In tribute of breastfeeding advocate

Yesterday in Thailand, a tragic traffic accident killed breastfeeding advocate Sophie Emma Rose. She was six months pregnant. Sophie posted photos and videos of herself breastfeeding without shame, helping mothers to feel it is OK. She is survived by her partner Danny Glass, who was injured but survived, and her four year old son Shaye. I post this photo in Sophie’s honor and I encourage you to do the same. ❀️
Thank you for normalising breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #selfieforsophie
#throwback yesterday 16m11d

It has been an incredible 20weeks

I am half way through my pregnancy and my 15m19d still nurses on. 
It has been an ‘incredible’ 20 weeks! Suffering from morning sickness, nipple soreness, taking care of two kids to managing the home (as a stay at home mum), I would say breastfeeding during this pregnancy journey has been far tougher (maybe because of aging too😝). 
Unlike my elder girl who was 2+ when I was pregnant with the second baby, I find that kid who just turned one year old when I found I was pregnant – is less able to ‘comprehend’. Similar to the elder sister, she doesn’t take any other milk (directly) – so she continues to nurse on like usual (in fact increased nursing in the beginning weeks)! Good news is she has been gaining appetite and remains as active (if not more active) than usual. 
I don’t know how long my breastfeeding journey with her will last, or could we do tandem nursing in the near future (my elder girl actually weans off naturally after two weeks the second one was delivered) – would actually appreciate my ‘single time’ nursing her now (even nipple does sore)! In fact, her day nursing has reduced tremendously in the past week – yesterday she went 12 hours without nursing (but gone maniac πŸ™„during wee hours)!
4y3m19 days of breastfeeding and still counting……πŸ™„πŸ™„

Happy birthday to my big and small little 17chipmunks

We decided on Jungle Gym (as we don’t usually frequent this indoor playland – in fact the only time Noelle went there was her 3rd birthday when mama was in the hospital). Moreover, we got the ‘news’ that it will be free entrance for the kids on their actual day birthday – by just showing their identity cards. For parents, there’s an entrance fee of RM5 per person and it comes with a free bottle water. So, for this year’s birthday we spent more than 2 hours there! Despite the price and weekday, the crowd was still building up!
We had sushi lunch before we drop by at Hamsley and then Noelle wanted to join the art activites organised by Atria Shopping Gallery. We went to the supermarket before returning home for nap!

Video on morning celebration <here>

We ended the day with dinner at Chillis. We decided to call it a ‘4th year parenthood celebration’ at Chilis with ‘Kids eat for free’ πŸ˜‚ plus the free desserts (with birthday song by the staff). We had two kid meals but Noelle only ate a little of both; so ended hubby and I ate our respective mains and the kids’ portion.
And then we decided to ‘cheers’ for Happy 4th year parenting. I started with the question ‘so what did you gain in this four years?’
Me: I help you answer. You – FATS! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hubby: You – milk/ boob size! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Me: πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

We returned home to cut the birthday cake that mama prepared !

Video <here>

Motherhood is full of ups and downs, but I do enjoy it! It actually changed me to a better person (or maybe someone who actually stand for my own and kids’ rights)! 

Happy 1st birthday to my little Michelin! And this also marks our one year breastfeeding milestone! Breastfeeding this happy baby has been a breeze and as with her elder sister, we will allow her to self wean whenever the time comes! 
#fullybreastfed #2ndbaby #mamas4yearstobreastfeeding

Engorged from comfort sucking

10.5 mo is not well and has been direct latching whole day yesterday. In fact, she regurgitated few times yesterday. πŸ˜“ This morning she wanted to comfort suck again but milk spraying out. I have no choice but to hand express it before letting her comfort suck. I am surprised by the ‘amount’ (just one side) despite her nursing more than 24 hours.
I don’t take any booster but eat healthily and take all kinds of food moderately; plus I just direct latch since her birth. No pumping at all. 
Message: Power booster – direct latching from your little one
*i don’t have ready sterilized milk bottle (since no bottle feeding) so used a glass jar in emergency πŸ˜…

Wobbly unsupported walking @ 9m11d

The extra rolls on the arms did not deter my little girl from her unsupported walking milestone (though still wobbly)! <video>
She’s 9m11d today and of course, fully breastfed!
Mama’s milk the best! 😘
Every baby develops at different rate be it breastfed or not. The message here is – Never doubt the nutritional superiority of breastmilk! 😍

