No.1 officially graduates from diaper

Noelle ‘earns’ her Cinderella! 😊😊😊
Though she isn’t the ‘earliest’, we are proud to say that she has officially graduated from (night) diaper at around 4y1m! 
She actually ‘weaned’ from day diaper from 2.5yo; largely ‘trained’ by this humble mama (when suffering from Nikki’s morning sickness). There were on and off ‘accidents’ and some nights she asked for diaper free – where accidents did happen! We decided to put her on night diaper especially with the arrival of Nikki (as Noelle is completely handled by papa at night from then – and no way papa will wake her up to pee in wee hours since he himself had ‘difficulty’ waking🙄)! 
While Noelle doesn’t take any milk to sleep, she has this urge to drink (ice) water before going to bed. We did not stop her too but just let her be (though we did hope she refrain from drinking too much) – because we do think she should keep hydrated whenever she wants).  
We couldn’t deny that it does worry us whenever we find her night diaper was still soak. But we place our ‘faith’ on her and often remind her to wake papa up when she needs to pee at night. We even started the reward system by slowly increasing the number of days. She succeeded with the one week challenge back end of last year but thereafter had a hard time getting beyond one week. It was slightly after 4 yo that she started waking papa up by ‘papa I want to shh shh’ (that was also the point when we decided to stop counting on the dry night diapers). It did surprise us. We did put her on night diaper until the last piece of her xl size diaper and promised her a ‘larger’ reward when she finished the pack without accidents. We even told her to go on one week without diaper and the condition is no accident. And yeah, she has succeeded!
She definitely isn’t the first to graduate completely from diaper but we do believe she isn’t the last too. It ain’t a competition. Most importantly, she has achieved it and it was self led especially the night wakes! 
^^Her initial ‘dream’ reward was ‘Fluttershy’ but then changed her mind to Cinderella! 😅

3-minute microwave milo cake


I have seen this many times and decided to do this. I wanted to bake a cake as mentioned earlier but lazy! Haha…

4 tbsp self raising flour
2 tbsp molasses sugar
3 tbsp evaporated milk
4 tbsp milo powder
1 beaten egg
3 tbsp unsalted butter

Mix everything and microwave on high for 3 minutes.

Original recipe:

Her birthday today?

Haha… No…..!

But she is a REAL big girl today! She showed her ‘bravery’ when she needs to poop! Instead of running in and out of the potty because of tummy ache, today she ran to me and said ‘o c’, straight went to potty and poop. After she was done, instead of me asking her ‘are you done?’, she stood up and told me – she was done plus waved goodbye to her poop!

It did not end there! When I was pouring her poop into the toilet bowl, she was ready to help me put the detergent into the potty. She even wiped her butt with the toilet paper herself (her first time)!

I was so surprised by her change today! Lol!

As a result, she was rewarded a 3-minute microwave milo cake!

She wanted me to sing her a birthday song, and so I did!

Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.
Celine Tan's photo.

Potty training progress – at wee hours


At around 2am (today), she woke up herself and went to her potty (without crying or calling me). With eyes half shut, she tried removing her diaper (yes, I put her in diaper at night just in case). So I went and helped her remove her diaper and made her sit on the potty. She was half asleep and that was really a big pee! Then I wipe her, made her lied down on the floor while I put on back the diaper. I left her there, went into the toilet to throw the pee and wash the potty. When I came out, she was asleep on the floor! Lol! I carried her back to bed.

*photo is this morning’s poop time

She does still have a little fear when it comes to poop. Her sign is always running around and going in & out of the potty.

little 17chipmunks’ potty training with very much success!


Today she passed with flying colours on potty training. I started putting her diaper less for our short trips out. But today’s trip turned out longer than expected.

When my friend was sending us to somewhere accessible, I was hesitating on where to stop us. Chinese coffee shop is definitely a ‘no no’ as she doesn’t know how to squat on the toilet. Then I saw Bangsar Village, was thinking of going there, but changed my mind to the mamak at Lucky Garden (so that hubby can reach us easily); also because I was aware that they have rather clean toilets with toilet seats.

While drinking coconut water, she told me she wanted to go to the loo. So, we fled to the toilet located on top of the shop. I did quickly paid for the drink but left the ‘diaper’ bag there with the unfinished coconut, letting the waitress know not to remove it.

