Vegetables from Shopee Supermarket

Before I went to sleep on Wednesday, I ordered from Shopee Supermarket (just in case I am down after vaccine). 🤣 So it came this morning just pass 8am. I thought it will come after lunch time like previously. In fact, the delivery man just left it at the lobby for collection (which is my preference 😂😂).

It actually saves alot of my time – probably half of my grocery shopping time (even though I couldn’t choose as I wish), but it creates a lot of plastic waste. 🤭🤣 I can only get vegetables only. Good enough, though (I still have meat in freezer).

So after the booster, I only had sore arm. The difference this time around – I couldn’t sleep on the first night! I had hard time trying to sleep and staying asleep. 🥲 But all is good on the second night. I slept like a log! 🤣🤣 I still could cook and wash like normal on the second day; plus brought them swimming (only they swam).

Yesterday I was rushing them to sleep. So after I came out from the toilet, I switched off the lights.

Me: Stop reading. Put away your book. Sleep now. (In hurry mode)
Noelle: Oh no….🙄🙄🙄
Me: 😒😒😒
Nikki: Oh no, mummy CRANKY already….faster …


And I saw Nikki whispering to Noelle ‘mummy got cranky because she just had her vaccine.’


Zumba morning

Last week, Noelle just stood there watching us. And when we got home, I ‘lectured’ her – “instead of sulking face, why not join in the fun? You didn’t even want to try and how do you know if you are going to like it? The reality is no one of us will stop just because you are unhappy!”

She ‘got’ the message. Today she participated and happier to see her classmate, Alicia came. She even invited Alicia to the stage to Zumba with the instructor. I asked her ‘wasn’t it fun?’ And she nodded.

We brought along Nikki who eagerly wanted to follow – but she was like Noelle’s last week 🙄🙄 stood there and watching us; plus having fun with the jeh jeh – when she followed Noelle on the stage!

I myself had a great workout too; but slightly lose focus because Nikki was around.

Something really touched me – a mum came with the baby who she put on a stroller. But the baby cried. The PIBG committee actually volunteered to help her carry her baby while she continues Zumba. 🥰

First self care of 2019

#throwback last Saturday morning

I officially went for AN hour exercise (since Noelle, 6 years +) and it was my FIRST zumba. The session was held at Noelle’s school and organised by its PIBG to raise school funds (just RM12 per adult for the session, kids are free).

Noelle was initially excited to go; but disappointed because she didn’t see any of her friends. I didn’t bother about her – she stood there for an hour watching us. I had a great work out – though I didn’t know what I was doing! 🙄🤣

Keeping Chinese parsley or daun ketumbar fresh v2

I buy Chinese parsley or daun ketumbar in big ‘bulk’ at times (usually weekend) because I soak my eldest’s eczema feet with boiled parsley water (to reduce her itch).

But I have learnt the best way to keep them fresh all week is to cut its root off and half them, store them in a large container. (I used to wrap its root with wet towels and cover the leaves with plastic bag – it lasted only 3-4 days) This way is even more environmental friendly as I do away with plastics and tissues.

These leaves are day 6, just enough before I get to the market to get another batch! 😁😁

Cracked and shattered

It was another ‘marathon’ day! I was supposed to get to the market in the early morning (usually done in 30 min) to get fruits – but when I get down to our car, I thought ‘did it rain yesterday?’ as the back windshield appeared to be ‘wet’ (it was actually cracked)! I just entered the car and before I switch on engine, close the front door – and I heard the shattered sound! 😱😱😱
I quickly came down to look – the back windshield was basically shattered. Speechless, really. Quickly took a photo of it and ran back home to tell my hubby – I was still speechless when I saw him (while he thought the car ran out of battery) – I was wordless but just have to show him the photo I took! 
Etc, etc….he was then busy calling his usual mechanic and the auto insurance – while I busy prepare the kids (as Noelle has music class and we were good to attend hubby’s company family day). We need to send (and bring back) the car to fix TODAY as most mechanics (not to mention authorized panels only) will be close on Sunday! So, it was pretty mad rush! We could only catch a breather after Noelle went into her class! 
Then we ate lunch nearby before going to the family day. And managed to collect the car after the carnival! 
Yes, we were ‘bad luck’ again! Still clueless on why it cracked – many possibilities- on purpose or accidental – and out of the whole lot of cars, only ours! Whatever it is – no prove, ‘blame’ also no use! Just fortunately – it was noticed on a non public holiday Saturday when mechanics still open (or else the car will be left ‘open’). 
It cost RM380 for the repair – but it will be a ‘pay and claim’ policy (just need to reconfirm again with the insurer that it covers the back windscreen – which the authorized panel mechanic says it usually does). 
We could have avoided the ‘marathon’ – if we choose to forgo either music class or/and family day – but surely the kids (especially Noelle) will be disappointed – as the plan was told to her (we usually tell her our plans for the next day before she sleeps). We told her we are going to another ‘funfair’ (she has been mesmerizing the funfair organized by Sunway Serene months back).
Anyway, after all the marathon – we told ourselves – it would be a ‘memory’ that would be told to the kids when they grow up (and they will be 🙄🙄🙄 ‘oh gawd, not again !🤦🏻‍♀️) in the future! Also probably, ‘life is too mundane/routine’ on a daily basis and thus we were given some ‘excitement’ on the weekend! 🤣 
And because of this, we still have the chores to do tomorrow – grocery shopping, etc ! Plus we miss our night out today!

