Sunway Lagoon 02.02.2020

On Tuesday evening, I received a text from Angel that she is giving me her winning tickets to Sunway Lagoon! Without hesitation, we zoomed to her house to pick it up! 🤭😂

<While luck may have dwindle a little, lucky star Angel Febrini Leonardo II shares her winning tickets to Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia from Lacey Bunny Malaysia with us! Thank you very much babe! Hope you get more winnings, coming forward! 😘😘>

The tickets are expiring next Thursday; so do or expire. Honestly, I was still hesitant to go Sunway Lagoon; not because of the ‘wuhan’ thingy – but the three just recovered from flu! So, I told them we are going to do the Dry Park and Animal safari (since we already did water park at Morib) 🙄🙄🙄 – depending on condition, I might allow them into the water park! 🙄🙄 (I just packed like we are going water park)

We arrived there about 1030am after ‘brunch’. No queue and not many people. We started with the ‘scream park’ – the first ride I went with Nikki (both have to be accompanied by adult; so Noelle has to wait for the second round – because hubby has to look after Norrah). Certain rides like roller coaster and ship rides that Noelle wanted to try, she couldn’t because not enough tall! 🙄🤣 I guess she has my young ‘gene’ on going these kind of thrilling rides. Norrah likes the Merry-go-round that she refuses to come down initially. The rides were waiting for us instead of us queuing up! 🤣 The staff also bored and hence busy wiping every where.

Next, we went to the wildlife park. Nothing really interesting.

Then it got hotter! And we arrived at water park. Their body also started to ‘itch’ and giving me 🥺🥺 kinda look – so, they changed and played in the water park – not much that they can play – only the man made beach, surf beach and the children playground!

And that wraps up our day at Sunway Lagoon. We didn’t spend our entire day there – because tomorrow is schooling day; and they need their nap to recharge. But it was a pleasant trip – for the first time Sunway Lagoon is so empty! 🤭😂


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Limited edition tokidoki Hong Bao

Thanks Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks for the exclusive limited edition tokidoki Hong Bao!

Actually I didn’t really know that the giveaway is Hong Bao! 🤭😂 When I won this, my hubby asked ‘are you getting one year supply of fried chicken?’ 🤣🤣🤣 I was thinking of a tokidoki instead. And it requires collection from their office. Since I am not an avid fan of (empty) Hong Bao, I passed it to my collector friend. I am happy that it wasn’t wasted in anyway! What matter most is that she actually wanted it very much!

#4 win in 2020

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It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful!

My final wins for 2019

31st Miezuu diaper

Thanks Miezuu Diapers for the one pack giveaway in December 2019! Can’t wait to try this on her bum bum! 🤣

#31win 2019

32nd Vochelle: Christmas is a time to love! 💓

Finally got a GIFT for my hubby! 🤭 A Casio watch….and Vochelle chocolates for us to indulge! Merry Christmas gift came two days later!

Thanks Vochelle Chocolate for selecting me as one of the weekly winners (for week 3)! And thanks Nikki Chou for giving me the perfect pose ( – photography with her is slightly more difficult🤭🤣 but she made it! And thanks kns for the santarina dress that help us make it through!


33th Hero points

34th Chilli’s

Thanks Chili’s Malaysia for the Be Our Guest (BOG) voucher worth RM20 each! Time to make a visit to one of their outlets soon! 😁😁😁

#34thwin in 2019

35th Ukids

Thanks UKIDS Malaysia for organising Dream Vending Town in Quill City Mall during last year end school holiday. Subsequent to the girls joining the event, I participated in UKIDS’ giveaway contest; and won the girls a LOL Surprise Little Sister.

>> They haven’t really asked for this toy but has been watching the reviews of it on YouTube (Cookie SwirlC 🙄) for months/years. They are indeed very surprised and happy to receive this giveaway! 😁😁>> their first LOL toy!

Thanks UKIDS Malaysia for selecting me as one of the giveaway winners!

This was my last win in 2019!

#35 win

“It is not joy that makes us grateful. It is the gratitude that makes us joyful!”

My girls are on cloud nine today with this giveaway! 😁😁😊😊🥰🥰

I was told that the ‘doll’ can change colour. I was like ‘are you sure?’ Then Noelle requested that she will bathe with the toy – because warm water can change its colour. I suggested that she try it with ice. And so they did! 😂😂😂 I was excited to see the colour change too!

Finally, it’s easy to think that luck, rather than own actions, is responsible for the good things that happen. It is possible to make our own luck; there are elements such as effort and practice that will help increase the chance of luck finding us. Luck, to some extent, is within our control. And, everyone does experience positive things in life.

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On top of THESE

My second month supply of Love Earth Organic from ‘Love Earth Organic’s one minute healthy meal contest’ (16th win) worth RM200! Initially I thought the first RM200 worth products were for TWO months supply, but it is just one month! 😁😁 In addition to that, they have replaced the broken bottle of honey for me. They have also improved on their packaging (bubble wrap for the glass bottles).

Thanks again Love Earth Organic. This is definitely one of the best win in 2019 for the family – value for money and good for the family health!

