Gigantic Children’s Playground at Cyberjaya lake garden

Our main intention is to visit the BookXcess in Tamarind Square. But since already traveling to Cyberjaya which is quite a distance (compared to our normal route), we decided to stop by at Cyberjaya Lake Garden (of course, we did some googling about the place before setting off).

Both Noelle and Nikki didn’t expect the playground actually. We told them we were ‘just’ going to see scenery! 😂 So they were pretty surprised to find the gigantic playground. There were a bubble stall and a drink cum junk food stall set up by the lake. There are many picnic spots there too (picnic in Cyberjaya is a perfect choice since there is lack of food choice). The crowd is low, so it was rather peaceful there. We spent close to an hour there (toilet available near parking).

We dropped by a mamak to eat (expected nothing to eat, so luckily packed food for them already) before proceeding to BookXcess. BookXcess, though big, actually below my expectation – on the kind and varieties of books!

Day 5 of N1’s Semester 1 break – Cruising to the fisherman village

I don’t actually remember myself going to Crab Island (Pulau Ketam) despite staying in Klang for half of my life! 🤔😝

Told them we will be going on a boat/ferry ride to visit a fisherman village. So, we drove to the South port terminal and ‘cruised’ on the Alibaba ferry! (We were on time for their ferry schedules and didn’t have to wait at all)! They only charged the adults; two ways for RM36 in total (weekday price)! Cheaper than watching movie in cinema! 😅

We ate our lunch there and walked around the little village (actually two or three lanes to walk only 🤣)

It was actually a good and unique experience. Pulau Ketam is like a miniature town – with police station, clinics, fire station, shops, hotels and houses in an island that only have bikes all over! We did ask Noelle if she wanted to stay overnight there – she gave us an immediate ‘no’ (probably cos there’s nothing much to ‘play’)! 🤣

Picnic at Bukit Kiara Park

Happy to go ‘nature’ with the kids! Second day in a row – picnic. But this time at Bukit Kiara (or TTDI) park! The little river stream (where we took our wedding photos 🙄) definitely is the attraction for our kids – sand and water. It outbeats the playground there!

We spent about two hours there! Parking is definitely challenging!

Today, I cooked nasi lemak or rather nasi evco, which everyone enjoyed eating – maybe too hungry! It is without sambal but beef rendang which I freeze earlier in the week and fried chicken for the kids!

Picnic in FRIM on Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

People balik kampung, we balik Kepong! Back to FRIM for waterfall and picnic! Unexpectedly, it was kind of crowded too but we managed to get a good spot!

** Special thanks to Nicole Lee who helped me call up FRIM to confirm it is open today when I just ask her about it (after I searched high and low on their website and fb)! She definitely knows that I don’t have chance to pick up the phone to call up on usual days🤭😂!


What did my kids eat in Hong Kong?

Food! Food! Food!

I came with the least OCD mind – I only brought my food jar and pasta (which at the end I didn’t use)!

I brought in (smuggled) some grapes for Norrah and one box of blueberries for Noelle and Nikki. 😝I packed their usual snacks (those that they snack in car) – which I am happy that I did!

So, what did Noelle and Nikki eat?

Very much the same as us – fried rice, egg noodles, laksa noodles (lai fun), chicken rice – those they are ‘familiar’; they had many buns and egg tarts too! I even bought them extra blueberries here in Hong Kong – which were kind of cheap here, RM15 for two boxes! We bought sushi for them from Sushi Express too. They tried ribena lemon from a restaurant for the first time.

As in Disneyland, we bought kids meal combos – and I am surprised that kids meals are pretty healthy ones. For Chinese meal, they had white rice, steamed chicken, steamed corns, blanched choy sam and an apple (lunch) comes with mineral water. For dinner, they had chicken cheese burger and beef cheese burger respectively (patties were steamed) and comes with steamed corn and mineral water. They didn’t like the burgers – so end up we ate it (they ate buns that we bought from bakeries)!

Bye Hong Kong!

We spent the whole morning in the hotel before checking out to the airport. The two elder girls went swimming with papa while I went to get breakfast/lunch with Norrah. We had our brunch and chill in hotel! Finally, we took a taxi to the airport. Nikki napped right after the plane took off and so we had a rather peaceful flight back! 😝We sat right behind business class so it was rather spacious too and the seat beside me was empty!

