Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk and Prebalance Powder from AA Pharmacy, SS2


I got to know about the benefits of Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk through The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN) discussion at facebook. The most essential benefit is the ability to boost breast milk. Since then I had the intention to purchase it. Many places I visited such as Watsons, Caring, Jaya Jusco and Giant – are offering a tin for RM59. Also, during our last visit to Leisure Mall (specifically at Giant), the promoter introduced me to Prebalance Powder, which can be added to the oatmilk drink. Well, I certainly wanted to purchase this as well.


I got to know about the offer price of RM51.90 for Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk and RM14.90 (instead of RM16.80) for Biogreen Prebalance Powder during my last visit to AA Pharmacy, SS2. I decided to purchase them from the pharmacy since this was the best price amongst the pharmacies that I went. So, at the end, I managed to save RM9.00 (out of the actual price of RM75.80) or 11.87% – certainly a value buy!


In addition, I have been greeted by very friendly sales assistant again at AA Pharmacy, SS2.

Sale at, Off Kuchai Lama till Jan 2, 2013


We were at Kuchai Lama as hubby wanted to get a hair cut. While waiting, I went to that is a few doors away from the hair saloon. I have been there actually but never bought anything – even in their Zenith Park, Kelana Jaya branch. We went to the branch at Zenith Park to check out the price of the stroller Halford that we bought later on from thebabyoutlet at Tropicana City Mall.


I thought I would be window shopping at, as we got almost everything. Then, I was left alone to look around (which is so pleasant to not having a sales person following me around – putting pressure on me). I noticed that they were having the year-end sales as well. After a while, I finally got the mirror for our baby (which I so wished to get it since weeks ago) that was going for RM29.90 – well, I didn’t even look at the discount given. I also got our baby a little shoe/sock – because I was attracted to a baby wearing a shoe the other day. The price of the shoe/sock was RM9.90.


It was during payment that I realized that the mirror was going out at a 30% discount while the shoe/sock was going out at a 20% discount. So, I bought the two items for less than the original price of the mirror. I also asked when will the sales last, which the sales person replied that it will be till Jan 2, 2013.


Further than that, I noticed that the sales person there was particularly helpful to customers – answering their queries when asked. I still like the concept of leaving me alone to browse their items – without bugging me to buy anything. Credit card can be used only for payments above RM50.


Well, I found baby swimpant there. I would probably get it from here when our baby needs it.

Dining at Super Delight Noodle House @ SS2/67


We noticed that there is a noodle house opened in SS2 not too long ago when we were at Hailam Kopitiam. We decided to give it a try.


Despite the nice exterior renovation, it looks very “normal” interiorly. Well, we were passed the menu by a rather “blur” staff. Besides noodles, they have rice and also Chinese Dim Sum. We made orders of Char Siew Wanton Mee and Mushroom Chicken Feet Noodle, plus two glasses of plain water.


Food arrived about 5 to 10 minutes time. The dishes served and displayed on the menu are totally different. The presentation of the actual food is really messy and unpleasant. Nevertheless, it tasted averagely ok.


The environment wise, they don’t look cosy at all. Tables are so closed together that it makes difficulty in walking. Cleanliness wise – I had a bad feeling. I will grade them C. Price wise, they could be above average compared to the hawker stalls around them. At its receipt, we noticed that it carries another entity’s name – which is One Recipe Café SS2 – the previous café before Super Delight Noodle House was set up.


I overheard the next table ordering dim sum – and so many of them are not available, which according to them were sold out. It was just around 12pm at that time. I guess they need to do more than having their dishes going “sold out”.


Well, guess we will probably not return to this shop unless there is really nothing to eat at that area.

Renewing Popular Membership @ Popular Bookstore Sunway Pyramid


Wow, time really flies. It is yet another three years. This time around I renewed my Popular Membership card earlier than expected – 31 Dec 2012, as we were around Sunway Pyramid yesterday. I just need to fill up a form and then queue to make the payment of RM25 for the three years renewal. Subsequent to that, my receipt was passed down to the customer service who handled the card renewal/ new membership. I was surprised that I received my card immediately on the spot. Well, they have definitely improved on their service – instead of given a temporary card and waiting for a month for the new card, now we can have it on the spot.


In addition, it is definitely worthy to pay RM25 for three years – as I have already got back my “capital” – where I bought two boxes of books for my little girl, which was discounted for a total of RM6 (RM18.90 – RM12.90)+ RM3 (RM16.90-RM13.90), a total of RM 9. It is more than 1/3 of the three years fee. [Taking into consideration the purchase price of non-member]



Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy, SS2


I just realized that my Neurogain PB has only two tablets left. So, I dropped by at the nearest AA Pharmacy, which is in SS2. I have forgotten about the pricing. Upon arrival, I was greeted with cheer by the pharmacist/ sales assistant, asking what I was seeking. I told her that I was looking for Neurogain, which she immediately took for me from the shelf. The pricing was RM45 and I seek her confirmation if the price was after discount – because in its Lucky Garden branch, they like to mark up the pricing on the price tag, and then lowered the price during payment. She said yes, and without much hesitation I bought it. I bought one bottle because I really has forgotten the pricing. I made my payment in credit card; despite being less than RM50 – the sales assistant said that normally they only accept credit card payment if it is more than RM50.

