Mango tong yuen in barley drink


I had an overripe mango. So, I decided to make tong yuen. Just add on glutinous rice flour and some water to it, mix and knead. I let it rest for an hour, as I waited for barley drink to boil.

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In room temperature water…

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Barley drink – barley, red dates, dried longan, wolf berries and small piece coconut sugar

I can’t make the traditional way of ginger soup as my hubby doesn’t like ginger.

Simple dinner: Kai see hou fun meen


Soup: Chicken carcass, carrot, yam bean & tomatoes – boiled for 30 minutes; then add in half chicken breast marinated in sesame oil & pepper, boiled for 15 minutes. Remove chicken breast and make kai see

Basically a dinner prepared in an hour

Girl’s – kai see ramen

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Baked cheese, apple and sweet corn rice


Ingredients: Coon extra tasty cheese, apple, sweet corn, cooked Calrose rice
Apple, corn and Calrose rice

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Topped with coon extra tasty cheese

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Baked under 220 degree celcius for 30 minutes

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So, how much time and difficulty required to cook for your baby/toddler even on weekends?

Kuih keria


Fattening day! tongue emoticon My friend shared a video on fb the other day on how to make this. And so I itched to make. I went and korek my white sugar hidden in the cupboard that I have not used for more than a year – praying that it did not expired.

Very easy just three main ingredients: sweet potato (steamed or boiled), all purpose flour, sugar

Oil to fry (since I fried banana fritters) and water for sugar to thicken
My kaypoh chee

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Ways: Mashed sweet potato and add all purpose flour bit by bit to form dough. Then mold become doughnut shape. Next, fry them. After done, remove oil, add in sugar and some water, coat the donut with the sugar. Remove and cool down.

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After shaping

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I left four pieces without sugar coating for my girl’s teatime later

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Vegetables roll and meat roll


Fried vegetables roll

Ingredients: steamed yam, yam bean (sengkuang), salted bean curd sheet, egg white for the bean curd to stick

Pan fried

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Meat roll
Since I have left over marinated mixed pork from my girl’s meal (sesame oil, lemon juice and pepper), I just added the leftover steamed yam and chopped yam bean. Mixed and rolled with salted beancurd skin. No need extra salt as the skin is salty enough. Pan fried and I further baked it as I fear the meat not cooked.
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Banana cranberries scones


My girl finished the whole pan of cheese scones within 2 days. So, we made another version and since we have overripe bananas.

300g self raising flour
Pinch of seasalt
Pinch of baking powder
Pinch of baking soda
50g unsalted butter
25g molasses sugar
100g bananas
80ml milk
80g dried cranberries

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The most bottom row was mold by her

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Ready to bake

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Bake under 220 degree celcius for 12 minutes.

Hot from oven

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