#throwbackSunday One of the bad days


Today’s one of the lousiest days – one after another since the moment I woke up! I felt like the kids were playing fun of me while hubby was out running errands! πŸ˜ͺ I lost my cool on hubby as insanity reached its peak! I felt so so stuck!

I thought we could get a breather out of home – but not up to expectation- tantrum, cranky plus the crowd. After arriving home, it didn’t turn any better compared to the point we left home. Both didn’t want to nap. πŸ™„ Nikki was clingy.

Just after dinner, Nikki decided to sleep and so I took Noelle out for a while (Nikki eventually woke up in the midst – at home with hubby). It was quite a breather going out.

But we came home with Noelle throwing tantrum (while Nikki was still crying for me) because she insisted on watching Peppa Pig despite us asking her to take bath first. 😑 I lost the cool again – the no yelling was seriously impossible to stop her nonsense! πŸ˜’At the end, I managed to shower her first.
(Yes, me and not hubby!)

Today I was at the edge ‘are you all going to dieeeee without me’ kind of feeling! πŸ˜ͺ

Remind myself – today just a bad day, tomorrow will be better!

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IT’s going to be two months

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The second time round – I was wheeled earlier than said (because we didn’t request to follow any feng sui time) into the operating theatre while hubby and Noelle were still eating sushi at Atria (to celebrate Noelle’s third birthday) – so I didn’t get to say the last last goodbye before Nikki’s arrival.

From the room till the procedure, everyone was asking where was my hubby (sounding like I was a single mum 😝) while I kept reminding everyone that I want to fully breastfeed my baby immediately.

I can’t deny that there were moments that I was afraid (but I didn’t cry this round, Noelle’s time I did 😝) – told myself to brave this through and we will welcome baby Nikki (and the nurses were gentle in soothing me down especially when I had backache and needed to sit up).

Worse, the c-sec took longer than usual (2 hours) as there were some complications – make myself thinking ‘am I gonna die?’ Slapped myself mentally and told myself that everything will be ok!

Also sadly, I couldn’t share the joy of receiving Nikki immediately with hubby like we did during Noelle’s time.

After all done and wheeled down, happy to see my hubby and my lesbo. Lesbo was telling me ‘baby is very cute!’ But I was like ‘πŸ˜’where’s Noelle?’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Noelle was with my mum! 😝

* Anyway, it was my choice to go alone and hubby handles Noelle. I told him not to leave her with anyone and so he respected my decision.😘

Time flies! It’s gonna be two months since we welcome Nikki!

As for Noelle, though at times she does picks on Nikki, I could see much love she has for Nikki – such as looking for her Mei Mei after returning from somewhere !

Our lifestyle has changed – but for the good!

Motherhood brings friendships to another level

Motherhood brings friendships to another level

We discuss and exchange views about parenting.

We care about how difficult it is for one another when handling things alone.

We share pride and setbacks about our kids.

We care about each other’s kids.

We plan activities for the kids.

We rant about our life as a mummy and wife.

With Noelle, I got to know a lot of mummies. With Nikki, I got to know greater mummies who will bring me food (as they care that I won’t be able to handle alone), offer to get me grocery items (fearing that I couldn’t get things that I need), checking on me (making sure that I am not depressed or cuckoo of handling two) and the one thing that touches me most – bringing Noelle out for a while so that I could take a break from handling two! ❀

Thank you for all the friendships! You all certainly showed me sisterhood that I need to teach Noelle and Nikki about.

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Banana raisins cupcakes

I have a rather calm day today as baby decided to sleep most of the time. But by saying so, I am embracing that I will have a hard day tomorrow. 😝 Besides spending more time with the elder and baking my first loaf of bread for year 2016, I made these cupcakes while the elder went to nap and I was done with everything else.

Almost the whole day in this position just nurse her and change her, back to 😴

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2 eggs
10g molasses sugar
70g cake flour
Pinch of baking powder
1 banana
1 tbsp grape seed oil
2 tbsp raisins (or you like or omit totally)

Bake under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius for 20-30 minutes.

My big girl has a liking for cupcakes. Knowing that those sold out there are sweet, it is certainly better to bake for her as I know what are the ingredients.

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Money and spending


While she may not understand where monies we spend on come from plus easily says ‘buy’ whenever she wants something, she knows that we need $$$ in order to exchange for something. Plus, she knows that when she receives coins she will need to put into her coin box or mama’s purse.

Moving forward, I hope she will be able to grasp more about value of money. For now, she only could identify the number(s) on the note(s).

And yesterday night we watched ‘in pursuit of happiness’, we managed to storify to her on what happens when there’s no money (if she keeps bug on buying presents). Sleeping in the toilet scares her enough! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

**Last year we learnt a lot about ‘gifts’ exchange- thank you to the many barter trades that happened.

Mandarin orange cocoa cupcakes

Happy Chap Goh Mei! Celebrating the day with my two lovers at home!😝 with one bugging me none stop and one wants to be hugged! 😝😝😝😝

Recipe and steps:
1. Mix 2 eggs with 15g (molasses) sugar for 5-10 minutes with the hand mixer.
2. Sieve in 60g cake flour and 10g cocoa powder bit by bit and mix it (I continued using the hand mixer).
3. Add in the mandarin orange juice (I took from one orange) and two tbsp grape seed oil (can replace with corn oil).
4. Mix and pour into cupcakes sheet.
5. Under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius, bake for 20-30 minutes.

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Double boiled snow pear and chicken drumstick


– just added a little water and some barley, double boiled for an hour

Plus stir fry yau mak + garlic rice

* snow pear to nourish lungs in this hot weather (she isn’t sick though *touch wood*)


1. For girl – double boiled snow pear and chicken drumstick

2. For adults – air fried char siu

3. Stir fry yau mak

4. Garlic rice

5. Radish chicken soup (not in pic)

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Important mission for the weekend completed!

It’s the weekend! Besides meat and vegetables, we have to stock up fruits for our fruit lover! 😝😝😝

We bought watermelon from tesco online. That biji about RM9+ which can last about 2 weeks.

Apples and pears also from tesco online, she eats some and some for boiling soup!

Hubby went to the wet market! Got a bargain for a 2 kg sunmelon. It was RM8, enough for a week. My girl can eat up to 1/6 of the sunmelon per day. Papaya about RM5, last about a week- her daily breakfast either with or without yogurt.

And finally the most bargain buy from Cold Storage, Australian seedless grapes on marked down price- it is very sweet too! This can last 2 days,I think.

* bananas not in the pic! πŸ˜‚

Important mission for the weekend completed! 😝

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