Diaper graduation cum bravely facing the scissors

Diaper graduation 👩‍🎓 cum bravely face the scissors 💇‍♀️

Norrah actually has been doing very well with dry diapers for at least a month – I have been delaying her ‘gift’ because she hasn’t got much confidence of removing diaper altogether at night.

But ever since I promised her a gift, she has shown more confidence of going diaperless at night – even during nights when she had diarrhea. She passed with flying colours.

As we decided to bring them for a haircut and she has been showing some reluctance, I amplified the gifting – I told her if she bravely face the hair stylist and had her haircut, she will get her most wanted gift (2 in 1 gift)! 🤣 I even showed her the gift before we left for the saloon.

The hair stylist (who is her uncle) was also surprised by Norrah’s confidence – because the last round (which was end 2019), she was clinging us! 🤣 She sat by herself and did as told! She excitedly and patiently waited for us to have our haircut, came back home to shower and quickly finished up her dinner!

How not to reward her 🤣🤣🤣

finally, diaperless days <<

Video of cutting hair after more than a year: https://youtube.com/shorts/f9WncwtUOPU

Reward for the homeschooler

Reward for Nikki

I seldom reward Nikki alone but today I did. BECAUSE she has shown exceptionally good behaviour especially after she turned 5 years old.

  • she completes all the activities sheets I give her without complain; sometimes she even asked for ‘work’.
  • many of times, she gives in to her sisters, even her elder sister. For example, she didn’t get to sleep with mama when both the sisters wanted to.
  • sometimes she even gets punished because of Norrah. For example, Norrah didn’t want to share – even if it wasn’t Norrah’s turn; I kept the thing that they were fighting for and both (even though Nikki was innocent) didn’t get to play with.
  • she doesn’t show any form of jealously when at times it seems that I treat Norrah/Noelle better 🙄🙄. In fact, when she gets something, she will usually be willing to share with her sisters (she is generous).
  • when she wasn’t well, she did as told and didn’t show any crankiness (towards me, to her Mr Kah Lat Tai is different story🙄)

And I didn’t tell her she will be rewarded for such good behaviour.

Video: Singing ‘Hujan dah turun’ – https://youtube.com/shorts/RfufNuhkT8Q

Homeschooler’s time table (6yo academic year)

Nikki’s weekdays timetable

7.30 am – 8 am: Wakey, breakfast and shower
8 am – 9 am: Art
9 am – 11 am: Writing and counting (she snacks and drinks in between 🙄)
11 am – 1pm: Free play, lunch
1pm – 1.10pm: Play piano
1.10pm – 2.30pm: Free play, listen to jeh jeh’s story
2.30pm – 4.30pm: Naptime (sometimes she skips, but she plays herself)
4.30pm – 5.30pm: Mandarin writing, reading
5.30pm – 7pm: Free play, exercise
7pm – 8pm: Dinner, shower
8pm – 10pm: Youtube time, family games, night snack
10pm: Wash up and go to bed

Generally, I think kids (particularly mine) pretty like routine. When they get into routine, we don’t have to nudge them. They will just get into the mode of doing.

Nikki is currently ‘happy’ with this routine on weekdays. This five days routine also gives her an idea of the difference between weekdays and weekend (despite not getting out of the home).

Back to physical school

The child that gives me a lot of roller coaster emotions….but one who turned me from a serious person to a more lively one…

The one that turned me into a stay-at-home-mum, cook, nanny, cleaner, teacher, driver, Godzilla…etc

The one that resulted me to having more and then fewer friends….

Despite your weaknesses/limitations, you are already a perfect child….(I think you have been a role model for your sisters and set the bar ‘high’ for them🙄🤭)

Five months just flew passed when you stayed at home 24/7 with us….time to let your ‘wing’ fly again soon (though just for few hours a day🤭🤣)

I will definitely miss the daily moments of coaching you in studies….

