I needed to get the gel manicure done for the actual wedding day, which is coming really soon. Coincidently, I went to HRH Nail Studio on a Tuesday (according to my schedule). It’s Tuesday toesday at the nail saloon, whereby there’s 25% off for pedicure. Therefore, I managed to save about RM 11 for the classic pedicure.


I was served by Eline (this was the second time). I would say that she is good in recommending toe nail colours for the customers; not only for me but also the customer after me (where both of us were not that sure about choosing the right colours for ourselves).


Happy Planet Trading @ 16 & 18, Jalan Sultan, KL

There was one final item missing from our wedding accessories, which were two pairs of couple slipper for the wedding room. So, we went to Petaling Street to look for them since we can’t find it in major shopping malls. After going into few other shops, we went into Happy Planet Trading located at 16 & 18, Jalan Sultan, KL. We found what we wanted but the items are not labeled with price tags (not just the pairs of slippers, but most other items). Therefore, we approached a staff who was arranging some stuff in the shop. She checked for us and said it was RM 19.90 (which seems the market price for these slippers).


We choose two pairs and then went to the cashier counter. When making payments, the price for the slippers was RM 25.80. We reprimanded the cashier, saying that we were told that it was RM 19.90. Initially, they insisted that it was RM 25.80. But after finding out the error and despite the actual price is RM 25.80, we were charged RM 19.90 per pair.


We are of the view that the shop should actually put price tags on all the items sold to avoid such confusion in the future. But, we were glad that they honored the initial price that they quoted us.



Waroeng Penyet @ 1st Floor, The Curve

I have no intention to taste the food here today until I (sadly) found that the place I wanted to go (Thai Sutra) has been taken over by The Sanctuary. Pondering on what else to eat, not fast food and reasonable pricing at The Curve area, I stopped by to look at the menu at Waroeng Penyet @ 1st Floor, The Curve. I spotted their set lunch menu, which was RM 10 for a dish of chicken, rice and a soft drink.


After getting to my turn, I asked if I could order the fish set instead of chicken as set menu, which I couldn’t do so. Feeling disappointed with the limited number of set lunch choices, I reluctantly ordered the grilled chicken set. There wasn’t any service or government tax imposed, and so it was RM 10. I was given a number and waited for my set lunch to be carried over. Customers are required to take their own eating utensils, tissues and sauces, which are placed in front of the ordering counter.

As I was sitting there, I noticed that some of the other customers’ dishes were ready, and not any staff was carrying the food over (while there were quite few of them lingering around the counter area, but probably it wasn’t their responsibility to do so). This is not a good sight, as food gets cold if left too long at the counter. I was rather impatient seeing how things were handled there. Well, I truly feel that service can be improved if the staff that has nothing to do takes the initiative to help their colleagues with serving the food and not having their customers wait any longer.

My set lunch finally arrived about 10 minutes later, despite the place wasn’t too pack when I was there. The food is moderately high good.

DIY Avenue Resources @ Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya

We first came to know about DIY Avenue Resources for its location, nearby Public Bank at Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya. Our first dealing was purchasing paint and painting materials for our condo. Subsequently, we bought the water tap and recently, a doorknob.


Generally, the main boss or supervisors at the shop are good. He even provided some advice on how to fix the water tap. However, sadly, the staff, which consist mainly Malay men, has no motivation to serve or entertain customers. They can be ignorant to the customers. When we requested from them on where some of the tools/materials are, they would simply point us to the area without leading us there.


Most of the prices of items will be discounted when making the payment. They do provide service to fix some of the home appliances, but it comes with quite hefty service fees and the requirement to fetch its staff to your place.

Senior hair stylist Eason @ e3 Salon & Hair, Kuchai Lama

My wedding actual day make up artist has actually advised me to cut my fringe before the day. She showed me samples and asked me to look for a professional hair stylist to handle it. I was initially hesitant to look for our usual hair stylist because few years back there was a “tragedy” when he was still a junior hair stylist.


After thinking for some time and satisfied with the hair dye that he did for us, I finally decided to leave my hair to him. He is Eason, a senior hair stylist at e3 Salon & Hair located at Kuchai Lama. The end result was quite amazing for me, as it turns out to be what I expected. Also, I did not have to perm my hair to get the fringe (while my hair is straight). Well done, he has improved a lot.

The sample given:

The end result of the fringe:

Well, Eason is one of the two senior hair stylists at that outlet, and he has many customers looking for him. So, at times, there will be a long queue, especially during festive seasons. One setback is that sometimes he can be moody and that can affect the way he style customers’ hair.


Note: 17chipmunks is related to Eason, by marriage.

Fashion nail magazines from The Nail Shop @ The Curve

Few months back, I was looking for fashion magazines. I actually searched “high and low” for them. And then, I realized that the little cart at the Curve with the name “The Nail Shop” has the magazines. And, they are going out at RM 10 each. This is relatively cheap compared to those that I saw at Sungai Wang (later on I found out that Sungai Wang has these magazines too).

Well, I am not too sure about how updated the magazines are since they are in Chinese. I am more interested in the photos of the nail arts. Nevertheless, sad to say, though I bought four magazines, I failed to find the kind of nail art that I wanted for my wedding. The magazines are more suitable for those who are learning how to do nail art. There are other nail art accessories sold there. However, I noticed that they are highly priced. For instance, a “finger” that is sold at Sungai Wang for RM 1.50 to RM 2, is sold at RM 8 at The Nail Shop.


Also, the sales assistant was not there during lunch time, where there’s a note that she is away. Well, I think they should be around during peak hours like lunch time, rather than leaving the cart unattended when most customers are expected to come.


Oil Control Film/ Tissue

There are basically three oil control films that I have used (because they are the more easily obtainable in the market). They are:

  1. Clear & Simple – Oil Control Tissue (less than RM 9)
  2. Clean & Clear – Oil Control Film (RM 9.90 – normal price)
  3. Za Oil Blotter (RM 9.90 – normal price)


Both Clear & Simple – Oil Control Tissue and Za Oil Blotter are made from very thin film. They are more transparent tissues. I find the former most lousy, in the sense that the tissue could tear off easily (and hence the lower priced among the three?).


Among the three, my preference is still Clean & Clear – Oil Control Film, as it is able to soak up excess oil more effectively.