Giving positive encouragement to kids

Today I was moved to tears..

Not because of Noelle’s performance…(kindie only laaa….😝)

BUT a simple encouragement by parents when one of Noelle’s schoolmate was nervous to perform.

The girl actually cried in the waiting room when she was called to stage. Then her turn was skipped. She was called again when she said she was ready to go. But once on stage and her pianist started playing, she started crying again. Parents who were watching started clapping to the tune to encourage her to sing on stage. She couldn’t. Then the emcee told her to stand on the ground (instead of the stage) to sing. (Her mum was already next to the emcee.) When she started singing, some parents stood up and clapped along. Soon, the teary face turned a smiley face. Right after she finished singing, everyone cheered loudly for her!

It was such a touching moment. If I were the mum, I think I will cry on the spot (at that point, my tear nearly want to drip out🙄 so I pretend flu flu abit😂). A very real situation and genuine encouragement from parents even though not their kids! (I actually turned my head to look at those parents who gave the encouragement; and of course, followed!)

This reminds us to be kind to one another. We are in no competition to see who sings and/or play the piano better! We are here to give confidence to all kids that they could perform in front of a crowd!

No2 turns 2.5 yo

Happy 2.5 yo to our Nikki Jeh Jeh aka Nikki Mei Mei or we fondly call ‘Mei Mei’ up till today! 😘😘

Sometimes I feel you are 4 yo! Speaking so fluently, nagging me day and night. You repeat after us – words, phrases and actions- so often. Though you outbeats your Jeh Jeh in your tantrum, you are much more independent! Your are cheekier, of course! You mimic and annoy your Jeh Jeh (on our behalf)! No one beats your ‘determination’ (aka stubbornness) – sometimes we walk off from you because of your tantrum (even in the mall) – you will NOT move until we pick you up! You are THE one who test our limits (and we officially bought a rotan because of you🙄😝)!

Proudest achievement, still – Unexpextedly, you weaned off your diaper without much accident (so far no wet beds but there are slight incidents on the floor – due mainly of lack of hands from papa/mama and because you stubbornly want to be on the toilet bowl rather than potty)!

Half more year to 3 year old! I know sometimes I ‘unfairly’ treated you like a big kid! I have to remind myself that – You are still a toddler!

This also marks my 5.5 years of breastfeeding! 😁😁

She still tandem nurse on a daily basis, but the frequency reduced a lot especially since she sleep through the night!

Movie Day: Incredibles 2


They thought it is going to be Superpapa but it turns out to be Supermama! Muahahaha 🤣🤣 And in the story, the mama went to ‘work’ and papa became a ‘stay at home dad’! 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂

At the end of the movie, I asked if it is ok that papa ‘stays at home’ and mama goes to work – Noelle said NO without a single thought! But added that it would be best that both of us stayed home! 🙄😝 Hubby, on the other hand, immediately said ‘no’ to being a stay at home dad! 🤣🤣

My big hearted girl

Noelle: Today’s Elijah’s birthday!

Me: 😮😮Oh…did you all sing birthday song for him?

Noelle: Yes! Then he give out presents. I don’t have. 🙄

Me: 😨Why you don’t have?

Noelle: 🤷‍♀️ Cos not enough!

Me: 😮 Then do you feel sad? (Actually I was sad for her🤣)

Noelle: No la, cos others have and they are happy. So I am happy! 😁😁

Me: 😮😮😮

A very selfless answer from our girl! I actually couldn’t believe my ears and so proud her!!

Thank you to my FB friends

The facebook mummy friends that played (and still playing) a role(s) in my mummyhood; mostly known less than five years

In alphabetical order (takde ‘pin sum’):

Apple Siew – the mummy who invited us to her son’s first party though those days were 3567 (invitation was one month in advance) 😂and Nikki’s first play date

Amy Wang – the mummy who gives me gardening advice😆

Bernice Ong Ai Kim – the mummy who always secretly pm me to find out about my well being 😘

Carmen Lee-Tan – the mummy who remembers me (once a year) because of my chicken tofu nugget recipe 🤣

Catherinew Chan – the mummy whom I bought a preloved item from and delivered to my doorstep, the face she showed when met me was like met an idol (though I just was a normal person 😂)

Choy Yee Chew – the mummy who gave me baking advice when I needed most😀

Christina Chong Yan Tien – the mummy of 3 girls whom I am ‘mirroring’ my life now😅

Chieng Siaw Hwa – the mummy who shared a lot about her daily activities with her cutie daughter plus her sharing on Paya Indah Wetlands

Catherine Gettings – the mummy who sold me the replacement breadmaker at a very affordable price😁😁

Dhurga Devi Navindran – the mummy who gave me neem leaves recommendation during my girls’ chicken pox days😘

EY Li – the mummy who gave me the first experience as a play date mum; the one who recommended me Phillips pressure cooker, electrical steamer and Nikki’s gynae 🤣 (she doesn’t make into my less than 5 years friends list actually – once-upon-time classmate)

