😘😘😘 Hope it will be a better second half when the kids are awake from nap! (P/s: as I am writing this, I am also multi tasking – latching Nikki and then Norrah πŸ™„) 
Anyway, this isn’t from my hubby lor….πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ (no prize for guessing who 😝)
Motherhood brings friend(s) who cherish ‘us’ more (than our hubbies? πŸ™„πŸ˜) because often we are in the same boat! 
It is the little things that count!

Introducing our story teller

Noelle is pretty expressive, chatty and imaginative at 4y10m13d. To encourage her to ‘follow her heart’, I have introduced her to ‘story telling’ today! 
The objective is not to ‘just talk’ (blurt out) but actually understand what she talks and it makes (some) sense to others! It isn’t about ‘speed’ but clearly spoken words. Of course, it isn’t something that she can learn easily in a day. 
Hope this kicks start her learning and story telling ‘presentation’. This video will be referred to as her benchmark of improvement in weeks/months/years ahead! <video>
Having said that, it is definitely our job to expose her to more story telling events too!

PJ Car free day!

We saw the banner yesterday and thought of just joining in for fun since it was held walks away from our place. 

Funnily, though it was ‘car free’, everyone was driving there! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ I guess probably only we were walking there! Then we realized it was more like a sports gathering rather than being ‘car free’event. 

So the kids just had fun at the playground.

Curry powder pork

Thanks to darling Bernice Ong for the recipe! 😝😝 Super yummy! Had this all by myself for lunch! 
Recipe for keep:

– marinate pork with sesame oil and oyster sauce 

– stir fry garlic and ginger in oil

– add in marinated pork and stir fry

– add in curry powder and some soup (or water) 

– let it simmer for a while and done!