3d2n Cherating trip – 2017 year end and Norrah’s first road trip

We planned this trip about 1-2 months ago. We didn’t really check on the weather and then we saw news about heavy rain and flooding. Fortunately, the weather was great when we were there 3d2n!

We stayed in Residence Inn. It is newly refurbished and we happened to stayed in their new building. Everything was pretty clean and new! So, we had a pleasant stay! We all slept in a king sized bed (everyone fits in one!)

Our stay comes with breakfast and the breakfast came with authentic Malay cuisine like nasi kerabu (on first breakfast) and nasi lemak (on second breakfast). The fried chicken and rendang chicken on the different days were so good! They serve the other food like porridge, bread, cereals and fruits!

Other than that, nothing really special – no kid play room or whatsoever! And it is not any near to any food outlet. It is 5 minutes walk from the beach!

Day 1

Our first stop – Hai Peng Kopitiam at Kuantan for lunch – not much choice on the menu but food is served efficiently!

We couldn’t check in yet; so we dropped by at the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary – just a small exhibition maintained by the government! Entry is free.

After checking in, they didn’t want to nap; so we rested a while before swimming at the hotel’s swimming pool!

Dinner was at Restoran Ah Low (guess the only Chinese restaurant in Cherating). Food was poor and service was slow (price average) -but no choice.

Since it is located by the beach, so we enjoyed the cool breeze before heading back to hotel to call it a day!

Day 2

We spent the whole morning at the beach, which was 5 minutes walk from our hotel. Despite playing for more than an hour, Noelle threw a big tantrum πŸ™„ when we left! Because of that, we decided not to return to the beach!

We drove to Kemamam for lunch only to realise almost all shops/ restaurants/ supermarkets and even a mall were close because it was a Friday -plus their weekend is Friday and Saturday! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Fortunately, we spotted a Chinese Western cafe – so we had our lunch there! No pork served!

Our evening was spent in the hotel pool before driving out to eat. We decided to get back to the only Chinese restaurant there – but decided to leave as no one entertain us despite Noelle finished her pasta there! We went to a Malay restaurant called D’Cherating located in front of Legend Resort. We called it a day after that!

Day 3 also makes the end of our ‘holiday’

We spent our last half day in the hotel before checking out. We stopped by at Hai Peng kopitiam in Kuantan again for lunch. We actually wanted to try the other noodle shop next to the kopitiam but Noelle wanted to eat the kaya bread! πŸ™„

The journey back was ‘tough’ – Norrah was crying a lot and we had to make a pit stop to calm her down! Thereafter, I have to nurse her most of our journey back – thanks to my ‘big’ boobs and ‘flexible’ body πŸ™„ she was nursed while strapped in her baby car seat! (But the other boob became engorgedπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ) Then the other two kids took turn to cry! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I wished I was driving instead! 😫

More drama when we arrived home…but all in all, everything has settled. Quickly cooked soup for them (eat with plain rice – as requested) and maggi for hubby and I; finally Norrah slept at 7pm!

Once again, we travel with our faithful Inayou Cooker!😊

Luckily we did; cos really nothing (much) suitable for them to eat!

Our staycation at Main Place USJ21

Since the arrival of baby Norrah, life has been very routine! We do need a break! While we dream to get away from home, our duties never end during holidays! I have been thinking – how wonderful if our getaway home comes with a kitchen and basic cooking equipments! It would be perfect if it is located near to a supermarket, where we could source fresh goods!

We decided to try on our first Airbnb- our staycation at Main Place USJ21! First of all, we choose Main Place because of its location (not too far from our home) and its facilities! It is strategically located above a shopping mall – which means that I don’t have to bother packing groceries – to cook for the girls. This definitely reduces our luggage weight and the unnecessary worry that our little ones would not be fed well during our short stay.

With young kids, we wish our stay over is spacious enough for our kid(s) to explore. On the unit we choose for the 2d1n, it not only has a stylish living room (which our 5 year old gave a big ‘wow’ on arrival); but also ‘child friendly’ – since it still has ample space for the kids to run about.

In short, during the short stay, I could whip up a meal in the well-equipped kitchen while the kids (and hubby) unwind within the living hall with their in-house entertainment (Astro)!

