Walnut bread loaf


200g bread flour
100g wholemeal flour
30g cake flour
100g walnut, chopped
2 tsp instant yeast
1 tbsp molasses sugar
1 tbsp sweetened creamer
150ml low fat Pura Fresh milk
2 tbsp fresh farm natural yogurt
Pinch of salt
1 tbsp olive oil

Bread maker : Cornell
Weight : 2 llb
Crust : Light
Mode : Basic
* Switch off bread maker 15 minutes before completing

Long cabbage and mushroom chicken for 21mo


Today my 21mo has fairly good eating behaviour. She ate the whole chicken wing by herself while I spoon fed her rice with soup. She was all the time seated until she was done with her chicken. She wanted to wash her hands and sat next to me to play with her figurines. So I continued to feed her the remaining rice and soup. She had almost all that was served.

Long cabbage and mushroom chicken:
1/2 chicken, marinated with 2 kiwis
Fresh shiitake mushroom
Fresh white button mushrooms
Enoki mushrooms
Long cabbage
Olive oil
Homemade soup stock (I used the ABC soup boiled this morning)

Stir fry onions in olive oil until fragrant. Add in chicken. Stir fry for 2 minutes and then add all the mushrooms. Add in stock and let it stew for 30 minutes. Done.

I set aside some of the remaining sauce. Stir fry garlic with olive oil. Add in bok choy and remaining sauce. Let it come to boil.


Night snack: Spiral banana bun

Actually, this is for her breakfast tomorrow but she was asking for mam mam when I took it out from oven. And so, her night snack! (I seriously love her appetite today!)

Same method and recipe as in: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/spiral-cream-cheese-peanut-butter-bun/

I replaced unsalted butter with one tbsp olive oil and filling is just plain mashed banana.

ABC soup with pork bones


Lunch for 21mo: ABC soup and steamed egg with minced pork

I thought my girl will fall asleep after our playday – she refused although mummy was half dead. So, I served her lunch which I prepared before going out. I was pretty happy to see my girl spoon feeding herself again today though she only took half of what was served to her.

One mummy asked why I like to use chicken carcass to boil soup. For a simple reason, it is cheap (and as a SAHM I have to balance up expenses and healthy ingredients). But today I used “bai kuat” (pork bones) to boil the soup. For RM20 pork bones, I can only divide it into 3 soup portions while chicken carcass is RM1 per piece.

Pork bones
Chicken leg
– boiled for 2 hours

For steamed egg with minced pork: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2014/07/24/steam-egg-with-minced-pork/

While I was doing the dishes, she was playing by herself. Then I started cooking dinner as she doesn’t seem to be sleepy. Soon she requested for her mango sorbet (fresh mango + farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt + blend + freeze for at least 2 hours) – which she ate and eventually fell asleep.

Baked bear shaped pumpkin fries


We have been missing as I/we have been running around since morning! My girl turns 21 month old today and as usual months, on this day it will be our playday together! So I have prepared two main finger food which were for breakfast and during our outing – made two choices for her to choose.

The night before I have baked spiral cocoa cream cheese buns. The recipe here: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/spiral-cocoa-cream-cheese-buns/

In the morning, I prepared the baked bear shaped pumpkin fries – which I used 200g pumpkin (steamed and mashed), 50g coon Extra tasty cheese (grated), 100g short grain rice, two tbsp cornflour and one tbsp pura fresh milk. I put them in the bear shaped mould, brush a layer of olive oil and baked it for 20 minutes under 180 degree celcius. (Thanks to the mummy who shared the idea of 3 ingredients pumpkin fries. I modified it to baking instead.)

When my girl woke up which was already 930am, I offered her both choices which she choose the buns – she had one and half with me feeding her (I don’t have the patience to wait for her to feed herself this morning as we need to get our refund on our Medela’s b-well steriliser before our playday).

About the refund: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/refund-of-medelas-b-well-steriliser/

On our way, she had honeydew and tasted some of the baked pumpkin fries (I think she doesn’t like it). She wanted to nurse after getting our refund and refused to sit on the car seat – I had her wailing the whole journey to to the shopping mall (I reminded myself that today’s going to be happy day so no yelling; but I had to forcefully put her onto the car seat – no choice!) But the 21 month old, as usual forgotten about the whole incident of crying upon seeing the Kids Mania indoor playland (so realistic)!

After the playtime that took an hour plus, she wanted to be nursed again and then at the supermarket, she had some raisins. On our way back, I let her try the baked pumpkin fries but she just took a bite and returned it to me. At the end, she had two of the spiral cocoa cream cheese buns. We arrived home around 230pm.


