Book review: Parent-babble

Mama’s holiday read since 16-08-18

Finally completed🤭🤣

‘Parent-babble’ – one needs an open mind to read this parenting book 🙄😂 especially those who are very pro attachment parenting, respectful parenting, breastfeeding and anti-spanking. The author tries to debunk many of the modern parenting styles. I would admit that I wanted to stop reading this book at some points – but it was a good reflection on my own parenting style! I am neither pro or anti against any one style – to be honest. It very much depends on our children personalities and how they would respond to our approach to parenting.

Raising a minimalist – my child number 2

Today we ‘travel’ to and fro 60-70km in the morning – to mama’s hometown (minus Noelle who was in school and papa at work). I don’t remember me doing this with Noelle alone before! Without Noelle also means we have to ‘rush’ to pick her up from school.

Anyway we made a stop at GM Klang (a very brief 45 minutes – right at the dot when they open their shops) before heading to gong gong and Poh Poh’s house – because I wanted to search for their home dresses (which phailed 🤦🏻‍♀️).

What I LOVE 💖 about Nikki is she doesn’t whine in that 45 minutes, plus walking herself (which wouldn’t happen if hubby is around🙄). There were colourful lines along some paths and she just played around as we walked on it. She brought her bottle of water and just drank it occasionally. Despite the array of toys available (colourful and attractive), she NEVER ask me to get her any – she simply just admire those toys (look and see) and even waved goodbye. For example, in the photo, she just told me ‘waa…scooter’ and just walked off. Even the colourful ponies at the background didn’t amaze her that much. No bribe needed and I didn’t lure her too! 😁 So, we just got what we needed – my pants and their leggings.

Also, they were all good throughout the journey!

Toys out, books in

I have been decluttering since last week. Mainly their toys, clothes and stationaries. In the midst, we managed to give away some small items like cot booster and baby high chair bumper; also threw many small pieces of toys, (art) papers (mainly Noelle’s work🤭😂) and the cot mattress. A lot more toys being retained (of course, if not my kids will ‘murder’ me🙄) but I reshuffled and repackaged them – store them in different places (a lot more reachable actually). As for clothes, some of Nikki’s handed down to Norrah. And Norrah’s seems too old to hand down, so we are using as old cloth! 😆 This round, not many of Noelle’s goes to Nikki! 😜

This morning we went to pick some hand-me-down books from my cousin. It was ALOT and I could only fit probably less than half of them into this cabinet (in this cabinet – there are mix of our own books and the hand me downs). I choose those that are suitable for their age (there are lots more in the store room – probably in a year or two later, or when I can find space!) Besides that, they also received some board games – most are played before and one is unopened!

Noelle was pretty excited when she saw the board games when she entered the car from school. (I unload the car sparingly)

Noelle: Wowwww….new games!!!

Me: Ahaa…Aunty SY gave us allll these, plus a lot more books! It is a lot, a lot!!!!😵

Noelle: (silent and didn’t bother me, then opening one of the games) ohh…this one is old one!

Me: Yes, old one but still can play right??😁😁

Noelle: Ahaaa

Me: Just like mama give away things that we don’t need but still can be used by others!

Noelle: oohhh😯😯 but there’s one not opened yet!

Me: oohh…probably the gor gor and jeh jeh have a similar game already – so giving you the extra one! 🙄🙄 Or maybe someone gave them and they didn’t open it! 🙄🙄

Noelle: ooohhh😯😯…I am so excited! 😆😆

Noelle was more excited that there was this Ladybird Peter and Jane set (which we didn’t get them – cos she has been reading them in school). She even told me that today they don’t have to do outdoor activity because she wants to read the books! 😆

Thank you once again Aunty SY for the books! 😁😁

Calming the younger sister

Nikki got very cranky after she woke up from nap. Then Noelle wanted to get down to playground. I carried Norrah and Nikki wanted me to carry her also! I was getting agitated with Nikki and thought of just leaving her at home alone if she ain’t moving (don’t judge me , k?). As we were wearing our slipper, Nikki started following and eventually I helped her wear her sandals too. But her cries didn’t end there. She cried from our unit to the car park and towards the playground. 😑

I seriously couldn’t stand it but just walked off her and Noelle who was pushing the bike (in the field de, no car already, k?). So I stood at the playground waiting for Noelle and listening to Nikki’s cries from far (we weren’t there alone, but a boy and the dad – couldn’t be bother if they cared)🙄

Eventually, I heard Nikki’s cries tapering! 🤔😂 I looked and noticed – Noelle was actually carrying Nikki onto her bike’s passenger seat. And then took Nikki on a ride! 😁😁😁 wow, it was a proud big sister moment! After she cycled towards me, I couldn’t stop praising her that she did a very good job today in calming her mei mei! 👍🏻👍🏻😘😘

Our 3d2n in Melaka with our 3Ns

Day 1 at Melaka

We started our journey ‘early’ so that we can have lunch at Melaka. We did make a toilet break just before arriving at the toll to Melaka.

We arrived at the ‘famous’ chicken rice ball shop at Melaka Baru- with ample parking – but to find it closed! 🙄🤣 So, we diverted to the secondary famous Wilson chicken rice – normal chicken rice. But the roasted chicken was sliced so finely that – it got Noelle eating the chicken, which in turn influenced Nikki to eat too! We topped more chicken after that!

We went to Jonker Street to walk around but with whining Noelle as she wanted to get to the hotel! It was really hot, so we just went into some (pariah) cendol shop- fortunately just ordered one bowl.

We ended up in 7 eleven before heading to hotel!

