All girls trip – 3d2n Gold Coast Morib

All girls trip – Day 1 at Gold Coast Morib Resort

I managed to get a hotel room from the resort directly, which also comes with water theme park tickets (4 tickets) and breakfast (for 2). The package was a steal at RM160! The water theme park tickets can be used for all three days – they were rather flexible with entrance, as long the wrist band is on (probably because there were a lot of people).

But the hotel room is rather old and not totally clean 🙄. Only one lift working; luckily we were in level 2. I need to run up and down two times – put kids in the room and then take luggage. Fortunately, the room doesn’t rely on card for power. So I safely leave them in room.

It comes with two super single beds – so Noelle and Nikki shared a bed. I told Nikki I am just next bed laaaa🙄🙄🙄 she agreed to sleep with Noelle, but in the midnight woke to sleep with me and Norrah! 😒 After both slept, I did went over to sleep with Noelle (but then need switch back when Norrah wanted to nurse🙄).

All girls trip – Day 2 Gold Coast Morib resort

On the next morning, we had free breakfast from the hotel – nothing fancy but the usual type. Then we went to the water park again. Norrah was clingy/angry (after I pulled her away from the water slide – blocking people), so I didn’t manage to take photos of them. We waited for the foam party at 1030am. At 1050am, I rushed them back to our room – as we need to bath, pack and check out. It was a ‘phew’ moment to manage get everything done by then. After giving them angpau, Mickey white chocolate and strawberry milk, I went down to put our luggage into the car. Checking out was fast; and I got back my RM50 deposit right at the spot.

Next we went back to Pantai Morib – the only place with food stalls and activities. There were more people on the first day of CNY compared to the day before (probably because Friday is working day). They wanted to play bubbles. We had Nasi lemak for lunch. I choose food from those with set up shops rather than stalls to ensure cleanliness of the food.

We still have about 1-2 hours before we can check in; so we walked around and then bought Noelle a yo-yo. Then we went to play kite. We didn’t bring our kite but bought on the spot. Actually we have three kites at home already, then I asked Noelle to choose – at first she chose the eagle 🦅 kite. But after the lady said that the normal kite is RM8 while the eagle kite is RM10,she quickly changed her decision to a normal kite. I am actually proud of her – making ringgit wise decision! She chose the pony kite since we had the princesses and minion ones at home. I also bought Norrah and Nikki a bubble tube each to keep them occupied while Noelle plays kite. At first I only bought for Norrah. 🤭 then I feel it was so unfair to Nikki, though she never asked for it. But she was very happy when she got it.

Checking in to our second room Airbnb – much easier than the hotel room, no need to queue. But I had trouble opening the door! 😓😓 I called the host but he didn’t pick up (he eventually called me back and told me he was in the cinema, and that was like after an hour). I saw a Malay family checking into another room. When I saw the man able to open up his room door, I immediately went to him and asked for help. The wife was abit hostile (she asked me to call the host🙄) but I plead and the man sympathised me – he even taught me how to open the door.

The girls love the room. I also prefer this room because it is cleaner. We spent the rest of the day in the room chilling and playing. I bought chicken rice from the earlier shops – so we had our dinner in the room too. Before we ended the day, the resort actually put on a firework display but Nikki was so scared of it. 🤣 We just watched a little from the balcony.

All girls trip – Day 3 Gold Coast Morib Resort

Since our second night is an Airbnb booking (because hotel is full), we have to have our own breakfast in the room. In fact, I paid more for Airbnb, RM180 that didn’t come with theme park tickets and breakfast. Anyway, they don’t eat much in the morning – so I gave them massimo cream buns and cut an apple for them to share.

Then, we left for the water park for the last time. I wasn’t sure that the water park entrance still could last till the third day. But they didn’t really check the date issued on the wrist band- so we just had our free entry again. Initial plan was to wait till the foam party at 1030am but by 10am, Noelle said that they would play in the jacuzzi instead. Better still because there would not be much mad rush. And I was hoping to have more time – because I was afraid I couldn’t open the room door. 🤭 Initially, I did have trouble opening it. And Noelle went ‘Omg, I hope it won’t be as scary as yesterday!’ 😒😒😒 kns, talking those phrases when I was in the panic mode – of course, she got snapped by me ‘can you use your brain before you talk?’ 😒😒😒 (sorry, I very straight forward to my girls.) and added ‘just like your papa!’ 🤭😂 angry ma…Fortunately, on my last try, I managed to open it without help! Phew moment!