Fried prawns 

Happiness is running out to the supermarket alone to get some prawns to make this prawn wantan! ✌🏻
Actually this is my third time after my third baby is born – that I drove out alone early in the morning to get some stuff! And since my youngest just direct latch and I don’t pump, it was super duper fast ‘shopping’.
I think prawns are expensive – actually I bought just 300g and cost approximately RM11; used half of them – I cut each prawn into half and marinated with sesame oil, liquid aminos (can replace by soy sauce), bkh angel oyster sauce and pepper for about 20 minutes. One pack of wantan skin is about RM2.50 and I just used a quarter pack. 
End up this is less than RM10 (including oil for frying). I don’t think we can get this amount for the price! (Usually we order ala carte fried wantan outside RM5 only has 5 or 6 pieces)
Happy Sunday!

Redemption voucher from Heromarket

What a ‘pleasant’ surprise this morning – when I was paying my groceries bill and was told that my membership expired! I do know that I have accumulated a lot of points – which I thought could be exchanged for membership renewal, only to be told that this wasn’t possible. So, I paid RM10 for my one year membership, after which I told the cashier that I would wish to redeem the points for paying groceries today! I was summoned to the customer service desk while the cashier holds on to my groceries payment (fortunately at early hours, not many customers are paying yet)!

So there we go, I redeemed RM60 in exchange for RM10 membership fee. And today I just paid 65 sen for my groceries! 

‘Cheap’ good doesn’t mean ‘no/poor’ quality

Our RM20 dinner for 4!

I bought this pomfret for less than RM9 at Hero supermarket (it was going out at 50% to clear stock). It still does look fresh and doesn’t have fishy smell! And so, I cooked it tonight! With the oil, onion, ginger and dash of liquid aminos (or soy sauce replacement), the fish dish could be RM9.50 in total. 

I also bought this chicken thigh for about RM3.50. With some red dates, Angelica root, barley, wolfeberries and dash of sesame oil, the steamed chicken could be around RM4.

The long beans dish inspired by my dearest friend Apple Siew this week – and I was happy to find this homemade preserved radish in the market this morning – with tofu and some peanuts, it could probably be RM4.50.
Basmati rice and some leftover beetroot soup (not in pic) could cost RM2! 
So, total comes to RM20 (approximately)! 
I have not done such calculation for some time (reminiscing those days when I used to do so). 
Why do I calculate today? I want to remind ‘some people’ that ‘cheap’ things can be of quality (for example: homecooked meals) too! 
Yes, I do buy ‘cheap’ goods (be it food or books or clothes) – but I actually look for bargain buys and this does not mean no quality. 
And having money does not buy you ‘class’ if one has the attitude of putting down others, intentionally or not! (Sadly, many a times these people come distinguished themselves as ‘family’). To people born with the silver spoon in their mouth, just a reminder that others who have worked hard for a living and spending frugally have more pride in life than you. 
Sorry panjang lebar- I shall rest my case to have a peaceful evening with my family! ☺️☺️

Instant cash back at Hero market 

Being a member of a Hero Market, we can collect our voucher books on a quarterly or two monthly basis! And it does help us save a lot! In fact, the vouchers are on daily essentials such as vegetables, shampoo, toilet paper and dish wash detergent! Certain things like scones and coffee were also given out free!

While it may be charging its members a RM10 per annum membership fee starting next year, I think the benefits overwhelm the cost. Hopefully it maintains the same benefits next year.

The instance cash back we gotten today – from


More than RM50 instant cash back and putting in mind that I only choose the selected goods!