Popclub 20% discount voucher storewide from 9 March to 8 April 2012

I did not know about this discount voucher for Popular Club (or Popclub)’s members until we passed by the Popular Bookstore at Sunway Pyramid (they probably did sent me an email about this, which I often ignore). They have a banner displayed about this voucher. Members basically have to present themselves with the Popular card at the customer service. The assistant would then give you the latest Popclub magazine, which has the 20% discount voucher attached on the magazine’s cover.

Well, as usual, the 20% discount is not valid for the promotional items and also stationaries. But, the best thing is it can be used storewide. You basically have to present the voucher with your membership card when you make payment for your books. And, it can be only used once (so, it is best to have few books in mind when utilizing this voucher).


Given that April 8 is fast approaching and I had time to look at books yesterday, I bought a book and got the 20% off on the spot. Well, the 20% off for a book that is worth RM69.90, has definitely benefited me. It is more than its RM10 annual membership fee.

For Popclub members who yet to get the 20% discount voucher, it is time to grab it, while stock last and before its expiry date! Well, you can only get it once because your card is scanned into their computerized system when you collect the magazine!


Besides that, the magazine is quite informative, giving readers information about some book reviews, letting its members know what are the books being offered better discounts and also some discount vouchers for certain merchants (though it is limited in number of merchants).

Polar FT60 from Athlete’s Circle (M)’s Polar roadshows

I wanted to get hubby something useful as his birthday gift. While thinking “hard”, I thought of a fitness watch. Why? Well, I always see him jotting down his workout plan in a diary and do some maths in order to calculate how much calories he has burnt off.

So, the “high and low” search began slightly more than three weeks ahead. My initial budget was RM300 to RM400. Initially, my research shows that “Timex” could be a reliable brand. At that point, I was really clueless about the functionality of the watch.  Tried asking some help from friends who do regular workout, but in vain.

So, I took the initiative to visit “Fitness Concept” at Ikano Power Centre. It was then I saw and knew about another brand “Polar”. Well, the salesman there did a good explanation to me about the different functionalities of the different model of watches. He also told me about the difference between Timex and Polar. I am really thankful that he gave me a good explanation. With the help of the Polar brochure given, I was able to make comparison of the functions that I want.

I finally found out that to get a useful watch for hubby, the budget RM300 to RM400 is really not sufficient. It has to be at least RM600. Going back to the desk, I did more research and finally got the final two choices – TIMEX T5K214 (U) IRONMAN Road Trainer HRM and Polar FT60. I managed to search for an online seller, who can offer a better price than the retail price. The former is going out at RM562 and the latter is at RM552. The online retailer, DAVis seems to be a reliable seller from what I observed in the forum. However, my concern was “what if the watch gets missing during the courier”. DAVis does offer insurance, where buyers need to add extra +1.5% to the cost of goods sold. [From external look, actually I initially preferred the former]

Being indecisive, I took the “courage” to ask my superior (who is very active in sports) about the watch. After her assurance that Polar is the better brand and that she has one for herself, I have decided on Polar FT60. She offered to help me get a better discount.  At the end, I was introduced to Jolene Hong of Athlete’s Circle (M) Sdn Bhd. Coincidently, they were doing Polar roadshows and one of the venues was Fitness First in the Curve. I was told that if I could get there on March 23; she will be able to give me a 20% discount of the normal retail price (RM649). Not much information was given to me and I could not message Jolene on her facebook because I did not add her as friend. So, I was crossing my fingers that the roadshow is for real or else, I risk going home without a present – when the date is so close to hubby’s birthday.

On March 23, I actually went to Fitness First at the Curve, but the booth was set up yet. I was told by the Fitness First receptionist to come around 5pm.  So, I went there again after office hour. I finally managed to get hold of Jolene. I was given three choices, but choose the male model (of course). Great explanation was given (though I have forgotten most of it). However, some of the more important stuff like warranties and battery life – I actually prompt her before she did the explanation. Therefore, I think it is good to have some knowledge about the watch or whatever you want to ask in mind before you want to purchase such items.

Besides the watch, it comes with a stripe and a transmitter. Jolene also explained to me on how to use it. Fear that I would forget, I asked if an instruction book is given. She mentioned that a simple guide is inserted in the box and I would need to download the more comprehensive manual over the internet. She also talked about how intense workout needed for different age, body weight and height.

At the end, I paid RM519.20 for the watch. It was about RM30 cheaper than what we could get online. Also, payment via credit card was allowed. The watch came in a box that resembles a box that we get when we purchase a phone. Jolene asked me to keep the receipt but for any problem, I can actually bring the watch over to their office in Jaya One, PJ, as they just need to check the serial number stated on the watch.

