Resilience day out!

Nothing challenging for Noelle 🤭🤣 but it was a good exposure for Nikki – who is ‘afraid’ of strangers! (She runs away and hide behind of me whenever she sees someone unfamiliar approaching her)

Initially Nikki didn’t want to join but seeing jeh jeh queuing up and taking part; she also follows! She finished up all the ‘obstacles’ with a super cool face! 😂 it was a ‘relieved’ to me that she allows another person(s) to handle her!

They were given a certificate and an ice cream (with permission from parents) after the challenge.

** Aptagro is a formula milk company/organiser; and taking part in the event – does not mean we endorse it! My girls are fully breastfed but I don’t bother about how others feed their kids (as long as they/you don’t bother me). Every mum has every right to feed their kids their way (including junk, outside food, etc). Breastfed and home cooked still the best for us! 😘😊😆

They did give out sample milk on the spot (but not pushy at all). Noelle tried and finished it up because she was thirsty 🤣(after playground). Nikki tried a sip and passed back to me. 🙄 I had to ‘glurp’ it down, feel ‘geli’ drinking actually (🤭awful taste – sorry la, not bias. I was a formula fed baby who once love Fernleaf 🤣 and remember it tasted quite nice last time).

No2 turns 2.5 yo

Happy 2.5 yo to our Nikki Jeh Jeh aka Nikki Mei Mei or we fondly call ‘Mei Mei’ up till today! 😘😘

Sometimes I feel you are 4 yo! Speaking so fluently, nagging me day and night. You repeat after us – words, phrases and actions- so often. Though you outbeats your Jeh Jeh in your tantrum, you are much more independent! Your are cheekier, of course! You mimic and annoy your Jeh Jeh (on our behalf)! No one beats your ‘determination’ (aka stubbornness) – sometimes we walk off from you because of your tantrum (even in the mall) – you will NOT move until we pick you up! You are THE one who test our limits (and we officially bought a rotan because of you🙄😝)!

Proudest achievement, still – Unexpextedly, you weaned off your diaper without much accident (so far no wet beds but there are slight incidents on the floor – due mainly of lack of hands from papa/mama and because you stubbornly want to be on the toilet bowl rather than potty)!

Half more year to 3 year old! I know sometimes I ‘unfairly’ treated you like a big kid! I have to remind myself that – You are still a toddler!

This also marks my 5.5 years of breastfeeding! 😁😁

She still tandem nurse on a daily basis, but the frequency reduced a lot especially since she sleep through the night!

Mini breastfed Michelins

Nights/days are long l, years are short…

Sometimes I couldn’t believe that I have exclusively breastfeed 3 girls! 😅😅 Now tandem nursing 2!

But I hope this will give sweet encouragement to all mummies (at this hour) especially new mummies who often being questioned ‘got enough milk ah?’ Or ‘still got milk ah?’ Turn a deaf ear and believe in yourself that you have enough to feed them!

My girls weren’t born Michelin but they turned (rather) Michelin despite being exclusively breastfed Anyway every baby is different – as long as healthy and active!

No.3 Exclusively breastfed for 6th month

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Here again, for the third time, mama has exclusively breastfed her baby for six months!

From a pathetic ‘bai guat’ at birth to now a ‘full blown’ Michelin 🤣

Two days to our six months of tandem nursing (with baby no2 who is today 25m19d) and mama’s breastfeeding journey of 5y1m19d!

From my experience, breastfeeding does get easier with my latter babies; and I do feel that I have more supply compared to the eldest.

Third baby is fully direct latch; similar to second baby!

Breastfeeding the third little one! 

If you told me I’d make it this far when I first started breastfeeding almost 4 years 9 months…
I’m not sure I’d believe you!
But here I am tandem nursing my 2nd little one (19m26d toddler) and 3rd little one (7do)…
It has been a pleasant journey so far BUT it all begins with having adequate breastfeeding knowledge, I.e. educating myself! 
Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go! – Christian Larson
Happy breastfeeding! 

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2017!

We welcome our ‘last’ month of my third pregnancy on this year’s world breastfeeding week! 