The second time was not long after I gave her some briyani rice. I did not take it as a ‘joke’ as coconut water can make her pee real fast. So I brought her up again, this time without paying first and it turned out to be a “prank”. =.=” I warned her not to do it again! Grrrr…

The third time was after hubby finished his lunch and wanted to go to the loo. So, he brought her along and she did peed.

She slept in the car while on our way back. Right after arriving home, she peed on the potty again (quite a large amount).

This is our longest journey out so far without her wearing diaper. Hopefully we can soon do without it indefinitely!


It wasn’t the best of best day today, but I should be grateful that nothing serious happened (our ordeal this morning:

I wasn’t feeling too well, to begin with. My morning sickness is back as I entered 3rd trimester. So, after what happened, I came home, quickly do the laundry and rested. I managed to put the girl to nap close to 5pm and then I slept with her.

After waking up, I made her pumpkin ramen in leftover radish tomato chicken soup. I quickly whipped up a vegetables dish that she might like – vegetables fritters (no specific ingredients amount – flour, ice water, baking powder, tapioca starch, pinch of seasalt, egg, shredded zucchini, shredded carrot, chopped cabbage and chopped onion).

Since hubby’s not coming home for dinner and I don’t really have appetite, I made myself egg mayo sandwich.

So, that’s our dinner!

My girl was very hungry, finished all by herself within 10 minutes!

Celine Tan's photo.
Sad, this is two eggs… Eggs are so small now!

Celine Tan's photo.

Potty training 1m1w


Approximately 1m1w now that we went on potty training. Last week she surprised us by letting us know that she needs to poop and sat on the potty to do the whole process (second time happened two nights ago and she didn’t need me to hug her anymore!)

Today, I actually forgotten to ask her if she wants to pee before our lunch. She took a spoon of rice, stood up and says she wants to ‘shh shh’. Yes, we ran to the potty and she managed to pee into the potty. It was a rather ‘big’ pee as she drank a lot of apple barley. Then we continued with our lunch. 10 minutes later, she said she wanted to pee. I thought she was kidding me, so I just allowed her to remove her panty herself, sat on her potty herself and yes, the second round of ‘big’ pee came!

I am seriously proud of my little girl. Well done! *muacks*

*Hubby asked me to stop reminding her if she needs to pee. Hmmn… Yadah, but I don’t want to wipe peeeee…. We will do it when he is at home!

little 17chipmunks pooping into the potty now!


After a month plus of potty training, she has finally ‘tell’ me BEFORE she poops (she doesn’t poop that often but definitely not constipated).

She learns that she will have stomach ache, runs to me for hug and I will bring her to potty. She does so few times (hugs mama, sits on potty, cries to get up and wants to put on her panty) before actually pooping. I observed that she doesn’t really has the patience to sit and wait for her ‘first’ poop to come; and hence this process. So, when I foresee this happening, I place the potty nearer to us.

Last week, there was still minor poop accident whereby her poop leaked out a little on her panty before she finally sat on potty to complete the process. But today, she finally did it all in the potty – with me hugging her while she was sitting on her potty before the ‘first’ poop.

*Relatively accident free lately (cross fingers) but constant reminder needed, though at times she volunteer to pee herself (most likely false alarm – because she does that only when I forced her to take her afternoon nap)

**I managed to put her back again on diaper during night time after few nights of accident on her bed. But when she’s on diaper at night, it is usually dry. Lol!


Went out for a short grocery shopping trip to the bakery and sundry shop. Risk having her pee or poop in her panty – as I didn’t put her on diaper (since it will be a short one hour plus trip). Plus, this is without access to the loo.

Phew, fortunately she patiently wait till we arrived home – and voila, so much pee! Lol!

Day #20 of potty training


For the first time, she told me that she wanted to ‘shh shh’! We were sitting next to each other and suddenly she said “shh shh shh shh”! I was completely ignorant, until she repeated (too used to asking her and not she telling me)! Then I jumped up and pulled her to her potty – feeling both excited and happy that she told me for the first time. Lol!

Good progress but I am still going to remind her especially going beyond 2 hours or after drinking alot of liquid.

She did not wet her bed the night before after insisting on going diaperless. And tonight, she told me again “no need diaper” and repeating “tell mama shh shh