So we bath and packed. I gave them another Mickey white chocolate and strawberry milk. And Nikki asked ‘angpau leh?’ 🙄🙄 Wa, everyday got angpau meh? 🙄🙄 So, I left them in room to finally put luggage in car. I let them chill awhile before we checked out. For check in and check out – I prefer Airbnb.

We went to Pantai Morib to fly kite and play bubbles again. Actually quite surprising many Chinese also celebrate CNY by the beach, one Chinese family (a lot of members) also having picnic there! They were even playing cards there! 🤣Really not a new thing to celebrate CNY at beach – in fact, a good idea! They wanted chicken rice for lunch. So we ate and played kite another run before we called the trip off! Nikki immediately fell asleep in car, while Noelle slightly dozed off before woke by the ‘show yourself’ song!🙄 Norrah was awake the whole journey and kept me entertained with her singing!

That marked the end of our 3d2n first all girls trip!


Bags – planning:

For the trip, since we were staying in different rooms, I have packed two separate clothing bags (meaning I even had to bring to sets of towels for four of us – I never use hotel or Airbnb towels😖). In the same clothing bag, I have different snacks packed too. Another bag pack for toiletries, our scarfs for sleeping (luckily got scarf, or else cold die me – because they pulled all the blanket away from me) and some other things that we used for two days. The third bag is the swim wear, arm floats and swim towels. And fourth bag is the small cooler bag for fruits and also food for dinner (day 1 from home, day 2 tapau from shop).

So, each day I have four bags to take together with them three. I have warned Nikki not to bring bag because she will likely asked me to carry while Noelle has her own bag that she stored story book, notebook and games.

………..Day 2 CNY

In the year, I wish that my girls will continue to grow healthily and happily. I hope that they will continue be good girls, street smart and independent especially when I ain’t around them.

Our first ‘all girls trip’ is coming to an end. And I hope all of you had an enjoyable one! I am sorry that you girls have to put up with my emotions (when I am anxious and tired) and I am sorry if I have put any of you in ‘danger’. Sorry to Noelle for certain things you want to do, but I didn’t pursued (for you) because I have to watch after your sisters. Sorry to Nikki for having to wait longer because you were done but your sisters haven’t. Sorry to Norrah that your sisters have to take care of you on the water slides because I have to keep an eye on every of you. Thank you all the three of you for being obedient, most of the time. Hope there will be more to come.

~ Also, thanks to ‘guardian angels’ for being by our side during certain moments ~


It is not a doomsday when pleas weren’t entertained for years. Being totally reliant at times, I am proud that I have overcome myself; be bold and braver. I made the hotel reservations in different platforms (because it is almost fully book a month ago) and did face some stressful moments in the midst. I did it without help at the end (though I did ‘consult’ “dear thelmas”). I learn how to make payment myself, which I also used my own personal savings.

The girls won’t be 2, 5 and 7 again. While some may ‘condemn’ my act (sorry but I am not trying to be defiant), I am teaching my girls self-respect, knowing their self worth and also to choose to do things that they are happy.

>> Raised following traditions doesn’t mean we are happy to be in one; I am just one of them – it is just different personalities that make it different (probably I am just a ‘black sheep’) – I am not saying it is wrong to follow tradition (maybe the girls might want to follow traditions in future).

>> Judge me if you like; but at least I am not putting a fake front (in front of 194 fb friends) and honest to myself. I could probably face a different ‘future’ from now on, but just let time tells. Besides my wishes for my girls, I just wish to be happy! I had a HAPPY 😊 CNY this year, at least!

>> in years to come, FB memories will tell if I have done something silly in these three days – because I find myself doing silly things 8-10 years back 🙄🤣

Photos <here>

During our trip, we found an ironing table with an iron in the Airbnb room. And hence, came the question

Noelle: Mum, only papa knows how to iron clothes and you don’t know, right? 🙄🙄 (because since Nikki’s time, I handed over the ironing to hubby)

Me: 😒😒😒😒 who says so? Your papa nothing to do ok? If I don’t give him ironing, he is more free and keep playing phone! 😒😒😒🙄🙄

Noelle: 😯😯😯

We don’t have a normal tv channel and Astro channels at home. We usually watch from the android box while the kids will get their YouTube time on the laptop. So, whenever we go on a holiday, they watches the hotel tv channels, they will be very amazed with the shows on tv including the advertisements! 😂 They sounded very ‘kampung’ to me!

