Steamed pork rib with carrot, red dates and wolfberries 


Pork ribs (about half kg), coated with tapioca starch and pepper 

Carrot, diced

Red dates


Ginger, sliced finely

Dashes of liquid aminos

One tbsp sesame oil

Marinated it for an hour in the fridge. Steamed for 50 minutes under high heat. It came out tender! 

My first time cooking pork rib actually with the intention of letting Nikki try the different parts of pork – but she didn’t want to try it! 😴😴😴 Guess she prefers trotter! 🙄🙄 
Fortunately Noelle eats some of it!

Easy recipe to keep for confinement! 

Steam chicken with shiitake mushroom and carrot

We recently bought a new electrical steamer that comes with timer. So, I will be steaming food more often now. This is a simple and good recipe to keep for coming confinement.


  • Chicken pieces marinated with sesame oil and light soy sauce 
  • Carrot, diced
  • Shiitake mushroom, sliced
  • Red dates
  • Garlic, few cloves

Steamed for 35 minutes.

Garnish with spring onions.

I also made steamed silken tofu tonight!

Pressure cooker braised pork trotter with nam yue

Ingredients (no exact measurement):

Blanched pork trotter (I used half trotter)



Nam yue 

Soup stock (can be replaced by water)

Cinnamon stick

Star anise 

Dash of black pepper

Dark soy sauce

Light soy sauce

Cooking wine 

Mix everything and cover with valve sealed. Mode: beans/ tendon (default time)

It is extremely tender and even my toddler loves it!

Recipe to save for ‘confinement’! Will need the whole trotter for both lunch and dinner! 

Double boiled herbal chicken thigh in PPC

I’m experimenting simple meals for our coming confinement period! 

This is pretty simple and we just need to throw in stuff into it!

Ingredients used:

Carrot, diced

Shiitake mushroom, sliced

Dang guai 

Angelica root

Red dates


One chicken thigh


I fill everything into a little clay pot which I then put into the pressure cooker with water!

Mode: soup

Yellow wine chicken

Cooked something not my hubby’s cup of tea, but I am glad I went with the plan as today things didn’t go as plan (didn’t get much things done) and this yellow wine chicken is so easy to cook. Just cut the ginger and sauté it with sesame oil. Pour in the yellow wine (gifted by my mum) and then the chicken. Let it simmer until well done.

Besides that, we are having stir fry siu bok choy and slow cooked salmon head papaya soup (not in pic).

Bad day too – in the sense that it has been hot for days. So I washed the bed sheet and blanket yesterday, hoping that it will dry by today. But it was cloudy almost whole day and now raining.


Celine Tan's photo.