Well, after checking on the last purchase at AA Pharmacy, Lucky Garden, I realized that it was RM1 more expensive at its SS2 branch. But, I am not too sure, if there was a hike in price after 3 months or so. Nevertheless, visiting at this SS2 branch allows me to save on petrol. Moreover, for this round, I really felt a better service provided by this pharmacy compared to its Lucky Garden branch. So, it was definitely worth it. Also, I like the idea of them not hiking the price at the price tag and then giving a huge discount.

Follow up read: Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy back at RM44

Dining at Restoran Fah Mu Lan, Jalan Avenue Cheras


We wanted to use up the RM15 Jusco vouchers that will be expiring by end of the year. So, we decided to drop by at Jusco Cheras Selatan, which was nearest to where we were on Sunday. After parking our car at Jusco, we walked out from the shopping mall to have our lunch. We chose Restoran Fah Mu Lan that serves claypot rice. It was rather empty when we were there.


We ordered big claypot chicken rice, with additional rice and taugeh. For drinks, we just ordered one can of 100plus. After our order, more customers came in. We waited quite a while for our food. And, I was getting impatient when the customers that came in later got their food. I even reprimanded the waiter, who then checked on our ordering and asked us to wait longer.


It was later that we were told that because of our order of adding extra rice, they needed to re-cook the rice from the beginning. Well, it just tells us that if normal portion of rice is ordered – they are actually pre-prepared. And, our order of adding more rice – resulted to us having “fresher” rice cooked for us.


Well, the food tasted normal – kind of authentic. Price wise, they are moderate. Cleanliness wise, as per the rating given – C by the ministry, I think they are not too clean – looking at the floor. The place is also quite dimmed although we were there for lunch. I am not too sure about the public transportation to that area.

Myofusion Probiotic Series from @ Bouvelard, Lebuhraya Sprint


Hubby wanted to purchase his whey protein. So, we dropped by at at Bouvelard, Lebuhraya Sprint. This is a newly opened outlet. Previously, we went to their Klang outlet.


Hubby wanted to buy his choice of whey protein, which is sold at RM260. Sadly, it was out of stock. Hence, after consideration, hubby bought 10lbs Myofusion Probiotic Series instead, priced at RM275, which is the common online price. At physical shops, it is sold over RM300. And, at Egonutrition, only 5lbs Myofusion Probiotic Series is available and it is at RM230. Hubby said that the products he obtained in our previous visit at Egonutrition at The Curve were out of stock.


Quite surprisingly, there are quite many youngsters that frequent musclemaniaclub. Service wise, they are normal. At the time of visit, there were two persons handling the shop  – a young guy and an old lady. Surprisingly, the old lady is well-equipped with information related to body building products.


Setback – though they accept payment via credit card, there will be an additional 2%-3% charge.

Whoopee Diaper


I was recommended Whoopee diapers by my colleague. And, yesterday, we saw that it was going for RM26.99 at Giant. Its normal price is RM29.99 for 78 pieces (S size).


Following the previous post on diapers’ prices:


A piece of Whoopee diaper – before discount is RM0.38.


Well, Heybaby still makes the lead as the cheapest S size/ NB size disposable diaper.

December Special – Free spicy honey hotdog from Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

On Friday night, we went for a drink and supper at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. We paid the bill and were given a little piece of voucher for the month of December. We saw that they have a December Special – Free spicy honey hotdog from Wong Kok Char Chan Teng on our next visit to any of their outlets with a minimum purchase of RM10.


So, we were at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng again on the next day to have our dinner. Well, the dish was free, but it was miraculously small portion. Hubby has forgotten to retain the receipt, which I can’t show you that it was free.


Reminder to Manchester United Visa Cardholders to track on TreatPoints

I have been tracking my Treatpoints closely since the incidence of my Treatpoints not being 5x. True enough, it did happen again. This time around, we spent RM1,500 in the single day on 9 December 2012 when Manchester United won the match against Manchester City. On 10 December, the transaction was already reflected on the online credit card statement but the points did not 5x.



Then, on 13 December, the Treatpoints remained the same, despite them removing the Treatpoints at first.


I resorted to reminding them over their facebook. Similarly, I sent them all my print screens. I included my name, email address and phone number.


Within a day, my new Treatpoints were reflected on the statement.