Coin depositing ‘activity’ for the kids!

We went to the bank a couple of times this month! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😓😓 Not because we have so much money to deposit into the bank🤭 but because we have a lot of COINS (which we have sectioned it nicely into few bags)! And Noelle wanted to do it herself! 🙄🙄There were couple of times the machine was ‘full’; and the last round we came – it was functioning, but before it came to our turn, it became full again! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Today finally we deposited those coins. Noelle appreciate the process very much. I told her to save up her pocket money (coins) in primary 1, and we can come deposit again in her next school holiday in June (I think). ✌🏻

There are limited banks and hyper markets with this coin deposit machine facility, which can be found on:

Our annual visit to Big Bad Wolf 2018

This year we had many obstacles before we actually got to BBW. We supposedly go on last weekend but Norrah was down with rashes. Then we planned to go on Thursday night but Nikki was unwell. Yesterday’s initial plan was to ‘Grab’ to hubby’s office. We waited about 15 minutes and there wasn’t any driver. Next the fare price increases (close to double), that hubby decided to come home to fetch us (actually we wanted to bring them a visit to papa’s office building, but with disappointment). So finally we made it to BBW, arrived around 9+ at night and spent close to two hours there! (I think we could have spent longer if I am in perfect health – feel like I am getting Nikki’s germs 😓). Traffic was kind of smooth and we didn’t have problem finding parking in the building.

This round we were ‘smarter’ to bring along a trolley bag to put our chosen books. That also kept Noelle occupied without complain- she was happily pushing the bag and putting in books that we wanted. This time round we no longer look for board books, but moved to ‘reader’ level. We only grabbed few activity books for Nikki. If one ponder about the ‘quality’ of the books, Lady Bird and Penguin are brand names – that are on sale at less than half of its normal prices. BBW has now also included many school books (primary and secondary) – which I haven’t aim on – maybe next year when I get to know more about Noelle’s primary school teachings.

Our small contribution to Babybox Malaysia – a box of bibs!

I get to know about this NGO via a parenting facebook and since nobody wanted our bibs at Beli Nothing Project page, I decided to donate it away instead! I took this advantage to teach the girls about ‘charity’ and how they are advantaged over some kids! (That’s how our conversation about what happen if papa and mama die occurs 🤣)

Yesterday we packed it and today we sent it out! 😁😁😁

To find out more about Babybox Malaysia, visit their facebook page. Besides baby stuff, they do accept monetary contribution.

#throwback conversation

I was talking to Noelle about ‘charity’. I told her how lucky they are because they still have papa and mama when some other babies/kids don’t have. Then I asked her what if papa and mama die already, who is going to take care of her!

Noelle: When I grow big, I can take care of myself!

Me: 😮😮 (very comforting to hear that, but decide to ‘challenge’ her thinking) What if papa and mama die now? Who is going to take care of you?

Noelle: Someone who not yet die! 🙄🙄

Me: 😑😑😑

Today we (mainly Noelle) baked chocolate brownies. Recipe from DK Children’s Cookbook. A very simple recipe which she can follow step by step – we reduced sugar with almost half of the suggested (turns out ok).

Video <here>

Our visit to PPAS @ The School by Jaya One and short meet up with Poh Poh and Gong Gong

The new public library in city- it is new (nice and conducive environment to really focus on reading) and child friendly but lack of books 🤭🤣 (I think our home has more books than there).

And the two girls prefer to play lego than browsing books there! 🙄🙄 Only Norrah go mess up the books and flip some of them! 😂

Video <here>

Lunch at Go Noodle (we went before the peak hour, so it was rather empty and food served fast – spot on). After that, we went to the supermarket to get milk for papa before going home!

The most outstanding girl today goes to Nikki Chou. She is no longer afraid of Poh Poh and gong gong like she used to (maybe Noelle’s factor contributed to this) – she is her chatty self and no longer hides behind of me! She ate her lunch all by herself today! But she still doesn’t give Poh Poh and gong gong hugs! 😆 (tarik harga)

School break activities with three little girls v6

More housekeeping: washing the table fans

Noelle: Mama, long time we didn’t wash the fans already! 🤭

Me: *correction* it is YOU didn’t wash the fans for a long time already because I have been doing it when you were away from school! 🙄🙄

Glad she still remember the steps! 😆<video>

Decluttered our home – bid goodbye to our ‘house’

Set up our new tent

Practice vocal

Bake a cake

We baked honey ogura cake together today because I asked what they would like to have for breakfast tomorrow – and they say ‘cake’!

I thought it would be unsuccessful as they were mixing like nobody’s business; fortunately it came out perfect with no crack! 😁😁

Preparation time doubled or tripled with them ‘helping’ but it was a learning curve for them – and most importantly, everyone had fun – including the baby who was watching us!

Video <here>

Also read our School break activities for three little girls v5 <here> It will link to earlier versions

Baby Norrah’s episode of allergy rash

>> started with hives before rashes came

Norrah was down with rashes on Friday due to allergy (which we still don’t know what’s the cause). She had a 24 hour mild fever on Wednesday (not sure if it relates). We had a hard time handling her coupled with the ‘is it my fault’ feeling. More pressure when hubby panic and suggested to send her to the paed! 😓 (he panic liao)

**Actually we had bad experience with Noelle’s eczema and wish not repeat the same episode. Sending Norrah to the paed is only the last resort if it gets too serious.

So I started to get some recommendations from my mama gang on paeds (as the one we currently go – will use steroid cream and that was what happened to Noelle last time). Fortunately, mama HM 😁has a ‘not so good’ review (as in she only will use it as the last resort) on the nearest paed to us that opens on weekend (that slow down the pace of my hubby 🙄sending Norrah to a paed)! And then luckily again I spoke to my TSW (total steroid withdrawal) mama gang SL 😁 – ‘Go paed also no use, only give cream (probably steroid) and anti histamine (which can be bought from the pharmacy)!’ when I asked her about another paed. This one very reassuring- so I talked over my hubby! 🤣 I seriously hated to see his ‘very kek sum’ face when looking at Norrah because it makes me more guilty (but he responded by saying ‘you expect me to smile when I look at her condition like that meh?😒)

So, I continued with my usual ‘method’ (the one I used on Noelle and helped Nikki overcome her diaper rash when she was 8mo) – coriander bath and application of (blended) neem leaves + turmeric powder + tapioca starch (at first we did use cooling powder, but this works better – the itch stops a lot more faster). Thanks to mama QT for getting the neem leaves for us (and constant reassurance that I am doing the right thing). [The first batch of neem leaves could possibly made us waited longer for our bus ride! 🤭😆]

Handling a baby toddler with skin rashes is definitely heart aching and difficult. But, yeah again that we are towards the tail end of this episode! Rashes and itch doesn’t go off immediately – but it does improve in days!

Now the next thing to do is to identify the food that she is allergic to! 🙄