Homemade wraps

I used about 250g bread flour, one cup fresh milk + 100g unsalted butter (heat up about a minute low high in microwave) and pinch of salt. You can hand mix and knead; but I just used my breadmaker knead function. (Add more flour if it is too wet or milk if can’t form dough). I rested the dough for more than an hour (minimum 20 minutes).

Form them into tortilla or wrap shapes.

Dry pan fry it on non stick pan.

Flipping it until both sides are well done!

Let it cool abit!

For the girls, I topped with shredded cheese!

Roll or fold as you wish!

17m1d having her homemade cheesy wrap <here>

For the elder girl

Inspired by: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1582355195131710&id=785609358139635

You’re having another baby?

When Noelle was still the only child, we were bugged on when are we going to have our next kid? Then after Nikki came along, just within a month after full moon, one Aunty even questioned that again! 
So, when we are now having our third kid and then announced it, some questioned:

– you two didn’t take prevention ah? 

– how many kids do you two plan to have ah?

– seems like the economy is getting better

– how you two can handle more than two kids? (Then come the ‘I salute you ahhhh!i don’t know how I could handle if I were you.)

– etc

(Some were too ‘shocked’ and started questioning the wrong stuff – ‘so will be born in which year?’ Lmao) 
Some who didn’t know yet I am pregnant and cheekily asked ‘when are you going to have the next kid?’ few months back, my replied was ‘I am pregnant NOW!’ That totally shut them down – and from there we could gauge their ‘sincerity’ in questioning us! They are just pure nosy! 
From all these, I know who are the truly happy ones for us and who aren’t! People who are truly happy will just give us the warmest wishes- without a single question; some will give the greatest support that things will go through as it is.
Anyway, family planning is between the husband and wife (plus immediate kids). We don’t have to explain to anyone! It is our choice and not everyone is blessed with this choice!

Good article to read <here>

Critics will be critics…so why bother?

While some may say ‘eat little bit never mind’; I would flip the coin and say ‘don’t eat also won’t die!’ 
Kids need to learn make their own choices? Yes, of course as they do need to – but only when they are fit to make healthy choices. Let’s say ‘some of the kids of their age already smoking’ and my kids have intention to do so – ‘so I shall agree to allow them make the choice of smoking’? (I know I make ‘ridiculous’ analogy, but it is a fact!) 
‘Ask mummy first.’ – Always sound like I am the one restricting and the one who is ‘spoiling their childhood’! But with early training ground, I do see the wise choices that Noelle (especially) is making these days! 
Yes I do prepare bento lunches for my kids when we dine out (still for Noelle who will be reaching 5 this year end) – but as if we eat out that often! 
Moreover, if ever I prepare food for them, I never trouble anyone – my ‘choice’. Some even question why I take ‘trouble’ to prepare – errr…I don’t find it troublesome at all; ‘you will spend less time with them with food preparation’ – errr…I usually do it when they are still asleep or when hubby is here to look after them (papa also need to spend time with them what)! 
‘Your kids are not smart at selecting good food!’ Again, what’s the definition of ‘smart’ and ‘good food’. I actually feel good that they are ‘not so smart’ in choosing ‘rich food’ (as in so high quality- five star food – as though we can afford it.) Some even say their ‘choices’ are limited) and they still like ‘bland’ food – as in they need the least seasoning but most flavouring are from natural ingredients. Anyway if one thinks eating healthy (or with natural ingredients) is cheap, try find out how much we spend on fruits itself in a week! 
I know their meals and health have been scrutinized every now and then – whether with good or ‘not so’ good intention. In fact, when I posted Noelle taking her first meal outside, it was such an alarm for some people – it is either ‘wa…you finally not preparing/ allowing outside meal?’.
Critics will be critics…so, why bother? 
My kids my choice; your kids your choice. 

While they may not be 100% perfect in health, they are overall healthy, happy and active kids. My objective is still to help them build a healthy self immunity system and guiding them to making healthy choices – not a foodie. Food is for survival and there are many, many more life choices that need to be guided – especially when they grow older. (I know I am repeating 😝 but I am clear with my objectives – and not shifting them for my own convenience!)
**i am not a perfect mum, but trying to do my ‘best’.