My first time winning GRAND Prize! 😂😂😂

Thanks to Watsons, Nunature Malaysia and DoubleU for selecting me for the giveaway.

Actually I was very excited when I first saw this contest back in October 2019. Noelle uses this brand of shampoo (which suits her eczema skin as we transition her away from baby shampoo) and it isn’t cheap! I actually asked if she wants to do this contest with me – of course she agreed and tied Nikki in too! 🤣 Their cooperation is so much appreciated!

The winner announcement was yesterday afternoon. And we won SIX months supply of NuNature range of products plus a t-shirt. We are also entitled to a Pour Art Workshop for 2 (as per the list of prizes) – which I am checking with them. Now we can try the other range of Nunature Products besides Daily Shine Shampoo.😁😁😁

This is actually my third win in year 2020! 😁

#3 in 2020

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Kidzania tickets from Spritzer

My kids (especially Noelle) are my biggest supporter when it comes to fb contests! They allow me 5-minute breaks for filling up contest comments (most of the times, it is more than 5 minutes 🤭🤣) and they comply with my ‘orders’ if I need to do any videos (they are willing participants and with consent from them🙄 so I am not ‘making use’ of them)! They are the happiest whenever I win something regardless of the prizes won!

This time round – I won something which is so precious to them! 4 Kidzania entrance tickets! 😆 It is like ‘dream come true’ for them! Well, this is a reward for their support and also part of the Christmas + birthday pressies from me!

Thanks Spritzer for selecting me as one of the winners! Today we went to its ‘factory’ for collection of the tickets! And Kidzania…we are coming soon again! 😆

#29thwin 😁

Photo <here>

Second win fo Jamaica Blue Malaysia’s vouchers

Ooopppsss! We did it again!

About two weeks ago, I brought the kids out to Jamaica Blue Mid Valley. And we had brunch, utilising the vouchers that I won previously. It was our first time having our meal at Jamaica Blue Cafe and my daughters gave them a thumbs up! Then, came another contest last week and I just tried my luck with the photo that we took during our time at the cafe (with a comment that I would like to bring my hubby to try their dish). 🤣 Ok, I was rather surprised that they chose me as a winner again this round. And the vouchers arrived today! We will definitely bring our papa to Jamaica Blue this round so that we can try other/more dishes at the cafe! 🤭🤣

Thanks again Jamaica Blue Malaysia for selecting me as the winner, second time consecutively! 😆



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Taste, Love, Memories

Presenting: Pressure cooked Angel Brand Hoisin sauce and honey pork belly (my consolation win in Kuali’s fb contest)

Simple four ingredients used: Angel Brand Hoisin sauce, cooking/baking honey, homegrown spring onions (that’s why it is skinny) and ginger

Pressure cooked using bake mode for 15 minutes!

I was first introduced to Angel Brand formerly (when I started cooking with seasoning) by a cooking facebook group. They have gave me samplings of Angel Brand products and after that, I have stick to the brand. I found that Angel Brand products use the least or none msg; and thus feel it is safer to introduce seasonings to my kids!

Though Angel Brand came to my kitchen ‘late’, I have fond memories of this brand from its logo! When I was a child, I could easily spot Angel Brand logo bottles in my nanny’s kitchen – after these years, I realised that she has been using Angel Brand too and she loves steaming fish served with Angel Brand taucu (or the formal name is bean sauce)! It puts a smile to me that yummy home cooked was prepared for me when I was a kid even when I was away from home! And I hope my kids will have fond memories of my cooking when they see Angel Brand when they grow up! #legacy

Thanks Kuali and Angel Brand for organising this giveaway contest!

#kualicontest #cookingcontest #angelbrand #angelkualicontest #sauce #cookingsauce #contestmalaysia #contest #win #recipe #recipes #cook #cooking #food #foodie


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The more you give, the more you get

20th win – Royal B-Honey

Thanks Royal-B Honey for the second bottle of Royal-B A. Mangium Raw Honey 🍯 this year! 😁😁 And we actually just finished our first bottle recently (girls are heavy taker of honey lemon juice!😁) and we love it very much!

I would leave this bottle sealed as I am gifting it away to our ‘guest of honour’ in December.

Joining and winning contest not only helped us save some money on groceries and food. It also bring us to places that we have not explored yet. Now, the contest prizes can also serve as gifts to my friends (just hope that they don’t mind or think I am cheapo😝 – but hey ya, I ‘earn’ with my own ‘effort of joining’).


21st: RM50 Popular Gift Voucher

Thanks Popular Book Co (M) Sdn Bhd for the RM50 gift voucher and picking me as one of the winners for sharing an inspirational quote (The Rewards Trail). I chose a parenting quote which I sincerely shared with my mummy friends I tagged on (hope they don’t find me annoying for tagging 🤭😛). It is a gift voucher without minimum purchase amount! 🙂

We finally picked the voucher from their Midvalley store (only can pick from this outlet). We wanted to get an electronic sharpener plus I allowed Noelle to choose a book that she wanted. However, I forgotten to bring my Popular membership card. To maximise the gift voucher (because I can get 10% discount for stationaries), I decided that we will use it another day – since we will visit Popular bookstore again tomorrow.

