My sensible child

To my dear Noelle,

I wish you could keep your innocence 😇 as long as possible.



Today I gave her an assignment to write about what she would want to do on her birthday. Also, to give me an idea, what she wants. 🤭🤣

Noelle only had small scale birthday celebrations over the years. The most (that went with other people out of her family) were having her two play dates at home during her fourth birthday and on her fifth birthday, she celebrated at her kiddy. Yet, she still chose to spend it with her family for her coming 8 year old birthday. She never mentioned friends (even her bff) at all or having a party.

Noelle had seen many beautiful birthday cakes during her one year in kiddy and also through photos plus those in shops. She even had one beautiful princess jelly cake on her fifth birthday in kiddy. But, she chooses the beach pattern home baked by mama cake (which she vividly remember – that was her 4th birthday cake – she even came and asked me if I still remember how to bake it).

Noelle is aware that we do take away food and even ordered online before. On her special day, she never thought of those food but mama’s simple home cooked.

Before she wrote about what she wishes to wear, she actually came and asked me which princess dresses that she still can fit in. She is so considerate on what she has and no thought that I would give her a new one. I told her it is off limit, just write down whichever she wants (I want to know too, ok? 🤭🤣).

Noelle is not one who wants the limelight forever and she remembers that it is also Nikki’s birthday on the same date. Most importantly, she kept in mind about the pandemic we are experiencing now that she knows we (probably) couldn’t go out on her birthday.

We may not give her the ‘best’ but to her, I guess it is already the best and she really appreciates the little things we do for her. Most ‘touching’ thing in her list is her intention to play our family game ‘treasure hunt’ with her papa and sisters. 🥰🥰 But I think that will lead to her ‘surprise’ birthday present. 😂😅 (ok, we still have no idea what to get for her and Nikki….🙄🙄)