Pork cutlets


Minced pork
Mashed potatoes
Five spiced powder
Liquid aminos (or soy sauce)
Sesame oil
Corn flour

Mixed and I kept overnight before shaping and pan frying!

This is my childhood dish that my mum prepare for me those days!

That’s also the reason why I stress so much on home cooked food! It brings back memory and I hope by cooking it brings my girls’ memories about me in the future (be it in talking or non talking terms)! ๐Ÿ˜

Product reviews and/or advertisement opportunity

17chipmunks would wish to announce that she is happy to collaborate with any partners/sponsors to do product reviews and/or advertisement on her blog. If you are interested, kindly write in to celinetkw@gmail.com . We could further discuss on this. Thank you!


Note: Please give at least 24 hours to 17chipmunks to revert as she is a stay-at-home-mum handling two kids and have limited access to the email account when she isnโ€™t on the laptop (that is during the kids waking hours).


A little bit of 17chipmunks stats โ€“ averagely 10,000 views in a month!


Change of baby pattern as closer to 4mo


Yes, her ‘pattern’ is changing this week. She is starting to have separation anxiety, sleeping less in the day and can’t keep her eyes off me! At noon, she wants to go without swaddle and prefers side nursing. Hence, there’s growing ‘madness’ (as I have to complete my stuff while she is asleep) – but looking at this smiling face after nursing and putting her to sleep – how mad can I go?


I wish…


…. every date night/ shopping (with or without papa) is as peaceful as tonight!๐Ÿ˜˜

She definitely needs a lot of reminders and some permissive deals!โ˜บ

– reminded her that she has to behave and shouldn’t be running around the supermarket, before leaving home and car – I made her say ‘ok’
– allowed her to go through the supermarket entrance before getting on the trolley and went up to level 2 when she requested to do so

Sweet sauce fish for my girl’s lunch and dinner


Used Ikan merah which is red snapper

Recipe: Coat fish with some corn flour and then pan fried. Leave aside. Then stir fry onions in oil. Add in zucchini. Stir before adding blended fresh grapes and tomato. Let it come to simmer and then add in the pan fried fish. Coat with sauce and done!

To be served with white rice and double boiled Chinese yam chicken soup

Yum yum

Celine Tan's photo.

Finished today ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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BBQ pork with broccoli

Using Angel brand oriental bbq sauce, I marinated the pork overnight together with some honey, pepper, dark caramel sauce and cornflour.

I air fried the pork for 15 minutes under 200 degree celcius. Cool it down before slicing.

Stir fry garlic in oil (from the air fryer – meaning pork’s oil) until fragrant. Then add in broccoli and the remaining marinate sauce plus water. Cook until broccoli almost done and then add in the sliced pork!

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