My first blocked duct experience

After 3y8m6d of breastfeeding, today I experienced my first blocked milk duct! 
It began in the morning when I found a minor lump on my breast. Actually I wouldn’t know there was a lump until I felt my breast! 
Though not the first time having lump, this time it stubbornly wouldn’t go away despite my second baby direct latched almost the whole day (with stops in between). I also did cold and hot compresses as suggested by Mr Google. As time passes, it started to hurt whenever I touched the lump part (intentionally and unintentionally).
I believed that this could be a common problem and thus decided to search on TBAN – finally found a solution in the comments (within comments) of an enquiry post on ‘blocked milk duct’! So I decided to share this for the benefit of other mummies in the future – so that the search could be easier.
In my case, it was a blocked milk duct because there was a white dot on my nipple (I only realized about the white dot after reading the comment that came with a picture and thus decided to check my nipple). And the mummy suggested to poke the white dot with a sterile needle! And, I did. Thereafter I marmet hand expression! Since my baby has helped me empty my breast, I could see milk coming out from the particular (blocked) duct! In minutes, the lump sort of went off/soften! Yes, the immediate relief after almost 8 hours!
Disclaimer: This is only based on my own experience today. If in doubt, please contact professional for assistance! 😝
Note: I am a stay at home mum; thus I only fully direct latch. I sort of figured out why I experienced my first blocked duct – I am having slight flu and not sleeping well. Then, I (taking natural remedy) drank honey lemon (lemonade has been my milk booster) and I took a glass of water sip with Indian borage as a prevention of cough (I found this could be a milk booster too from Google; but contradicting view says breastfeeding mummies shouldn’t be taking borage – so make your own research before thinking of taking Indian borage)! 

Second time, exclusively breastfed

The breastfeeding journey does get easier when it comes to the subsequent kid (equipped with knowledge and experience); at least for my case!
My second baby turns 6 months old today and this marks our 6 months exclusive breastfeeding journey. 
For myself, it has been 3.5 years of breastfeeding (both my girls born on same date, three years apart). I only managed to tandem nurse maybe for a week after which my elder daughter says ‘nen nen is yucky’! 
While both girls are exclusively breastfed, they are both different in their own ways. And this has also busted the many myths about breastfed babies! For example, people always assume that breastfed babies are clingy and need the breast to sleep. Yes, my elder girl was one of these high needs baby at her infant days but my younger girl could actually soothe herself to sleep in a swaddle (especially her early three months)!
Not all babies are same even if they come from the same ‘factory’ and fed the same breastmilk. While my elder is sort of tiny baby, my younger girl double her birth weight quite quickly and achieved her sister’s 6 months old weight by third month! (They are about 250g difference at birth) 
Some may argue that this is because my second girl direct latch entirely in the six months since I am a stay at home mum (while I did pump and bottle fed my first girl – since at that point I was a working mum). But actually my elder girl latched more frequent and longer in her early days compared to my younger girl! Well, I am not a Scientist to make a conclusion on this.
My point is do not doubt your own breastmilk (and the quantity you produced)! Every baby is different- so ignore the comparisons that people always make on babies raised & fed differently (or even similarly)!
How does it get easier with number two? Firstly, no one doubt you because you have successfully breastfed the first who is growing up so healthily. Even if there are, of course, one would have cleverly avoid or ignore them! Brush away people who try to belittle you! 
We basically breastfed everywhere (because we know nothing matters more than feeding the baby plus the need to handle the elder kid, every action has to be ‘fast’) – I think in these six months, we only looked for a nursing room 5% of our total outing! We even brought her to an oversea trip at 4 months! Well, the decision to babywear (from birth) was one of our best decisions that ease our breastfeeding journey.
So now what? Certainly, we would continue our breastfeeding journey until she naturally weans off like her elder sister (maybe in a different way). For now, I would enjoy our every breastfeeding moment (I no longer whine like I used to during my first girl’s days about the long nursing session)- as I do miss breastfeeding my elder girl – who insists that ‘nen nen’ now belongs to Mei Mei! 
Breastfeeding is not a competition nor a trend; but it is a choice on how you would like to feed your baby! Begin with an end in the mind!