KL Park Festival via public transportation

Bargain public transportation ride for five of us today!

My kids love to go on public transportation especially when we get to switch mode of transport/ train tracks. And I recently found about this bargain ride for five of us (but not too sure if this bargain has limited period). We only paid RM15 for the family one day pass – which allows us to go on LRT, BRT, MRT and its bus ride unlimited for the whole one day. This family one day pass needs 4 (existing/get from the station) touch n go cards (my 5yo still can go one free ride with us) to enjoy this family pass. Or else, one day ride for one person is RM5.

So, today we only spent RM15 to travel from PJ to KL Park Festival, happening now in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (ending tomorrow if they don’t extend it). We walked from home to the KJ Line LRT station in PJ. We took a ride down to KL Sentral and switched to KL Monorail Line, headed to Titiwangsa Station (this one way ride itself if pay by single token comes close to RM4.50). From Titiwangsa Station, we took free van shuttle (readily waiting for passengers) provided by DBKL to the KL Park Festival. It was free entrance. You probably need to spend only if you want to eat, drink (they have food trucks there) and go toilet. Also, if you want to buy plants. Or else, you can bring your own food/drink. We went home the same way/route after spending 3-4 hours under the sun. It is similar to the annual Putrajaya Floria Festival.

I am glad that my kids are walk-acholic. Today, we walked close to 8.5km. 🥲

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/svqRG7JxAaY?feature=share

Hiking at Bukit Kembara, Ampang

Today we tried Bukit Kembara. Not sure if this isn’t a too famous hill, as we didn’t see many hikers. It has a very clear path with guided ropes.

It was a rather steep hike up and down. We first arrived at its peak 244m in 10 minutes. Then we hiked down to the mirror lake (about 15 minutes) before heading to the mini waterfall (another 10 minutes). We spent most of the time at the mini waterfall, as they wanted to play with the chilling water. Then we made a u-turn back to the trail head. All in, we spent 3 hours in the nature today! (Connection is still good in the woods! 🫢🤣)

I personally feel this is ‘easier’ than Bukit Sri Bintang (last week’s); at least I wasn’t panting too heavily. 🫢🤣 There are monkeys beginning of the trail (so, be careful!) Parking is difficult but we were lucky today to get one spot right in front of the trail.

Video: https://youtu.be/bPmO9d-LMCo

Kuan Wellness Ecopark

We came here in 2017 before Norrah was born. And we thought this place is already closed down until few months/weeks back I saw one of my friends was here with her family.

Still crazy about bunnies, we made the long drive here (about 1.5 hours one way). The operator was surprised we arrived from PJ to the park at 9sth! 🤣 He thought we stayed nearby. With a minimal entry fee of RM5 per person, we got to feed the birds, fishes, rabbits, deers and porcupines. They sell carrots and fish food at the entrance. Having to pet the rabbits freely, we spent 2 hours there. We get to see live baby rabbits too!

We then made a visit to the bird nest exhibition before proceeding for lunch at Tanjung Sepat. It was pretty quiet in the eco park and also Tanjung Sepat.

Video: https://youtu.be/MtZ5PUu5goY

A visit to Muzium Negara, Malaysia

A visit to Muzium Negara, Malaysia

We took a ’Grab’ to the nearest MRT station! (Actually the Grab driver is papa who was going to office 🤣🤣 He just dropped us somewhere near the MRT station.😝)

Then we took the MRT directly to the museum. We paid only RM2 for adult entrance to the main museum (Malaysian kids – free entrance) and another RM2 for the orang asli and ethnology museums. It was a good visit especially for Noelle who is now taking Sejarah lessons. It was a revisit of her p4 history lessons and I told her what to expect in p5/p6. 🤣🤣 We had a mini recess outside of the museums and they had a great time playing the traditional games there.

After that, we took the MRT to pasar seni for lunch. And then they wanted to go to the maze Book Xcess, which is located next street. We took the Putra LRT, which brings us home directly.

A nice adventure with the kids today! They never get bored with train rides, and say that’s the best part of it! 🙄🙄

Video: https://youtu.be/xJ04ybhLg34

Petting zoo in Wangsa Walk Mall

Kids who love petting animals are not necessarily capable of looking after those animals. So, we can only ‘follow’ petting zoos to get closer to these animals (and insects). We are a close follower of Bros ZOO. This round they are in Wangsa Walk Mall every weekend during this school holiday.

Best part – you get one free entry (RM7 per person, unlimited petting) for a minimum spending of RM30 in any of the tenants in the mall. Redeem at the entrance of petting zoo. In addition, since we joined Bros Zoo facebook/instagram, we paid RM5 per entry (per person). So our entrance fees this round for 5 persons were RM20.

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/5b1cMpzAKCs?feature=share

A trip to KLCC Park

They have never been to KLCC park before despite it is renown for its ‘water park’ – because I am scared of the crowd.

Since ‘we are so free’ (no exams🥹🥹 and school holiday), I decided to bring them there today. I checked many times – making sure the water park is open (it is closed on Mondays). We went there via LRT, actually quite fast to arrive. Just 40minutes plus (excluding walking to LRT station). Almost same time if I were to drive there (and find parking). And we just paid RM22.60 in total for two ways ride.

As planned, they played at the playground (which I feel the playground equipments are rather run down) before proceeding to the water park. There is public toilet near the park and an open air changing room (for under 12 years old). We spent almost two hours just in playground and water park.

