Ezibox at Pos Malaysia

A Santa mama sent Noelle and Nikki birthday presents via pos laju. However, as usual, the post man didn’t make any effort to come up to our unit – despite us being in the house 24 hours! 

Then we received a SMS telling us that we have a parcel and we should collect it at EziBox@ PO Kelana Jaya; it comes with the parcel number and PIN number! We didn’t know how it works until I was there personally! I received another reminder notification next morning!

My first experience – it is automated; just like a safe deposit and it operates 24 hours. I just followed the instructions on the screen – and there we go our parcel!
Thank you Santa mama for the presents!

Never park at the yellow lines when visiting White Perfect Dental Surgery at Taman Connaught

During hubby’s last visit to the dentist – White Perfect Dental Surgery at Taman Connaught on a Friday lunch time, he had problem looking for car park. Hence, he parked by the road side – yellow line – just next to the Esso petrol station. As a result, he was given a summon.


Well, my advice will be – if there is no parking, since there is the university college located at the same area, walk further – by parking your car at the Giant parking compound. It costs around RM1, if I am not mistaken, which is better than having to pay a RM150 summon.

Travel insurance from einsuran.com

About three to four weeks before we went Hong Kong, we actually contacted einsuran.com’s owner, Mr Loi for travel insurance. He told us that he no longer offer travel insurance to the public because most travellers already bought it from their travel agents.  He also mentioned that airliners are offering travel insurance when you purchased the ticket from them. Nevertheless, he told us that if we are interested, he can still help us process it. He enclosed us the documents related to the travel insurance.


Without much hesitation, we filled up the form and scan it to him. The premium is RM 65 for two persons travelling five days. Despite a very low premium (meaning a very low commission), Mr Loi made every effort to ensure that the coverage takes effect. This includes having to go forth to the insurance company (on the same time he does his business) and emailing me to ensure details are accurate. All these were completed in 13 working days.


I still think it is an easy choice to do this online. For a little premium, we get coverage for lost of baggage, flight delays, personal accident during the trip and etc, though we don’t wish it would happen. I really salute Mr Loi’s effort and patience for making sure that the policy went through.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Another change of ownership was needed for Tenaga Nasional’s bill after we get hold of our keys. We were told by the seller’s lawyer that the seller has not terminate the billing to ensure that there will be continuing supply of electricity to our unit and terminating the bill will lead to a longer period for reinstallation. So, what we needed to do is to change the ownership of the bill. We were also told that we do not have to bother about the outstanding electricity bill under the name of the owner, as it would be deducted from their deposit placed with TNB (given that the bill amount was less than the deposit).


We read that we need to go to the nearest Kedai Tenaga with some prepared documents, which include stamp duty (RM 10 x 2), deposit (RM 280), photocopied of the sales and purchase agreement, photocopied of identity card and previous TNB bill. The nearest Kedai Tenaga is the one located at PJ New Town. When our queue arrived, we were given a form to fill up and handled all the documents to the officer. In addition to the deposit of RM 280, we were also charged a RM3 processing fee (which I think it should have been waived). The officer told us that we can see the change in the next billing, which it did appear as expected.


It was an easy process, given that we have the available information, i.e. the documents to prepare. There wasn’t any hiccup in the process. I would say “thumbs up” for this except for the RM 3 processing fee.

Indah Water Konsortium

After the completion of the sales and purchase of our property, we needed to make the change of ownership for the billing on Indah Water Konsortium. I called up their customer service line to check with them. I was told to fax in the previous owner’s latest bill and the new sales and purchase agreement (few pages). I was given a report number for the call. So, on the next day, I did as told (March 25, 2010) with the report number written on the few pages. Within two weeks, we received the official letter from Indah Water Konsortium, which states that the change of ownership has been completed. The change was free. We were amazed by the speed of the change. Also, they handled the call well.

Car insurance renewal via einsuran.com

I got to know about einsuran.com through my work. So, I actually know the person who set up the website (Mr Loi). So, last year (2010), I decided to renew my car insurance online. First, I can get a slight discount (10%) since it is an online purchase. Second, I didn’t like the previous insurance agent, as basically I submit the case myself and she gets the free commission. Third, my car insurance coverage is low since it is an old car and I also feel embarrassed to demand an agent to come and see me for the renewal.


So, basically, I have to click on the “car insurance”, where I then need to fill up the necessary information (around mid July 2010). After submitting the information, an auto email respond was sent to my email account saying that the owner of the website will respond to me. His contact information was also given in the email. I did not get to hear from him for one or two days. So, I decided to sms him to inform him that I have submitted my car insurance application (he said he was busy and missed out). A day later, I received an email informing me that my premium is RM 268.60 and the amount I needed to pay after discount was RM 243. I was given the option to fill up the credit card form (which I need to fax to Mr Loi) or transfer to Mr Loi’s personal Maybank account. I choose the latter, given that I know him personally. If I didn’t know him, it was only then I will get to know that my car insurance was under Allianz (unless if I also read his “Contact us” information). Less than an hour later, I received an email again saying that my e-cover was ready, and thus I can renew my roadtax. This was my first encounter with einsuran.com.


To me, it was much speedier and convenient for me, as I do not have to drive to the insurance company, park my car, queue up in the line, pay for parking and basically have to wait few days before I know my insurance cover is ready (in 2009, I got caught in the situation where I have to visit the post office twice to renew my roadtax because of the inefficiency of the insurance agency -Prudential in Damansara Intan). I saved on the cost of travelling and get back a slight rebate (RM 25.60).


This year (2011), in early July, I received a sms from Loi, which acts out as a reminder on whether I would like to renew my car insurance. I responded “yes” to the sms and I was then sent the e-cover. This time round my car insurance premium was RM 255.15 while the after rebate premium was RM 230.65 (a saving of RM 24.50). I proceeded by paying through Maybank and got the e-cover within one working day.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service. I also like his follow up. His reminder this year was earlier than expected.  In fact, there was once last year when my car was hit by another car. I even called Loi to ask for his advice, which he did responded and explained the usual process.  Yes, I would possibly continue the renewal of my car insurance in future years and also contemplating of getting the travel insurance from this website.