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I have been using Medela Freestyle Breastpump with 2-phase expression heavily since this month (February) in anticipation of going back to work in April. Generally, I find it user friendly, though I still have not utilised the handsfree function.


One bothersome about pumping milk is getting the parts cleaned, sterilised and together. Thinking of future, I wanted another set of Medela Freestyle Connectors, Membranes and Backcaps. I went through The Breastfeeding Network Advocates files to find for supplier (I guess the suppliers under the listing are trustable) and found

They are offering Medela Freestyle Sparekits (Box of 2 – 2 connectors, 2 membranes, 2 backcaps) at RM97 with a RM7 postage fee. I went to their ordering section which requires customers to email them. I proceeded to email them to find the method. They responded within an hour, describing the procedure. The respondent is obviously a Malay ethnic with the Bahasa Malaysia language slang she used in the email. I was given two options of payment either Maybank which is her private banking account, or CIMB which is the business banking account.

I proceeded to banking her and emailing her the mailing details. I was then told that she will send the item on the same day if possible.

On the next day, I emailed her if she sent the previous day or this very day so that I can anticipate the post. She replied that she has sent it out yesterday. I then asked her for tracking number, which she failed to reply. The item then arrived and re-emailed her telling her that it has arrived, and as expected, without response.


Overall, satisfied with the purchase except should have given me the tracking number in the first place and be more responsive after the sale.


Friendcaster for Facebook

About a month ago, I wrote about how I missed my Blackberry for not being able to upload my photos on facebook into specific album. However, I have found a solution to it. I was seeing one of my friends uploading photos using “Friendcaster for Facebook”. I tried downloading the application and then installed it. I tried it out and found – I have found my solution to uploading photos and sorting them according to albums. What a relief!

What I miss about my BlackBerry?

Basically, I am happy that I was given the chance to use a S3 phone. “It has changed my life” to somehow. Well, I enjoyed having it mainly for the photo applications.

Nevertheless, I do see its drawbacks compared to blackberry. Features that I miss on the BlackBerry:

1. If I were to post photos on Facebook, BlackBerry allows me to post in specific folders.

2. On BlackBerry, I could actually copy and paste information from the explorer or any application easily.

Samsung Galaxy S3 cover from Pasar Malam at RM10

When we purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3, we bought its cover for RM20. However, I dislike the colour (they have limited choice colour for the cover texture that I wanted). Further than that, when I tried to charge my phone, the phone USB’s cable falls off easily because the area linking to the cable is being blocked by the cover. It was impossible to charge without taking off the phone cover.


We went to Pasar Malam at SS2 on a Monday night. We found that there was a range of covers available plus it is only RM10 for the cover. Thus, we bought a cover – a rather transparent type cover, which is certainly nicer than the previous cover. While I am able to charge my phone with the cover on, it is easily removed too – if accidentally touched (but it does not happen if I exchanged hubby’s Samsung Galaxy S2 charger). Nevertheless, definitely a worth buy compared to the one we got with the phone.

Samsung SIII @ Phonegate Sdn Bhd, K-FO7, First Floor, Digital Mall, Section 14

It was a “turbulent” week for me. Hubby was admitted to hospital on 15 August. However and fortunately, he was discharged on 16 August. After returning home, he told me that he wanted to get me a birthday gift, which is he thought of buying on the day he was admitted. I really had no idea what I was going to get. He said that I just need to get into the car. Several locations were flying on my mind with the direction he was going – it could be Paradigm Mall, One U or The Curve. For each mall, I was figuring out what will the gift. He then turned into SS2 area from LDP – hem, the last venue I could figure out was Amcorp Mall? Then, we finally arrived at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. I had no idea what we could get it – except for a replacement speaker? As we approached Digital Mall, my mind then figured out – could it be Samsung SIII?

Upon arrival, I think I got my hunch right. We passed by Netzcom Sdn Bhd where we got our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and also the authorized dealer/ distributor of Samsung tabs and phones. So much guilt was running on my mind – should we waste money buying SIII while we had much more items to buy for our baby? We skipped this kiosk and moved to first floor. We stopped by three kiosks and asked about the pricing. I told him that “I don’t want”, but finally at Phonegate Sdn Bhd (K-FO7, First Floor) – I relented. My little devil came out and gave way.