We then picnic; brought our picnic mat and packed lunch. After we finished eating, policemen actually came to talk to us 🥹🥹 and told us that we weren’t suppose to open our mat 🫢😲😝 but to eat at the benches available. I think they thought we were foreigners cos we have a luggage bag, they spoke to us in English and very politely 😝 So, we apologised and they said never mind, and we can finish off (we almost done actually).

The girls wanted to watch the water fountain and so we relaxed at one of the benches. It is actually very serene to do that.

The mall wasn’t crowded when we arrived at 10am but it was crowded as we leave at about 1pm (lunch time). There were also school tours happening.

We went with a big luggage bag 🤣🤣 and I have no regret bringing it as I chucked in everything we needed – including our lunches and their clothes.

Video: https://youtu.be/oPexh57t2-k

Waterfall play at Hutan Lipur Sungai Sendat

We came here last in 2014! 🤣🤣 The place did not change much! Entry fee is still RM2 per adult, RM1 per kid and RM3 per car. It is rather clean as compared to the public parks in Klang Valley.

The best thing – we came at the right time with no crowd and we were initially the only two families playing at the chilling waterfall. They had better time playing ’cooking’ at the bottom part. Towards the end, they went into the chilling river and little waterfalls before they saw a frog and screamed like they saw zombies. 🤣🤣 They forgotten about the rocks and ran across them. 🤣🤣🤣

We spent two hours there. Hubby and I ate while waiting for them. They had their packed lunch in the car on our way back!

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/kq5nCt9yqEo?feature=share

A return visit to 99 Wonderland Park

We came here before Covid19. The ticketing price doubled/tripled because they brought in some endangered species, namely crocodile, Tapir and sun bear. If you go in the day, there’s nothing much to shout about because you can’t watch the water fountain light performances (but my family are lazy to go out at night 🤣🤣 and we don’t like crowded places). The walk is about 2km and we walked two rounds to maximise our ticketing price! 🙄😛😂 (Norrah is above 90cm, despite STILL below 5yo and so she has her own ticket also).

Compared to Farm in the city, this place is less interactive – though we can still feed some of the animals like ostrich, deer and Mara. Besides the entrance fee, every other rides need additional fee like buggy ride, boat ride and train ride. It became more commercialised.

Photo: https://youtu.be/Uwzax70tYHQ

Hiking Bukit Sri Bintang

Our second and last hike for this Raya holiday. If not because of the moving hikers (in and out) plus cars parked along the road, we won’t know the entrance to trail. There isn’t a signboard. We followed a group of hikers to one of the entrances (there are many routes, it seems).

We started out with a steep hike down and followed by a steep hike up before we reached the first peak (a view overseeing KL Tower and sight of Merdeka 118). We made a pit stop before moving to the next peak. We constantly moved upwards on two steep trails. Not long after, we reached the other peak that oversees KLCC tower. Next, we chose the wrong trail that brought us downhill in 15 minutes (actually we didn’t know that we have arrived at the bottom of the hill until we suddenly remembered the renovating bungalow we saw upon arrival🤣). All done in an hour.

The girls especially the elder twos handled the slopes well without us holding them. The hiking that we went so far, has well trained them to be more versatile. They become more aware of each of their steps. Nikki did slipped twice because of the slippery downward slope. In fact, I slipped once too while moving up. It was rather muddy this morning as it rained in the wee hours.

There are many trails in this hill. We will most likely be back one day to reach the highest peak.

because of the steep hill (plus Norrah wanted me to hold her today), I kept my phone in the bag most of the time when hiking 🤣 so fewer photos while hiking this round. There are many mushrooms that we saw along the way.

We had shaved ice after our picnic in the car. 😛

Video: https://youtu.be/cxBnap_AVis

Our first visit to Ara Damansara Park

Last day of Raya school holiday!

(Nikki: Still got Saturday and Sunday right???🙄🙄)

I wanted to bring them outdoor. Somewhere not so near but not far. 🫢😛🤣 Actually I have known this park for some time – Ara Damansara Park. Not many reviews on it. So today I decided to explore it (as it satisfies my criteria – not very near but not far😂).

It is located JUST opposite of the Ara Damansara mosque (where we bought lemang). There are parking but limited spots (as in if you go on crowded day). So, today our parking is just easy and right in front the entrance. Only few families around at our time.

Impressive park, on our first visit. 😂 The water lilies pond is eye catching upon arrival. Nice walking paths, but some spots are muddy. Overall about 2km walk. The girls had fun running up and down the little hills/slopes. There is a little river stream. I did put my foot in and it sunk (my daughter ‘scolded’ me ‘what are you trying to do?’🙄🙄🤣🤣). 🫢🤣 So, ’no’ to playing in the river. They had fun playing both the exercise equipment segment and the playground. And they had a good sweat.

We ended with a picnic under their ready made canopy. It was really relaxing. The park is filled with Nikki’s Aunty voice. 🙄🙄🙄 Even Norrah said ‘she is so noisy!’

Later on, we dropped by at Citta Mall for toilet. And we got a quick run at Village Grocer. It didn’t end just like that. We went swimming right after we arrived home.

Now everyone can nap like a log! 🤣

Video: https://youtu.be/XXmH9HJN3yk