End of school term 1 2020

The end of first term of 2020 and Noelle is officially a prefect in school for the year!

She is done with being a trainee prefect for this 2-3 months period. She’s pretty excited about receiving her official prefect badge (and cert), which has been postponed for a week plus! And finally she did today – on stage – with this year’s batch of prefects.

In this three months, I could see her growing independence and also self responsibility. Despite having to juggle duties and school/class work, there’s never a day she comes home to me claiming that she couldn’t complete her school work because of her duties. She always tell me that she completed it while there is still free time in class. This implies that Noelle has been able to time managed.

She has less time to mingle with her classmates but at the same time widen her network of friends – especially the ones from class duties and also the prefects. She no longer stress so much on who is her ‘best friend’; she is opened that her previous bffs have now gotten other bff. In short, she isn’t a possessive friend. Having said that, she has fewer stories about her friends.

I am a proud mum of Noelle Chou in this term. Most importantly, I am happy that she is happy in school! I am definitely less stressful compared to her first term last year! 🤭🤣

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/f5vPTDjiHdx9ZtXN9