Second born gets her first visit to dentist

Nikki’s first visit to the dentist (2y10m+)


Nikki actually chipped one of her bottom tooth few weeks back when she jumped down from the sofa! 🙄🙄 clumsy ‘super girl’ 😝 Also, compared to Noelle, Nikki stubbornly doesn’t want us to brush her teeth (kononnya independent🤭).

So, gan cheong Mama is abit ‘Gan cheong’ lor…’will she lose her first tooth faster than Noelle jeh jeh (who hasn’t seen a dentist before, and even afraid to🙄)?’

Nikki braves herself today – and said ‘yes’, assuring us that she will meet the dentist when we enter the dentistry. The dentist gave a quick check – everything is normal! ✌🏻(Phewww). Just have to keep the chipped tooth area clean always.

>> We asked Noelle if she wants to have a check – no, she doesn’t want to; and ‘respectfully’ 🙄 we left without pursuing further. (Personally I do check her teeth on a daily/weekly basis; so far ok. Plus she will definitely get her tooth check in school next year – she won’t get to run away that time! 🤭🤣)

Living every child’s dream: Princesses 👸👸👸for ‘an hour’

The last time we took an official family portrait was when Nikki just turned 1 yo and also few days after I found a positive pregnancy test (with Norrah). I would admit that I wasn’t at my best at that point of time because of morning sickness. Nikki was slightly bald, at that point of time (the photographer remembered 🤣).

Fast forward, Norrah is now 14mo+.

Recording today’s moments (because the photos won’t come so fast; and my dory memory) –

Both Noelle and Nikki were very excited when we told them about the photo shoot. (Noelle still remembered the last time we took the shoots.) They were more excited when I decided to let them dress as princesses. In fact, Norrah was also cheering when she saw her dress this morning! 😁

I was telling hubby that we could ‘expect’ Nikki to be the ‘spoiler’. But I was soooooo wrong! Nikki was in her best. When the photographer greeted us at the doorstep, Nikki was telling the lady that she is Rapunzel and her props! (I did put on some make up for them – and hence, warned them that they shouldn’t cry or else the make up will melt down – they will turn as zombie 😂). Noelle was her usual self. The timid one for today was Norrah! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄It ended up we couldn’t really take the few types of shoots that we expected.

Nevertheless, everyone had fun this morning.

>> We had our brunch (after the shoots) at a cafe and to the bank. Haiyoooo…I didn’t like the ‘attention’ we got from onlookers. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

>> I decided to ‘dress’ normal (actually just t-shirt and jeans) – to look normal 😝

Snow White who prefers ‘Happi Puff’ more than apple(s) 🍎


Just upon reaching one year old (respectively), Noelle and Nikki took their personal and our family shoots! How can we miss Norrah’s (albeit late, thanks to papa’s workload/available time🙄).

Taking their/our photos are very precious to us – because they grow TOO fast!

>> I have better shoots on Norrah alone compared to the photographer because Norrah wasn’t really ‘cooperative’ and ‘hangs’ on papa most of the time! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

>>These are unofficial photos 🤣 I can be a good photographer too? 🤭🤣

To our ‘King’,

Thank you for arranging the photography session! 😁

>> Noelle’s prop – wand (actually brought her shoes also but didn’t use)

>> Nikki’s prop – frying pan 🍳 🤣

>> Norrah’s prop – apples 🍎 which she refused to hold 🙄🙄

A day to celebrate – firstborn kindy graduation

Today Noelle ‘graduates’ from her kindergarten after (less than) a year stint (but she still needs to attend kindy until end of next month🙄😂).

Her walk-in video <here>

Sending her to kindy is more for her to learn her social skills and adapting to a school life – rather than for academic performance. We are proud that she achieves those objectives. She did improve a lot too ‘academically’ – mainly reading and writing (which she started near ground zero late last year). We are also happy that she continues to be cheerful in most things. We hope this will start her in positive direction towards (the lonnnnngggg) school life!

Oh ya, she was awarded ‘The Best in Cleanliness’ in her class! 🤣

I can’t deny that I teared today seeing how much our eldest daughter has grown up (ok, kindy only la…😝)!


After weeks of practice and nights of her making us dance with her….

Before concert

Mama: You scared or not later go on stage!

Noelle: But 9 Oct I went on stage, I am not scared!

