Water kefir and milk kefir class by Mandy Leong 

Today I took the opportunity of my first official time off from my babies (since the arrival of baby no.2) to attend this water kefir and milk kefir class –  something that I wanted to learn since I know about kefir’s healing for eczema

It was a four hours class and I would say never a moment I ‘fell bored/asleep’ (this is despite the hourly wakes last night since my baby wasn’t too well!) 

Besides the detailed explanation given, the bubbly Mandy has made the class lively and interesting by giving her real life examples – on the benefits of both water kefir and milk kefir towards herself (and some of her students). We actually went in with (maybe) only 10% knowledge about water kefir and milk kefir but have so much to bring home – in fact, I guess we will need time to digest the information. Mandy is so informative and her knowledge on kefir is at her finger tips! 
Not only notes were given, we were also provided with the ingredients (which include the ‘babies’ or kefir grains) and some tools to get started. This is because Mandy wants to ensure that our ‘getting started’ journey is easy. She also provides whatsapp support group after signing up for her class! 
I can’t wait for my first harvest in 24 hours time! 😂 I think I ‘crave’ the natural water kefir taste now! The first taste was totally ‘awesome’! 
For more information on her class, contact Mandy via fb messenger at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547466597

Bye Ezcema

Today will be the LAST Chinese coriander/ parsley; yin sai (in canto); daun ketumbar (in Malay) bath for Noelle – she calls it ‘vege bath’! *cross fingers*
The eczema sort of came back at her toes/feet area after returning from Phuket. We tried the usual ezerra lotion and sudo cream; works to certain extent only! Her skin wrinkled and the itch part actually stops from healing completely. 
So, we persistently bath/soak her once a day in this Chinese coriander bath (usually bath Nikki in it too because Noelle wants to bath together)! At first, it doesn’t seem improving; on the verge of giving up – but just continued since it does no harm. It is a slow recovery – but best of all, no application of lotion or cream at all! We just have to remind her to wear socks at night when she goes to bed! The most crucial thing is to stop the itch – which it did! Eventually, it recovered! (Even the areas prone to eczema such as elbow – has no sign of itch! 😊)
^^Chinese coriander is cheaper in Hero supermarket (and some say in NSK😂) compared to wet market and pasar malam! 

••Boil a bunch of Chinese coriander in a pot of water for 30 minutes. Then pour into tub and add water. Just bath with it without any shampoo. We did it once a day! 

**For my record, not proving anything, sharing so that others who need this can consider this method

Recovering from diaper rash

Baby Nikki experienced a series of diaper rash two weeks back and we don’t really the actual cause of it. This time around I am persistent on not to send her to the paed as I didn’t want to apply steroid kind of cream which will repeat the same story as the elder sister.

It did not improve but in fact worsen with application of sudo cream (which works wonder on Noelle)! Many googling and I found the best way is to let her go on cloth diaper as much as possible. Also, I went to find a more suitable cream – which did an amazing job so far – buds nappy soothing cream!

Besides putting on cloth diaper, I also make sure the area is only cleaned with plain water and further wiped with a dry handkerchief. At first the buds nappy soothing cream was applied at each change of diaper (cloth diaper is changed approximately 2 hours once) but soon when the skin improved, I only apply it when I put her on disposable diaper (at night bedtime and out of home).

It is seriously great to find it to taper off. And we are currently thinking of putting her on cloth diaper whenever we are at home! 

Keeping Chinese parsley fresh

Keeping one week (to be exact 6 days) supply of Chinese parsley (for Noelle’s bath) fresh in the fridge😁😁

First, trim off the roots.

Because of space limitation on the fridge, I wrap the bottom part with wet tissues (Google says soak them in water).

Then cover the leaves with plastic! Store in fridge and wet the tissues in few days! 

Actually it is for this little stubborn part of her feet, but I think it does no harm for her to bath her whole self with the parsley water.

Boiled Chinese parsley for eczema skin

My little 17chipmunks (the nick long given to her) has recurrent eczema – in the stubborn area – her left feet! This solution is given by my friend whose son succeeded healed from bad eczema. This is our first time trying; hopefully it helps!

First, cut away the roots and wash the Chinese parsley. 

Then boil them over stove with water for 30 minutes.

After boiling, let them cool before adding some salt.

My friend bath her son with the water. But for my girl, I just let her soak her feet – which is the only affected area!