Lemon chicken 

I wanted to make lemon chicken last week but it turned out to be disastrous on one of my sad day last week! Fortunately it turns out ok today!

Chicken marinated with honey, pepper and some liquid amino for about 15 minutes! Then coat with egg white and corn flour. Pan fried and set aside.

Sauce recipe: one lemon juice, some brown sugar, some liquid amino, water and cornflour. Mix and heat up. Then coat the pan fried chicken! 

Our sanity day out v1

We were supposed to go to Funtopia but when we arrived there Noelle is too ‘tiny’ for the big slide and only allowed the smaller playground – which she refused to go. She was very disappointed and cried there! I bought her a Peppa book from Book Xcess. 

Still showing her disappointment, we went to RT pastry cafe for our early lunch. (She actually told me she didn’t want to go home when we walked out of the mall.) So, I successfully ate with two girls in the cafe for the first time (Nikki woke half way – so was juggling midway).

 After getting her cheese cake, Noelle was happy enough. I asked her if she wanted a longer train ride or a ride straight home. She choose a longer ride – so we went few stations ahead before making a u-turn back home.

It was also an educational trip for Noelle – we spoke a lot on the way (walking, on the train, in the cafe) – also to keep her focus!

Don’t misunderstand mummies

When Mummies say ‘I am tired or running crazy because of the kids’, it doesn’t mean that we ‘regret’ having them! 
Please stop using statements like ‘well, you had a choice and you made it. So now you deal with it!’
It is just merely an expression of being tired and yes, running crazy- but it is happy kind of crazy!
Our kid(s) multiple up the joy more than the tiredness/craziness! 

Things that money cannot buy..

Of course I can afford the kuih, kopi and nasi lemak BUT the ‘thoughts’ that count!
I had a rough week last week; and I wrote down my thoughts as it was ending. I got a message 2-3 hours later – asking me out for a date with my two girls! Haha…I declined but you gave me no excuse to decline – finally I accepted the offer that you ‘tah pau’ for me plus have a chat with me!
Thanks for your kind thoughts, as always and the short companionship!
While I have two daughter and wish that they will bond well, I still believe that sisterhood doesn’t need to be blood related! Thank you very much for affirming my belief! 😘
**thank you also to all who commented and wrote me messages😉😊