Breastfeeding during pregnancy has been a ‘breeze’ again (despite Nikki being younger) since she has been keeping nursing short, frequency of nursing dropped tremendously and she has been sleeping through nights. 
Colostrum has been coming in since last month (July), which means our 19m3d has been enjoying the precious drops for the second ‘time’! 


Breastfeeding will be on going for at least another two years until N3 weans off naturally! Tandem nursing will be ‘allowed’ if Nikki requests! 


Real bubee silicone breast milk pump/collector

I never really pumped during Nikki’s. Medela freestyle was left redundant (I will check if it is working tomorrow and charge it, just for emergency use). For Nikki, our breastfeeding journey preparation include Medela breast milk collector (which is currently still in good condition and well kept, after I was using it for 1-2 months), we bought some breastmilk bags (which aren’t used at all) and a mummy (who is now gifted with a baby boy 😊) did gave me reuseable some breast milk bottles! We even have a preloved Phillips sterilizer – not used!

All in all, everything is in order for our next breastfeeding journey. 

So this round we just get this Real Bubee Silicone breast milk pump/collector – sort of a manual pump, which I foresee will be handy when breast gets engorged on the first three days! This isn’t a very expensive investment – just RM35 a set of 2 that comes with lids! 
✌🏻Looking forward or rather I am ready for the next breastfeeding journey! 😁😁😁 
*fingers crossed – hope it will be as easy as Nikki’s (actually Noelle’s was quite smooth, only that she had colic and an excessive need to suckle 😅)

Baby no2 turns 18 month old

My baby turns 18 month old today and this marks my 18 months + 3 years (her sister turns 4y18 today) of breastfeeding! The journey will definitely prolong as I am currently into my 31 weeks of pregnancy.
When I first found myself pregnant with no. 3 right after my 18mo turned 1 year old, my first concern is the breastfeeding journey with her (no2)! As per my first experience with the eldest, breastfeeding during pregnancy isn’t easy. Further more, initially I thought my no2 has less ability to ‘comprehend’ the ‘pain’ (nipple sensitivity plus I have morning sickness since day 1 until now) that I go thorough while nursing her.
After all these months, I would confirm that babies – no matter how old – has the ability to read mama’s cues. For example, when I say ‘enough’ – she is willing to let off the boobs. Plus, as time goes by, she has the ability to soothe herself to sleep without sucking my nipples (she doesn’t use dummy too) – she just need me to hug her! Her appetite (for solid) improved a lot thereafter – she isn’t supplemented with any other milk (she refuses fresh milk actually). In fact, she has been starting to sleep through the night in the past two months! She only asks for the boobs when she wants to sleep or too upset or just to ‘manja’. 
It is an incredible and different breastfeeding journey with no2 compared to no1 (who was more demanding at the same age). And now I wonder how the breastfeeding journey with no3 would be 🤔.
From my own experience, breastfeeding during pregnancy is possible – the key is to understand your own body (my Gynae didn’t really agree with me, but I decide not to tell him – after all it is between me (my body) and my baby)! Second trimester may be more difficult as it is sort of dry nursing. But as I enter into third trimester, I could see colostrum coming in – and it gets my no2 hook on it longer lately! The sensitivity of the nipples reduced now (compared to second trimester – or maybe I am getting used to it). As I went thorough this, one of the things I could do to reduce the pain from nipple sensitivity during nursing – it is to close my eyes and meditate; or focus my mind on something else (so during this period of time, I did a lot of thinking – in fact, too much 😂🤦🏻‍♀️).
Hopefully no2 will be able to reach her two years milestones – and by then, it would mean ‘tandem nursing’. I am not going to put pressure on myself or her but allow her to decide if she still wants to nurse or wean off naturally when no3 arrives! 
* I am also grateful that my no1 has been a good girl and being independent around home when I have to spend time nursing no2! 

In tribute of breastfeeding advocate

Yesterday in Thailand, a tragic traffic accident killed breastfeeding advocate Sophie Emma Rose. She was six months pregnant. Sophie posted photos and videos of herself breastfeeding without shame, helping mothers to feel it is OK. She is survived by her partner Danny Glass, who was injured but survived, and her four year old son Shaye. I post this photo in Sophie’s honor and I encourage you to do the same. ❤️
Thank you for normalising breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #selfieforsophie
#throwback yesterday 16m11d