My daily schedule of a full time working mum

Life as a full time working mummy is really packed. Every single minute is precious. This is how my schedule goes on every work weekday:


6.15 am           Wake up

                        Prepare baby’s food (for nanny to feed)

                        Have an oat drink to replenish myself in the morning           

                        Take down food from freezer for our dinner


6.30 am           Take shower and blow hair

                        Prepare pump accessories for work and pack bag to work

                        Take another cup of oat drink

                        If there’s time and baby hasn’t wake up, either do laundry or mop floor


7.00 am           Wake baby up and change her diaper

                        Breastfeed baby         

                        Pack the milk into the cooler bag (for nanny to feed)           


7.25 am           Together with hubby, send baby to nanny’s house (walk over)


7.35 am           Drive to work 


8.05 am           Arrived at work place

                        First pumping session while surfing net on the phone           


8.30 am           Start work


12.00 pm         Have a quick lunch (walk down about 5-10 minutes, queue up and lunch about 15 minutes, walk back to office about     

                        5-10 minutes)


12.30 pm         Second pumping session while surfing net on the phone


1.00 pm           Start work again


4.00 pm           Third pumping session while surfing net on the phone         


4.20 pm           Start work again         


5.30 pm           Work ends, rush to go home  


6.10 pm           Arrived home (if no jam)

                        Place all the expressed milk into the labeled bottles

                        Take quick bath

                        If got time, start heating up our food


6.30 pm           Pick baby from the nanny’s (walk over)        


6.40 pm           Baby arrives home

                        Either breastfeed or prepare her dinner – cereal with puree

                        Feed her or let her play alone while I have dinner

                        Play with baby while hubby has his dinner


7.40 pm           Do the dishes 

                        Prepare the milk bottles for the next day

                        Play with baby while hubby does the laundry/cook and bath


9.00 pm           We play with baby while watching tv/ having after dinner snack/ fruits


10.00 pm         Try to put baby to sleep (if she doesn’t sleep, let her play around on the bed) When she sleeps, I get to sleep.


Wee hours       Wake up to direct latch baby whenever she wants


3.00-4.00 am   Wake up to pump while surfing net on the phone


And the cycle continues

Looking at the schedule, me myself think that I am a “super mum”, and I have been doing this close to 5 months now. Therefore, I am pretty annoyed when people complain about missing their gym time because of a lunch appointment, not able to complete their work when they spend time talking on the phone like nobody business and also “comment” that we are “weird” parents for waking up our baby during day time (during weekends) to have a break somewhere out of the house (to keep our sanity). If you have not got a comparable schedule like me or you only looked after your baby up till confinement (and then left the baby with your relatives/ maids to care) + never fully breastfeed as long as I did, I think you have no rights to comment about me.