The bear shaped mold that I bought from Jaya Jusco.

Happy 21th month old little 17chipmunks


Today my girl turns 21 month old and it also marks our 21 months of breastfeeding. Nothing significant change during the month on our breastfeeding journey, but my boobies increasingly receive “hai”, “bai” and muaks from this little girl – who treats the boobies as her pals.

Refund of Medela’s B-Well Steriliser

Before the arrival of little 17chipmunks, we bought the Medela’s B-Well Steriliser – I would definitely admit that this time round we bought because of the “brand” and not that we did a complete survey about it. Well, our first use was during the first few days when our relative gifted us milk bottles (which I did not buy any) and subsequently, it was to use to sterilize my breast pump parts and storage bottles. I would say – generally – it is not user friendly although it just operates with a click of the switch on button. In fact, it comes with very loose plug/socket/cable – to the extent – sometimes we hear the clicks of electricity (yes, we risk being electrocuted – but we made sure that hands are dry before we switch it on). We have used it for 13 months until I don’t have to pump and store (since I turned a stay-at-home-mum). I have kept it well and stored into the cupboard.


As I am a frequent reader of The Breastfeeding Advocates Netword facebook page (because I am just nosy-ing around), I saw a member posted the advertisement placed by Medela Distributor that they are recalling the product. There was a contact email and I decided to email them, which they replied:

Dear *user*

First of all, we would like to say that we regret the inconvenience caused by this Medela AG voluntary field measure in connection with the B-Well Steriliser. Thank you for your assistance in this case.

Please refrain from using the B-Well Steriliser and disconnect it from the power supply. This is a necessary precaution. Please return the steriliser to us.

The article numbers are clearly displayed on the packaging. However, model numbers 200.3377 or 200.3378 also provide a clear indication that this is a device we are taking off the market.

Please return the B-Well Steriliser to the point where you purchased it, or return it to our distributor or to the subsidiary in your country. You can find a detailed list of the Medela branches at www.medela.com/b-well.))
Medela will reimburse you the relevant amount.
Regarding an alternative or replacement device, unfortunately we must inform you that our company does not offer any other sterilisation devices.

For more information, please visit www.medela.com/b-well.  If, for any reason, your query remains unresolved after following the process described above, please send another e-mail to the address b-well@medela.ch.

Thank you once again for your assistance.

Yours faithfully,

Medela AG


I happily and naively thought that I need to just bring the steriliser there (they are located at Jalan Tandang Factory area in Petaling Jaya – to locate them, it is best to search for “Nestle Jalan Tandang” on Waze and you can easily spot them in the new factory area with Medela flags). However, on my first visit, I was told that I need to bring my receipt to them. I was of course furious as it is a more than a year buy. Their rationale was they need to reimburse the amount that we bought (but I still feel that they made it difficult to us, the buyers – as they can easily refund us the lowest market price). In addition, I was told that upon submitting the receipt with the item (which I carried in and out with my toddler) – they will prepare a cheque, which they could not bank it but need us to be present to collect it – as we need to sign received. So, we disappointedly went home – but since GBS Marketing was having “playtime” in their new show room, we went there – which compensate our lost time.

So, we went back home and fortunately, I am a hoarder. I managed to search back the receipt (LOL!) after a month (as I wanted to go to the GBS Marketing warehouse sales)! So, we went there to submit the receipt and return the product (plus the warranty card). I was just given a photocopy of the form I filled up. They told me that they will contact me in a week’s time – which they did. And, we happily collected the amount RM280 in cash, instead of cheque!


Well, since we don’t really need a steriliser at this point of time – as our girl just direct latches, we now have an additional RM280 savings. It was fortunate that I found the receipt and it is more fortunate that I am a stay-at-home-mum – since if I were working, how many trips do I have to go plus they don’t open on weekends.

Spiral cocoa cream cheese buns

Proofing stage


This is before baking


After baking doesn’t look as pretty as before


I added wrong flour (pau flour) and I don’t intend to steam it. So I added more bread flour.

80g pau flour
30g cake flour
Pinch of salt
100g bread flour
1 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp molasses sugar
1 tsp sweetened creamer
1 tsp cocoa powder
50ml pura fresh milk
1 tsp grape seed oil

Knead 10 minutes and rest 50 minutes. Then roll it out and cover with cream cheese (room temperature) and roll in. Slice it and proof for another 30 minutes. Bake under 170 degree celcius for 15 minutes.