Well, for this, I was more delighted to get the watch on hand rather than the discount given because – it was for my hubby! Hope he likes it!

Anyway, it was really an experience and would definitely conclude that getting Polar watches from Polar roadshows is worthy. The setback is that we do not really know WHEN the polar roadshow will be, unless we are in the circle of friends who are friends to those in Athlete’s Circle or being part of the members of the club where the roadshow is going to be held.

2 Signature Taiwanese Bubble Pearl Tea at Cafelicious Place Restaurant, Aman Suria for RM3.90 from streetdeal.my

I bumped into this offer yesterday morning (March 22, 2012) and bought it instantaneously because the offer was too good (2 glasses at RM3.90 – which is even cheaper than Pasar Malam’s bubble tea). Also, it was located not too far from our home and the voucher can be utilized during weekends. [Voucher number: CAF155L9M8-JCU] The voucher was ready immediately after the payment was made.

So, we went with the voucher just now. Once entered the café, we handed the printed voucher to the waitress. We were also given the menus. Well, the prices of food and drinks are the standard prices of normal café. The pearl tea that we bought via voucher is selling at RM4.50 for small glass and RM5.50 for big glass (I think this is before adding the pearls/ jellies). We noticed that price adjustments to the menu have been made. Also, some foods that were on the menu are no longer served/ available. We thought of ordering one of the cheaper stuff to compensate the cheap drinks. Then, I walked over to their cake counter and the waitress instantaneously explained to me in Mandarin the cakes. I went back to my seat, and did not make an order. I was still clueless whether I should order one.

Later, the waitress came over to our place again and explained about the chocolate moist cake. Feeling abit pressured, we then made the order. It was after the order, the lady at the counter (who makes the pearl tea) came over to ask if we wanted to choose the flavours. We took one signature tea and another honeydew tea. The cake came earlier than the teas. I would rate bought the cake and teas as “normal”. I don’t really think there is a “hook” feeling to return for the food/ drink.

At the end, payment was made for the cake, which cost RM 7.50. We were rather surprised that they charge a 10% service charge. So, the bill comes up to RM 8.25. But, it makes a little sense since they do provide wifi service. Overall, I think the café has a good ambience.

After observing other customers, I noticed that they have the intention of the voucher buyers to order other foods and/or drinks (to the extent I actually felt the pressure to order) before they place the drinks order (purchased via vouchers). This is so unlike the voucher bought for the La Kaffe Bubble Milk Tea deal. I think it would be better to serve the teas first before actually “coercing” customers to buy into their other food/drink in the menus.

 The ambience

The cake counter

The types of bubble tea offered

Money Changer, Halasuria (M) Sdn Bhd @ Empire Shopping Gallery

We were told that the money changers in Midvalley can provide the “best” rates in town. So, before we go for our honeymoon, which was one day after our actual wedding day, we went to Midvalley for the money changers. It is known fact that these money changers are snobbish and there’s no need to bargain with them. Yes, their attitude towards customers truly sucks. We found that they did not have any Hong Kong dollars left. The one located at Maybank (Midvalley) has only big notes of HK$1000. We only changed HK$3000, as we needed small change.


On the next day, we were in Empire Shopping Gallery. Then, we located Halasuria (M) Sdn Bhd. It is somewhere near the pathway to basement 1. He had small change and the rate given was rather similar to the ones in Midvalley. In addition to that, he even offered us envelopes to place our newly changed money. I would rate his service as excellent compared to the ones in Midvalley.


I think we can save our hassle and frustration to change our money in the future with the Midvalley’s money changer. Moreover, Empire Shopping Gallery is much more nearer to our home.

Plaster Fun House @ Empire Shopping Gallery

We actually got to know about Plaster Fun House weeks ago when we were in Empire Shopping Gallery for Lex Slide (Plaster Fun House is located adjacent to Lex Slide’s entrance at Level 2). The place is where people, especially kids choose a clay and coloured it. Hubby and I decided to go there yesterday. It mesmerizes my past experience as a teen, when I used to colour such clays with my cousins.


Once arrived, we basically choose the clay (priced differently) that we wanted. Then, hubby actually went over to the cashier to ask if we need to pay first. The cashier informed us to be seated first and he brought us the colours that match the designs we choose. And, we began colouring – for about an hour and more.