We asked the girls if they enjoy the holiday. And yes they do. Noelle says she likes Disneyland and the hotel most🙄🙄. What about the cable car ride? ‘Oh yes!’ Then we asked if she miss ‘walking’; and her response was ‘NOOO…actually that made me tired!’ 🤣🤣

To round out the holiday, it was a truly family vacation. It wasn’t just a change of location 😝 as I did free myself from daily chores and hubby from work! The ‘job’ of parenting will never cease. Though there was ‘tough’ time during the trip, there were many more memorable experiences which we will surely talk about in the future.

Next few days will be super rush with chores, not to mention nothing much left in the fridge! Luckily I did cooked something and left it in the freezer to be defrost at least for Monday.

My holiday blues 😫 I think I missed not the holiday but Noelle and hubby being around – when they go to school and work!

In this trip, we truly see that Noelle has grown up so much – she is much more responsible, even helping us to pull the stroller when each of us push a luggage and carry her sisters. She did whine but usually gave way. She took care of the Canon camera that we entrust her with throughout the journey. She took out her pencils or colour pencils to draw/colour whenever she has leisure time; and kept everything nicely with minimal reminder. She pretend play with Nikki in the hotel room while we relax. Hopefully next trip Nikki will follow Noelle’s footstep. I will choose to sit in between them in the plane by then while hubby handles the ‘next’ Nikki aka terrible Norrah! 🤣😝

Holiday ended! So my next mission – ‘potty train’ and hopefully going diaperless for Nikki. She has showed her ability to read her body especially in these five days – sitting on the adult toilet bowl not just to poo but pee! I seriously hope this will continue as we resume our daily lives! (Not an easy mission, hopefully we could do so)

Where did we stay in Hong Kong?

We stayed at Royal plaza hotel located at Prince Edward road in Kowloon. This was recommended by hubby’s colleague and subsequently I did see many same recommendation by some mummies in fb group. It is linked to Moko shopping complex which has a train station (East Mong Kok station) – walking down from the shopping complex, there are fruit markets, the well known Kam Wah and linked bridges to many areas. All in all – sort of strategically located.

We had double queen sized beds and a coach by the side (which was Noelle and Nikki’s play area). There is a bath tub, so showering the kids come easy and we lighten our luggage by not having to bring along our inflatable bath tub.

We had a pleasant stay in the hotel!

HK Pitstop #4: Garden of Stars and Middle Road Children’s Playground at Tsim Sha Tsui

HK Pitstop #4: Garden of Stars and Middle Road Children’s Playground at Tsim Sha Tsui; and we (in particular Noelle) ‘successfully’ walked from Jordan to East Mong Kok Station (nearby to where our hotel located) 🤣

Today is much a relax day. We started with swimming in the hotel’s pool! Then we went out for brunch before walking around. I got what I wanted (my Clarins products from SaSa) and Noelle got her toy (see below). We came back to hotel for naptime. Hubby went out to tapau dinner and we ate in the room before going out for sight seeing!

We didn’t know Avenue of Stars was closed and now it is ‘relocated and renamed’ as Garden of Stars.

It was a delight for them to find an outdoor playground there too – middle road children’s playground! We tried watching the Symphony of Light from the playground – but not a good spot! We then left for Jordan on mtr. Hubby finally got what he wanted! 🙄 And we walked back to the hotel – without stroller (‘not’ far only, just 2-3km, says hubby 🙄)! But it was a proud achievement for Noelle – who walked all the way (though she did ask me why so far, why need to walk and not take train😒)

This shall mark the end of our Hong Kong holiday with our three kids – as we are returning home tomorrow! 😕

Today we rewarded Noelle with a toy. ‘Deprived’ of NEW toys for 5 months + (from us), she has also been behaving very well since the start of our holiday! She has been walking by herself, ate as we told her to, ‘gave way’ to her sister Nikki most of the times and with minimal complains. We told her the factors that led her to being rewarded! And we told her to choose something which she doesn’t have at home! So, she choose her first Pjmask toy!

On the other hand, Nikki didn’t get anything for ‘misbehaving’ and didn’t want to walk by herself. Of course we did had some drama just now because of this – but eventually Nikki ‘got it’ that she ain’t receiving anything.

At the end, Noelle says that she is sharing her toy with Nikki!