Establishing a pumping schedule

After 3 weeks at work, I have more or less established a pumping schedule for myself. Little 17chipmunks wakes up around 6 to 7 am and thus I direct latch her. Then we send her to the nanny’s and I leave for office around 7.30am. I arrived at office around 8.10am and quickly pumps for the first round. (before work starts)

My second pumping schedule is during lunch time, around 12.30am and the third schedule I eats into some working hours, which is at 4pm.

Overall, there are fluctuations on my milk production depending on my fluid intake, food intake and stress level. I am praying hard that I can continue to produce sufficiently for her.

At work, I really miss her to bits…

Work life with a baby

17chipmunks has completed her three months maternity leave. It is really difficult to part with little 17chipmunks, and I was really glad that we did sent her to the nanny’s earlier by two weeks – as I was crying in the first two weeks when being apart from the little one.


Since started work, everything has been a RUSH. I rush to get ready in the morning, rush to work, rush at work, rush for lunch, rush to pump, rush home, rush to bath before picking her up, rush to eat and etc. And, all this is when my boss is not around. I really wonder how work life will be starting next week when my boss is back. Hopefully, I could cope.


With all the rush and lack of time for myself, I seriously think – will I be blogging on interesting spending stuff? For example, I think we had a value meal of RM14.90 at Pasta Zanmai – but I ain’t have the time and energy to record it.


Well, let’s see how it goes.