I have no ‘complain’ about Noelle on her home based learning that started since a month. She concentrates and highly participates (as in volunteers to answer most of the times) in her virtual classes. She completes most of her google classroom work with minimal monitoring; just that she always wants me to check her work before turning in (🙄 she is perfectionist). I would be happy that she continues home based learning (who doesn’t when already in comfort zone?🙄🤣)

But deep down in Noelle, she is yearning to go back physical schooling. We could see how she is enlighten to the news on going back to physical school but then disappointed when we told her ‘see condition first’. Many talks with her, many thoughts in me (compounded with many readings about other parents’ concerns and feedback) and discussion with hubby…Noelle is more likely to get back to school on 8 March. As far as we want to protect her and the family from Covid19, her mental health is utmost important especially since she has very little social contact in the past five months. (Honestly speaking, if I make an emotional decision, it will be a BIG no.) I could only trust that she follows SOPs and so do her classmates and teachers; now and when they return to physical schooling. And we told her that we can always reverse our decision when things don’t look good.

we can just cross fingers that the pandemic 😷 especially in our country will come to an end soon <<


Teacher during Google Meet: Are you ready to come back to school next week????

Noelle (unmute): YESSSSSSS



Just in time! We finally completed the 1200 pieces puzzle 🧩before the official end of our MCOv2! 😂😂 >>> For this round CMCOv2 till the end of MCOv2, we have done fewer art and craft activities. We spent more time on academics, physical exercise and flexibility, intellectual activities (like Rubik’s cube), playing the piano, reading a lot more together to training our patience (puzzles from 500 pieces to 1,200 pieces). As Noelle returns to school on Monday, it will mark the official end of our MCOv2. I can’t deny it is a mix emotions again. I told myself not to be emo about it but appreciate the great time spent 24/7 together in the last 5 months (Oct 2020 – March 2021)

Puzzle video: https://youtu.be/sAOqbw2jew8

Breaking a goal into smaller goals

Few weeks ago, I successfully bidded for a 1,200 pieces puzzle from BNP. I just need to pay for the courier fee since the person gifting is from Penang.

Actually Noelle wanted to start it last weekend; but I procrastinated. 🤭🤣 And at the same time, I wonder if we can complete it in 2 days. 🙄🙄 The previous 500 pieces already took us a whole day.

Since the puzzle came in perfect set and it is really a very good quality (plastic type) puzzle, we can actually divide the puzzles. We told Noelle that we will complete a quarter first (approximately 400 pieces) at one time. 🙄🤣 Somehow ‘cheating’ but it was breaking into smaller goals. This morning we completed one quarter and in the afternoon we completed another quarter – so we have a half done today! (About 600 pieces in 4 hours or less)🤣 If she is in mood tomorrow, we will continue to complete the whole puzzle. 😁😁

This time round, mostly completed by Noelle and I. Nikki didn’t want to join us today! 😆 At least Norrah came by to put few pieces. Hubby went out for haircut. 🙄<<



Last week of virtual class for primary 3

I have received few messages from friends asking if I have sent Noelle to school today. 🙄🤣 I am sincerely grateful for the concern. 😁😘 But, Noelle is in Primary 3; so her physical school only starts next week officially! 🤣🤣

In fact, when I read the messages, I was wondering if I have got the calendar wrong. 🙄🤣 But then she has been receiving her online homework and was attending her virtual class. I couldn’t be wrong, right?🤣 Then i further thought – no one in the parents’ WhatsApp group asked about schooling this morning. Ok….I am ‘on the right track’.

I am already ‘preparing’ myself that she will attend physical school next week onwards, ok? 🙄🤣 I have been setting my alarm clock, waking up earlier than the past four-five months. 🤭😆

I have not much time to ‘emo’ because I am still juggling with Noelle’s online homework, Nikki’s pre-homeschooling and the kakacaucau Norrah plus all the other A to Z work. In the blink of an eye, it is lunch time and then now nap time. 🙄😆

in one year’s time, we have to register Norrah for primary school! How time flies….<<<