At some points, Nikki even asked me to ‘repeat’ the part that she wanted to rewatch and I have to explain to her that this isn’t like YouTube and we couldn’t rewind as we wish.🙄🙄

We watched more news on tv during the trip. There were some parts they showed earthquakes.

Noelle: Mum, do we have earthquake in Malaysia?

Me: No, only certain countries like Japan and Taiwan. 🙄

Noelle: Only Japan and Taiwan?🙄🙄

Me: No, many other more. So, we should feel lucky that Malaysia has no earthquake.

Noelle: Then, Singapore has earthquake?

Me: No. just like Malaysia.

Noelle: 😯😯 Then which country has fire?

Me: 🙄🙄🙄 all the counties have fire.

Noelle: Really?

Me: 😓😓 Anyone want to set up fire in any country also possible, right? 🙄🙄

Noelle: 😯😯😯

Without papa in our trip, it also mean that we don’t have iPad along. So, we have been gadget free for the three days (only myself with the phone). And I am glad that we were just like this. We built more conversations and we observed more, for sure! 😁😁

6th year as SAHM

Today marks my 6th year turning a stay at home mum (sahm), which also mean we have been single income for 6 years! This article really read my mind or whatever we have been doing. It is not an easy journey; but achievable. <here>

Seriously I can’t take it that one moans about how lucky I could be a sahm but they might not even think on how minimalist we have to be at times. If I am still working, probably….I could have a helper by now, more me time (better lunch), more wide ranging wardrobe, better travels, more ‘luxurious’ food, probably a new car, my kids will have ‘better’ toys and etc….BUT I am (not sure about my hubby) contented with what I have. I am glad that I am THE one to first witness the many milestones of my kids and able to be with them when they need me most.

Cheers to myself!

>> I know it is still a long journey; and each phase will lead to more challenging moments!

Limited edition tokidoki Hong Bao

Thanks Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks for the exclusive limited edition tokidoki Hong Bao!

Actually I didn’t really know that the giveaway is Hong Bao! 🤭😂 When I won this, my hubby asked ‘are you getting one year supply of fried chicken?’ 🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking of a tokidoki instead. And it requires collection from their office. Since I am not an avid fan of (empty) Hong Bao, I passed it to my collector friend. I am happy that it wasn’t wasted in anyway! What matter most is that she actually wanted it very much!

#4 win in 2020

Photo: <here>

It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful!

My final wins for 2019

31st Miezuu diaper

Thanks Miezuu Diapers for the one pack giveaway in December 2019! Can’t wait to try this on her bum bum! 🤣

#31win 2019

32nd Vochelle: Christmas is a time to love! 💓

Finally got a GIFT for my hubby! 🤭 A Casio watch….and Vochelle chocolates for us to indulge! Merry Christmas gift came two days later!

Thanks Vochelle Chocolate for selecting me as one of the weekly winners (for week 3)! And thanks Nikki Chou for giving me the perfect pose ( – photography with her is slightly more difficult🤭🤣 but she made it! And thanks kns for the santarina dress that help us make it through!


33th Hero points

34th Chilli’s

Thanks Chili’s Malaysia for the Be Our Guest (BOG) voucher worth RM20 each! Time to make a visit to one of their outlets soon! 😁😁😁

#34thwin in 2019

35th Ukids

Thanks UKIDS Malaysia for organising Dream Vending Town in Quill City Mall during last year end school holiday. Subsequent to the girls joining the event, I participated in UKIDS’ giveaway contest; and won the girls a LOL Surprise Little Sister.

>> They haven’t really asked for this toy but has been watching the reviews of it on YouTube (Cookie SwirlC 🙄) for months/years. They are indeed very surprised and happy to receive this giveaway! 😁😁>> their first LOL toy!

Thanks UKIDS Malaysia for selecting me as one of the giveaway winners!

This was my last win in 2019!

#35 win

“It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful!”

