On the 9th day

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On Day 9, 12 pees on the potty + one pee accident from the point she woke up till going to bed

It all took less than a minute except the one before she took her morning bath (which was approximately 5-10 minutes). We went out and I put her on diaper, but it was still dry when we returned. And her immediate routine after returning was to remove her diaper and pee on the potty.

The pee accident happened at night when she was overloaded with banana popsicle and mango + papaya + banana smoothie. It was less than an hour gap before her last pee.

*Reminder still plays an important role.

*At times, she pees on the potty because she ‘follow mama’.

*She chooses where to place her potty.

*She loves recognition from us like ‘well done’ and ‘clever girl’ with a clap.

*We have no ‘material goals’ (stickers/pressie) for her to achieve in order to pee on potty. But given her good behaviour, we probably get her Kinder Joy (which we have stopped getting her for more than 2 weeks despite her pleas in the supermarket).

*I usually need ways to get her on potty when she just woke up; for example, this morning I told her she will get banana yogurt popsicle as part of breakfast and she had mango smoothie right after nap.

Light snack before going to nap: Baked cream cheese banana puff


Kawan pastry puff
Cream cheese

Baked for 230 degree celcius for 20-25 minutes.

Her first try on puff pastry!

 <Video> – Preparing her own banana cream cheese puff @ 31m1d!
Nothing special for lunch. Just zucchini mee hoon kueh in beetroot soup with vege.
Dinner done:
1. Steam chicken with mushrooms (ingredients: half chicken marinated with sesame oil, pepper and liquid amino, red dates, wolf berries, yok chok, shiitake mushrooms, bunashimeji mushrooms, lily buds; steam 30 minutes under high heat)

2. Stir fry tai bok choy with some remainder baby wong king pak

3. Long beans and onion omelette

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

On the 8th day


On Day 8, it sums up to 7 peeing in the potty, one accident pooping and one accident peeing.

It took me by surprise that the first pee in the morning happened less than 5 minutes (compared to the day before, it took an hour).

The second pee happened after we went swimming. She volunteered to be on the potty while having a bun and reading her book. After I waited for about 10 minutes, I told her that I will be taking a bath and asked her to finish her pee. When I came out from the bathroom, she told me ‘finished’ and quickly grabbed her wet tissue herself.

Then, the poop accident happened when we were at the balcony doing laundry and I came to realise that she is really afraid of her poop. She cried when I showed her the poop (which I purposely throw into the potty from her panty) and cried even louder when I brought her to throw it into the toilet bowl. She was still crying when I cleaned her up.

Thinking that I give her a little more time to relax, it then came her pee accident, 30 minutes after pooping. I sent her to nap earlier, hoping she won’t wet the bed.

She woke up slight cranky and I know her next pee would be coming. So, I bribed her with banana popsicle to make her go on potty. She held the popsicle and peed (third pee on potty) in less than 5 minutes.

Her fourth pee came before we went to play bubbles (which I promised her), after we completed our home activities. In fact, she peed faster than me.

After dinner, I asked her to go on potty (which she nows automatically carried to the living room). Her fifth pee came in less than 5 minutes, but after instructing me to go pee as well (where she moved back her potty near to the toilet, nearer to me).

Her sixth pee came after completing her night activity (which is colouring activity) before her 30 minutes ipad time. It took us by surprise that it came less than a minute.

And her seventh and last pee on the potty happened before brushing her teeth and changing to pyjamas (putting her on night diaper), which again happened in less than 1 minute.

*Today she didn’t really need the glass of water to accompany her to pee.

*It took a lot more faster for her to pee on potty.

*She still needs constant reminder that she needs to pee (or else accident will happen).

*The time gap of each pee seems to be 1.5-2 hours.

*I could observe all these as we were at home the whole day (I didn’t put her on diaper when we went to playground as she already peed before going there).

I am confident now that we are in the right direction; but of course I need to settle her fear of her own poop, for now!

Steamed silken tofu with minced pork


1. Left side: Steamed with minced pork*, zucchini, bunashimeji mushrooms, hard boiled quail eggs

-for girl

2. Right side: Steamed with minced pork*, zucchini, bunashimeji, hard boiled salted egg

-for us

*minced pork marinated in liquid amino, black pepper and sesame oil

Steamed for 10-15 minutes.

Served with egg noodles

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Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
Baby fritata for lunch
Spring onions
Dutch lady pure farm milk
Tatura cream cheese
Cooked brown rice

Method: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/baby-frittata-for-my-18m10d/

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

On the 7th day, 4 times peeing on potty and wet the bed during nap


The first peeing on the potty was a long process – took about an hour and after drinking a glass of water; most probably because she peed on diaper before waking up.

The second peeing on the potty took 30 minutes (after lunch, after returning from grocery shopping – where she did pee in her diaper during shopping. When she returned she did take off her diaper herself and sat on the potty. But since her diaper was heavy and it was lunch time, I decided to abandoned the potty); I waited for like 20 minutes with her and she was still seated down on the potty. Then I told her I am going to the kitchen to cook dinner and asked her to tell me when she is done. In between the 10 minutes, I did run back to check on her – she was still seated and said ‘not yet’. I went back to kitchen and soon she came to me, saying ‘finished’ (meaning ‘done’).

She peed during naptime. She did cry out but I was too tired that I didn’t bother her but asked her to come to me (so I am not too particular sure she cried before or after peeing). I was only aware of it after waking up from nap with her. The underpad on her bed was wet; thankfully it did not wet the mattress and bed sheet.