Besides the condo’s own facilities such as swimming pool and playground for the kids, there’s also a mini entertainment outlet in the mall, i.e. Molly fantasy for my girls to play in. For those not into cooking, there are food outlets in the mall too – in fact, hubby and I did pack some food up and ate comfortably in our ‘homestay’!

What I was more excited is it comes not only with a washing machine but also a dryer! I could quickly do my laundry before returning home!

Overall, the unit we stayed at is cosy, clean and has good lighting!<https://abnb.me/EVmg/nK5yVjDKbI&gt;

It is an entirely different experience compare to staying in a hotel! We will be definitely be back for another break!

On the host, they have been helpful in answering our queries. They have prompted us on the guidelines on how to check in and directions to the unit. While the place may be new to us, it didn’t at all make us feel like we were in a maze.

2d1n at Cameron Highlands

This would be most likely be our final home away trip as family of 4 (or maybe for year 2017?). We have not much plans for the trip but just stop and eat wherever and whatever we find – since it was the peak holiday season. 
Things turn out quite smoothly – Our first stop was Bidor – for lunch. Then,we stopped at the waterfall and Cameron Valley on before checking into hotel. We didn’t manage to eat steamboat for dinner as most restaurants were full – it was a situation of ‘with money also you need to beg for food!’ – so we ended up in a restaurant ordering small cooks – and waited quite long! We went to their new pasar malam spot- before calling it a day. 

On the second day, we checked out early (we had our breakfast in the room – we brought our bread and fruits, fortunately!). We then proceed to the Kea Farm market to get some veggies. I got a mint plant there too. Our next stop was Boh tea estate where we climbed up and down the slope, watch the scenery, drank some tea and ate cake. And our last stop at Cameron was Lavendar Garden; they have improved much compared to the last we came – more attraction to take photo; so we ended up quite long being there. We drove passed Ipoh so we had its famous chicken rice before our long drive back home! 

It was a short and memorable trip with the girls behaving quite ‘ok’ – both want to stick to papa and prefer taking photos with him rather than me. πŸ˜’ It was tiring – in the sense – we were on the road for most of the time; but it also meant all of us ‘slept through the nights’ without insomnia (especially me – so I did had a good rest after all)!

And yeah, we drove our new car for this long journey. So it was much spacious, which allow me to bring and buy more stuff 😝 and we can even change Nikki in the bonnet now!
For record purpose: We stayed at Iris Hotel, which was only fairly good. I had a rather sensitive nose so I felt it was kind of dusty as I sneezed whenever I gets into the room. Like most accommodation in Cameron Highlands, they don’t have air cond or fan. Despite that, Noelle treated it like a ‘palace’ – which tells how little it needs to satisfy her. She enjoys showering herself at the glass door shower!

Water play at Serendah waterfall

Thanks to my ex class mate for sharing her outing photos at Serendah waterfall (and confirmed that there’s no monkey there 🀣). We decided to explore it! Firstly, we have been wondering where is Serendah located. (Google tells us it is some where near towards Rawang.) It is about 40 minutes drive from PJ.
I actually showed Noelle the photos and some videos of Serendah waterfall – just to make sure she’s into it (and if she has overcome the monkey snatching incident at Kanching waterfall). She immediately remembered that the last trip she just wore her swim wear and put a dress over; and she repeated that she will do so again this round.
So, off we went for a short little trip there. Before arriving at the waterfall area – we actually have to go through some narrow uphill road. We just have to pay RM1 for parking (which was kind of limited). The entrance to the waterfall area is free. 
Upon arrival, there is a visible sight of the strong waterfall stream which already caught the ‘wow’ in us. As Noelle approached the place, she was already pulling her dress up- we have to remind her to wait and calm down as we haven’t put on her arm floats! 
The good thing about Serendah waterfall over Kanching waterfall is we don’t have to climb the hill; instead just walk few steps down to get into the river stream. 

We had a good one hour there with papa accompanying the girls mostly in the river while mama stayed at the river bank. <video > The river stream was kind of strong. We didn’t get near to the waterfall. It is really quite serene there. Both of the kids enjoyed themselves very much – and Nikki especially has overcame her fear a lot and no longer fussy about the water being cold. Noelle enjoyed playing with the sand in the river. 
This time around we didn’t plan any picnic. But we saw quite many of them doing bbq there! There were limited benches; so we just put our bags without anything too valuable by the riverbank. Public toilet is available at 30 sen per entry. We just changed the kids in the car. 
We stopped by at Tomyam Serendah for lunch (got to know about the place from some blogs). But we didn’t eat any tomyam and were wondering if there was tomyam at first – because everyone seems to be ordering few dishes served with rice. (It was just a mini restaurant in a house – with a young chef.) So, we just ordered their famous fish, tofu and veggie served with rice plus their lin chi kang. 