My girls are on cloud nine today with this giveaway! 😁😁😊😊🥰🥰

I was told that the ‘doll’ can change colour. I was like ‘are you sure?’ Then Noelle requested that she will bathe with the toy – because warm water can change its colour. I suggested that she try it with ice. And so they did! 😂😂😂 I was excited to see the colour change too!

Finally, it’s easy to think that luck, rather than own actions, is responsible for the good things that happen. It is possible to make our own luck; there are elements such as effort and practice that will help increase the chance of luck finding us. Luck, to some extent, is within our control. And, everyone does experience positive things in life.

Photos: <here>

On top of THESE

My second month supply of Love Earth Organic from ‘Love Earth Organic’s one minute healthy meal contest’ (16th win) worth RM200! Initially I thought the first RM200 worth products were for TWO months supply, but it is just one month! 😁😁 In addition to that, they have replaced the broken bottle of honey for me. They have also improved on their packaging (bubble wrap for the glass bottles).

Thanks again Love Earth Organic. This is definitely one of the best win in 2019 for the family – value for money and good for the family health!

Scholastic Reading Lounge at Sunway Pyramid

It is quite ‘hidden’ – at level 1, next to the toilet (near Tealive and Asian Avenue), took us some time to look for it! 🙄 It’s new and with Scholastic brand books and some board games which weren’t even opened yet! There are two sections too – for under 6 years old and above 7.

I think I rather stay in here (lounge) rather than walk out ‘there’ (so crowded with people)🤭.

Photos: <here>

My first time winning GRAND Prize! 😂😂😂

Thanks to Watsons, Nunature Malaysia and DoubleU for selecting me for the giveaway.

Actually I was very excited when I first saw this contest back in October 2019. Noelle uses this brand of shampoo (which suits her eczema skin as we transition her away from baby shampoo) and it isn’t cheap! I actually asked if she wants to do this contest with me – of course she agreed and tied Nikki in too! 🤣 Their cooperation is so much appreciated!

The winner announcement was yesterday afternoon. And we won SIX months supply of NuNature range of products plus a t-shirt. We are also entitled to a Pour Art Workshop for 2 (as per the list of prizes) – which I am checking with them. Now we can try the other range of Nunature Products besides Daily Shine Shampoo.😁😁😁

This is actually my third win in year 2020! 😁

#3 in 2020

Photos: <here>

Promoted in P2

Promoted! 🤭🙄😆

She has been telling us about it yesterday. But she’s kinda ‘blur’ with her role! 🙄🤣 I told her to be more ‘seng mok’ from now onwards! 🙄🙄🙄

Anyway, congratulations my dear girl🥰 for being selected by your teachers! Hope the new role will give you more life skills! 😘😘

Life of a P2….

>> she also told me that her class teacher has arranged the class seating today; so no longer ‘stuck’ with same gender friends

Photo: <here>

Happy New Year!

Usually I speak about my kids; but I would love to list down some of my personal ‘achievements’ in 2019:

> On a daily basis – I have prepared recess box for Noelle and picked her up from school with the two girls tagging along. This is definitely a different ‘ball game’ compared to preschool.

> I have managed my anxiety (since Noelle started P1) and learn to let go by September. And I have given up drinking kefir by then.

> I have taken up Zumba as daily exercise (at home) after few sessions in Noelle’s school. My aim is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of myself.

> I have learn how to make noodles (and still doing so on daily/weekly basis)! Not that I enjoy it, but my hubby bought the machine without my knowledge! 🙄

> I have been giving my kids (especially Noelle) more ‘philosophical’ talks in life. We share a lot with one another – more like friends than parent-kid. While I love them a lot, I do punish them when they misbehaved. But I have toned down a lot with Nikki.

> I have removed many toxic people from my facebook (and life) entirely. I think my social circle has also narrowed because I have become more selective on who becomes part of it. In fact, on a daily basis, I think the people who I talk to are only my kids! 🤭

> I continued to be self-reliant and manage most things myself during absence of my hubby (at work or during his social activities).

> In a span of 7 months of joining facebook online contests, I won about 35 giveaways!

I am more or less just like myself in the beginning of 2019; but I think I have become more ignorant (one eye and one ear close most of the time) but not ‘stupid 🙄. Moving forward in 2020, I hope I can be more courageous to do things that I really want to do!

Happy New Year 🥳 to all! 😘