Marshmallow cereals

Not sure what this is called, but I copied the recipe from Catherine Gettings. It is super yummy though sinful! 🤭😂 I used cornflakes instead of rice puff because we don’t have the latter at home.

I will name this marshmallow cereals.

Just melt butter and marshmallows. Then pour over cereals (we added chocolate/strawberry/butter scotch chips and some sprinkles). Flat it down and let it cool before serving! 😋


Are the kids doing house chores?

When MCO started in the early of the year, I ranted about how I ‘hated’ guiding Noelle in Pendidikan Moral – because of some ‘older’ principles that they want to instil in kids (of course it was because I don’t like those topics 🙄🙄). But as we walked ‘deeper’ into some other principles, I started re-liking Pendidikan Moral. 🤭🤣 And we could relate to our daily lives. For example, ‘toleransi’ and ‘keadilan’.

While my kids ‘know’ how to do house chores – they used to like it very much🙄, they ain’t discipline in helping me off – because of daily schoolwork🙄 but most importantly, it reduces their playtime😒. I don’t really bother – because having less of their help has the benefit; as I can speed up my work! 🤭🤣

Anyway, back to Pendidikan Moral, I was guiding her about ‘kerjasama’ and ‘kerajinan’; there was a part where students need to answer about how they help their family in chores and the parents will sign off at the end. As we went through the list, most of the things that Noelle used to help me has become ‘sekali-sekala’ 🙄🙄🙄 rather than ‘selalu’. Maybe…….(MAYBE) that has gave her some ‘kesedaran’ 🤣🤣 this morning she says she will help me mop floor. (Talk is cheap; just do it!)

another point I started liking Pendidikan Moral is because it is taught in BM and this helps her in the language now.