Upon arrival at hotel (we stayed at Bayou Lagoon Park Resort), Noelle and Nikki were to excited to get to the water theme park. But, papa needed a quick nap (both of them of course power napped in car). Thereafter, we had a great time in the theme park! Noelle was the super energiser rabbit, going up and down the slides none stop! Nikki was not bad too – but she needed us to accompany her (so I took turn with hubby).

After the ‘swim’, we went out to the ‘famous’ satay celup! Fortunately, I brought (home) sushi for them! Noelle wanted to try the satay sauce – by dipping her sushi into it! She tasted a little and drank the whole glass of barley! 🤣

We headed back to hotel and call it a day as everyone’s tired!

Day 2 at Melaka

We did a touristy thingy! We went for a ‘cruise’ – the Melaka River Cruise. I confirmed with Missy Stella Tay that the river cruise is not just along a longkang before heading to the place!🤣 (because hubby’s colleague whose hometown is in Melaka never heard of the cruise . 🤭🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ man!)

I didn’t really time our journey but it took us around 30-45 min to and from the main ‘jetty’! It wasn’t as hot as expected – but rather windy! While the kids were excited about the boat ride, eventually they were ‘bored’ because their ‘heart’ was left with the water theme park! 🙄 (check out their website for prices – we only paid for ourselves and Noelle)

After the boat ride, we headed to Nadeje at Plaza Mahkota for lunch cum birthday celebration!

We went back to hotel for nap and went to the theme park again. For dinner, we headed to Ujong Pasir (as suggested by Stella) – as we were looking for decent Chinese cuisine, which is a little more child friendly to our kids’ appetite!

**it was such a coincident that Stella messaged me on some plants during our journey there! So, I took the opportunity to ‘kacau’ her! Thanks a lot to some of the reviews/suggestions she gave us!

Day 3 at Melaka

We said that it will be our LAST time at the water park on day 2; Noelle initially agreed. But right after we got back from our hotel breakfast and watching people in the water park from our balcony, she couldn’t resist! Actually, we expected! 🤣 We made her/ them to promise that we will get back latest by 1030am as we need to check out (or else our bags will be thrown out of the room🤭😂).

So we went to the water park, check out, head out for lunch and then drove home!

Video of the girls enjoying the slide ride <here> These two sampat girls had the most fun in these three days!

Nikki from being timid with the giant slides to (this morning) saying NO to the kid slides 🤣; and since yesterday don’t need us (mama or papa) to accompany her on the giant slides as long as jeh jeh comes along!

Noelle, no need mention, played like crazy – not sure if she went on the slides more than 100 times!

– – –

Overall, they were all good during our road trip – sitting at their seats respectively, entertaining themselves. Some memorable things that we did in car:

– Noelle is currently learning ‘even and odd’ in school, therefore we spot the car numbers in front of us, and she will let me know if the number is ‘odd or even’. She brought her annual peppa pig books and read them occasionally.

– Nikki was in her ‘pretend play’ mood – so she storif-ied herself and acted herself! The funny story she told – ‘I wanna o c!’ which shocked my hubby like mad (because he thought she really wanted to 💩). She also observes a lot – for example, she observed a truck carrying cars and she questioned us ‘why the cars are on top one?’

– Norrah occasionally cried and just required me to sit next to her (she just want to watch my face🙄). Her favourite ‘toys’ in the car are her blanket, empty bottle or plastic bag! 😂

Happy birthday to our dearest Norrah!

Happy 1st birthday to our little darling Norrah!

How one year just glimpse through!

How much you have grown,

How much love you have planted in everyone’s heart,

How much laughter you have brought to each of us,

Thanks for making me us a papa, mama and jeh jehs again!

One year ago, we celebrated our birthdays in the hospital – the waiting, pain and shiver! Plus the feeling of ‘missing’ my two girls and hubby! Sweet and sour birthday for me last year 🙄😂

This year, of course, we have a more pleasant day! 😂 I have not been in this mood to celebrate my ‘own’ birthday for years. But I am referring to Norrah’s birthday, most of the time (I just tumpang happy, keih ley feih🙄🤭). Hope you had a good day today! 😆We will celebrate our birthday every year until the year you (Norrah) say ‘cukup mama, I want to celebrate with my (boy)friend(s)!’.

<But I was rather ‘sad’ this morning when Norrah didn’t want to ‘friend’ or anti- me! She only got better with me after her morning nap!>

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

And of course, thank you my lao gong for taking off and ‘planning’ the holiday away from home – that include the kids’ activity! Plus the ‘special’ gift that you brought home a week ago (though kena m16 from me upon gifting it🤭🤣)! 😘😘

<last year macam got nothing leh🤔🤔 😜but understood geh – cos all $$ went to paying the hospital bill 😓>

Meets a ‘new’ friend

With my chicken tofu nugget recipe FAN! 😜

Hailing from Laos to our place…

Ok…kwah cheong!

Carmen came back to Malaysia for ‘summer’ break; so has been talking about this ‘meet up’! (We have known each other for 3-4 years on facebook)

Sorry for keeping you wait for a month! 🙄🙄 and making you come to my place (so that I don’t have to rush to pick Noelle)! Thanks for the gifts to the girls too!

A short and nice catch up!


I was telling Nikki about this Aunty and her kids coming over. Before they came, she was asking ‘why so long one?’ But when they came, she turned a ‘weirdo’ self (tarik harga la tu)!! At many points, she tried to speak to aunty but then afraid of her! 🙄🙄she even tried explaining to Rae Han about the toys! I think Nikki will definitely be a better self when Noelle’s around with play dates!

Really too bad Noelle is not around; she will definitely have fun with Rae Han and Rae Wynn!