The third pee on the potty was after papa returned and we asked her to pee – we told her we are getting ready to go to McDonald’s playland. She actually took her potty out to the living room and asked me pull down her panty. I gave her a glass of water and she peed in less than 15 minutes. (funny thing was she thought we were going to play bubbles at the park; and she did felt cheated when we said no bubble, instead the “ice cream playground”, series of negotiations). We put her on diaper before going out.

The fourth pee on the potty was after returning from playland. It easily becomes a routine now that after returning home, she brings the potty out, removes her diaper and sit on it. Her diaper was dry. So, I did expect her to pee but I was totally caught by surprise how fast it came. She told me she wanted coconut water. In the midst of preparing, she said “finished”. We praised her for doing so well tonight and she get to play ipad for 30 minutes before going to bed. She is still on diaper during bedtime at night.

*She doesn’t poo everyday and has no particular time preference. She can be jumping in a minute and pooing in another minute. So, we are not sure WHEN it will come.

Self reminder: Potty training is not a victory for us; but her development milestone.

little 17chipmunks going on potty during daytime at home @ 30m28d


We have been putting this little girl diaperless during day time at home since last Wednesday (yes, finally we think she is ready and actually much delayed – supposedly by 2.5yo as planned earlier in the year but I wasn’t feeling too well). It is also a decision since we will be spending more time at home now especially during weekdays.

She does know what is pee (shh shh) and poo (o c). We wanted to let her ‘feel’ what it is to go diaperless.

We have constantly reminded her to tell us when she needs to pee or poo (to the extent each time I put her on panty she says ‘no diaper. Tell mama when shh shh’). Yes, she tells us each time but it is AFTER she peed/pooped. =.=’ Therefore, we have been mopping pee and picking poo for more than 5 days now WITHOUT anger but patience – instead constantly reminding her to tell us BEFORE she pees or poos (this is definitely not easy). We also constantly asked her if she needs to go to the toilet, which she always say ‘no’ (plus refuse to go on potty) but next minute wets the floor (so far she has chosen right places to pee/poo – which is on the floor). She is also diaperless during her nap time (so far accident free, though I do put on the underpad on her bed).

We had five days without results. But today, the 6th day, she decided to go on the potty after I ‘bribe’ her that we would go down to play bubbles if she does pee in the potty. We waited for like 10 minutes and eventually she peed (after I fed her water in between). After that, I brought her along to flush her pee and wash the potty (which actually motivated her as she likes playing water). As a result, today she peed 3 out of 4 times in the potty (the 2nd time was motivated by her papa giving her ipad to play with and the 3rd was sort of self motivated – as she remembered that we need to ‘pour and flush’ her pee). Key is to feed her some water in the midst of asking her to pee.

It is really a sense of achievement today though not totally accident free. Hope this sets us in the right direction!


*We don’t think the sticker method works for her since she is given/loaded with stickers on a daily basis to keep her busy.

*I know it is NOT the best time to put her on potty when she’s expecting a new sibling (big event in her life) but guess we just have to go as planned for her earlier in the year.

*I read quite some articles on this – no one best method, but decided to follow my maternal instincts. I believe she can do it now!

Pandan chiffon cake


Thanks to Rachel Tham for sharing recipe.

I reduced the amounts as my chiffon cake mold is a small one:
Ingredients A (to whisk one way):
2 eggs yolks
30g caster sugar
60g self raising flour
2 tbsp grape seed oil
2 tbsp homemade pandan extract

Ingredients B (to mix with mixer):
2 eggs whites
1/4 tsp cream of tar tar
30g caster sugar

Mix whisked A to B, and whisk in one way slowly and pour into mold. Bake under 140 degree celcius for 20 minutes and 150 degree celcius for 10 minutes. Let it cold upside down before removing and slicing.

Before baking

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Cool it on the rack, that’s why the squarish top! tongue emoticon

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Initially made a plain one. And oven was slightly too hot, so the top a bit burnt! He he… Otherwise taste good!


Cheese chapatti with vegetables dhall

No hassle lunch

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Cheese chapatti:
Atta flour
Farmers union Natural pot set yogurt
Coon extra tasty cheese, shredded
Unsalted butter

Vegetables dhall:
Curry powder
Mustard seeds
Lentils, soaked overnight
Long beans

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Ask me to tambah dhall

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 Dinner tonight:
1. Vegetables dhall (from lunch)

2. Fried chicken for girl and me (chicken, egg, self raising flour, tapioca starch, pepper)

3. Chicken with red cabbage for hubby’s dinner and lunch tomorrow

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Yums to fried chicken

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Celine Tan's photo.

Sunday lunch and dinner


1. Stir fried sweet potato leaves with garlic, chilli belacan, dried shrimp and fresh chilli
2. Steamed tofu with dried shrimp and onion oil (dash of liquid amino)
3. Double boiled pork with tau pok, tomato, carrot, shiitake mushrooms (liquid amino, sesame oil, pepper)

Dinner: Olimacha Fried rice (garlic, onion, long beans, celery, minced pork, shredded carrot, spring onion, dried shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, liquid amino, sesame oil, pepper)

Hubby’s lunch box tomorrow

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Creamy cheese sauce for pasta


Farmers union Natural pot set yogurt
Tatura cream cheese
Ambassador unsalted butter
Minced pork marinated with liquid amino, carrot, spring onion
Quacker oats

This will be for my 30m26d’s dinner.

Rushed home to cook fried rice for her – offered her bread, fruit, yogurt and cheerios at the hawker stall, she didn’t want… =.=”

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Macam we abuse her dun allow her eat.. =.=

Fried rice:
Brown rice
Minced pork, carrot, liquid amino, pepper (basically the leftover meat from stuffed meat, un stuffed)
Olive oil

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