In Plaster Fun House, there is also a light food and drink corner. And, hubby ordered a ice caffe latte, which is really house brewed. After completing the colouring, hubby informed the assistant there, who then sprayed one layer of liquid on it before hand-drying it. The clays were then wrapped in a box respectively and handed back to us. We made the payment for the clays and also the drink at the cashier before we left. I like this kind of feeling when the shop owner trusts the customers of making payment at the end of the session.


Well, what I would say about this place – it is a great time to spend with your loved ones. I observed that most of the customers are families with kids. Also, there are young adults. Some parents choose to leave their kids there with the maid while they go shopping.


The price of clays is considered reasonable. I guess we will be back there again when we are free to complete the whole set of angry birds.

The clays we choose

After completing colouring the clays

After the layer of spray

Payment made

Manicure and pedicure plus hand spa @ Cool Nails, Taman Megah – PJ

Since hubby is going to his weekly acupuncture session today, I took the “opportunity” to do manicure and pedicure in the same area (since I would be waiting for him too). Also, I have not done any since one or two months.

I rang up “Cool Nails”, whose contact I got from a discount site, since I remembered them promoting there. I fixed an appointment at 2.45 pm after enquiring their price of normal manicure at RM 28 and pedicure at RM 38 (which is cheaper than most malls and even HRH at SS2)

Upon arrival, I was immediately served. I was served by Yan for my pedicure and Honey (apparently is the boss) for my manicure. I wasn’t given the colour to choose for my nails immediately, until I asked Honey. In between, she did asked if I wanted to do gel polish, and if I wanted to add scrub (after she started applying lotion and found dirt around my wrist). Honey said that they were currently doing offer, where an additional RM50 will be charged for scrub/spa on the hand or leg (each part cost RM50). I only opted for the hand part since I thought it was rather costly and out of my budget, if I were to do both. The scrub/spa was done by their Malay/ foreign assistant that speaks in Malay. Everything including the surface dry up of the nail polishes took about one hour and 15 minutes.

The good things I see from them are:

  1. The hygiene level is quite good. I saw them sterilizing the tools before used, new towels used and each time after the customer left – they will wash up the leg basins.
  2. The place is spacious and therefore airy.
  3. I like the pedicure’s scrub on the foot, which was very nicely done. (Great thing, I no longer feel that ticklish or is it their skill?)
  4. My nail colour went off after I paid the bill. Yan actually re-did it for me without me saying anything
  5. And, of course, it is cheaper comparatively (for medicure and pedicure).

However, there are cons to their service too.

  1. The trimming of finger nails was bad (and yes, this is their “boss” doing it). I found it to be slightly out of shape and informed Yan, who put on the nail polish for me to check on it.
  2. The nail color I choose for my finger is apparently about to finish. Instead of replenishing a new bottle, Yan actually added some transparent liquid into the bottle. Therefore, when applied to my fingers, it took about three layers. Also, after the surface dried, it easily smudged.
  3. The brands of product they use are not consistent. Also, the choice of nail colours, though wide range, does not state which brand it belongs too.
  4. I really don’t think the scrub/spa should cost RM 50 (probably RM 10?). It was really pure scrub on the wrist and mask only on top of the hand area. And then, not even a wrap but just cover with a towel. I really regretted taking up this service but was fortunate that I agreed to do only on the hand area.
  5. I have no idea about the relationship between the Malay/ foreign employee and Honey, but she (the employee) kept complaining to me about how Honey is “jahat” to her. I shall not comment on this as I have no idea what was happening behind the scene, but I do think they should improve the relationship in order to serve the customers better. Anyway, so far, I find that the employee is actually diligent in her work, making sure that everything is in order without the need for instruction.

Well, overall, I feel I am kind of disappointment with the service provided by Cool Nails. It is unlikely that I will return especially after seeing how the nail polish was “replenish” and how it smudged so easily.

Quite spacious area at Cool Nails

The so-called “spa”

Popular Book Fair 13 March to 25 March 2012 @ Ikano Power Centre

I have been passing by and looking at the banner about this Popular Book Fair since one or two weeks ago. Finally, today during lunchtime, I popped over to the concourse of Ikano Power Centre. I managed to skimp through some books. And, left within 10 minutes.


Well, the discounts there are not that great. It was just the normal kind of discounts that Popular does give occasionally, which is 10% for non-member and 20% for members of normal value books and above RM10. The number of books showcase (for the case of self-help books) is minimal (probably because of the small area). Also, some books with the price tag “net value” is not on offer. For example, a Brian Tracy’s book that I wanted to buy was at net value. So, I end up not buying.


I think the book fair, is nothing to shout about. For me, it is really disappointing. In fact, I think they should have the book fair in their original outlet in Ikano Power Centre, which is much more spacious and more book choices available for book buyers.