Our first visit to Fresh in the city

Our first experience in a vegetable farm!

We actually got to know about this farm from our friend Rachel Ong – last year or two years ago! 🤭 But, we are ‘lazy’ to call up for the visit. So when we got to know that today (and the next few days) is Fresh in The City open day. Jom!

We were free to roam the farm and ‘pluck’ whatever we intend to buy. There was pricing of the vegetables (per weight) at the entrance – so it gives us an idea what we intend to get. Some we just pluck what we wanted – namely peas, cabbage, bok choy and sweet corns.

Some unruly behaviour – mostly by the elderlies who pluck and throw aside; some young families just pluck to take photo and then place it back! 🤦🏻‍♀️ But we told the kids off that those actions are definitely a NO-NO for us!

Even though it was pretty hot 🥵, Noelle says that she enjoys the farm visit a lot and wants to come again!

Nikki was in her usual tey-pau mood when papa around! 😒🙄I told hubby only he can handle her that way 😒😒 but he said that it is because only HE can ‘handle’ ME! 😒🙄

Video: https://youtu.be/HB1y1aONg5A

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/aLPWjMxTsqmkAEds7

Lucky draw win no5: Zoo Negara admission for 1

We have yearn to visit Zoo Negara since it got into the news few weeks back. However, we haven’t allocated time for it! Then came the 1Utama Facebook Giveaway whereby they are giving away Zoo Negara admission tickets. So, I just took part and struck luck to win one entrance ticket!

Thanks 1 Utama Shopping Centre for the giveaway – now we saved one adult ticket entrance to Zoo Negara worth RM45, which is valid till 31 Dec 2019. Looking forward to spend a day (or half🙄) in the Zoo and also visit their adopted wallabies under 1Utama’s Feed the Fish charity campaign!

We have collected our voucher this morning from their office. Clear information was provided via private message for the collection! 😁😁

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hRueTzMMoterGeWAA

4th lucky draw win: VS Signature Chocolate Durian Cake

Finally picked up my own present for my birthday this year! 😆😆

Thanks Victoria Station for the perfect giveaway in conjunction with Merdeka celebration!

I actually received the unanticipated private message that I was selected for the giveaway on the eve of my birthday. 😂 And they requested for my NRIC (with deleted particular details).

Me: I gave my copy of my NRIC oredi.

Hubby: Can get tomorrow or not? You got tell them your birthday tomorrow?

Me: 🙄🙄No wor, but my NRIC got my birth-date ma (I only covered the few last digits and address). They never say anything also. 🙄🙄

Hubby: Haiyo…tell them your birthday tomorrow and ask can come collect tomorrow ma. Then we can celebrate your birthday there itself!

Me: Dun wannnn🙄🙄🙄

Haiyo….I got not so thick face la! 😆😆anyway, they needed time to verify information, together with other winners too! 62 in total!

So, the winners list was out on Tuesday/Wednesday and they sent me the link for pick up on Thursday. I selected to collect it today (Saturday) at their earliest available time. They also allowed the choice of getting greeting tags (I requested for birthday tag), candles and cake knife.

The giveaway was very professionally handled from the point of contacting the winners to collecting the cake. They showed very much sincerity in doing the giveaway. As for the cake, it is something different for us and I would rate it as 7 out of 10.

This is my 4th lucky draw win in 2019. In the past I don’t believe in lucky draw. But now 🤭😅🤣….Anyway, I still believe in hard work. I DON’T just copy whatever others are doing; but put effort in looking for the giveaways that suit my family needs. I do my ‘homework’ (usually stay up late after kids are asleep) and don’t simply join for the sake of winning. I do believe in giving other people chances too.

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JKJPkyrMxhjVw4g19

Ant bite rashes

Just sharing my experience –

‘It is just an ant bite. It is ok!’ – we often say that (very much me!)

But this time – it is ‘no joke’ and I feel so guilty. Nikki got stung by an ant (most likely fire ant) last Wednesday. I noticed that she started scratching her tummy right after that (in the playground). She scratched more after returning home. The itch then turns pain (according to her). First, I applied zambuk and later her previous diaper rash cream. Then I remembered neem leaves – so desperately grabbed a bunch, blended it with tapioca starch and turmeric powder. It did affected her sleep – especially at night.

On the second night (meaning next day), she had trouble sleeping – either itch or pain or both. But she has been good enough to stay silent and not cranky. I told her not to scratch and I tapped her body to ease her.

