Closer to 100% home bakes

Strawberry vanilla buns

The greatest ‘achievement’ in the month of July 2018 is we got closer to 100% home baked buns and cakes! I am slowly eliminating outside bakes – which they are adapting to! 😁

Actually I started my ‘baking buns’ engine for Norrah – and eventually got hooked into baking for all! 😆

Hopefully this will last for some time!

** Nevertheless, we will still buy outside bakes – sometimes just crave for those bakes😝 (need to try so that we can improve) or no choice!

I used the Kewpie sweet sauce – strawberry vanilla spread:

For the bun dough, I have been following Miki Mai’s pandan soft loaf recipe, but just normal loaf (without pandan juice).

Making of fruity ice shave

Recently, we were gifted an ice shaved by Aunty HM (and this includes few other toys for the two younger girls!) So, we have been using this ice shaver almost on a daily basis now – since the weather is hot! This has also become a ‘toy’ to Noelle – beside shaping and sharping her coordination skills, she also learn the sequencing process of coming up with a fruity ice shave. This is completely healthy – if we don’t top up with any jam/ syrup (so far we haven’t done so)!

The video <here>

Sweet and sour chili sauce

I finally quick blanch the cockles that I bought for my girls to observe yesterday! I did ask my friend on how to blanch it and she told me – the best is to pour hot boiling water over it, which I tried! This is after soaking and rinsing the cockles few rounds!

The best match is still the sweet and sour chili sauce. The ingredients which I blended with are 4 red chili, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 tbsp brown sugar, 3 cloves garlic and 2 tbsp distilled vinegar.

Observing cockles

I got abit excited when I saw these ‘siham’ or kerang or cockles in the supermarket this morning! They were fresh and alive! Not that I know how to cook it or my favourite, but I wanted to show the girls that they are ‘alive’!

Not sure how long more these will survive before I google on how to ‘loooook siham’🤣

Video <here>

Cycling at Setia Eco Ardence

This is our second time to Setia Eco Ardence. This time round we tried on cycling. We wanted to go on the family bike (4+1 seaters) but not possible with one kid, one toddler and one infant. That cost RM50 per hour. So we ended with 1+1 seaters which cost RM15 per hour. Since hubby isn’t a good cyclist, I took the duty to ferry them on the bike!

We went a total or 6 to 8 rounds with the two elder girls taking turns! Yes tiring, but it was a great time spend and they enjoyed the ride a lot!

Video <here>

Next time I will have to go 3 times! 🙄🤣

This is the family bike that we thought we can hop on!

Honey lemon preserved

I am not totally sure if this really helps in soothing cough or flu; but it does make a good and refreshing drink for myself!

To make it: soak the lemons in 3:1 ratio of water: vinegar for 30 minutes. Boil the lemon in vinegar water for a minute. Scoop the lemon out and cool them in room temperature water. And then slice the lemon. Place them into a jar. And fill it up with honey. Put it overnight (in fridge) for a night. Take a lemon or two out each time and add water (plus ice)! Yums!