The meal cost RM43.90. Later we realise that there was really tomyam noodles sold! 

The kids had their own bentos that I prepared from home. Today’s lunch was less peaceful because we waited a while for the food to serve – and Nikki was started to lose her ‘patience’. Noelle was well seated because there was a big dog to scare her from moving around! 🀣 
Our outing ended after our lunch – whereby we went home to nap!

A visit to Kuan Wellness Eco Park and Morib beachside

We thought of bringing the two for a birdnest factory and farm visit. But the factory visit was a total disappointment. 

The farm visit was ‘ok’; truly suitable for toddlers and young kids. Entrance was RM5 per adult. It was just a small little farm with fishes, birds, rabbits, porcupines, deers and etc. The range of animals actually slightly better than Rabbit Fun Land, Lenggeng. Noelle was more interested in feeding the fishes. The other animals (in particular rabbits, porcupines and deers) were rather too hungry and hogging for the carrots – making Noelle feeling fearful to feed them. It ended up me feeding the ‘poor’ animals – but it was rather pitiful looking at how hungry they were. The setback was the animals were caged unlike posted by some other bloggers some time back.
Since it was not too far from Morib beach, we dropped by there to have our ‘hawker’ stall lunch (local Malay food) and ‘blow’ wind. (To me: It was always a wise decision to pack food for small kids when venturing into unfamiliar places.) Both of them bought mini windmills – which cost more than our lunch!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We took some pictures and had ice cream before going off. We didn’t kite and play bubble this time. Public toilets available at 30 sen per entry.

Picnic and waterfall play at Kanching waterfall

It has been some time since our outdoor activity. We decided to give Nikki her first picnic and waterfall experience at Kanching waterfall – not too far; with the new highway it takes about 30-40 minutes from PJ. We told Noelle about the plan the night before and she relates it with Peppa pig’s experience in the forest.

Most things went as planned. I prepared some food for the picnic. 

They (especially Noelle) had fun at the waterfall. Nikki is still a little timid especially with the cold water stream. Video <here>

We ate our lunch there before a monkey snatched our wet tissue away – just right in front of Noelle (we thought the monkey wanted our food- hubby and I were like just ‘shoo shoo’)!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It shocked Noelle (she jumped up and cried) and then she said she was done with the waterfall (we asked if she wanted to go there again – she said no πŸ˜…). She requested for ice cream before going home.

We only paid RM4.20 for two adults’ entrance. The place is serene but one has to really look after own things especially if packed in plastic (there are many monkeys around). Fortunately I stored our food in a big container which we brought along for the picnic! Clean public toilets is available for 50 sen per entry. There are some shops selling food and drink if you didn’t bring any along. Ice cream trucks are available too.

Sunday outing to Rabbit Fun Land, Lenggeng

Known this place since a year ago (previously located at Broga, now Lenggeng – google for location) but Noelle wasn’t interested last year.

 Her interest with farm grew as she turned Funstatic Four (though still scady for certain animals). 

It is a small farm that charges RM8 per person. You can buy feeds there but we did google that they were charging exorbitant feeds price so we brought our own carrots πŸ˜‚ which was allowed. We only bought the fish feeds there for RM3. 

Besides rabbits, there were also πŸ‘ sheep, horse, pony, cow, monkeys, iguana, deers and goose. 

While rabbits were free to roam, the others were in cage and we think those animals were poorly fed by the owners because they were so hungry. 

The fish pond was ‘shocking’ πŸ˜‚ we couldn’t see the fish until we threw in the feeds – whereby the fishes would then jump up for the feeds. 

We didn’t really mind the other animals (just felt pitiful) because Noelle is much interested with the rabbits more than any other animals. Both of them have a great time there- a small farm probably suitable for those below 6 years old. 

Unbelievably we spent close to 1.5 hours there. It is definitely not comparable to Farm in The City (plus the price is so much cheaper); but it does give a village living feel. 

We also stopped at Kajang for satay on our way there!