When everyone’s day at my stake

Noelle: I want mama….😔😔😔😔 (as she was about to go school with papa)

Instead of me saying to her ‘what happened?’

I looked at hubby

Me: 😒😒😒What did you do to her?

Hubby: 😑😑😑😑

– Noelle wants me to send her to school-

This started since last week. We actually talked to her and persuaded her enough yesterday night. She even agreed that papa will send her to school. She made a last minute u turn to her decision this morning.

Everyone’s day at my stake! 🙄 if I force her to go with hubby, she would probably cries and make myself worry. Papa will have a bad time dealing with this and maybe run late to work!

So, I agree to send her to school. Nikki is ever ready to go! And so we went! (Nikki in pyjamas while I just change my pants, grabbing Nikki’s breakfast along)

End result – Noelle left the car to school with a happy face and mama with a peace in mind. Papa didn’t have to be late for work – and luckily he did went off himself as he had last minute meeting to attend! Nikki gets to go for car ride. Norrah soothes herself to sleep as we drive home.

Guess I have an additional task and new routine on the weekday now!!

Ear infection again?

Play die me….

….since midnight. Nikki and Norrah taking turns to wake up for nursing. Then Noelle screaming in pain. Initially thought her tooth ache, but after giving her ice water, she realized is her ear drums again (but the left side this time). I gave her ibuprofen to soothe her. She slept back and woke again later to go to loo. Then she wanted mama to hug and Nikki wanted mama also- switched bed again!Ding dong I think I woke up more than 10 times yesterday.

She was ready to go school. But before hubby going off with her, she suddenly says she wants mama plus showing signs that her ear drum is pain again (at one point she even scared me off when she says she can’t hear me). I told her I will send her to paed at 9 am and drop her off to school if she is ok. Then I hurriedly shower myself and Nikki (Norrah was showered already). Noelle suddenly says she want to poo😰. She pooed while I get ready whatever we needed including snacks in car. After that we left for the paed. The paed only arrived at 930,examined her – lungs clear, no fever, no sore throat but only normal runny nose. He wanted to look at the left ear drum but was blocked by ear wax. He thought of digging it out (in the pic) but the ear wax was stuck onto the ear drums. Noelle screamed out and then cried on the point the paed stopped digging. He diagnosed it as ear infection and prescribed antibiotic. I fed Noelle the medication there itself as she still wanted to go school.

She did continue her baby/pity cry as we walked to the car. I calmed her by patting her back and hugging her. Nikki acted maturely by helping me carry the bottle of medication. It was still jam as we drove to her school. Noelle made a fuss that I forgotten to pass her a hanky. She wanted me to drive home to pick a hanky before driving her to school!😒it was a clear no and if I were to drive home then she won’t be going school today. I even suggested to her to take Norrah’s bib! 🙄She continued fussing around and I suddenly remembered that I did pack a hanky in her extra set of clothes to school. Thank God I did! So I dropped her to school where she looks very normal. I also informed the teacher about her ear drum pain! (Hubby actually called up the principal that Noelle will be entering school later than usual)

After this round of recovery, guess we need to bring her see a proper ear specialist!

Be your kids’ buddies

Kids suicide cases nowadays scared me! Really! I even told my hubby few days ago!

The important message here is to be buddies with your kids –

“Talk to your kids about why they need to come to you if something is wrong. I talk to our kids about all of this, and they know that I would do anything to help them. I say it daily… “If you are ever feeling sad or left out about something and it becomes too big for you to handle easily, come to me.” <full article>

I can actually sense something not too right whenever Noelle says ‘I Duno’ when she previously could have said something else or gave me an affirmation ‘no or yes’! It happened last week – I manage to pursued her to tell me by saying ‘I trust you with taking care of Norrah and I hope you trust mama too!’ Soon, she just told me ‘what happened’ (not exposing what it is about because it is a ‘secret’ for us). But I am glad she trusted me (for now)…

And sometime ago some mummies relate to me how her kid was being accused by an adult; her instinct says trust her kid before blaming the kid – just because an (elderly) adult is telling her something else! That has inspired me to put faith in my girls! Always let the kids to give their explanation. This gives them faith in us! Respect the kid as much we want to be respected!

Our activity continues despite her going to school – loomband bracelet

Video <here>

Goodbye January 2018

Rainbow umbrellas

Today is the last day of January 2018. We have been going on a good track so far this month!

To me, my daily success is having to put them on nap simultaneously on school days beside putting meals on the table and chilling with them while hubby’s at work. I can testify that we have stabilized into our new routine.

Noelle has been doing ‘good’ in school so far – as in we no longer have to ‘pray’ in the morning that she will be in jolly mood while leaving home (that’s a lot of relief on me). She comes home excitedly almost everyday and naturally bring her reading books to revise with me! The teachers did play an important role in setting her mindset – carefully reminding her that Christmas, birthday and New Year is over.