The next morning we brought her to the clinic (just to ensure she is ok and doesn’t need any medication). I chose to go to a GP than our normal paed – as I was sure our paed will prescribe their ‘magic’ cream, which I am not comfortable using. BUT, I got ‘shot’ by the GP when I told him I didn’t want any steroid cream. ‘Do you know that our body also produce steroid? Don’t simply believe what you read from google!’ And he gave me a nasty face for that! I didn’t argue!

<But hey dr, aren’t you suppose to give an unbiased recommendations and leave it to patients to decide ? Sorry, you may be a professional and I may just be a ‘housewife’ – I don’t just believe in ONE hearsay, ONE google search – I have seen many cases since Noelle’s day of eczema (and she is still suffering) for using a ‘steroid’ based rash cream. I read more than google. Yes, our body produce steroid but Nikki’s case is NOT serious till she requires steroid cream – it is a temporary situation that need time to heal. Why do we want it to heal that FAST (short term) and worry about the possible long term effect (reliance on ‘processed steroid’? Why do we want to affect her skin eco-system with ‘processed’ steroid rather than ‘natural steroid’ from her body? I am not totally against steroid – as in certain cases, we definitely need it. In fact, to deliver the girls, I had ‘steroid‘ in some way! 😒> sorry, medical practitioner friends who don’t like my comments here; mummies indeed do better FBI 🙄

Anyway, at the end, he gave some anti-histamine (syrup) and calamine lotion.

After the doctor check up, Nikki never really scratch her rash anymore. I bathed her and asked her to soak with neem leaves water (on a daily basis till today). She only requested to apply some calamine lotion (saja la she). Hubby did try to feed her the anti-histamine syrup that night (third day night) so that she can sleep soundly- but she actually spitted it out!

Despite no anti histamine syrup, from that night, she didn’t scratch and able to sleep through the night. (So it seems the hardest night was the 2nd night!) She is definitely on her route to skin recovery! 🙏🏻 And I have been applying Cetaphil lotion on her now to smoothen her rough skin.

Pic: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rDRUqSCtW9mB85dU8

Hello Kitty Jelly Cake and Norrah’s 2nd birthday

The only home activity with the eldest during this school holiday is the making of hello Kitty jelly cake. We watched some videos and then figured out our way.

A bit flaw but to Noelle’s eyes it is perfect! 😁She helped with the first layer ribbon, nose and transparent face. I did the coconut and strawberry levels (when they were napping). The eyes and whiskers were the toughest (and I think the jelly cake looks better without it😓😞 -but hubby says look ok 🙄🙄)

>> something more unique that our usual bakes😆 but I think I inevitably up their ‘standard’; I fear December now! 🤭

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nxQQkfe3UL74dxug7

Petronas Streetsmart at Central i-City

Today we went abit further away from our home! 😆 Our second time to Central I-City. Abit panicky driving here – though it is just one ‘straight road’ because I am bad at reading navigation (aka waze)🤭🤣. So, we arrived a little early before the event. I told them to eat some fruits (they had breakfast at home already) in the car because lunch will be at later than their usual time. Then we went up to walk around and find the location of the event. We took some photos before the event started.

The event – Petronas Streetsmart exhibition and group workshop jointly organised by one of my friends at Central i-city with Petronas


1045 – Registration

‪1100 -1115‬ Picture book ( Road safety theme)

‪1115- 1200‬ Workshop

‪1200-1215‬ Video Presentation

‪1215- 1245‬ Exhibition tour ( break into 2 groups)

‪1245 – 1300‬ Gather and Closure

Note: the exhibition is actually free till end of the year. But for the event which include workshop, I paid RM10 per kid (for the 4yo and 7yo)

And had our lunch there after it. They wanted to eat sushi again – this time Empire Sushi and second round – steamed corns and kaya balls, before we went to supermarket and go home.

A rather peaceful day except Norrah throwing tantrums during the event – because she was sleepy and too busy minded! 🙄

Behaviour rating today

Noelle – 4 😁

Nikki – 4 😁

Norrah – 2 😒

Nikki was stung by an ant yesterday at playground. She was seen scratching in the playground itself and she then developed rashes. It irritates her since last night – but I am grateful that she behaved well despite the itchiness. Despite less exposure to group activities, I am happy that she was taking part and following instruction – though her attention span wasn’t too long (but I think it is because of the itch). Hope the rash will taper off soon.

