Redemption voucher from Heromarket

What a ‘pleasant’ surprise this morning – when I was paying my groceries bill and was told that my membership expired! I do know that I have accumulated a lot of points – which I thought could be exchanged for membership renewal, only to be told that this wasn’t possible. So, I paid RM10 for my one year membership, after which I told the cashier that I would wish to redeem the points for paying groceries today! I was summoned to the customer service desk while the cashier holds on to my groceries payment (fortunately at early hours, not many customers are paying yet)!

So there we go, I redeemed RM60 in exchange for RM10 membership fee. And today I just paid 65 sen for my groceries! 

‘Cheap’ good doesn’t mean ‘no/poor’ quality

Our RM20 dinner for 4!

I bought this pomfret for less than RM9 at Hero supermarket (it was going out at 50% to clear stock). It still does look fresh and doesn’t have fishy smell! And so, I cooked it tonight! With the oil, onion, ginger and dash of liquid aminos (or soy sauce replacement), the fish dish could be RM9.50 in total. 

I also bought this chicken thigh for about RM3.50. With some red dates, Angelica root, barley, wolfeberries and dash of sesame oil, the steamed chicken could be around RM4.

The long beans dish inspired by my dearest friend Apple Siew this week – and I was happy to find this homemade preserved radish in the market this morning – with tofu and some peanuts, it could probably be RM4.50.
Basmati rice and some leftover beetroot soup (not in pic) could cost RM2! 
So, total comes to RM20 (approximately)! 
I have not done such calculation for some time (reminiscing those days when I used to do so). 
Why do I calculate today? I want to remind ‘some people’ that ‘cheap’ things can be of quality (for example: homecooked meals) too! 
Yes, I do buy ‘cheap’ goods (be it food or books or clothes) – but I actually look for bargain buys and this does not mean no quality. 
And having money does not buy you ‘class’ if one has the attitude of putting down others, intentionally or not! (Sadly, many a times these people come distinguished themselves as ‘family’). To people born with the silver spoon in their mouth, just a reminder that others who have worked hard for a living and spending frugally have more pride in life than you. 
Sorry panjang lebar- I shall rest my case to have a peaceful evening with my family! ☺️☺️

Instant cash back at Hero market 

Being a member of a Hero Market, we can collect our voucher books on a quarterly or two monthly basis! And it does help us save a lot! In fact, the vouchers are on daily essentials such as vegetables, shampoo, toilet paper and dish wash detergent! Certain things like scones and coffee were also given out free!

While it may be charging its members a RM10 per annum membership fee starting next year, I think the benefits overwhelm the cost. Hopefully it maintains the same benefits next year.

The instance cash back we gotten today – from


More than RM50 instant cash back and putting in mind that I only choose the selected goods! 

A day out to the bank and Funtopia 

A very last minute decision to go to the bank! I was ‘ready’ to go when both of them still asleep!😪😪 So I woke Noelle up by telling her the ‘plan’ (Funtopia wasn’t in the initial plan though) – she was more excited to ‘get out’ of the house!
So we went to the bank to do a transaction – luckily it was fast enough to contain a kid and a baby – this was without given any priority counter! Then I asked Noelle to choose between going to RT pastry for cakes or supermarket for cheese buns! She choose supermarket but as we walk towards there – she requested to go to the playground. I made her promise that she will behave properly – that is no bullying around. She promised and so we went.
For an hour play, it cost RM10 (Nikki’s free) for the rather small space (as in compared to Molly Fantasy). But it was ‘big’ enough since no one was there. A boy did came for a moment (Noelle even invited him to play) before he joined his elder siblings at the other section. Nikki was having a good time exploring too. When it was almost time, Nikko started to cling – indicating she wants milk/nap! So I went out with Nikki and told Noelle to go few more rounds before times up! 
Noelle obliged to get out of the playland and so we went to the supermarket. She wanted her cheese bun and told me she wanted to sit in the trolley to eat while I shop for some groceries (that also mean I have to ‘starve’ myself till we reach home 😅 never mind as long as I get peace). She also requested for coconut and yogurt (which she said that she will eat after we return home). After the quick buy, we walked back to the train station (which by then Nikki napped) and Noelle choose to go for a longer ride (as usual). She was particularly happy that she saw a ‘friend’ (meaning someone of her size 😂) and for the first time she was allowed to get to see the direction of the train from the front panel (as the little girl was doing so; I permitted her). Noelle was mimicking the girl the whole time. And she was asking ‘why’ non stop!😪 till the lady beside us couldn’t contain her laughter! We went down few stations before her ‘friend’ and went to the other direction to get back home. 
Today’s day out is rather peaceful – without much frustration – just that mama was dying of hunger and thirst (thankfully the promoter at the supermarket offered me his sample orange juice 😂) plus I wanted to pee!
One of the lessons for Noelle today at the train station (on our way to the bank) was helping the blindman. The man was with his walking stick and sort of directionless. With Noelle by my side, I led the man to the escalator. I didn’t know that this has a big impact to Noelle until she kept mentioning ‘mama helped friend to the stairs (which she meant escalator)’ as we walked by home!

Perpustakaan Komuniti MBPJ

Granted her wish to visit the ‘library’! (Thanks to My Little Pony cartoon🙄) Admission is free. We haven’t try borrowing yet! 
We are actually impressed with the varieties of books there….really! 😊
She had fun flipping books and saying out ‘words’ loud in the children section! 🙄 Then, at adult section, she was ‘running around’ in between the book shelves 😪😓! We have to constantly remind her to be silent (as she is in her usual loud mode)! 😓

At the end, she says ‘library is boring!’ 😅😅😅
But we will surely return one day! 😊

Pervert on the run?

We were in Popular Bookstore at Paradigm Mall (about 9pm 18.11.16). Hubby was looking at books and it was my turn to look after Noelle while babywearing Nikki. While I was looking at Noelle, Nikki wanted to be breastfed. So I just breastfed her as usual in the carrier. 
Then this man (the one in red shirt) was peeping from far. I did notice him for a while and thought maybe ‘I think too much’. He was wandering at the kids books section – we actually exchanged glances few times. I tried covering as much as possible while Nikki was breastfeeding. Since Noelle was sitting at a spot and ain’t moving, I tried making moves around Noelle and saw him continue to peep on me/us. 
Next he went one round – as in walking over to the stationary section and then came back to the kids section – this time with his mobile phone on his hand. Instantly, I thought to myself if he was about to snap photos of me breastfeeding Nikki. I stared at him again and he saw me staring at him – so he moved away.
By then, Noelle decided to change spot and we moved further into the kids book section (right where this photo was taken). He came and peep at us again! This time I took out my phone and took this photo. He saw me taking this photo. Right after that, he just walked out of Popular!😒
Whatever his intention to peep on me/my boobs/my kids – just a reminder to all – be careful of your surroundings wherever you are!
Good night!