Collected my artwork from The Clay Arts Studio

It is more than nine months since I attended the Hand building trial class @ The Clay Arts Studio Sdn Bhd, Dataran Pelangi Utama. It was during my career break. I have almost forgotten about the collection though Cherry did call me in a month or two later. She recently whatsapp me and reminded me to collect. Well, I am definitely impressed that she did so. Thus, I have finally collected my artwork – though it is not that perfect.


With this good service, I do have thoughts to send little 17chipmunks for art classes or clay art classes in The Clay Arts Studio when she is bigger. The problem is location and it is not easy to find a parking spot there.



Return visit to Cool Clay, Taman Megah, PJ

After my first visit to Cool Clay and being happy with the outcome, I returned to them this morning. I was offered RM30 per class for its Kids Pro class, where I choose to do a hamburger name card holder.

Upon arrival, we started with the previous project. We completed it by inserting the key chain holder. I was shown how to do, rather than doing it myself. Then, I was taught how to put the final coating on both the clays. I was also taught on how to touch up on the fries so that it looks “crispy”. We left it hanging for it to dry.

We then proceed to our new project – the hamburger. I was first asked to choose the namecard holder stand. Then, we started with making the sesame for the bread. This, though seems easy, is the most monotonous process and I was getting bored and impatient having to make them. It also took the most time. We then proceeded with the other layers of the burger – the bread, patty, cheese, vegetable, tomato and onion. It seems easy, but it takes a lot of creativity to make it look real. I was starting to feel “stupid” when I can’t get what the instructor, Teh wanted. I tried few times and it failed to look alike, and it ended up she does the touching up for me. When everything was ready, the fun part comes where we stick all the pieces together and there we go the burger is done. The final thing is to place in the namecard holder stand.

I was then offered to buy their pre-packaged clay. I thought for a while and then agreed – as it could be more beneficial and cost efficient for me to try it out at home, rather than coming for classes every week. The starter pack with tools comes at RM45.

I made my payment of RM75. This time round, Teh did not mention about a return class. Maybe, she finds that I am “not talented”, or I looked bored. However, today, I did find her to be a little impatient because I was slow. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the outcome. The whole process thought me about creativity and intelligence in order to get the shapes that we want. I really think it takes a lot of practice to make out a good one.

Well, I told Teh that I would return if I still find it difficult to cope myself. And, for now, I will be trying the clay at home – when I am free and motivated to start a new project!

1.5 hour clay class for RM30 @ Cool Clay, Taman Megah, PJ from

I spotted this buy last week when I was thinking of joining some art and craft classes. The voucher specifically mentioned that it will be for kids. So, I made the effort to ring them up. The lady told me that it is possible for adults to utilize it too. Without much hesitation, I bought it because it is not too far from home and it was relatively cheap. My coupon ID is pwhpq. I rang them up two days before I decided to go for the class.


This is my second art and craft class since the class at The Clay Arts Studio. Cool Clay is actually located in the same floor as Cool Nails. It just opened about two months ago, according to the lady. I arrived there around 10.25am today. Not much introduction was given. The lady asked for my voucher, which I then showed it on my mobile phone as it mentions that it allows paperless redemption. She then wrote down the voucher number.


So, the class started without hesitation. It was a one-to-one class and it was in English. I was asked to choose the miniature that I would like to create. I firstly, choose the mini pig, but after a quick thought, I choose French fries instead. The clays were provided and was actually stored in containers. Apparently, the clays can get harden quickly if exposed to the air. The clays are even wrapped in transparent foil before they are placed into the contained.


The lady, Teh, told me about how the clay has to be mold and ensure that there is no bubble in it. I was then given a transparent sheet and taught how to roll it using the a machine (the one where pan mee sellers used to roll the dough). She then patiently taught me the techniques on how to create the fries. I made errors and apologized, but Teh says it is fine. Unlike the hand building clay which is made of mud, this is made out of chemicals, and can actually be re-used on the spot and need not be “re-composed” again. Given that I have sweaty palms, she also offered me a cloth to wipe my palms because the clay should not be exposed to water too much.


In the midst of doing it, she told me that she will be teaching me another item, since I will be using less than 1.5 hours of her time. I was happy that she made the offer and I then choose to make a Starbucks Coffee. Throughout the class, Teh gave me watchful eyes, and that was what panicked or stressed me as well. Teh seems to be a shy person to me. She only becomes more chatty when I questioned her more. At the end, she asked me if I would like to make them as a pen holder or key chain, which I choose the latter.