After the last round of reward for not crying/whining in the morning, we could take away the ‘reward’ system altogether. We told Noelle we have bigger goals in the near future that is to go on holiday – so that means we need to stop buying toys in order to save money for holiday. With the goal in mind, Noelle occasionally reminds Nikki that ‘Mei Mei, no more buying toys ok? We need to save money!’ Nevertheless, she still throws a big tantrum on certain little things when she’s around with us (especially when hubby’s around 🙄)

Nikki’s daily mission is to ‘fetch Jeh Jeh’. She even says that when Noelle is next to her! 🤣 Though she can sit along side me while I work, my companion & joker and picking up a lot of things that we taught her, she has been occasionally on her crying spell! 😑

No need to mention about Norrah – she’s the darling of the month! 😝

Hope this marks a good start to 2018!

P/s: The project giveaway and keeping things organised plus optimizing space have kept me going and inspiring myself – despite the ‘mundane’ daily routine! But this week we are taking a break from it!

Our selective giveaways this week

1. Cookie Monster – this was a ‘hand me down’ toy which unfortunately our girls don’t enjoy Sesame Street; so we decided to pass it on! And to my surprise, there are really many Cookie Monster’s fans – this was reserved and taken away within 2 hours of my posting (on a weekday)!

2. We also gave away two porcelain dolls to a lady collector! These dolls hailed from France – I think; really unfortunate that we don’t know how to appreciate them! The lady collected from us this morning. We actually went down our condo to pass it to her – and Noelle passed it to the lady saying ‘these are for you!’

3. Panasonic wireless phone – I think we got this years back from subscription to unifi! We don’t use a landline at home. The lady who collected it from us (She says that she is replacing her malfunctioned phone with this) actually gave us oranges in return! 😊😊 We certainly didn’t expect this!

4. I gave away one good quality maternity panty to an expecting friend. We had it posted via snail mail yesterday!

Love grows by giving. Our girls are really learning to give without expecting! I remember those days when Noelle was so ‘protective’ of our things that she will say ‘no’ to our ‘giving away’ to anyone. Today Noelle and Nikki are cool about giving away! At times, they will ask ‘who’s this for?’; ‘where’s the people?’ (When I tell them the person that collected the giveaways left); ‘are you giving away this to Aunty?’ and even ‘what’s her name?’ (Referring to the person who came).

And we don’t really bother about how these ‘strangers’ will make use of our giveaways. Even if they cash out, it is their choice – making use of the resources available to them. Again, we have a choice to preloved them – but it might be too tedious for me to handle at this moment. I love being stress free from handling other things (I have enough stress from my three girls! 🙄)

Little things that make me smile

Drown with daily routines, I could appear grumpy especially during the day. At times, I snubbed my hubby- because I can’t deny that I feel so ‘stuck’ with the routine (it is like no ending) yet he has the ‘flexibility’ to do his stuff- that everything he says annoy me! 🙄🙄🙄

When it is the kids’ birthday and Christmas, only the kids get gift! I do grumbled ‘not like last time!’ as I am no longer the priority but feel like a ‘slave’. 😢😢😢

Today the door bell rung and someone was at the door to deliver a bouquet of flower! Before opening the door, my mind thinking which ‘lesbo’….or maybe, probably, could be hubby?

Yes, it is from my hubby and my first message to him ‘got prawn behind the stone ah?’ 😝😝😝

Not easy to please me hor?

Ok la…today I feel appreciated !

Thank you lao gong! 😘

but the flowers no longer mine especially after our eldest return home!

Our monthly ‘date’ – 5th month check up at Klinik Kesihatan

2 more days to 5 month old; today she weighs 6.8kg (officially no longer the smallest baby of 3; Noelle was 6.6kg at 6 mo)

Klinik Kesihatan changed their system slightly. We no longer press and clip our numbers but stack the book. Of course, my eye “look look and see see” if anyone cut queue by stacking the books earlier!😝 Ok la, fair…no one dare to! I got number 2 from our area code! But the calling system 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ doesn’t take into account who comes first. They followed area codes – so 2 and 5 series get the calling first before 7 series!

I ‘impatiently waited patiently’! We no longer see the nurse in the room but near the weighing area! Then we waited a while in front of the immunization room. The nurse sent us to the dr today after seeing Norrah’s bed bugs bites (again)! Dr diagnose as ‘allergy to environment’ 🙄🙄 -no medication require!

It was a longer wait compared to previous months despite getting number 2! Can’t wait the end of monthly visit – which is next month. We will have a half year break then!

This time they have put more seats outside (but still cramp). And they put sign that strollers not allowed into the weighing area (which is great as people seem to crowd up the area despite not their turn). Actually we do see familiar faces on monthly basis – cos we are given the same one month dates!

Hubby woke, got ready and sent Noelle to school together with Nikki. He ain’t taking off -and I arrived home just in time for him to go to work! Nikki was crying when I arrived her – calm her down by nursing her. Then both Norrah and Nikki took turn to bath! Now putting Norrah to nap while Nikki is in the living room ‘playing’ herself! We gonna have early lunch after this!