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/opBeCaKSd8Fvvbo77

Revisiting Petaling Jaya’s transportation system

It was Noelle’s idea! 🙄🙄 I did remind her that we waited at the bus stand for an hour last December! And she asked if I could pull Aunty Quinnie Tan and EZ along! 🤭 So I asked, and they agreed! 😆

‘Learning from lesson’, I suggested to go the opposite way – train before bus. Then I added ‘special segment’ – a stop at the public playground and picnic at the park!

Most things went on smoothly – including a perfect weather. It did drizzle a little when we arrived but stopped completely after that. We don’t need picnic mat as i remembered that there are shades and chairs in the park!

At the bus terminal, we waited 5-10 min before our bus arrived! Yeah! But then bus driver asked us to wait in bus for 20 min. However, with air cond and seated in bus, I personally feel the waiting time is just a ‘breeze’! 😂 They were singing in the bus – a whole new world, Speechless, wheels on the bus!

Our 4 hours are well spent today! 😁😁😁

Girls’ behaviour rating –

Noelle: 4 😁

Nikki: 4 😁

Norrah: 4 😁

I am a happy mum today! 😂😂😂

Of course, it got to do with having someone to ‘accompany’ us! Thanks Quinnie and EZ for accepting our ‘invitation’!

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D1DGUGVGnkngU57Z7

They have known each other since 2+. One just recently turned 7yo and another will be 7yo in 4 months!

Still remember their first play date where EZ was amused looking at Noelle playing in the playland (that has since chap lap😆). Many play dates after that – including once (or more) where Noelle ‘bullied’ EZ. They used to hold hands when they meet. Today was exceptional! 🤭🤣 While we were crossing road, I asked Noelle to hold EZ’s hand (EZ was holding Aunty Qui’s hand while I was at the back handling Nikki and Norrah). Noelle shy-ly held Aunty Qui’s hand! 😆

And after we returned home, instead of ‘masak-masak’, they engage in pillow fight! 😆

Sangkayaa courtesy of Boat Noodle

My second lucky draw win which was announced three to four weeks back. Only redeemed today because initially I had problem with its apps and then we didn’t really frequent shopping malls where Boat Noodle outlets are located (and it is expiring in 2 days 🤭).

I had problem with the apps; only decided to ‘tell’ them the problem after three days (my problem of procrastination – too busy 🤭). Boat Noodle’s IT team helped me with the issue (they even called me personally and when I requested to communicate with me via messenger, they did. Kudos to the team!). I, then successfully log into the apps. They gave me the e-voucher which has to be utilised in 14 days. I like this winning – in the sense, it reduces the carbon footprint and saves the waiting time.

My kids are the ones happy and excited for my win. I just have to show my e-voucher to the staff before ordering to confirm the usage of it. They asked me to show the cashier once we are done with our dining. The Sangkayaa came in piping hot (after our noodles were served)! My girls love the soft buns more than the kaya – as they don’t really have a sweet tooth. They also enjoyed the non-spicy noodles (two bowls each), which they ate ‘faster’ than my homecook dinner tonight. 🙄😒

Thank you Boat Noodle again for the Sangkayaa voucher. We will definitely come back for it again.

>> no review for my third winning which is two movie preview tickets for Dora and the lost city of gold from The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, as I passed the tickets to another mummy.

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iUFXg1wHkzDaZTqu9

Loom band craze

Rainbow loom band bracelets taught Noelle so much patience, perseverance, discipline and handling stress

Her choice is ‘waterfall loom band’. She made it couple of times but eventually kept failing. The points of failing made her cry many times. I always tell her that she is almost one step closer to the success. So she never gave up.

Yesterday was worse when Nikki topple over her container with loom bands, where it ended up a mess over the floor. She cried even harder. Also, she got ‘scolded’ by me because she wanted me to help her with the hook at my very busy moments (1) cooking and (2) nursing Norrah. It ended up fail again when nursing Norrah because Norrah was moving all around. Noelle got a ‘good’ lecture from me. I told her if she always fail, there could be something that went wrong somewhere. For that, wouldn’t it be good to have a look at the video again?

So this morning she woke up; before even brushing her teeth, she asked papa to show her the video again. She finally succeeded – twice; another one after she took her shower.

Perseverance is key to success!

I did asked her what went wrong but she said ‘the rubber band problem.’

Photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/E7tvcMSCdM3xjprL8