Work from home dad!

Probably because I am in the mummies’ fb groups and most of my fb friends are mummies (instead of daddies), I feel a lot of mummies have been taking the credit of working from home cum taking care of the household/kids (this also includes the classroom chat group)! Probably these mummies really get worked out during these MCO days (I am not in a position to judge), but I know some who over credit themselves on fb (I am not blind🤭🙄).

Anyway, back to ‘work at home daddies’ especially our papa!

While our papa doesn’t have to cook and he does occasionally takes nap after lunch, he dutifully ensures that the girls especially Norrah take shower before he starts his job. Whenever he hasn’t got any video/phone call or nothing urgent in hand, he does clean up Norrah’s pee and/or poop 💩!

While our papa doesn’t do groceries (because I prefer to do it myself – quicker and don’t have to make myself ‘frustrated’ 🙄), it also means that when I do grocery shopping especially on weekdays – he actually has to REALLY work from home – juggling work and the three girls.

While our papa does less in helping Noelle in school work, he diligently helps us settle any work that needs to be uploaded into the google classroom or fixes bug/system issues. He helps with Noelle’s Mandarin homework/ revision.

While in the past I do feel that I need to prepare an extra dish for him, he has come to adjust to eating the same kind of dishes as us. Though he eats a larger portion, he has accustomed to eating less meat with us! 😁😁

While our papa is very focus in work and can treat us as invincible when he works, working from home also means he really stops working by 6pm (or slightly more). We don’t have to wait for him to return home late like usual. In fact, he starts playing with the girls right after switching his work laptop. We also get to eat dinner with him every night.

While I plan and do a lot of activities with the girls to keep them distracted from our papa working, he takes shifts watching the girls in the evening or whenever he is free from work.

Fatherhood has become more visible during these MCO days. Though I still carry more of the responsibilities at home, I am happy that our papa is making an effort to help and that both of us are getting more time with the girls. Moments like this also tell us that it’s possible for our papa to be productive while working from home and helping take care of the kids.