MPH book sales at Empire City

We anticipated a small crowd or none there, so decided to drop by after lunch (Noelle skipped her music class again this week)! And basically, there were just few people at the book fair! 

We would say the books there weren’t exactly ‘good’ (for adults, in terms of quality reads) but there are fair bit of quality Disney and Hasbro books. 

Noelle took part in two of the activities – building clay art with Faber tac it (similar to the one at MPH sales in Setia Convention months ago) and puzzle competition. 

There were 5 contestants! And we were LAST! 🤣🤣 Thankfully they still give out prizes to all participants or else we would have a whining girl!🙄🙄

I think we are building a ‘family tradition’ of frequenting book fairs/ warehouse sales! And the girls know what are expected out of them (behavior wise) when they are there!

Reminiscing younger days with firstborn

I am glad that we did many, many things in kitchen when she was younger. As she grows up, I notice that she has less interest in ‘cooking’ but more to helping. I will definitely not force her to cook if she doesn’t like it but I still wish that she can do something in kitchen – which is vital as she grows. In fact, she has developed some fear in ‘fire’! Nevertheless, I am still grateful that she helps when I asked to! Sometimes like today, she still volunteers herself. <video>

As time ticks, my heart is ‘heavy’ actually – as she will be stepping into her next phase of life! But I think ‘homeschooling’ doesn’t stop there! There is so much more to learn in LIFE, which I wish to pass on to her!

Putting a brave front 

Weather hot, I feel like I am about to be ‘down’ because of the weather, kefir grains is getting weak, kids want to drink coconut water – ok, ‘let’s go get coconut water’! They are excited too as they get to ‘go out’. (cranky Nikki makes me want to go out too)

So off we went to the coconut stall that we usually go to. Disappointedly it did not open. Remembering one of my mummy friends saying that there is one along the road to Evolve Mall, I tried luck and there it is – a coconut hut (stopping there is definitely not easy but they have a reserve spot for a customer at a time).

I usually don’t get down from the car with the usual stall. But since this is the first time, I went down and walked towards the stall – to be greeted by two ferocious dogs! 😱😱 The stall owner immediately shooed them off!
My immediate response was to walk/run away. Then I realized one was tied and another was ‘free’! 😨😨😨When I was near to my car, the dog and I were basically face-to-face! I was ‘oh shit!’ My leg immediately kicked slightly up (reflex😂)! I guess the dog saw my leg moved up and made a u-turn! 🙄🙄🙄Phew….that was really close! I then quickly went into the car and acted nothing happened (well, they – Noelle and Nikki – actually watched the whole scene from the car)! I winded down the window to order the coconut I want. 
Right after the man left to prepare my orders, I was still calming myself. Putting a heroic front, I opened a conversation with Noelle 😂😂 asking her what did she see. She saw nothing embarrassing of mama! 😝 (If those days I would probably scream or cry!)
Sometimes I do feel my life is more drama than TVB drama! 🙄🙄

To my hubby, the father of 3Ns

This reminds me of the love “notes” (written by me) found the other day (and we laughed at it so loudly while I wanted to hid my head for writing it – and question myself why i wrote it😂)!
Mutual time spent is obviously less (you are given privilege to hug one or two other ‘girls’ to sleep); but we are working towards the same goal – a happy and fulfilled family! 
I am still in love with you Chee Wai ! (Ok geli!😛)

Nikki’s gets her ‘lifetime’ immunity against chicken pox…….by contracting it 

Nikki started warmish since last night and I actually spotted some ‘rashes’ on her body this morning. I took a pic of the ‘rash’ and send to our paed, telling him that we couldn’t pop up at his clinic at that time as we don’t have transport. 

Moments later, he replied: ‘From the pic it looks like chicken pox vesicle but need to see closer to confirm. Please drop by when u r free today.’
Seriously, speechless and my brain couldn’t function. One thing that struck me for sure – ‘one get, all will get!’ 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ‘How lucky are we?’ Fortunately, both me and hubby had chicken pox during primary school years. 

So hubby rushed back from work and we went to paed. He confirmed that it IS chicken pox! 😩😩😩 And he described it like so horror-fully! Plus advised to separate Norrah (but how?) as baby getting chicken pox will be far worse! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 
[Then we remember Norrah will be getting her jab on Monday but dr advised us to defer it for a week with Klinik Kesihatan! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Another thing to settle!]
Nikki is given anti viral medicine that need to be fed every 3 hours 5 times a day for 5 days. This is her first medication in 21m11d and fortunately she did not really cry or reject when I fed her through syringe. Dr advised to put bedak sejuk instead of calamine lotion as the lotion contains a lot of chemicals – and so we did as recommended (we bought from the Chinese medical hall). There are already few rashes that were scratched – so we can expect some scars. Hopefully it will not be so terrible. I continue to nurse her like usual (the issue of separating them is still on going in mind – see how it goes tonight)! 
The question of how she contracted – will always remain a mystery but we think it could be either at Sunmed when she was there during my Gynae visit or at music school. Wherever it is – the situation cannot be reversed. We just have to move forward and brace what would happen the next few days – plus foresee the other two may contract it (I have no confidence that both won’t contract it, honestly speaking). 
Just could hope that the ‘pain’ she/they go through will be mild. 😩😩😩
** we didn’t put them on chicken pox vaccine. During Noelle’s time, no stock. During Nikki’s time, got stock but decided not to – what happened has happened- no blame game ! Plus the vaccine doesn’t guarantee 100% protection against chicken pox.

Star traveller as parents of 3

Today we were ‘star’ ⭐️ traveller – we went 4 different destinations from 10am+ to 3pm+ It is an ‘achievement’ for us with a kid, toddler and infant! 😝

Our first stop is My Dear warehouse at Puchong to get another car seat for Noelle (logistic wise we will need another for my car when she starts school – as hubby will be sending her to school before work and I will be fetching her back home)! That also mean I need to start driving around with three of them. The car seat with the back removable when she grows bigger. After discount, it cost RM190.

Then we went to USJ21 for hubby to settle his stuff. We ate our lunch there too. And for the first time eating at a food court that comes with hawker stalls. Fortunately not many people there – Noelle was ok, sitting down to eat her lunch but Nikki was the difficult one – who didn’t want to sit still. I nursed Norrah in the car while waiting for hubby; so she slept during lunch (I was carrying her on one hand and eating on the other). 

Next we went to Pureen warehouse at PJ. We got them some clothes and fabric detergents. 

Before we went into the warehouse, the two girls had ice cream (‘bribery’) while Norrah was nursed. Norrah slept during my search for clothes (I babywear her) and hubby entertained the two. 

Finally we went to Tropicana Mall to get some things from the supermarket. 
We managed to arrive home before their naptime (though Nikki did nap a little after lunch).

It can be lonely and miserable 

Despite things have been settling quite well, I am at a juncture where life could be ‘lonely and miserable’ – as I slowly losing ‘contact’ with other people -largely because I am so handful lately (even during the nursing hours) – no hands to look for the phone and/or no fingers to type (probably only a thumb to ‘like’ some posts). 
Me time (or teatime/ breakfast when the kids are still asleep) has been brief – running in and out handling one after another (toddler and newborn). 
Many things running in the mind but I couldn’t ‘type’ them; couldn’t be bothered with it until I forget what’s in my mind – becoming more forgetful too!
I know (and hope🤞🏻) this is just a ‘phase’. And it will soon pass!