So, he bought a Samsung SIII for me. Well, I would say, this is my most expensive birthday gift ever in my life. I don’t remember my parents getting me a present that expensive before. We were quoted RM1950 for the phone itself. We need to add on RM10 for the screen protector, RM20 for phone cover and RM50 an additional 16gb memory card. So, it comes to RM2,030. After deciding, hubby then went to the ATM – because this will be cash price. A 3% charge will be imposed if it is paid via the credit card.

After withdrawing money, we went back to the outlet. Despite nearing the operation closing hour, the man took some time to explain on the different kind of screen protector – and took the choices of colour of phone – white or pebble blue, plus the phone covers. Hubby requested him to transfer data from my blackberry to the new phone. He also helped us to cut the SIM card – a smaller size which can only fit into SIII. It was getting late and we did notice some feeling of impatience among the staff at the counter who wanted to go home. At the end, all was done.

Hubby also purchased an additional 16gb memory card, which cost RM50. The total bill came to RM2,080. Given that it was after the closing hour of Digital Mall (9.30pm), we got to walked out through the back way.

Hubby’s rationale of getting the phone from other outlets than the authorized dealer/ distributor of Samsung at Digital Mall is because there is more bargaining power from those outlets. The original price of the phone is RM2,199. Also, given that Samsung SIII is new, there is very low likelihood that it comes pirated.

Thank you hubby for the gift and making me feel guilty. ♡

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Netzcom (M) Sdn Bhd @ Ground Floor, Digital Mall

I got a reward from hubby, which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – after being lured by my mother-in-law’s ipad! We dropped by at Netzcom (M) Sdn Bhd, located at ground floor of Digital Mall on May 13 It is an authorized dealer for Samsung gadgets. We did not ask from other outlets this round, as we want to be sure that the tab is a genuine stock. Moreover, hubby actually bought his phone from the same stall late last year.

Basic explanation was provided. And, the tab was going out at RM1,599 with one year warranty, a screen protector and a pouch. The tab comes in two colours, which are black and white. On the other hand, its free pouch is either black or pink. I choose the white tab and pink pouch. It has to be paid in cash to avoid the extra 2% charge. So, we went to withdraw money while the sales assistant prepared the tab. We were taught some of the basic functions after the screen protector and pouch were put on.

I gave my mobile number for warranty purpose. On the next day, I received a sms from Samsung with details of the warranty.

Overall, a pleasant experience with them. And, finally, I owned a tab! 😀

Targus Cobra Lite Backpack from All IT Hypermarket fair/sale @ Ikano Power Centre

It was two weeks ago that I wanted to buy a lasting backpack for myself. This week, during lunch (on Tuesday), I was walking in Ikano Power Centre. And, I found that All IT Hypermarket was having a fair at the ground floor. I went into the area to look around and saw different range of Targus bags hanging around the area. I went closer to look.

Without even saying a word, the sales assistant (Jeff Mok from Innoteq-Plus Sdn Bhd – I only knew his name after I purchased the bag two days later) approached me. He patiently explained about the bag, which was on promotion – Targus Cobra Lite Backpack, 14 inch. He even demo how lasting the bag was by asking one of the colleagues (who was abit obese) to pull the bag. He even demo on how fire from the lighter cannot burnt the bag. He also showed me all the compartments of the bag – including the area where we can place passport – if used for travelling (that actually caught my attention). I was actually very impressed with his demo. He also mentioned that this bag has lifetime warranty if the bag ripped off (but I am not sure how true this is). The bag is under promotion. It was priced at RM 168, while its normal price is RM208 (from the price tag).

I actually have the urge to buy. But, I fear I might regret it. So, I asked if I could take a picture of the bag, which he says “can”. I think I should consult my hubby about it. I then asked Jeff when the fair will last till, which he said until this coming Sunday. I told him that I am working nearby and if I decided to buy the bag I will return. I actually mms-ed hubby the photo and hubby asked me to survey online first before deciding to buy the bag.

Once mentioned to hubby about the brand, he says that it is indeed a good brand. We surveyed online to find that this model isn’t available. And, mostly are 15 inch and above backpack. Also, the online prices, even by small retailers over the forum, are almost the same (excluding courier fee). After giving a thought for two days and some supportive words from my friends over facebook, I finally decided to buy it today (March 8)!