The whole class went up to about 1.5 to 2 hours. Teh told me that it will take some time for the clay to dry up before we can put the layer that makes them shine. She asked if I mind to come another day where she will teach me how to put on the final layer. Moreover, the key chain holder can only hold after the clay dries up. This would mean that I will be able to complete the whole process of the clay making.


Given that she also explained about her classes (without being pushy) and also the price of classes seems quite affordable to me, I accepted her offer to come back next week. I planned to take up another miniature class with her. The next round, I would probably do a burger card holder stand. And, she says the class inclusive of material will be RM30, similar value to the webuy voucher.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service and think it is worth to pay the RM30. However, I think the original price of RM60 has been marked up in order to attract people to get the voucher. I believe this is one of the marketing strategies of any business. Without webuy’s offer, it would be unlikely for me to find out that there is an art and craft class at that area.

Hand building trial class @ The Clay Arts Studio Sdn Bhd, Dataran Pelangi Utama

Since young, I have always liked art. But, the problem is I didn’t have the talent. And, when I was young, there weren’t many art and craft classes around except for the normal drawing classes. Since I am on a career break, with the encouragement of hubby, I have decided to join an art and craft class. It first started with me searching for an art class that comes within my means. Then, it comes down to the kind of classes. I finally found The Clay Arts Studio through the google search engine. I saw that they have trial classes for hand building and also wheel throwing. So, I decided to drop them an email.

The email was responded within 12 hours. And the respond was:

  • For pottery hand building trial class is RM75 inclusive of clay (maximum 1 kg clay, 1 item send for process), glaze & firing. The class duration is 1.5 hours.
  • For pottery wheel throw trial class is RM95 inclusive of clay (maximum 1 kg of clay, choose 2items sent for process as the wheel throw piece normally smaller than the hand building), glaze & 2 firings. Class duration is 1.5 hours.
  • Our firing is cone 6 firing which mean high firing , item will be safe for use in microwave.
  • All our classes are arrange by appointment only.
  • Class size normally 1 teacher to 6 students. However, we will start the class even on 1 teacher but less than 6 students as per your appointment. Therefore, if there is no student book the same time as your time , then the class will be 1 to 1 .
  • Class normally start from 11 am to 5 pm. We open from Wednesday to Monday .We close on Tuesday.
  • Since our class is by appointment only sometime we will work on Tuesday & close on Monday. Class can be arranged before 11 am & after 5pm.

– – – – – –

I immediately booked for a class on the coming Wednesday, which is today, at 11am. I arrived early, around 10.50 am. The staff, Cherry is already waiting for me. She got prepared then. I was asked to walk into the clay room. I was immediately given an apron and allowed to put my bag at the corner of the class.

It was a one-to-one class for me, given the working hours. I was first introduced to the clay, which is made out of mud and water. I was told that the first class will be making a bowl. I was taught the basic and then given an idea on how the bowl can be made. I made few times of errors at the beginning, but Cherry patiently re-taught me. Initially, she was watching me quite closely. I was feeling the stress and told her that she could her other stuff while leaving me alone. At times, she will come and look at my progress. Whenever needed, she will come to me and help me with the clay. Occasionally, Cherry will come over to my place to check if the clay I was using still in good condition. It has to be less exposed to the air (and therefore covered with a wet cloth) so that it does not dry up or become cold.

It took almost two hours for me to finish the whole process, which is more than the expected 1.5 hours. At one point, I was starting to lose my patience (since I was very hungry).

It was on the spot that I realised that I could not bring back the bowl on that day. It needs about few days for the clay to dry up before the firing process and the colouring process (which will be done by them). Well, so, I don’t get to see the whole process. I was also told that I would only get back my artwork after one to two months for the whole process to complete. At the end, I was asked to choose the colour I would like to have on my bowl.

Overall, I enjoyed the whole process especially the part where the hand building came out unexpectedly nice for me. I made the payment of RM75. I was also introduced about their courses. For example, their four classes hand building course goes for RM 160. This excludes the cost of clay, firing and glazes – RM 30 per kg. This means the total cost for the four classes will be RM280, where each class is RM 70 (not much difference from their trial class cost). In addition, there will be a one time registration fee of RM30. Therefore, I guess I would only sign up if I am really keen to do this on the long run, and it will have to be more than four classes.

Their service is good. I would say that Cherry is very patience towards me. Also, she is not pushy to ask me join the course.

Currently, I am still thinking about joining the course for the long run. I am yet to be satisfied with just one form of art and craft class that I have just tried today! It is very much dependent on my patience.