Mama: But today ALOT of people will be watching you dance! 🙄🙄🙄

Noelle: 🤔🤔🤔

Mama: Never mind, if you scared, you just think of mama, papa, mei mei and Norrah, k?

Noelle: I am NOT scared! 🙄🙄

And yes, she proves herself that she hasn’t got any stage fright! Well done, baby! <video>

Today, we ‘celebrated’ as one for our Noelle Jeh Jeh! 😘😘

>> Didn’t manage to get wefie! 😕

Transition to seasoned food

2018 is the year I slowly ‘graduate’ Noelle from ‘bland’ food! I introduced to her more cooking seasonings.* I am happy to say that she is accepting it well! (During my lazy days, she will just go with bland food – same food as her toddlers sisters 😝). Moving forward, as she enters to different phases of life – she will get to enjoy more kinds of food. I am still glad that I kept her diet ‘clean’ for her first 5 years of life. 😁😁😁

Today she wanted Yee mee. And I was a little ‘hardworking’ to ask her if she wants it soup (bland type) or those with sauces – and she choose the sauces one. So, she had ‘char Yee mee’ topped with sweet potato pork cutlets. I served her with chopsticks – so she was very ‘motivated’ and focused in her dinner! 🤣 <video>

Dessert after dinner and shower – strawberry banana ice cream

* YOU know ‘those’ days ‘people’ say if you don’t introduce seasonings early, it would be very difficult to introduce her next time and then she will be a picky eater. 🙄 😝🤭

Giving without expecting

Surprise parcel

‘We’ have been decluttering and offering people things that we no longer need. As mentioned many times, it teaches my girls to be more open hearted to giving others. Now, whenever they see me pack something, they will automatically ask ‘is that for Aunty?’ Or ‘we don’t need that anymore, so we are giving it away.’

The early times we did receive some little things in return. Later on, I reminded recipients not to bring anything along during collection. I wanted my girls to learn about giving without expecting. So, there are many giveaways without anything in return. It has become a ‘norm’ and they understand that they get nothing in return for gifting.

But recently we gave away a set of two books. ‘That’ lady (*cough*) brought along some fruits and even activities sets for the girls despite the reminder to just ‘bring her banana hands’! 🙄

Ok la, I also wanted to learn to accept things with an open heart and without feeling guilt (something which is difficult to me) – reminder to self. On top of that, ‘that’ lady sent a parcel to us earlier on this week! 😒🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

We received it on Wednesday and I told Noelle (Nikki couldn’t be bothered with presents actually🤣) that she can only open it on weekend – after completing homework too. In addition to that, she was given a ‘homework’ to spell my name! 😝

So tadaaa…the time has finally arrived to open up the parcel! 😆

Thank you again to ‘that’ lady! 😘🤣

Our family bike ride at Eco Ardence 😆

Our great adventure of riding a bicycle as a team and with our kangaroo baby 😆

This is after my solo ride with the two girls. No more escaping duties for the papa who doesn’t know how to ride two wheels! 🙄🤭 Let’s share THE ‘burden’! 😆

Lost count, but I think we went 6 or 7 rounds; – Noelle navigated the bike with me one round;

– Nikki sitting in the middle of the front row with Noelle sitting herself alone at the back row one round

It will be more fun few months later when Norrah is able to sit by herself alone/ not sleepy! Yah, she eventually slept on the carrier when we were riding on the bike!

Making memories in hubby’s company event

This is the second year we joined hubby’s current company’s family day event! We had a better time this year – maybe because they are more grown up this year or the crazy numbers of bouncy castles 😱put on! They had many other kids and family competition which we didn’t take part. They also had many games too – which we avoid entering.

The kids enjoyed the mini petting zoo and the sand art activity.

We also managed to eat our lunch there 🤣 (last year, we failed to)! We spent five hours there! 😱🙄🤣

Video <here>

Love it that increasingly Noelle plays the big sister role – taking care and protecting Nikki especially when we do outdoor and when we are in the crowd!

And Nikki has increased her bravery level a lot (with Noelle around). So today is one of Nikki’s craziest day. Also, my second baby turns 2y9m today! 😆

3 more months to big 3 and big 6! 😦🤭 I feel old lehhhh….

Though we stay under one roof (or to be precise in a unit🙄🤣), we don’t get to spend a lot of time together on a daily basis!

So we hope to make each weekend a ‘story’ worth telling! And today we had have one!

It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as we are happy together and building meaningful memories…😘

Credit to Noelle, holding the wefie stick 😆