Once arrived at the seen, I pointed the bag to Jeff. I think he remembers me. The instant thing he asked me is “do I have an Ipad?” I actually thought he wanted to sell me something else, but he actually wanted to give me a gift with the purchase. I told him I do not have an Ipad. So, he exchanged it with a mouse, as the gift. Instead of RM168, I was given the price of RM166. In the fair, credit card was allowed without further charge. I was asked to keep the receipt for future exchange – which he mentioned I can walk into any outlets that sell Targus bags (but I really wonder how true it is).

I am perfectly happy with the service and determination shown by the sales assistant, Jeff Mok. I really think there should be more sales assistants in the market that have such passion and enthusiasm to sell their companies’ product. Wishing him all the best in his future sales!

As for the bag, so far, I am excited and happy with it. But, I have not really used it yet. I planned to make this as a long-term travel bag, rather than a laptop bag.  Hope I really enjoy using this bag!

GPS Q4033 Screen Protector from E Media Technology, Tropicana City Mall

Since we were at Tropicana City Mall for grocery shopping, we tried looking for the GPS screen protector that we needed but did not buy at Digital Mall. So, we went up to second floor to enquire. Two shops referred us to E Media Technology, which is located in front of Maxis.

The lady told us that the screen protector cost RM 45. We asked for a lower price, which she declined. In the end, we agreed to it. I noticed that she was diligent in cleaning the GPS before putting on the screen.

When she was cleaning the phone, we enquired about her pricing for the GPS, which was the same, RM 399. She says if we take the external charger, cover and screen protector, it will be additional RM 100.

We calculated: besides the screen protector of RM 45, the external charger is RM 20 and cover is RM 20. Therefore, we only paid in total RM 85 for these three items. In this case, I think we actually saved RM 15 for not getting the three items from her.

Nevertheless, I would say her service is definitely better than what we got in Digital Mall.

WayWay GPS Navigator from Esyink Sdn Bhd, Digital Mall, Section 14 – PJ

Hubby has wanted to buy a GPS for me since late last year. We actually enquired from Esyink Sdn Bhd at Level 1, Digital Mall in late November/ early December last year. Then, hubby made some search on the internet about the GPS before finally making the “hard” decision to buy this model’s GPS.


So, we finally purchased Q4033 – WayWay (Your Personal GPS Navigator) from Esyink Sdn Bhd. No particular reason why we purchased from this stall, except that their backdrop shows that they are selling genuine gadgets. So, the GPS cost RM 399 and for an additional external USB adapter, there will be an additional RM 20. We also bought a cover for the GPS, which also cost RM 20.


Feedback about the sales assistant at Esyink Sdn Bhd: She is not a very good promoter, as information is only provided when asked. In addition, she did not advice us on whether it is better to get other stuff for the GPS; for instance – a screen protector (which we did not get from there). We also went one round after getting the GPS and external charger – to ask if a cover for the GPS is provided and only to be told that it is an additional accessory that we need to purchase.


In short, it is not really a good choice to purchase from here if you lack knowledge on how a GPS should be and what accessories should accompany the GPS. Price wise – I think it is pretty standard pricing.



Canon IXUS 220HS from DY Divine Sdn Bhd, Digital Mall Section 14

We initially wanted to purchase an extra memory stick for our old camera. We dropped by at DY Divine Sdn Bhd located at 1st floor Digital Mall on last Sunday, Nov 6. The sales assistant, James, told us that the memory stick is no longer available but we can purchase a memory card, 8gb for RM 150. Pondering for some time, thinking that the camera we have is more than four years old, it is quite outdated and thus we decided to ask about a new camera.


We told James our budget of around RM 700 and his first introduction was Canon IXUS 220HS that was going out at RM699. He told us about the functions and compared with other camera models/ brands. We were told that similar function from Sony will cost more expensive while Olypmus camera can have cheaper pricing but with the risk of malfunction. He took quite some time to explain to us. Finally, we decided with this camera model, which came in three colours. I choose the black model.


To avoid additional charge, we opted to pay in cash, and thus required us to get to the ATM machine. We came back later, and James got the camera ready. In addition to the camera, we added on an additional 8gb memory card that cost RM 45, camera lens filter RM 90 and additional battery RM 80 (normal price is RM 90), where the total bill comes to RM 914 (while he charged us RM 910). It comes with a pouch, screen protector and a 4gb memory card. James also showed us how to use the camera after setting it up.


Overall, we have a pleasant service given by James. After payment was made, though there were potential customers hanging around, James asked his colleague to help handle those potential customers while continuing to entertain or help us with our new camera. Good explanation was also provided.