Great article to read: https://www.lifecoachcode.com/2017/05/19/kid-never-eaten-sugar/

Beware of who you trust 

I am certainly more ‘open’ to people since becoming a stay at home mum. (Those days I just trust my hubby and a best ‘guy’ friend 😝 – because guys certainly have less running mouth!) 
As I know more ‘mummies’ and ‘believe’ that they were on the same kind of channels, I think began to trust people a lot more- sharing issues in life, we share jokes and ideas; inspiring one another! I certainly value all these friendship (as real) even though they were virtual relationship- because as a SAHM, I did lose touch with my working friends! 
It was until last year, I began to feel some people were ‘awkward’ towards me, in a way – I do think they are less trustworthy- by the way they speak to me and others (which could be completely different) and because of ‘differences’ in opinion. Some believe that they are superior because of how they think/feel! 

They probably know or may not be aware that I know what was happening- but yeah, I make the steps backward (and I believe there are still some that exist in my list) because these people are really scary and certainly don’t want to be associated with them! Sometimes I couldn’t believe I was naive to have ‘trusted’ some people! 😂 But well, that’s life lessons! 
I am holding tight to the sentence that one of my bestie gave me – we already have a lot of issues in real life, why bother about other issues!
Nevertheless, I still believe that there are people who are trustworthy. I still believe that there are some people who I can call true or best friends (people who are sincere in all if not most ways)! 
Don’t let ‘some’ rotten ‘apples’ 🍎 spoil humanity! 

Fizzy cloud dough 

The experiment calls for 1 cup flour (we used expired bread flour): 1 cup baking soda: 1/4 cup oil (we used vegetable oil) – for each colour cloud dough – and some tempera colours.

We made three colours.

Mix all the flour together.

Add oil and colouring.

This becomes colour cloud dough after the mixing!

As mentioned, we made three colours and arranged the colours onto a big tray. 

To start the experiment, just spray vinegar into the cloud dough!

Video of them trying the fizzy cloud dough <here>

Outcome of the fizzy cloud dough <here>

Mix it up to play!

Trusting your kid


#throwback story told by hubby

On one fine day, papa brought Noelle to buy a cake for mama! At the cake shop, papa asked Noelle if they should pick chocolate cake (since it was mama’s favourite).

Noelle: No. I can’t eat chocolate cake!

And so they chose a mango cake instead!


Nothing interesting….but I seriously didn’t expect this from her! She was given an opportunity to ‘choose’ and even was given the suggestion on something she might have alot of intention to try – but she remembers our ‘rule’ now – anything chocolatey is limited to chocolate chips (be it waffle or cupcakes or cakes).

It is a surprise to me but I think I need to learn to trust her more that she knows how to differentiate what is good and bad for herself.

My sad day 

This week isn’t a good week for me. I have one kid falling slightly ill;she recovered in a day fortunately. Then it was second kid falling ill – took 2-3days for her to recover. But the second one is not over with her cranky and clingy moments. Plus the first one isn’t in her best behaviour (I know I shouldn’t expect so much of a kid). Next, it is my turn getting flu. With all these, I just feel so tired and down. 😔😔😔
Then it comes Mother’s Day – I don’t celebrate it (cos i feel this is so commercial just like Valentine’s Day) but the hype is everywhere. Not that I expect celebration (even my hubby jokingly utter that I am not his mother- which is very true), but it bring ill feeling on why most people have a ‘great’ mum or/and mum-in-law behind their backs (especially during their down moments) while I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, they are still alive but I don’t feel they play any role as ‘mother’ (except giving birth) and I admit that I don’t have a good relationship with them (due to our past -which I have moved forward)-that’s why I have been trying my best to do whatever I feel an actual mum should do; but I am getting tired….especially with this ‘season’. 

And with my hubby’s joke – it just pierced into my heart and mind – yah, I am not his mum but in essence, everyday I have been replacing his mum’s job! So? 

All these make me feel that I really HATE Mother’s Day! 😔😔😔😔😔 I have been moody for the past few days and I just wish today pass just as it is.