Although Noelle picked her book already, she understood and put back the book – she agreed that we will get it tomorrow! 🙂

22nd: K-fish Korean snacks

Thanks KFISH Malaysia for selecting me as one of the winners, and of course, the Korean snacks giveaway!

23rd: Hafele cooking agent worth RM919 😱🤭

I have won quite many lucky draws, mostly for the family, since I joined contests mid of this year! But this time – it is something for MYSELF, which will be used in my ‘workplace’ I.e kitchen.😁😁 This is also one of my most valuable wins (worth RM919).

Thanks Häfele Malaysia for choosing me as one of the winners. With the Hafele Cooking Agent (which is a kitchen organiser), it basically maximises my kitchen space and keep things more organised!

I had part of my kitchen cabinet transformed!

I was given a date and time slot, which I couldn’t change. The prize will be forfeited if no one is at home. Fortunately, I am a homemaker and it is school holiday. 🙏🏻

So, it was a free installation too. They did came ‘on time’ but they brought or missed out something – so the colleague has to send it over. At the end, it took about an hour (in the pm, it says it will take about 30-40 minutes).

Anyway, I won’t complain because it is free. But I find it weird that a ‘ma lat lou’ (i.e man)was ‘playing around my kitchen because he was looking for things to organise into the organiser – as he needs to take photo of it. 🙄😆

Thanks for coming by for the free installation.


24th: RM30 voucher from Jamaica Blue Malaysia

Thanks Jamaica Blue Malaysia for selecting me as one of the winners for the yummy summer menu contest. And of course, thanks to the girls for giving me the best gif video for the win! 😁😁😁

We used it on the day we collected Popular gift voucher at Midvalley.

Since there’s a Jamaican Blue cafe at Midvalley, I decided to utilise the RM30 voucher that arrived yesterday. We had our ‘brunch’ there – just ordered their big breakfast, a croissant and coffee for myself 🤣(they drink water cukup la!) This was sort of a treat for them from me – only paid for the coffee!

When the food arrived, the Asian girl Noelle asked ‘no rice one ah?’ 🤣 I told her this is American/western meal, not Asian. Then I got questioned what’s Asian, what’s American/western…bla bla bla 🙄🙄🤣🤣

Thank you to my ONG ONG friends who allow me tag – for the wins! 我爱你们

25th win – Textile Stamp by A E Stamp

We can finally strike off the list of printing name stickers for Noelle’s exercise books (name stickers still required for school text books and other personal things), starting from P2 onwards.

Thanks to A E Stamp for selecting me as one of the textile stamp giveaway winners. The textile stamp (worth RM45) also comes with 50 pieces free stickers (same content with textile stamp), extra ink pad and white thermal adhesive ribbon (to stick on clothing). We were required to customise ourselves on their webpage before making the order – all done easily on the desktop in less than 10 minutes (of course by my hubby, not me 😂). We put in our order on Monday night and the stamp arrived yesterday via courier (free shipping to me too).


26th win – one pair of parent-child tickets to Dream Vending Town at Quill City Mall (I have passed my tickets to my friend as we have gotten our tickets)

Photos: <here>

Before you can win, you have to believe you can

16th win – Love Earth Organic’s one minute healthy meal contest

Finally received my 2 months organic food supply from Love Earth Organic worth RM200 for the ‘1 minute healthy meal contest’. 😁😁The best thing is they allowed me to choose from their complete lists of products before sending me.

And my choices are

1. Sunview Raisin Green x1

2. LE Korean Dried cut wakame x1

3. LE Korean Dried cut kombu x1

4. LE Raw Honey x2

5. LE Organic cooking coconut oil x1

6. LE Natural Rice Bran Oil x1

7. LE French Sea Salt x1

I have chosen products that my family consume most! 😁😁

>> one bottle of honey bottles broke in transit! 😓 So it caused a little mess when we opened it. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Thank you once again Love Earth Organic for organising the giveaway and selecting me as one of the winners.


18th win – Hup Seng’s memory photo with Hup Seng products

Thank you Hup Seng for selecting me as the winner and the special personal delivery of the gifts! 😁😁

And of course, thank you Norrah for giving me the perfect pose – for the win! 😘😘🤣🤣


19th win – May Flowers’ zombies are coming

Thank you Mayflower Holidays for selecting me as the winner for the most interesting comment! Now, I can plan for an unanticipated year end holiday to Ipoh with my family!

Also, thank you to my lucky charm Rachel Ong😘😘 for ‘saving me from the zombies!’ 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ Aiyo…she says I should bring her go wor…🙄🙄🤣🤣

#19thwin in 2019


Naughty Nuri’s Deepavali photo contest win

Thanks Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre for the free RM100 e-voucher and most of all – to my generous 😘, genuine🥰 and loving 😍facebook friends’ likes on my comment (for the Deepavali Photo Contest)!

This is my first ‘most liked’ contest, and I didn’t expect the win. We had a sumptuous lunch at Naughty Nuri’s Life Centre today! 😁😁😁

At the end, we paid only 50% of our meal!

Photos: <here>