Elaine CCT – the mummy who allows me to tease her

Fanny Wong – the mummy who organized the fire station visit

Gina Mei-Keng Yong – the mother of breastfeeding

Jay Mj – the mummy who ‘jaypohchee’ with me

Jenny Puah – the mummy who gave us the first book exchange experience

Joanne Lim Khai Weih – the mummy who messaged me whenever there’s cheap diapers on sale (when our kids were still using the same diaper brand)

Joanne Teh – the mummy who printed and sent extra activities sheets for Noelle

Kavitha Balachandran – the mummy who shared how she survived with two young kids (days before Nikki)

Kate Loh and Karen Ang – the mummies who gave me opportunity to hold double/triple play dates

Kim Ing – the mummy who gave us a free food jar to try out with

Lee Hui Min – the mummy who always keep ‘us’ in her heart and mind for hand-me-downs (we definitely made good use of the cloth diapers – which are now handed to Norrah)

Michelle Tai – the mummy who stalks me on the blog and secretly pm me; then I ‘offer’ to be her facebook friend; also gave me the best advice on airing the room – for Norrah’s skin

Nicole Lee – the mummy who breastfeed with me (in the same room and time) as we attempted a whole day play date at her house and tried hard putting the kids to sleep (then only her son and Noelle); now Nikki’s no1 fan! 😂

Nicole Loh – the mummy who allows me to tease her as ‘gigolo’

Nicole Ong – the mummy (who looks like Harry Potter 😝) – we play date with her daughter on the train plus Funtopia (Noelle still remembers THE girl whom she went on the train with)

Phoebe Wong – the mummy who always generously pass us things and even drove all the way to send to us😘

Quinnie Tan – the mummy who always make her way to us even if it is out of her way 😘; treating my girls like her own daughters

Queenie Lew – the mummy who I befriended after sharing a table at Restoran Sun Meng Kee 😆

Rachel KG Ng – the mummy who encourages me to breastfeed during Noelle’s early days

Rachel Ong – the mummy who enjoys sending Christmas presents to my girls on a yearly basis 🙄 and always tags me for informative stuff to do with my kids

Rachel Tham – the mummy who taught me how to store my grains longer plus all her cooking tips 😀

Rachael Kwacz – the kakacaucau mummy who drove all the way to our guard house to drop us some coconuts 🤣; shocked my hubby once when we bumped into each other

Samantha Loke – the mummy who gave me the precious advice on stopping steroid during Noelle’s bad skin days😘, her yogurts plus the Pot-Kettle relationship 🤣

Sheryl Chan – the mummy who gave us her homemade pasta to try😘

Vanessa Lau – the mummy who made me the admin of a facebook group (which I now turned a lazy admin); and made her way to visit us from Penang 😀

Vennzi Foo – the mummy of Noelle’s favourite play date 😀

Vernice Tan – the ‘kns’ mummy who dare to ‘kns’ me (seriously, I only dare to kns her beside kns-ing my hubby😂), gave a lot of pretty dresses to Nikki (now hand down to Norrah), came all the way from Singapore to visit us last year😝

Wong Yen Li – the mummy who took her whole family (hubby, mother, sister

🤭) to wait for our play date to end 😂

With this, I acknowledge that my life as a stay at home mum is definitely not lonely and not without friends! In fact, I have more friends now compared to when I was working!

We don’t always chat (personally) as we have our own commitments – but this status is to show gratitude to my Facebook friends!

**sorryif I missed ‘you’ out 😂😝

KLCC Popular Bookfest 2018

Train ride to the KLCC Popular Bookfest 2018

Noelle has been talking about train ride since we came back from Hong Kong! And since we wanted to go to the Popular Bookfest in KLCC – we took the train (nothing better to do to ‘torture’ ourselves 🙄🤣 – but this is NOTHING compared to Hong Kong – hubby says ‘wet wet water’🤣)!

From our home to KLCC to book fair and back again home, it took us about 5 hours (on foot and train)! We didn’t play with the idea of bringing them to the KLCC outdoor playground! 😝 We asked Noelle if the train ride in Malaysia or Hong Kong nicer; she chose ‘Hong Kong’ and the reason given was hilarious ‘because Hong Kong train (priority) seats have smiley face’! 🤣

Generally, this year round’s Bookfest- the varieties and bargains are good (for those books we want; not sure about ‘your’ choices!) Hubby bought biographies, self motivation and investment books. I bought parenting books! And the kids get their Peppa Pig, My little ponies and some activity books!

Before and after hair cut 😆😆

After the hair cut, as usual we will drop by at McDonald’s playground. There is a twin slide there. Both Noelle and Nikki were going down at the same time. Then came a girl (guess about same age as Nikki – judging from the size) who went on the opposite direction of Nikki and trying to push Nikki away. Nikki didn’t retaliate back. I called out from far. Instead of pushing the girl away, Noelle actually pulled Nikki to her side! ✌🏻

Smart move by Noelle! I am proud because they didn’t gang up and be a ‘bully’.